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Next Post posted this video of a furry firing a firearm. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, furries dress up in fur-covered costumes and have sex with each other. Or themselves. Or whatever. I’m with the pasta commercial on this one: chef don’t judge. In fact, I reckon Skulblaka’s video is a perfect example of what the framers of the United States Constitution had in mind when they added the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights. Sorta. But let’s start with the Declaration of Independence . . .

Gun control advocates often cite The Declaration of Independence to bolster their argument for civilian disarmament. Specifically, they cite the bit that says “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The antis claim that their “right to life” gives the government the right to infringe on Americans’ gun rights. And that’s OK because gun control laws protect life (even though most antis dismiss the right to life when it comes to abortion). The antis’ supposed right to life trumps your Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Like this (from today’s New York Times editorial Rethinking Our “Rights” to Dangerous Behaviors): “The question is not only, ‘Do we have a right to bear arms?’ but also ‘Do we have the right to be safe in our streets and schools?'”

Yes, well, The Declaration of Independence isn’t a legal document; it doesn’t have the force of law. There is no legal right to safety. The Declaration was written as a poke in the eye of colonists’ English overlords, who failed to recognize the colonists’ lives, their liberty or their pursuit of happiness. It was also a mission statement: declaring their intention to create a nation of free people to do their thing, as they used to say in the ’60’s.

Safety comes into it, of course. As American slaves and their ancestors discovered, you can’t be free if you’re not safe from rape, torture, intimidation, assault and murder. Same goes for Irish immigrants. And Native Americans. And all the other ethnic groups who faced economic and legal injustice back in the day. All of whom were disarmed.

Yes there is that. Just as the Founding Fathers knew that government was the greatest threat to individual liberty, they knew that the right to keep and bear arms was the single greatest guarantor of individual liberty. It’s hard to persecute someone when they’re armed. That’s why the Second Amendment is the second amendment to the United States Constitution. You need your First Amendment protection to be able to speak your mind – and then your Second to not be tortured, imprisoned or killed for doing so.

America has changed, the antis counter. If the government wants your ass [paraphrasing] they’re going to get it. What good is your AR-15 against Uncle Sam’s tanks, troops and war planes? (Not to mention your local SWAT team in their Pentagon-supplied MRAP). One word for that: Afghanistan. And another: Vietnam.

But that’s not really the point. Gun control proponents can’t see that the domestic peace we currently enjoy – both in terms of criminal predation and the lack of government-sponsored genocide – is the direct result of individual gun ownership, protected by the Second Amendment. And that the cultural diversity that anti-gun liberals celebrate (which I also celebrate) is a direct benefit of our gun culture.

The beliefs inherent in individual gun ownership – self-reliance and mutual respect – have informed the wider culture since the country began, and continue to do so. Think of Westerns, cop shows and anti-terrorist movies. The good guy or guys use firearms to establish or restore justice. To fight for the underdog.

In that sense, proponents of civilian disarmament have it exactly backwards. With notable exceptions (which TTAG highlights in its Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day feature) individual gun owners are gun heroes, not gun bullies. By exercising their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms these Americans are protecting and promoting tolerance towards others.

How could it be otherwise? The principle of mutually assured destruction guarantees it. You may despise furries, you may view their sexual practices as an abomination, but an armed furry is a furry safe to pursue his or her concept of happiness. You may not like it, but there’s nothing [much] you can do about it. Eventually, you adjust. And get on with your life.

If you think about gun ownership in its wider historical and cultural context – something proponents of civilian disarmament intentionally fail to do –  the more Americans who are armed the safer all Americans are from all forms of abuse. To paraphrase author Robert Heinlein, an armed society is a tolerant society.

While it is true that The Declaration of Independence declared that “all men are created equal,” it didn’t say that all men “are” equal. That possibility came later. As a clever gun guy pointed out, “God created man, Samuel Colt made them equal.” How great is that? I dunno. What does the fox say?

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  1. What the…. ?

    Just when you thought you’d seen it all, along comes the universe with some even stranger crap than you’ve seen to date to remind you that, no, you haven’t.

