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Moms Demand Racism? (courtesy Mike V's Corner on Facebook)

This pic [via Mike V’s Corner] re-labels three posters produced by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (a wholly owned subsidiary of Mayors Against Illegal Action). Is it a co-incidence that the white kids get the guns? Is it right? Shouldn’t minorities get guns to protect themselves from white racists? In fact, isn’t gun control racist? If voter ID laws are racist because they inhibit poor minority voters’ rights, aren’t gun control laws racist because they inhibit poor minority voters’ gun rights? Which would make any organization promoting gun control a racist hate group. Specifically, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. Am I wrong?

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    • And I’d just like to comment that considering the source of these agit-prop posters, what are the chances those are not really AR-15s, but prop guns? Do you really think those Moms or MAIGs would allow real scary guns to be held by children, even for a photo op?

      And by the way, even if they are real scary black rifles, there are many places in America where they have been (unconstitutionally) banned “to protect the children.”

    • I have a S&W Air-Lite, Model 342 that is, I believe, aslomt a twin of the Lady Smith. I obtained replacement grips which really made a difference: very little difference in concealability and much easier to shoot. Wouldn’t trade mine for anything. Well, maybe the tank!

      • In all seriousness though, in Texas where will we get our landscapers and maids? Didn’t read the article, just saying. It is a great job for low skilled individuals willing to work hard, and it pays well enough to put food on the table. Not saying one group or another is predestined to do it, but it works for new immigrants well.

        • You’ll get the same place you always did: from thd ranks of the unskilled. Only without illegal immigration, white homeowners won’t get to force the taxpayerd to subsidize their the cost of their domestic upkeep. By enforcing employment laws and shutting illegals out of legitimate AND under the table jobs, you’ll be forced to pay someone legal the full value of their services, instead of exploiting their sketchy status. Your pool will still get cleaned, you’ll just have to pay market rates for it and the payroll taxes on it.

        • he’s referring to a recent faux pas by a Democrat candidate in which she claimed immigration reform was necessary to insure we had an ample supply of maids and landscapers, paraphrasing of course.

        • Immigration reform is needed because white folks, especially liberal white folks, have become uncomfortable with black folks as maids and lawn-maintenance workers. It makes them feel at once guilty and afraid; Guilty that everyone can’t run an NGO, work for the state, or go to a pretty university; Afraid because if they feel guilty, they infer the lawn-worker must want revenge. Better young minorities should stay in the ghetto, no twinging suburban consciences, eh? It’s that simple. In nearly every US city liberals have (together with not a few conservative mansion owners…) voted to boost Hispanic immigration and to keep urban minorities on a survivable dole.

          Somebody’s payin’ for this game….but not before the next election.

    • To the liberal mind diversity is good, therefore they associate good things together. The common myth is only whites own or use guns, especially against minorities. The news creates many “honorary whites” to this end. To the white mothers they are communicating to that diversity makes the ad stand out. They always say the pro-gun side is nothing but OFWGs, but it’s just more projection, MDA is actually is pretty much liberal, scared white mothers with little else to do. We’ve seen most of the (30) members at rallies, not much diversity there. For us diversity isn’t an issue, all people should be equally protected, diversity has nothing to do with it.

      • I would ask: where is the diversity in the MDA leadership? All of the women up at the top are white. Just sayin Shannon, if it walks like a duck . . . . .

      • “They always say the pro-gun side is nothing but OFWGs…” Yeah, and I’m here in Texas and just spent 30 minutes talking CCW, open-carry, and guns in general with a “non-white” man at my work. He loves his guns, got his CHL when he turned 21, and won’t open carry cause he doesn’t want to be harassed. (He said he got the cops called cause he was in the park with his niece, who is an adopted russian. “Oh noes, black guy with a white kid!!” And he can only imagine trying to open carry.)

        By no means is the gun culture just OFWG. Now if we can just get him to stop voting for the ***

        • Introduce him to Alphonzo Rachel. He is on and has a youtube channel under the moniker zonation. If Zo can’t change his mind nothing will.

