Red Dots and Red Lasers: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

This daily carry shows a Glock 19 with a few aftermarket additions including an RMR and a Streamlight WML with a laser. Here’s the question. Do you think this particular WML is enough for a carry gun since it has a laser or do you think the RMR is a good partner for it? Conversely, do you think the RMR is enough on its own? Why or why not?

What aftermarket changes have you made to your carry gun?


  1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    too bad he wasn’t carrying when they took his phone…

    1. avatar arc says:

      The last pocket dump I saw had a missing phone as well, must be an inside joke.

      1. avatar Larry says:

        Correct, pic taken with phone . This comes up every time .

    2. avatar troutbum5 says:

      I wondered about that too. Probably took the picture with his phone.

  2. avatar jwm says:

    None. I don’t think the light/laser thingy is needed for a self defense weapon. Now the sight, maybe. I’m getting older and my eyes aren’t getting better. But I update my glasses regular so there’s that.

    Is that white dingus for earbuds? Am I being a cranky old man when I say you can’t be alert and ready for trouble with earbuds in?

    1. avatar Geoff "Bring the EDIT button back, will ya, TTAG?" PR says:

      ” Am I being a cranky old man when I say you can’t be alert and ready for trouble with earbuds in?”

      When I was in my 20s, headphones were on and music playing pretty much most time I out of the house. Wore ’em riding motorcycles, bikes, walking, whatever.

      I wised up less than a decade later…

    2. avatar B.D. says:

      Apparently you have not taken every scenario into consideration.

      Lasers are VERY handy for painting a target with your weak hand.

      Honestly, in the self defense world, at what point do you think you can have too much when it comes to target acquisition? Why argue that you only need iron sights? Or that an RMR is okay, but a laser/light combo is not. There are TONS of scenarios where a mounted light comes in handy and same can be said for a laser.

      I don’t think the age has anything to do with it, or your attitude, but neglecting the use of these additions to your EDC gun because you think they are too much or too bulky is definitely not an valid argument against their usefulness.

      1. avatar Pmac says:

        Yes it is.

        1. avatar Pmac says:

          These scenarios you refer to. Ever been in one? I have. Lots of them. You want it as simple as possible. It’s mostly a lot of yelling, people scrambling and trying not to get shot. Time to look for a red dot? Little, or none.

        2. avatar B.D. says:

          It is simple. Simple as rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

          A laser sight can be a great tool, as long as you understand its limitations and do not rely on it 100%.

          Again, every scenario is different. If I wanted to measure dicks, I would have led with how many times I have been in those scenarios too. Really not that relevant when discussing possible benefits of a light/laser/combo on your EDC. I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

        3. avatar possum says:

          I prefer my sidearms slick,… An interesting thing I’ve noticed, , is the lack of mention of shooting from the waste or hip shots. Not as absurd as it sounds, we’ve all watched the “kung Fu masters” disarm someone( real or not) but it happens, not only that, a bum rush happens fast. Shooting from the hip can be done with practice, may not be able to light a candle, torso 10ft do able… A question, not being sarcastic either.. Why do some people fire their sidearms horizontally? Could it have been a modified form ot that Israeli bodyguard VIP protection they used to do ( do they still?)and just carried over to the looks?

    3. avatar Hannibal says:

      “Am I being a cranky old man when I say you can’t be alert and ready for trouble with earbuds in?”


      In all seriousness, it depends. I wouldn’t want to walk through ugly parts of Chicago at night with earbuds in, because that environment calls for an elevated attention level. But there comes a point when needing to be a secret squirrel alert to all noises while you’re at the Whole Foods is just paranoia.

      1. avatar jwm says:

        5 people were just randomly murdered at a bank in Florida. I think we should all be a little paranoid every time we leave home. And I have a gun handy at home.

        I think that a higher level of readiness regardless of our surroundings is probably the new normal in the US.

    4. avatar Warlocc says:

      “Am I being a cranky old man when I say you can’t be alert and ready for trouble with earbuds in?”