    • Disclaimer: if you don’t know what I’m talking about in the following sentences, DO NOT go looking. Some things can not be unseen.

      I came of age on the intertubez in the days of tubgirl and goatse. There is NOTHING on the internet that I find strange anymore…

      • No one who had to live through the insufferable nonsense of Robert Mapplethorpe (and the cries of the “art supporters”) in the 1980’s finds that stuff particularly new.

        The good thing about the Internet is that it makes most of us immune to being shocked any more. If someone like Mapplethorpe came along today, my reaction would be “How blase’, how… jejune…

      • Take his advice. Do not go searching!! I remember first seeing that stuff in high school. It can’t be unseen!

      • you should see it in person. I work in the Haight. Nothing is shocking to me anymore…

        The Haight is where the worlds hipsters come to remake the city into what they believe it should be… and its where to find lots of homeless.

    • Agreed. That’s some weird sh!t, man. It also gotta be pretty difficult to be safe dual wielding handguns while dressed up a a big purple fox.

      • These “Furries” may or may not practice safe sex (not my business), but I noticed right at the beginning of the video that this clown in a blue furry fox suit with big furry mittens decided, possibly based on his limited peripheral vision from the head piece (no pun) to point his pistol at a very large ROCK while he pulled the slide to charge the chamber.

        I guess the four rules don’t necessarily apply when you are living in a fantasy world.

  2. Furridom (I don’t know the official collective word for it) is not always sexual in nature (although it almost always has anthropomorphic sexual undertones). Just thought I would point that out.

  3. Oh, and re: the anti’s canard that one man with a gun can’t counter the US military.

    Who wants to take on the US military? Someone might get hurt and it might be me. Besides, what grudge do I have against guys in the military? Got a lot of buddies who are vets. Lots of family who are vets. They’re all stand-up people, and all pro-gun as the day is long.

    Instead of taking on the military or police, let’s instead postulate what happens when guns are turned on the anti-gun idiots, these nice suburban elitists, their mouthpieces in the press and Hollywood, their politicians, their assorted families and paid supporters? Soft targets. Easy pickings. That would be about as challenging as shooting prairie dogs.

    Here’s where the anti’s are supremely stupid: Civil wars aren’t pretty and they don’t follow Maquis of Queensbury rules. Ask some people in Ukraine right about now just how well civil wars follow a pre-planned script.

    • True every word. Reminds me of The Troubles where the IRA would bomb people they wanted dead. Guns not even necessary.

    • Well, many of the anti-gun elite are perfectly ok with hiring folks to fight for them (or carry guns themselves). The rules they espouse are for others, less worthy than themselves.

      The first goal of an armed populace isn’t violent rebellion agains the existing government. It’s primary goal is to discourage a government from turning to tyranny in the first place. The existence of the condition of an armed populace is something those in power must consider. Along with the negative consequnces/destruction of a civil war. Like the MAD strategy with nukes, not to us them but their existence and the negative possibilites of their use encouraging the USSR/USA to avoid conflict.

      As others have said, in a civil war the military will fragment, there will be those who will oppose the government which has abandoned the constitution.

      Given the actual history of the world and the number of lives lost due to oppressive governments, our right to life is best supported by an armed populace. Given that a government can never provide an armed body-guard for each citizen, an armed populace is still the best method for protecting an individual’s right to life.

      • Come to think of it, in a civil war the Maquis’ rules might very well be used–but I don’t think there were any Maquis in Queensbury…

    • Good job the government supplying local LEOs with MRAPs – they will be able to use them to drive the local politicians back and forth to work.

    • Well said. The reality is we aren’t going to be fighting the military. Based on the efforts of this administration, they’ll be fighting alongside the rest of us. Why else the effort to not only drive off military personnel that might question orders (e.g. Christians and conservatives) and to rely more on drones/automation that won’t turn their weapons on their masters. Why else go to such effort to militarize civilian organizations that they have a better chance of controlling?

  4. Aside from the supposed inability of people to fight the current government and military, I always get a kick out of the other argument people use in regards to the possibility of tyrannical government. So many antis seem completely unaware of the possibility, because we have a constitution. Their position on the issue basically boils down to, “We have a constitution. However, it’s fine to piss all over it because our government will never become tyrannical, because we have a constitution that they abide by.”