    • As a white person myself, I can honestly say that I think we “White people” have done more than enough on our own to be “vilified” without additional help. Somehow I’m positive you and many others will not agree and that is fine, I have history on my side. As a race we should be ashamed of what our ancestors have done throughout time……..repeatedly, and I’m not even specifically talking about slavery.

      It is no coincidence, in my mind, that the people fighting the hardest to ensure so called “liberals” are pushed back against, are overwhelmingly white, tend to often be males as well. The whole “WASP” acronym. Look at the current status of the GOP in congress. Mostly a bunch of old white guy fighting, and indeed blocking government, in any way they can.

      • Well, I guess I’m safe. I’m not white, I’m beige; and I am neither Anglo-Saxon nor protestant. Heck, I’m not even a Christian! Not that I deny that Jesus was real and did miracles and all that, I simply don’t worship him.

        Freedom is my worship word!

        And the idea that I should somehow be blamed for what somebody else did in the past is just plain insane.

  1. Where in America are red rubber balls banned? On second thought, don’t tell me. I was having a cynicism-free day.

    • It’s dodge ball not the ball itself that’s banned. The premise of the posters is BS anyway so don’t put to much thought into it.

    • There’s been a few school districts that have banned dodgeball and kickball because the children. There was even a district that banned tag because it hurt the self-esteem of the slower kids. I can’t even make this stuff up.

        • After seeing kids get blasted in the face and get a bloody nose, glasses going flying, broken in pieces leaving the kid blind for the rest of the day, I can understand why schools would drop it and avoid ever having to deal with angry parents wanting to know how their kid got a broken nose.

        • The humanity! However did our parents cope?

          The point of there being winners and losers is that winning is fun and losing sucks. The whole idea is to motivate your child to be a winner rather than a loser. If he loses, he doesn’t enjoy it and so he puts out more effort the next time to ensure he isn’t a loser again. Dodgeball, life, whatever… the principle is the same.

    • I can’t tell what book that is, and is the second picture a chick (baby chicken)? When have either been banned?

      • It’s a book of Red Riding Hood. The caption at the bottom says, “We have banned Red Riding Hood because she had wine in her basket, why can’t we do the same with assault weapons?”

        The other one the kid is holding something called a Kinder Egg, I don’t know what that is. The caption says the same, “We have banned Kinder Eggs, why can’t we do the same with assault weapons?”

        I think the whole ad campaign is stupid, we shouldn’t be banning books, and I actually doubt there is anywhere where red riding hood is actually banned.

        • Thanks. I had to “Wikipedia” it (does “Wikipedia” have verb status a la “google” yet?). Anyway, on Kinder Eggs:

          The 1938 Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act contains a section highlighting that a confectionery product with a non-nutritive object, partially or totally imbedded within it, cannot be sold within the United States, unless the FDA issues a regulation that the non-nutritive object has functional value. Essentially, the 1938 Act bans “the sale of any candy that has imbedded in it a toy or trinket.”

          The words make sense, in that they’re in English and form coherent sentences. I can’t for the life of me figure out how that’s the FDA’s problem to solve. Again. Still.

        • Kinder eggs contain a toy of some sort. Surrounded by some crappy chocolate. Some of the toys are pretty cool. I still have a set of Wild West heroes and villains I collected as a kid. 1 1/2″ tall cast metal, they even have GUNS. I’m glad this FDA ruling never made it to my neighborhood in NYC. They are still available in many of the grocery stores there.

        • To be fair the “real” ones have pretty good chocolate (though the “off-brand” ones have bad chocolate I will admit).

        • peirsonb says: February 26, 2014 at 13:11

          “Thanks. I had to “Wikipedia” it (does “Wikipedia” have verb status a la “google” yet?). ”

          I think the verb form is “To Wiki:” “I had to wiki it.”

          Have you ever you-tubed? 😉

      • The book is Little Red Riding Hood and it has been banned from some school libraries, but I don’t remember why.

    • The ads are completely flawed to begin with. Those “banned” items are not banned nationally (usually just once in one school) and they are not banned in all the US in private hands. You can buy all the red rubber balls you want and play dodgeball all day long in your own home or out on the streets. On top of that firearms are already banned in schools nationally, even for concealed carry license holders, so there is no point showing kids with guns in schools. These ads are such a stretch you would expect to find them in a yoga routine. When I first saw them I was confused as to whether they were pro-gun or anti-gun and what the actual message was.

