Random Thoughts About ‘The Gun Lobby’

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(courtesy publichealthwatch.wordpress.com)

President Obama has never been our president. I first cottoned onto this fact when he called a bipartisan meeting on his proposed health care law. The President of the United States stood at the lectern and browbeat the Republican politicians gathered at his feet to work out a compromise.

I’m not saying that President has any obligation to build consensus, I’m saying that the best President is one who represents all Americans, Democrat, Republican, whatever. Even those who detested President Bush the younger – and they were legion – rallied behind him when he rallied the country after 9/11. The same was true when Reagan addressed the nation after the Challenger disaster.

And it’s not just national tragedies that should inspire a President to bring us together as a nation. They should use the bully pulpit to unify us when we face any threat to our constitutional republic. When they swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, their deeds and their rhetoric should reflect that commitment.

Clearly, President Obama doesn’t believe that the Second Amendment means what it says. He doesn’t believe that background checks — universal or otherwise — infringe on our natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Nor does he seek to find common ground with those who oppose his view by, say, directing the Department of Justice to help close the “revolving door of justice” that allows armed criminals to roam our streets.

I fully admit that I thought President Obama would leave our gun rights alone. I was wrong. When candidate Obama derided rural voters for clinging to their guns and their religion I should have known that the future President lacked respect for gun owners and gun rights. For the Constitution of the United States of America. My bad.

What I missed: the President’s condescension. He considered — considers — religious, gun-owning Americans to be inferior; people who lack enough indoctrination education to understand and agree with his interpretation of the Constitution. Which somehow doesn’t include the protection of their right to keep and bear arms. In short, gun owners are “the other.”

Like so many gun control advocates, the President hides his disgust for gun owners by appealing to those who [supposedly] support gun control. Hence his constant referral to a 2013 Washington Post/ABC poll that asked, “Would you support or oppose a law requiring background checks on people buying guns at gun shows?” Some 90 percent of registered voters supported the idea.

The question did not ask, “Do you favor or oppose stricter gun control laws?” In 2015, three weeks after the mass shooting at Umpqua Community College claimed the lives of nine people, Gallup put that exact question to Americans. Some 52 percent opposed stricter gun controls. Why the disparity? Because Americans favored background checks at gun shows but not other gun control laws.

We could talk about the apparent contradiction, but I’d prefer to talk about the “shall not be infringed” part of the Second Amendment. Regardless of how many Americans support background checks at gun shows, the majority view their gun rights as inviolable. Not all Americans understand the slippery slope argument, but the majority consider their gun rights sacrosanct. In the same way that most Americans supported “separate but equal” facilities for minorities back in the day while opposing racial discrimination.

This has nothing to do with the “gun lobby.” Which is what? The NRA’s five million members? The firearms industry? Does the President believe that pro-gun rights lobby groups and manufacturers producing firearms have hoodwinked 52 percent of Americans into opposing stricter gun control? He does. He believes that the majority of Americans — including some 150 million gun owners — have been brainwashed into opposing his plans to disarm Americans.

The President can’t blame the general public for frustrating his attempts to create a system that leads to federal gun registration. He has to blame “the gun lobby.” They are the “other” that has led Americans astray. This demonization gives him the moral and [he supposes] legal authority to steamroll over those who defy his…more educated view of how to reduce “gun violence.”

Or does it? We’re going to find out. Not only in the aftermath of his new executive orders on gun control, but also in the voting booth. Come the general election, there will be a price to pay for his arrogance. Or so we hope. One thing is for sure, though: Americans will not surrender their guns. Not for the President of the United States and not for those government functionaries in so-called slave states who work tireless to degrade and destroy Americans’ gun rights.

Truth be told, every one of us who owns guns, whomsoever cherishes their right to keep and bear arms, belongs to “the gun lobby.” More specifically, I am the gun lobby. And so are you. And we will not be deprived of our rights. No matter how this battle goes, not matter what “our” president has to say on the matter, we will not give up the fight for our rights. Not now, not later, not ever. Because we know what happens to a disarmed populace. And we are not those people.

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        • keep in mind that i only speak texican, so my attempt to translate english might be erroneous, but i think he meant to say, “everytime an anti-gunner buys a gun, that person just created the type person he/she was against.” not sure if it is a grab for irony, or identifying the disconnect in logic of an anti-gunner buying a firearm, for any purpose.