    • Furries ain’t my thing, but given what passes for “normal” nowadays in ‘Mericuh I’m proud of the parts of my life that are weird.

    • Indeed. The lead-in description above struck me exactly as does the “Tea Party people are all racist homophobes” does. In other words, true of a few, but not characteristic of the group. It is a media stereotype, something we should be wary of.

      Many of those folks — I’ve come to know several over the years, in my involvement peripherally supporting various webcomics — are painfully shy and socially awkward. The sort of fantasies people have about furry encounters are fantasies to them as well. Not all, of course; many, too, are well-adjusted folks with a “curious” hobby that society frowns upon, a position that we gun enthusiasts should be able to appreciate. And a few — the famous ones — are as weird as you could care to stand. The song “What Does the Fox Say?” was written to make fun of these people; it was a satire accidentally taken seriously.

      The furry hobby folks are often good people, and I know of more than a few who are also gun enthusiasts. I’ll point them here; they’ll agree with the point, if not the characterization.

      ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

    • Not all of us are strange, you know…

      Of course, the part of the community that isn’t– the normal, well-adjusted, socially apt, happy folks– are terrified of being tarred with the baggage of the term “furry.” So they keep it under wraps; basically the only ones who get much publicity are the weirdos, further encouraging the “normal” furries to keep their hobby on the down-low. It’s kind of a vicious cycle that way.

  5. Vietnam is also a good word. Especially since the left likes to declare everything ‘the next Vietnam’

    Re: the video. I can’t speak for you guys, but i have a massive erection.

  6. Sure, they can do what they want. But I should be allowed to refuse to do business with them because I think they’re weird and gross.

    That’s a two way street that most Americans have forgotten about, I think.

    • Comes for a purposeful effort to equivicate tolerance with acceptance. Tolerance means I don’t try to stop you from whatever you’re doing. Acceptance means I support you in whatever you’re doing. But the progs have fought hard to shift public opinion that tolerance equals acceptance, and actual tolerance (“Do what you want, just don’t expect me to like it or aid you doing it”) into hatred.

  7. We are dealing with a group of people that will sacrifice themselves & their kids for their cause. After Sandy Hook they laughed at the thought of guns in schools. I don’t think you can reach these people, at least not all. It seems an exersize in futility to try.

  8. As some people have already pointed out. Furries don’t always dress up for sex. Go to any con (comic con, katsucon, c2e2, etc) and you will see plenty of furries. Many peopld will cosplay various creatures and create anthto versions of them (my little pony, pokemon, digimon, zelda, etc). It’s a community and they pretty much just hang out.

  9. You cannot take away one liberty in exchange for another. Government should simply allow people the freedom the persure their own liberties without infringing on those of other people. Then, if they choose not to exercise them, it was their own choice. They will have taken away their own liberties.

  10. In regards to not being able to succeed against the U.S. military…

    I disagree with the truth of that statement, for reasons (Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc.) already stated.

    However, even if it WERE a true statement…well, let’s just say I still find certain things worth dying for.

    • If Russia was as easy for the NAZI’s as Austria our geography books would read somewhat different than they do now.(France tried a little bit, so leave them alone)
      Thats the point. They mistake
      Our Premise “Because we have guns, the Government will be less likely to try to oppress”
      Their Premise “Because the don’t oppress, we don’t need any guns”, thinking that each premise is equivalent.

      • Side note: what we usually forget about France is that at the time they were invaded by Germany they were far behind in terms of military technology. I’ve heard it said that it would be like a third world conventional army fighting the USA conventional military. The French actually fought really hard while they could hold out, but the tactics, and the technology is what did them in. Supposedly, had the US been in France’s place, AT THE TIME, they too would have lost pretty quickly. The US was pretty far behind Germany then as well.

        • It didn’t help that France had the ultimate case of “doomed to repeat history” by completely ignoring the possibility of being invaded from the northeast….

        • At the time, the US looked to France to show how to have and use an army in many ways. When they lost to Germany, military planners in the USA freaked out a bit. Thankfully, the USA figured it out eventually with some help from our cousins, the British.