      Most earphones and ear buds, provided the volume is at a reasonable level, won’t block out sound around you. No worse than playing the radio in your car while driving.

    5. avatar SoCalJack says:

      I agree. IMHO, a concealed carrier should practice to a point shoot, for short distance targets. Not from the hip, but weapon at eye level. 1st, establish 2 hand grip point shooting, then learn strong hand only, and last weak hand only. My limited experince with WM lasers is I was always chasing them; I was slower getting on target (stationary or moving). The WM light and handheld light are a great combo to have assume one has practiced with both separately.

  3. avatar rudukai13 says:

    Redundancy never hurts. Personally if I were to use a gun with a red dot and a laser, I’d want the dot and laser to be two different colors to avoid confusion – One red, the other green. Same for any gun I have that uses a red dot and a fiber optic front sight. Different colors to avoid confusion

  4. avatar Pmac says:

    Too much sugar for a dime. Never shot with this guy, but I have seen too many guys who think a gadget substitutes for skill. Better off spending the money on ammo/training.

    1. avatar B.D. says:

      Well, being able to paint a target easier sure does help.

  5. avatar Cruzo1981 says:

    Have that same light w/o laser. The constant on button needs to be pressed hard for activation. I think a little too much for pistol carry. For me a light is enough on a ccw pistol.

  6. avatar Kman says:

    Neat stuff, but I’m a minimalist.
    Running errands for about 3 hours today and just had PPS M2 in remora. No second mag.
    Cheap folder. Small light. Wallet. Keys. Phone.
    25 years ago it would have been more and I might have had these gadgets.
    I sound like an old fart.

    1. avatar possum says:

      I’ve never heard and old fart, I have heard, loud, juicy, and fresh, but never old. Is it kinda a pfffttt or the sound of trumpets?

      1. avatar Kman says:

        Kind of slappy and more frequent when climbing stairs.

  7. avatar Dave says:

    Does anyone know a hybrid holster that won’t turn this light on while holstered? I have one and it constantly turns on and then burns my butt.

  8. avatar strych9 says:

    Enough for carry? The 500 lumen light should do reasonably well laser or no. I have a TLR2 on one of my pistols and I use the light but really never use the laser so I don’t really see the point in that.

    As for being redundant with the RMR… I don’t know and I don’t really care. Unless you have vision problems I don’t really see the point in an RMR but that’s just me.

    Also, other than the zippo and the most of the stuff in this picture looks brand new. Gun, gun gizmos, mag, mag carrier, knife and the flashlight all look like they were either bought yesterday or just came out of storage. I have that same knife as my current EDC knife and just riding next to a flashlight in my pocket for the last six months the finish is way more scuffed up.

  9. avatar Pmac says:

    So what if it is? Everything was never new once. Some of my every day pocket dump is 30 years old. Some barely a year. Phone a couple of months. What is this obsession over everything needing to look like it was carried by Elliott Ness?

    1. avatar Pmac says:

      Disregard “never.”

    2. avatar strych9 says:

      When some of your stuff looks used and some looks new it looks like you replace things.

      When 80%+ of your stuff looks like it just came out of the box suspicions are raised that this really isn’t an EDC but rather a bunch of stuff they’d like us to believe they carry.

      If someone has a car that’s 10 years old and has 1000 miles on it would you believe it’s their daily driver?

      1. avatar Pmac says:

        Once again. Who cares? Maybe the guy just turned 21, got his CCW and it is all brand new. So what? At least it’s another armed citizen out there and we can use all we can get. Or, maybe you just look for nits to pick.

      2. avatar B.D. says:

        SMH. Stop judging shit dude.

        What if that daily driver only drove to their mailbox in that car? What if someone got some new gear?

        Get a life.

      3. avatar Larry says:

        If you expand the pic. and or put your readers on ,The Olight, wallet, spare mag, and lighter all have signs of wear .

  10. avatar Pmac says:

    The crickets chirp.

    1. avatar Pmac says:

      Well said B.D.