  1. Not just those that own guns. I know many that support the Second yet don’t own guns, as that may change one day.

    • I didn’t until late in 2015… Planned to for a long time, but money issues, other priorities, resistance from the mother unit to having firearms in the house, etc…. but with the world coming apart at the seams and the coming to light of the, well let’s call it like we see it, evil coming from the White House, it was time. Joined the NRA and a couple other pro 2A organizations also.

  2. The “gun lobby”?

    I’d say the freedom lobby. Because, to me, in the end, free people in America versus the peasant, peon and virtual slave class are still defined, in all of recorded history, by those law abiding citizens that bear arms for defense of self and others, and those that do not.

    • Many people are for individual liberty on some issues, and authoritarian on other issues. It’s pretty clear to me at least that the same people who are pushing to disarm civilians are also pushing hard against the other pillars of individual liberty, including freedom of association, freedom of speech, and private property.

    • I wouldn’t say we are the “gun lobby” (“people of the gun” has been proposed here). When it comes to “arms” we are about the right of the people, the responsibility of the people, the power of the people – and power can only be surrendered or taken away by force.

      I prefer the term, “People of Arms”.


  3. The ‘president’ is a POS. I knew of the fing prick shortly before leaving for Iraq, late Feb. 2007. In a news interview in early March 2007 (D)head Ohole said that the [just announced, yet to be implemented] “Surge” in Iraq, “Could not work” “will not work” “IS NOT WORKING”. Since then, he and his other (D)bag henchmen and the (D)ouchebag voters that empower all of those a-holes, have aided, comforted, and abetted the enemy every which way they possibly can. They proof of which is that Obama, his administration, and his minions, have done for our enemy in (for them) hugely positive ways THAT THEY COULD NOT POSSIBLY HAVE OTHERWISE DONE FOR THEMSELVES.

    I blame all of you FING (D)heads out there. His sh_t is all on you, and if you for one second are contemplating giving us another (D)head president before you all fix your broken sh_t then


    • Guns ain’t the only issue with the pres. or (D)head (D)ems. You’re the problem, talking about all the other stuff is just recreational, and discussion of the “gun lobby” is so tangential to the problem(s) that it is fu<king sickening, and it is just further proof that more than half of ya need to wake the F up.

      Obama and the (D)ems are why our founding fathers gave us the Second Amendment. It wasn't because we were [then] under (and trying to extricate ourselves from the rule of) a king. It is because self-important a-holes will continue to pop up throughout history, and they may need to be eradicated, but definitely before they eradicate your means to do so.

        • Not if you’re paying attention.

          I’d like the discussion to only be about guns, but we have discussions about why Liberal/Progressive (D)’s are trying to take them away. “Guns” ain’t the only problem with them [the Liberal/Progressive (D)’s ] and it’s stupid to piecemeal the response, when we CAN throw the baby out with the bathwater with those a-holes.

  4. Does the President believe that pro-gun rights lobby groups and manufacturers producing firearms have … [brainwashed] … 52 percent of Americans into opposing stricter gun control? He does.

    Of course he does. And that is why Dear Leader and his ilk believe they can “reverse brainwash” the masses to support gun control.

    Simply watch the 1995 video interview of former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder where he described brainwashing the people of the United States to oppose firearm ownership — suggesting that we use the same tactics as anti-smoking campaigns.

    In case you are interested, you can see Eric Holder’s interview here:

    • Progressive statists like the President and people like him, seem to truly believe that people can’t make decisions for themselves, so if 5 million people band together to oppose something, they obviously must have been tricked into it. Why? Because that’s the only way they can get 5 million of their people to do the same thing.

      It doesn’t even enter their minds that it might be due to genuine concern. Their side just don’t operate that way.

    • Yep. The progressives/statist party. They can’t imagine mature, responsible adults making decisions based on enlightened self interest that has not been pre-determined by the “elite” such as themselves or another group as elitist. Which is why they demonize the NRA. They can’t imagine that the NRA is more driven by the members than the “ruling class”.

      The thing is, the progressives have been incredibly successful in “brain washing” the masses in almost every other area of their agenda. Being “politically correct” in all of it’s Pavlovian conditioning has been almost a complete success, except for the RKBA.

      The “matrix” is real. At least in the sense of the societal consensus among so much of the population. And the prison of the mind that has been created is almost impervious to any challenge, except when it comes to the question of access to firearms..

      • I could not agree more, but the thing that keeps me fighting is my (hopefully not misguided or nieve) belief that there will one day soon be an incredible backlash to political correctness. Fingers crossed!