  11. Yeah, yeah about the Dec of Indy and the Constitution, I’m all in, but back to that furry thing.
    That blue fox I hope, had his GoPro on a tripod when he was doing his behind the back, under the knee, etc, negligent firearms handling. I am sure he was sweeping his own body as well as the camera location with his vision impaired suit and oversized fingers in the trigger guard.

  12. How can you start off talking about freaks in animal suits, and then go into the Declaration of Independence? How about firearms safety. This idiot in the fox suit can barely rack the slide. He or she could easily hurt or kill themselves or others.

    • “This idiot in the fox suit can barely rack the slide. He or she could easily hurt or kill themselves or others.”

      Steve, I and several other commented above on the lack of safety concerns in the making of this video, but THAT is where the Declaration of Independence and the Second Amendment apply. So long as he was not endangering anybody else, and all the camera shots seemed to be static, its none of our business if he (or she?) goes out in the middle of nowhere and NDs his foot or anything else. Going to be interesting stories for the Ambulance and ER personnel to tell their friends, however.

  13. I know some furries, and the ones dressed up in costumes are a subculture (just like 3-Gunners are a subculture of firearms enthusiasts). Friendly people, I have to say. They throw good parties are rarely judge.

    • Until today I didn’t even know there was such a thing. I’d heard about the horsey people–crime TV can be so informative sometimes– but this was new. But then again, I don’t think I was missing anything either.

  14. Actually, the Declaration of Independence is a legal document. We fought a war to enforce it as a legal document. It doesn’t give you certain rights, only recognizes that you were born with these rights, of which no other human, group of humans, government, etc., may deprive you. The right to life means that you, individually or with companions, have the right to protect your life, your property, your liberty, from those who would deprive you.

    It doesn’t give you the right to take away peoples means to protect their rights.

    • The Declaration is a legal document, but it has no force of law. If anything, the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” was overruled by the Constitution, which recognizes the right to life, liberty and property.

  15. LOL OH MY GOD,

    I used to hang out with that guy ALOT!

    He’s a freakin’ nut and he’s an awesome guy haha!

  16. Well, the entire term of “furry” is subjective, and comes down to three things:

    #1 Furries as a method of character design – basically internet slang for anthropomorphic animals or therianthropic humans.

    #2 Furries as a term for fans of above character design…

    and #3 Furries as someone who belongs to the so-called furry fandom, which is mutually exclusive to #2.

    The fandom is where you find most of the people that dress in costumes, like the above video. Like any fandom it’s full of socially inept people who find other socially inept people and create a positive feedback loop resulting in some of them taking pride in the thing that they feel ostracized for (in this case a very mild sexual kink) and that positive feedback loop causes some of them to basically have no shame, because the only people who they value the opinion of are people who would never question their actions.

    I really wish it wasn’t such a hugboxy situation like that, as I think a hollywood, Underworld-quality practical effects werewolf costume shooting an AR at the range would be amazing, but it just doesn’t appear to be in the cards, at least not for the moment. Or hell, some Tank Girl kangaroo cosplayers at the range, or some post-apocalyptic mutant lizards or something. If the fursuit crowd could just take a little bit of criticism and not be such manchildren they could enjoy their hobby and look cool doing it, rather than looking like a character from a sonic the hedgehog fanfiction.

    This being said I would love to see someone in one of those Predator costumes at the range – who cares if predators don’t use guns outside of the plasma caster? Some colonial marines would be cool too. Hell, why DON’T we see more costumed range stuff? Sure, only so many folks can be Frank Castle but man… Sometimes, I just want to see Captain America with shield in one hand and 1911 in the other like in the movie… Hey, TTAG, you guys should have a contest next halloween for best costume at the range, or best video of shooting firearms while dressed as a movie/comic book character or whatnot.

    • Hell, why DON’T we see more costumed range stuff?

      Because most shooters are adults that just want to practice their marksmanship and self-defense skills, not clown around at the range in costumes.

      • Oh please. Once in a while wouldn’t hurt, and it’s just about the same thing as war reenactments.

        Besides, you can’t really consider yourself an adult if you still fear the concept of being childish and obsess with the idea of appearing very grown up.