      • You nailed it. Dodgeball may be de facto “banned” in a few schools, but guns are de jure banned in all. So this argument fails fails fails.

    • Not specifically in re dodgeball, but a few years back Rush Limbaugh ran some parodies about a new child safety organization Keep Our Own Kids Safe (KOOKS). They were pretty funny.

      • The one on soccer (*which was invented by European ladies to keep them busy while their husbands did the cooking), was particularly well done.

        *Hank Hill – 3 Coaches and a Bobby

  2. The whole Gun Control debate centers around the premise that only whites have guns because they are scared of non-whites. They are just perpetuating a classic divide-and-conquer tactic.

    You can always count on these groups to appeal to illogical, emotional responses as opposed to factually based, logical points/statements.

    • That being said, I have yet to meet a gun owner who doesn’t advocate gun ownership for all Americans, regardless of race, gender, creed, etc.

    • Clear and to the point.
      BTW What are the other two items that are banned? The resolution is to low to enlarge.

      • I think the book was banned because of pedophilia, don’t quote me on that because I forget which book that is.

        But I’m pretty sure the middle one is a kinder egg, banned from sale because it’s a food product with a non-edible component embedded in it. It’s a damn shame, while the toy in it has plummeted in quality lately the dark/white chocolate shell is quite tasty. But clearly some FDA official believes you’re too much of a mouth breathing pants on head retard to figure out that the plastic capsule inside is not meant for eating.

    • It’s racist to mention that gun crimes are disproportionately committed by racial minorities…an overwhelming number of which were prohibited from owning firearms in the first place because of their previous criminal history.

      It’s also racist to mention that such criminals don’t care about what gun control laws are on the books. Stripping the ability of law abiding citizens–regardless of their race–to practice their natural, civil, and constitutional rights to keep and bear arms does nothing but empower criminals, gangsters, and thugs.

      • White self-loathing is an integral part of being a “Progressive.”

        The Constitution was written by a bunch of rich White slave-owners, after all, so there’s nothing special about it.

  3. I think it’s to keep the narrative fresh that only racist white people use guns and people of other races are only victims of gun violence. Now I think about it, pretty racist by using stereotypes.

  4. So, is that a poster campaign against banning innocent things out of fear? Because that’s the message I got….

    The race thing is a red herring, or at least a distraction. I don’t care. Not taking the bait. Out of the last half dozen new shooters I’ve taken out, only half have been white (and 4 male, 2 female). I don’t discriminate about who I introduce to firearms (unless “people I know” counts, lol). That’s the only measure that’s really important to me. MDA can spin whatever noise they’re going to spin. I’ll be over here teaching people not to be afraid.

    • I read “shooters I’ve taken out” with the more colloquial version of “taken out” and first thought was

      “Whoa. What do you have against new shooters?”


      • Lol. OK, new shooters I’ve “invited to the range and instructed on basic firearms safety and operation using my own guns & ammo.” Sorry, my euphemism detector was switched off. Pretty funny, though. Thanks for calling out my choice of words. 🙂

    • Maybe you should try to just be a friend. Invite her and some of the other Moms over for cake and coffee or maybe a tea. Once you sit down with them they will see you as another person. Who knows you may even be invited to a barbecue with her and John. Wouldn’t that be nice. Nah

    • That is intentional. The whites with guns are on the “right” and therefore are gun-clinging right wing racists.

      • You know, it’s funny, but at our church you can tell if folks lean left or right by which side of the aisle they sit on. No joke.

  5. Gun banners have been racists going clear back to before the Civil War.

    They’re just getting in tune with the whole modern propaganda drive to avoid being racist to blacks. So now they’re racists against whites.

  6. All this racist talk is PC BS. If they had the minority holding they gun that group would have called it racist. regardless of who has the gun it is racist. I am so sick of having everyone cry racism all the time. The last 10 years have been the worse years of my life for seeing racism in everything. This nation is far less racist now than it has ever been. Please stop with finding racism in everything.