  5. Friends, and others, we lost the 2A “shall not be infringed” when the first federal court determined the “government has a compelling interest in…”. Where is the authority, in the Constitution, for such a ruling? Congress should have immediately passed legislation forbidding courts to cite “compelling interest” as a justification for altering constitutionally enumerated rights. Fact is, Congress is quite happy letting their legislation and the Constitution devolve into whatever the bright shiny thing of the day is (poor grammar intended). The first case of judicial review of acts of government did not interpret the Constitution, the decision applied the Constitution (Marbury vs. Madison). Interpretation in light of the fashion of the day quickly followed (not to mention the Supreme Court arrogated the power to settle disputes among the legislative and executive branches…a remarkable first event of Congress abdicating, since Congress sets the jurisdiction for the courts). Interpreting the 2A to allow government interference with the very tool designed to control and contain government is an oxymoron of the first order !

    But then, maybe we ARE dealing with morons.

  6. I’n not angry at the President. For a guy that was flat broke 9 years ago and installed in the most powerful office of the world, I’m furious at the systematic dismantling of our checks and balance system of our Republic. Insane growth of the executive, collusion of the judicial, and circumventing Congress. How elected representatives sit and and do nothing or make back room deals is beyond citizens ability to endure.

    • I think you underestimate our ability to endure such things, since we’ve been putting up with it for many decades…

  7. “He considered — considers — religious, gun-owning Americans to be inferior;”

    You say this as if he considers non-religious gun-owners to NOT be inferior. A religious distinction to his loathing is unnecessary, I assure you.

    • He considers EVERYONE to be inferior, conveniently forgetting his slacker past, consistent underperformance and inability to meet the low standards he sets for himself.

  8. I hear you RF. i fell for it too. during his first term, i believe, the only laws he passed concerning guns was allowing loaded firearms in state parks. then came the second term and all the shootings. I wonder if he would have gone down the same path he is now, if none of the shooting happened?

    • No reason to wonder. Once he said “transform america” anyone not brain dead should have known that all tyrants of the last 100yrs have openly and publicly declared their intent to war on the populace, to control lives to the smallest details. All in the name of transforming whatever situation that kept them from becoming tyrants. Given all the intentional damage he and his puppeteers have accomplished without shootings, there should be no question he would move on gun control because it is an article of faith with tyrants that a submissive/subjugated populace is necessary to ensure government cannot be challenged in the extreme, and neutered politically.

  9. Amen to that brother. From the “slave state” of NJ, I am NOT giving up my guns or the fight to keep my rights. My NRA Stand And Fight Flag is hanging in my front yard and I am the NRA.

    Molon Labe.

  10. Sorry. RF, but the pres does NOT believe a thing he says. He doesn’t even KNOW what he says. Just in case you haven’t noticed, he can only read what it says on his teleprompter. Without it, he can barely tell which way is up. He doesn’t BELIEVE in ANYTHING, other than doing exactly what he is told to do so his personal gravy train will not end, at least not just yet.
    I said all this back in the day, and I will now say the same thing about Bernie Sanders and “The Donald” as he so loves to be called. I tell you now, anyone who thinks that one of these two might change things, they WILL NOT! They will do as they are told or die, the same as JFK and Lincoln before them. The same as Obomba, Bush2, Clinton, Bush1, and Reagan, etc. etc…
    Just watch how fast Trump forgets whatever he says after he wins. Hell, most of the time he can’t remember what he said yesterday, ALREADY, and he hasn’t even ran yet, let alone won!

    • They will do as they are told or die, the same as JFK and Lincoln before them.

      Who do you suggest is actually pulling the strings?

      Note: I have wondered about such an “arrangement” myself.

        • Seems to me that Trump has more than enough money to ensure effective application of the “mutually assured destruction” doctrine if some cabal threatened Trump’s life for failing to do their bidding.

          Look at it this way. I don’t care who you are nor how much money and security you have, you cannot survive the best assassins that money can buy when those assassins have a $10 million budget and 36 months to plan/act for each target. At that price Trump could easily afford 20 targets (would cost $200 million) without breaking a sweat.

          Whether or not you like Trump’s balance sheet, it means he can act independently of any cabal.

      • People a lot smarter than him: Bill Ayers, Marilyn Katz. David Axelrod. Valerie Jarrett. Mark Lloyd. Cass Sunstein. Ron Bloom. Anita Dunn. Van Jones. Kevin Jennings. Harry Knox. Carol Browner. John Holdren. Kathleen Sebelius. Harold Koh. Dawn Johnson. George Soros. Michael Bloomberg.

        To name a few.

  11. Your next question of the day: When was the last time a state passed a gun law and then said there will be no more gun laws?