  11. avatar B.D. says:

    Same with ammo: The more, the merrier.

    RMR, laser/light. Can only work to your advantage. Why knock it? And if you do knock it, it’s a personal preference due to lack of understanding usefulness of these additions to an EDC or self defense.

    Maybe this persons EDC is also their house gun, truck gun, etc etc… Better to have the ability to acquire targets the easiest way possible in every situation rather than just say “I don’t need a laser or a light cuz I trained with an instructor who told me (insert scenario here), and I’ve been carrying for (insert time here) so I know what I am doing”.

    Complacency is a disease.

    1. avatar Pmac says:

      Got to disagree with you a little bit there B.D. Got a little experience with all the above. I’ll take tritium sights on top and a white light on the bottom. Most else complicates things and slows things down. Front sight, front sight front sight! Gadgets don’t win gun fights.

    2. avatar possum says:

      I’m blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other one, I just mag dump in the general direction of the noise

    3. avatar Hannibal says:

      They actually can work to your disadvantage. They make it easier to see you. They mess with the weight of the gun. They make it easier to snag on things.

      Not saying they shouldn’t be used, but they’re not absolute advantages.

  12. avatar possum says:

    After market parts: Wolff Springs, and Hogue grips. I took the grips off though because I showed the 1911 to a friend who was drunk and he called it a Glock wannabe.

  13. avatar Enuf says:

    Problem with lasers is developing a habit of looking for that dot which will not be there in all lighting conditions. Full sunlight? Forget about seeing that red dot at any helpful distance if at all. Green is better because the human eye is much more sensitive to green than to red, but not enough more in a 5mw laser to help you much in full sunlight.

    If it were possible to but something like a 50mW laser on a handgun, it’d be a different story. But that’s not going to happen and if it did, the battery drain would be too much to make it small.

    A white light makes a lot more sense.

  14. avatar Rob says:

    What kind of holster is being used ? The light is relatively compact but it would still take a special holster.

  15. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    man you can just bend them lights ’round carners ‘cuz iffen you ken see thru it’s what you kin put the dot on don’t fergit. i like to aim but place that dot. done deal no aimin’.

  16. avatar Randy says:

    That setup is more offensive in nature. I use a laser at home on night stand gun, if I hear bumps in the night I will go searching and clearing rooms in low light setting. When I am out and about, and rarely at night in questionable places I carry for defense to mitigate threats to me or my wife with the main goal to be able to get out of the dangerous situation and not engage in a running gun battle. I just want to keep my carry weapon as simple as possible and trust that I am more and better trained than the bad guy. If someone wants to trick out their weapon and that is what makes them feel safe and comfortable then more power to them. they are completely right in doing so. We could all spend an infinite amount of money if we were to prepare for every conceivable scenario, so you just have to find that level you can afford and brings you confidence.

  17. avatar C.S. says:

    The laser can be turned on at the same time as the light on the tlr. Also, there are a few conditions where a red dot will get washed out, although the rmr fares better than others due to the ambient light sensor design.

  18. avatar daveinwyo says:

    Learn your weapon; dry fire, fondle and “play” with it till you can point shoot. Slick as said above. The man Reeves trained with in Israel don’t need no stinkin sights! Both eyes open. Yes I can with 2 0f my handguns. Good to about 20 feet. Very good at bad breath distance. And MANY rounds.

  19. avatar TheMan says:

    Hey, I finally see something that I usually carry; the pen. The 10 is a little inky, but it has it’s place. I usually prefer the 7, in blue.

  20. avatar Owen says:

    The problem with lasers on handguns is after the first shot the laser is all over the place. It’s so bad as to cause target acquisition to be slowed. I’ve watched time after time where pistol laser users chase the laser for the follow up shot instead of aiming and shooting. On a rifle lasers are great because of the platform’s stability but on a pistol you better practice with it a lot.

    A pistol attached light can be used to aim to especially at bad breath distance. I’ve done that and it works faster than a laser.

  21. avatar raptor jesus says:

    belt and suspenders.

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