    • That’s what I was thinking. It probably wasn’t so much an attempt to make white people look like evil gun clingers. It was more of an attempt to not have the other groups not scream racist because they were left holding the gun. Remember “only white people can be racist.”

    • It’s not overt racism, but it’s still racism. As someone also pointed out a few comments above, the kids with the guns are all on the right side of the pictures. This ad campaign is very deliberately design with subtle messages that attack the sub-conscious. I am quite sure they paid a lot of money for these pictures and spent a lot of time discussing exactly what message they wanted to send with the images. This is propaganda in the most evil sense of the word.

    • Interesting story – PG County, MD was a “white stronghold” until the 80s, according to the NAACP. The schools were “segregated” because they taught the nearby neighborhood kids. The neighborhoods actually were integrated, but the majority was white and Hispanic, except close to the DC line. So the kids started to be bussed to a more PC school, sometimes two hours away. And apartments were built throughout the county. And Sallie Mae and Freddie Mac made sure that you could buy a new house that was being built for you (Google “McMansion) no matter what your income was. And there was convenient, low cost public transportation to and from DC. And the NAACP was satisfied.

      Fast forward 20 years. The Federal Circuit decided that all the “affirmative Action” had done the job. Kids could once again go to the battleground that was euphemistically called a “local school.” And you could shop in the war zones called “shopping centers,” some of which have their own police substation due to the nonexistent high crime rate.

      Then came the Census results. Guess what? The White racists are now the minority! Same in DC.

      The NAACP tried to stir the hate once or twice, but folks looked around and laughed at them. They’re quiet now, until the next mass shooting involving a certain kind of victim. And we will again look at our next door neighbors, and laugh at the NAACP.

      So MDA – save it. Your subtle race baiting doesn’t work here. We all just buy more ammo. Very discreetly.

    • It’s not intentional, but it’s what they call “racial assumption” in modern race study parlance. It’s basically when you subconsciously follow some stereotype that you associate with a particular racial or ethnic group, quite possibly without even realizing it. In this case, it’s that white people like guns.

  7. It’s as racist as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, bread, and white paper…

    Just look at all that micro aggression!

  8. Not sure if they are racists or not, but for sure they are a hate group. I don’t see how advocating for removing somebody’s constitutional rights is not seen like that.

    • Please don’t remind me.

      I have a hard enough time not vomiting up my breakfast while I catch up on the day’s news from here and around the world.

      “Injustice anywhere is an affront to justice everywhere.”

      -the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

  9. You forgot to add “sexist” in the title.

    Regardless of race, the broadest single group of individuals that stands to lose the most through increased restrictions on guns are females. Because, well, duh.

    An aside: As a (white, but I never think about myself as “insert skin color/national origin here” unless somebody else brings it up first – I don’t give a damn – good people are good people), younger American I’m damn tired of hearing that I’m certainly racist because of luck of the draw as to who my parents are.

    I enjoy the sometimes surprised and always grateful reactions from those older, economically disadvantaged folks of a different skin color when I give up my seat (that I happened to get first due to boarding earlier on the route) at the front of a crowded bus and stand instead out of respect for my elders.

    One of my best friends is an illegal alien who was brought here through no choice of his own when he was two, but because I’m a citizen by birth (and again, happen to be white) I’m supposed to and assumed to want to kick him out of the only home he’s ever known?

    But I guess bringing up the part where I happen to be white and I like being polite means I’m a racist motherfraker hell bent on oppression, right?

    Damn I’m tired of Newspeak and politically correct debates that by no stretch of the imagination fit the dictionary definition of ‘debate’.

    • I agree with everything you said. I want to add that while this true:

      good people are good people

      It is also true that idiots are idiots, regardless of heritage. I’ve been called, at various times, racist, homophobic, and various other epithets because I have a very hard time not calling out stupid when I see it.

    • >> I’m damn tired of hearing that I’m certainly racist because of luck of the draw as to who my parents are.

      It gets funnier than that. I’ve recently read some “race study” teaching literature, and among manifestations of racism, they had a bullet point for “person of a privilege class claiming to not be racist”. So if you say you’re not racist, that in and of itself makes you racist.

      (The list was hilarious in many other ways – e.g. portraits of US presidents on the wall in the office are racist, apparently, because they remind non-whites that only whites succeed in this country.)

