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Reactor Technologies, pioneer in Smart Stock technology, announces the release of the Fusion Module at Shot Show 2020.

The Reactor Fusion Module allows the shooter to monitor and collect all essential data that is related to their shooting experience. With the Reactor Fusion Module, users will be able to monitor items such as shot detection, shot count, shot mapping, recoil force detection, orientation (heading, cant and inclination) and barrel temperature reading. All of this data is logged instantaneously and in the background while coupling your GPS location and environmental data to each shot. Reactor has created a user friendly app, with data streaming via Bluetooth that features background logging capability, a heads up display, and multiple rifle profile capabilities.

The Fusion Module is a system of technology housed in a water resistant, aluminum and hard polymer housing, that is designed to mount via M-lok between the barrel and a stock or chassis. The onboard battery is charged via USB with battery level being reported in real time to the mobile app. Customers looking to integrate the Fusion Module into their existing rifle system will enjoy compatibility with the Grayboe NEO and other chassis systems with M-lok equipt forends.

The Reactor Mobile App is the keystone of our Smart Stock™ system, providing our users with an integrated place to view their Fusion Module data, weather data, and supported third-party integrations. Users will be able to have multiple rifle profiles, can export data, and cross reference point of impact trends against various atmospheric and equipment configurations. Software will be updated frequently to enable additional functionality, features, and to enhance the user experience. These updates are free for the lifetime of the product.

These features are available when the Fusion Module is paired with the Reactor Mobile App. Search the App Store or Google Play Store for the Reactor app.

  • Shot Detection & Counting
  • Shot Mapping
  • Heading, Cant, and Inclination
  • Barrel Temperature Readings
  • Background Shot Logging
  • Heads Up Display
  • Environmental and Weather Data
  • Free Software Updates
  • * Recoil Measurement
  • * Rifle Lifespan Metrics
  • * Maintenance Reminders

*Indicates features that will be available shortly after launch.

MSRP: $499

For more information please visit:

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  1. And why would I need one, when there are companies that specialize in iPhone adaptations to firearms that allow for the same thing. Sounds more like a Tracking System or a Firearm version of your cars OBD-II device, which allows the Dealership to track how your car is being used…

  2. Yeah? I don’t much like the thought of any GPS tracking on me or my property (especially my firearms). I could see maybe using the software on a tablet with no cell service, but any cell phone is susceptible to having data captured and recorded. Do you really want to have an un-encrypted digital record of when, where, and how often you shoot stored on a vulnerable electronic device? Remember, regardless of what they say, THEY ARE COMING AFTER YOUR GUNS.

  3. Just more brain rotting electronic tinkertoys for mallrats who don’t want to take the time to actually learn something.

  4. Very cool piece of technology. The stupidity in the comment stream on this blog site never ceases to amaze, and amuse, me.

  5. Learn your firearm, you scope, and most importantly the math. This could be a good learning device, but doesnt replace the basics.

    • So your trying for the poster child of retroactive abortion Vlad’s ashamed father?

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