  17. There’s absolutely no way that you can prove that I’m a Furrie.
    It’s the “America is changing” part of the argument that gets me. It IS changing, and in ways that only stress our need for 2A rights.

  18. White, black, yellow, purple, straight, gay, pan, old, young, tranny, furry, male, female, neoliberal, classic liberal, neocon, conservative, hip, square, dorky, geeky, nerdy, everyone has an innate right to self defense, to own and carry firearms. I want everyone to understand and deeply cherish their rights, even if they don’t exercise them. Take this fight away from the government. They don’t deserve to use our rights as a stick to threaten us or a carrot to lead us their way. Be a teacher, don’t count anybody as a lost cause without trying. Gun rights are for everyone. _end rant.

      • I must be in a fairly liberal (in a good way) office. I can’t think of anything in Blazing Saddles that would be NSFW here….

    • Good rant, Josh, however, I’m pretty sure the Second Amendment DID take this fight away from the (legitimate) government, hence, “…shall not be infringed.”

      Any government body, agency or personnel who disregard that prohibition are operating as anti-Constitutional entities.

      • I completely understand Cliff.
        What we have though is an artificial barrier to conversation between people about gun rights based solely on political affiliation. Like “don’t bother trying to convince a democrat/hipster/woman/homosexual on gun rights”
        What drives me nuts is having to break past the red/blue wall to get to the meat and potatoes of gun rights when talking to people. There is not a lot of trust between democrats and republicans these days which is why I find you have to have a pretty broad pool of knowledge and resources to pull from when talking to folks about their innate rights. Those that lean more democratic are more likely to trust government entities such as FBI uniform crime report, dept of justice, and the CDC. Trying the original intent of the second amendment with them is a turn off. Likewise those who are more republican but anti gun, or at least gun control for those I don’t like are more easily convinced by historical arguments, plus independent studies to debunk mainstream news misinformation. Each case is different, and requires a slightly different approach, but no one is a lost cause. That is why I love the pink pistols groups, my personal views are irrelevant to their gun rights. I also love that manufacturers are jumping on the colorful guns bandwagon. Women make up about half the population, and abandoning them to the gun control movement without trying to win them to our side first would be stupid. It just seems that the government (state, county, and federal) like to use our gun rights as a distraction aid whenever they get into trouble, or think they can score points. I dream (probably vainly) of a time in future American politics where gun control is a live wire on both sides of the isle that neither side dares touch.
        So yeah, the second amendment put the issue to bed, dear old uncle Sam woke it back up in the thirties, folks have been feeding it red bull and sugar ever since. Time now to put it back to bed and let the poor girl get some rest. And for that, it will take all of us singing one gentle lullaby, gun control FOAD.

  19. “Inadvertently? Why would someone carry a gun “inadvertently”?” You might be surprised at the number of folks that forget that they have a gun in the car. I know a trap shooter that ALWAYS has his shotgun locked in it’s case in his trunk with all his trap gear. He shoots 3 to 4 times a week, so he just leaves it in the car. I am sure that when he is grocery shopping, or heading off to church, he doesn’t even think about the 12 ga. behind him. I also know a hunter that has his firearms in the car most of the year. I think that they just figure it’s easier than dragging it in and out every time you go to the trap range or decide to go hunting.

  20. Wweellll…. just as an FYI… furries get a huge amount of bad press and flak for being such ‘deviants’. We’re kind of like gun owners like that. A whole lot of people happily make jokes and cracks about people being weird, dangerous, or deviants. And it’s not true. Matter of fact the whole furry subculture hit the public consciousness because MTV did a special where they found the most damaged and thoroughly messed up kid they could find and then told him to act super messed up for the camera. What you see in the media is not even remotely a fair examination of it all. Again… just like gun owners in general what you see portrayed in the media isn’t even remotely like what it is in reality.

    And as a final… I can’t believe that guy went shooting in that suit. Those suits are all custom creations… They’re all hand made and costs thousands of dollars. I don’t even want to think of how hard it would be to clean gun powder out of it. XD

    • He made it himself. Also, shooting guns is probably the easiest thing he’s done on that suit.