  10. yes, they are racist. Background checks are racist (says the right-wing Obama administration’s EEOC). Drug laws are racist, going back to the early 1900s fear that black men using cocaine turned into supermen, or the fear of lazy mexican potheads.

    Perhaps it’s a mere coincidence, but blacks have the lowest rate of gun ownership and the highest homicide rate. They have the same rate of drug use, but much higher incarceration rates. Perhaps that is a coincidence, or perhaps its 100 years of social policy.

  11. How about the fact that a single-digit aged child is holding a semi-auto rifle that looks to be loaded…and there’s no adult present. I’ll assume at least one adult (physically anyway..emotionally? not so sure) is behind the camera.

    Most responsible gun owners, teaching their kids about guns and to shoot, would not likely be further than 18″ away from said kid holding such a device.

    Mothers Against…something…everything…have broke a fairly serious gun safety rule to eliminate exactly what they are doing. Maybe broke a law. Any lawyers present?

    IF the ad was photographed in NY, NJ, etc., the mag is illegal as well.

  12. The liberal statists are always banging the race drum, they understand the concept of divide and conquer. They care less about “minorities” they just effectively control racial tension to promulgate their leftist agenda, which hinges upon gun confiscation. Democrats are the new Nazis in their methodology.

  13. The sad fact that these groups gloss over is that Democrats in the South institued gun control so their friends in the KKK wouldn’t get shot at when they lynched blacks.

  14. Of course they are racist…denying 2A rights to self derense discriminates disproportionately against urban poor. This is the same argument used to force banks not to redline those communities and when cheerfully abused by Rev Jesse led many into tinancial ruin when UnfleSam underwrote subA mortgages via FNMA.

    But we arent taoking math here or unintended consequences that are already well proven in history of the recent past..or current events in the Ukraine or Venezuela.

    • We are talking simple imagery…and this photo meets the Agitprop test for “divide and conquer” by race.

      Of Course MDA should be ashamed of itself…
      but we already knew that.

      The real question is if ANY of the StateRunMedia dare to point it out…

  15. The question I would like to ask MDA is if it is white racists with guns are a problem then why are African-Americans responsible for a disproportionate share of [mostly black-on-black] homicides? Are they saying that only Caucasian-Americans can be responsible with firearms?

    • No, they’re just ignoring inconvenient truths.

      Like hundreds of years of social policy and economic disadvantages that push people too far in order to keep a roof over their heads and the kids fed.

      If, due to circumstance, the only options you had for a chance at a “successful” life (read as: I can feed, clothe, and house myself and my family and I might get to quit doing whatever it is I do for money … someday), there’s a good chance you or I would make similar choices.

  16. I don’t get the point of the posters – exactly what has been banned?

    And the photo quality isn’t clear enough to see what the kid on the left of the middle photo is holding.

    Anyway, minors aren’t allowed to own guns. At least where I live.

  17. “That being said, I have yet to meet a gun owner who doesn’t advocate gun ownership for all Americans, regardless of race, gender, creed, etc.”

    I take it you haven’t met any cops, then?

  18. Ok, I’m confused. The article says these images were re-labeled; what does that mean? Is this like that image (the domestic violence one where the woman is walking on a trail in a forest with crosshairs on the back of her head) that a POTG changed to say that this is why women should be armed?

    In things like this, where an image from MDA has been changed, the article really should have a link to the original image, so that we can see what’s been changed. And if the images and stuff haven’t been changed at all, then I fail to see the point. Is it supposed to be that only white people own guns, and somehow white people only own guns because minorities don’t own guns?

    • Nevermind, didn’t’ see the caption (I’m on a small laptop). I can’t see what the second kid is holding, but what kind of idiot thinks that red rubber balls have been banned? And why, oh why, the racial aspect? Seems like an attempt to exploit white guilt, but I fail to see how. Is it supposed to make white people say, “Low income minorities can’t afford a high end AR-15 with Magpul furniture and top-notch optics, so I should get rid of mine?”

      Maybe this is because MDA makes so many illogical leaps in their thought processes, but this ad (more so than usual) left me scratching my head, because I’m not even sure what it’s supposed to be doing. Usually, the fear-mongering is clear cut and easy to ID, but I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to take away from these posters.

  19. “Is Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America A Racist Hate Group?”

    Yes, and should be ashamed. Bunch of misanthropes is what they are.

  20. Watts, being racist?

    Naaaah…never happen. Just ask her; certainly she has minority ‘best friends’ to prove her bonafides.

  21. Looks to me like every white kid in America is sharing the same AR. Sharing good? Right? I don’t see a problem.

  22. I think I would rather play the “How many laws are being broken in this picture” game.
    Let’s see: Gun Free School Zone, Possession of a gun by a minor, High Capacity Magazine, Magazine loaded with more than the allowed number of rounds, Shoulder Thing that goes up.
    Am I missing any?
    It’s for the children, of course.

  23. Another typically ignorant libtard use of the “race card” to defend racist policies – in this case gun control which has its roots in Jim Crow legislation intended to do EXACTLY what the above referenced propaganda poster implies. They use the same (il)logic in their defense of Planned Parenthood.

    The world is indeed upside down, and the Devil’s tongue is indeed forked.

    Thanks for exposing this nonsense.


  25. I had a bit of a conversation with an anti on this last night.
    I replaced the word gun with vote, or free speech. It went a little something like this.
    In order to vote, all voters must pay $500 in order to exercise this right.
    Voting is may issue, so you will need to attend voters safety course, be interviewed by your local politician, and submit to a background and psychological exam.
    Each vote you place will have a 25 cent tax attached to it, which is due upon placing your ballot.
    People under the age of 21 can not vote unless accompanied by an adult.
    Every two years the voter will be required to take a refresher voter safety course.
    In the District of Columbia, voting is prohibited entirely.
    Voting on certain things requires an extra $200 fee, and your vote might take up to a year to be processed.
    You can only vote on items deemed by the state to be considered valid items to vote on. A fee is paid in order to allow the vote to be accessible, by the bill sponsor or a political group.
    If you have ever been hospitalized on a 72 hour psychological hold, or were committed to a hospital, than you can not vote for a minimum of five years, and possibly not at all.
    In order to vote you will need to have a voter ID card. This card can be revoked at any time, even if you missed a yearly fee renewal payment by one day.
    You can not place votes on more than 10 items at anyone time. No one needs to vote on more than ten things.

    Does this sound racist to you?
    Yeah that is what I thought…

  26. MDA are racist, but not just because of their crappy posters. Most of their members are yuppie moms who didn’t give a crap about violence against children until a mostly white suburban school got shot up by a deranged kid. If they really cared about dealing with violence against children in schools, they would be looking at the cities of CHICAGO and WASHINGTON DC.

    Of course, MDA don’t like it when gun owners bring up Chi-Raq or DC because those cities are textbook examples of why gun control does NOT work in preventing violence. They’d rather waste money on more onerous laws that punish law-abiding citizens then actually spending money on things that are statistically proven to reduce violence – you know, better schools, after school programs, community sports, etc. God forbid that MDA actually care about young minority victims of violence.

    • Wow…I cannot believe how stupid we can be as Americans. This is scary. This level of stupidity of the author of this article and most of the comments… that is some truly terrifying stuff right there. I’m surprised at how low the IQ goes yet again.

  27. On further review I think they are trading on the stereotype that gun owners are gapped tooth, uncultured illiterates. I would like to introduce them to my son’s lab group at CSU where if you are an American or Canadian you have multiple guns, and you hunt and fish. Even the Chinese grad student has been to the range.

  28. You want something amusing?

    Google Image Search the following:

    stock photo of robber

    white american couple

    It’s a whacky world kids!

    And yeah, Moms Demand Communism is a hate group. They hate freedom, the Constitution, guns, cool cars, boats, planes, hunting, fishing, and probably most anything else dudes like to do that is “icky” to them.

  29. re Kinder Egg:
    Choking is the #1 cause of death and injury in young children.

    It’s so stupid of them to include that, since Kinder Eggs are way more dangerous to kids than guns are.