      I rememebr when him and I went snow tubing and he simply tossed himself down the lane with no tube.. Just his suit. He ended up crashing into a bunch of ski poles and hurting himself pretty good lol. Guy is awesome.

      • Oh yeah? Well… even then that’s not a small amount of material. Not to mention the TIME put into it.

      • I did a verry similer thing in my youth. Instead of ski poles I found a creek that had been covered by snow. And ice. Crap, that was cold.

  21. I noticed an empty bottle between the bipod, when the nut with the blue pajamas was shooting a rifle. Do you suppose he drank all of that?
    Why did he keep sneaking across the road? Was he trying to solve the problem of why the chicken crossed the road?
    After watching this video, I think I will destroy anything in my closet that’s blue!

  22. Also, the mere owning of a gun by myself does not infringe on another’s right to life. The act of murder does. And it doesn’t matter what is used to commit that murder. The right to life does not trump the mere (imaginary) possibility that someone with a gun might kill you, it only trumps the actual use of force against you.

  23. I hate getting up on a soapbox here…

    But I did want to let people here know– not every furry is weird, a sexual deviant, a “fursuit” wearer, etc. Some of us are just normal people who have happy and successful lives, and for whatever reason also like the idea of media involving animal people. Odds are good that everybody here has met at least a few furries without knowing it; the normal people in this hobby keep it on the down-low so they don’t get tarred with the same brush as all of the weirdos.

    Don’t pre-judge all of us just because a tiny minority get bad press.

    A happy, well-adjusted, socially-competent, politically-active, classically-liberal, competition-shooting, longtime-TTAG-reading, NRA-membership-holding, gun nut college student. Who is also a furry.

    P.S. For an example of furry done right, check out this comic:

    • Yeesh, I dunno about that, I’d sooner recommend Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Blacksad, Lackadaisy, Poppy O’Possum or something along those lines as something that utilizes anthropomorphic characters “right”

    • You and I might be the only overtly furry guys on here 😮 think the rest are in the shadows.

      • I am not a furry but I am a geek and I know furries. It is a part of geek culture, although on the bottom rung somewhere with Filking (no offense).

        That said, I do get a bit irritated when Vanilla people talk about anything geek-culture related.

        The irony of people misrepresenting a culture or subculture while existing within a culture/subculture (gun enthusiasts) who in turn rail against others (antigunners) who misrepresent them is rich to say the least.

      • I’m like Bear – not a furry but definitely in the geek category. Though some would argue with the hair on my head/face I’d qualify without a costume. I don’t know that I’d put you furries in the same category of the filk crowd. Personally, I’ve found that latter is cringe-worthy, but that’s just me. I’ve always thought of furries more as a subculture of the cosplay crowd. The sex-play furries are more of a sub-sub-culture of the sub-culture, but have gotten the most attention coloring the rest of you.

        Seeing that video, though… I just couldn’t help thinking of a small wording change to a recent viral youtube song…

        “What does the Glock say…
        Bang, bang, bang… da-bangity bang…”

        (don’t know if that would have made that video any less painful, though…)

  24. All this talk about furries is sure to make at least one occasional reader of TTAG a little excited.

    Remember Tex Grebner, the YouTube gunny who shot himself in the leg and made it onto Tosh.0, making us all look like backwood idiots in the process?? (Tex talking about his BDSM Werewolf Sex Costume) (Commentary about Tex’s costume) (Tex beating himself up with “toys” **TOTALLY NSFW**)


  26. WTF…? I thought I was cool and knew stuff. I never heard of Furries..I feel so old and ignorant now..thanks a lot RF.

  27. Many people tend to forget, or never knew, that our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence are about the relationship between The People and their Government. It is not about the social contract from person to person. Thus, the Rights to Life and Liberty are the concept that a government, acting under color of law and for the greater good, does not have the right to kill or imprison you without due process or infringing on your other Natural Rights. It has absolutely nothing to do with individual murder or abuse, nor with the Right to Defend yourself from the same.

  28. Hmm, it seems like your site ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog writer, but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any recommendations for newbie blog writers? I’d appreciate it.

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