  30. In their hearts and minds? Who knows? I’d guess yes, but that’s not the standard to go by.

    In legal circles, racist intent is almost irrelevant. All that really matters is so-called disparate impact. A given policy, practice, etc. is deemed racist if its effect is born more harshly by minorities than others. There may be perfectly legitimate reasons for it, none of which has anything to do with racism, but so long as an inequality of outcomes exists, then its all racist.

    If blacks don’t score as highly as whites on the SAT, racism! If Hispanics aren’t approved for loans at the same rate as whites, racism! If a minority group doesn’t earn enough income to pay income taxes and a tax cut is proposed, racism! And so on and so forth.

    So given that minorities tend to live in higher crime areas than whites, then any policies or practices that tend to infringe upon their right to keep and bear arms, and by extension to defend themselves, necessarily has a disparate impact upon minorities and is therefore racist.

    Huh. Curious, that. Gun Control: Keeping Blacks down, dependent and deathly afraid in America since 1619.

  31. Accusations of being a “racist” are now so common in the American public discussion as to be meaningless. Further, the criteria for being judged a “racist” have become so broad and so conflated with whatever else the accuser “doesn’t like” at the moment that you can find an angle to throw the “racist” card at almost anyone over most anything you choose to.

    So, I don’t care if MDA is a “racist” organization, or not, because I can no longer discern a clear, consistent definition of what it is to be a “racist”. I do, however, find their use of images that invoke “racist” elements to be objectionable because it amounts to smugly inferring the meaningless constitutes an unassailable, valid argument supporting their anti-Second Amendment, anti Liberty, anti-Freedom agenda of controlling what EVERYONE else thinks or does. The fact that these people think they can have such an agenda makes them completely and fundamentally wrong in the first place, and there’s no need for any further discussion or consideration of any other aspect of their behavior.

  32. With the Socialist Left’s penchant for slaughtering the unborn, especially those of color, I’m surprised there were enough children for that ad

  33. Your “white racists” are vastly outnumbered by garden variety minority thugs, especially when it comes to interracial crime. But hey, we all know Fargo hates the traditional American population.

  34. I can attest that Shannon watts is ethnocentric even if she is not raciest towards all whites. Shes also nuts to. and has a condition called munchausen syndrome. were she likes to make up things and always claim some one is attacking her or and makes false reports on pepoel all the time.
    a few weeks ago when dana loesch was on the tv show the view and I posted a congratulations on the views web site that it was great that they were going to have a smart real mom liek dana on there show. and also tweeted the same to danna and watts. Watts trying to get me in trouble with twitter and said that was some how a threat to commit violence or bodily hard to watts. Then watts went to my face book page which was private and the only thing she could see was my Irish pride profile picture saying I am pride to be Irish and not repentant for it. WATTS tried to actually report that to face book and wanted them to try and shut me down and report my Irish pride pic and said it was graphically violent. then once face book determined it was not in any way and nothing wrong with a pic saying I’m proud to be Irish. Watts then reported it and said it was sexual suggestive and phonographic. and tryed to demand that face book make me take it down. and then when they again found it didnt violate any terms or conditions she also went and tracked down each and every person that liked my congratulations post to Dana on the views face book page and they all also got false reports for any thing on there pages one was just a pic of a mom with her kid. that watts falsely reported as being violent. But if watts tried to actually get me in trouble for being Irish then id say yes she and her group are indeed racist against whites or at least any one thats not polish like she is.

    • Well, yes, gun control and the war on drugs are both racist at their roots. The war on Islam, of course, is a pseudochristian Crusade, which serves handily as a boogeyman to keep the sheeple in a constant state of mortal terror.

  35. it seams that these moms hate the white culture so much that they emulate foreign cultures values with out ever having been there! I wonder where the Arab child is

  36. This is the most blatantly racist thing I have seen from the left in a while. If you showed gangstas with guns, the complaints wouldn’t stop. Additionally, this idea that only white people own guns is ridiculous. I’m not white, I own several guns and would prefer any of them over soccer mom bullshit.
    And to answer Kap’s comment, Arabs are a gun culture as well. You’ll have a better chance taking water in the desert from one than you will taking their guns.

  37. I mean, statistically, mass school shooters are by far white. So if anything it’s accurate.

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