  12. How is a private sale at a Gun Show any different than a private sale by two inviduals chance encounter at a gun store? Example, Was in picking up a handgun purchased via gunbroker.com A guy came in the pu a check for a gun sold on consignment, has a nice Colt Detective revolver he wanted to sell to owner. Gun Store owner was not interested but I was and paid $200.00 cash
    Last time I checked, it is legal for individuals to buy or sell legal goods without government permission. The whole NIC thing is an infringement and does nothing to keep guns out of the hands of felons, certifiable mentally ill from getting a gun to do illegal things with the gun.
    Go ahead Sparky, close the bogus Gun Show Loophole, will not change a thing. But try a Washington State thing that makes letting a friend use your guy or leaving guns to other family members from your estate illegal, going to be a big problem for you and future dem candidates for office

    • I call it the Garage Sale Loophole. It’s the same loophole (or as some of us call it, freedom) to haul all the surplus junk out of your garage and sell it to anybody who wants it without asking the government’s permission.

      • But how much dangerous weaponry do you sell at your garage sale? Old rocking chairs are rarely used in commission of a crime, don’t cha know.

    • Its only the first step on the continued tightening of the noose around all gun owners next. After the so called gun show loop hole is passed the restrictions of dealers will tighten up so that there will be no gun shows at all. this will later be followed by an additional law that requires all guns to be papered before being sold to anyone including your own family just as it is in most foreign countries. We all know how safe everyone was with the restrictive gun laws in France when the terrorists had a field day. The victims were simply written off as sacrificial lambs on the altar of gun band laws. They were nothing more than collateral damage. Only the ruling elite have the right to armed protection in the rest of the world and the U.S. Government would love to follow suit immediately and that believe it or not includes a lot of Republicans.

    • The difference you seek is in your description. One-on-one, private transactions of one or two items between residents of the same state, located in that state at the time of transaction is not the scenario the government “sees”. What the government “sees” is/are people setting up a table at one gun show after another, wherein those vendors have a never ending supply of guns to sell, generally 10 or so on the table at once. Where these non-dealer vendors get the guns they sell (and still make a profit) is a curiosity, but not germane to the topic. In short, the government is not targeting you and me meeting at the VFW Post to exchange/trade guns, or one or the other of us buy one from the other. The vision of the gun grabbers is there are hundreds of non-dealer vendors, at every gun show, who are knowingly or otherwise selling guns to criminals and crazy people….all without background checks. It is these “illegal” sales that must be stopped. It is well and widely known that if criminals know they must buy weapons from a federally licensed gun dealer, the criminals will give up their quest for firearms and go somewhere else and not commit the crime.

  13. “people who lack enough education to understand and agree with his interpretation of the Constitution”

    In other words: “you have to go to [college/law/grad] school to be this stupid”

  14. It is the progressive left’s distinct “in-group”/”out-group” mentality that is the mark of a dangerous cult… a dangerous movement.

    • Is it merely an uncoordinated coincidence that the hardening between left and right in this country began about the same time as the tribalization of the populace?

  15. As Robert states in his closing-I am the gun lobby. I own and work with firearms. The NRA, SAF, GOA and other weapons rights groups speak for folks like me. Join or renew. Moleon labe.

  16. Great picture!

    Is there one of Shannon with Bloomberg in her mouth, too?

    Figurative or literal.

  17. Well, he is our president whether we like it or not. I hate it.

    But he is a divider not a uniter. And he goes out of his way to alienate certain Americans. Here’s a non-gun example:

    SCOTUS ruled in favor of gay marriage. Now, I’m fine with that. It’s not a big issue for me, but I have zero problem with gays getting married. Obama reacted by publicly calling the gay plaintiffs and congratulating them. Regardless of how I might feel, a lot of Americans really feel strongly about marriage. It’s not that every anti-gay marriage person is homophobic. Why does Obama go out of his way to thumb his nose at those people? Simple, he’s arrogant and not presidential.

  18. Yeah, “gun lobby” is just a tactic. Americans are the gun lobby.

    But abstract this up a little bit. Doesn’t the media use this same bullshit every time certain groups they don’t like lobby the government? Now, I would argue there’s too much money in politics and we should figure out a way to make this better. But we hear all the time about the dangers of lobbying. What’s lobbying? Doesn’t every citizen – even those that make up the stockholders of a company – have the right to petition the government? First Amendment.

  19. Robert,

    You have succinctly captured my strongest complaint about Mr. Obama — his failure to represent all Americans (or at least a majority). I did not vote for the man, but once he “was in”, I had hopes (see what I did there) that he would bridge the gap between the races in America. Sadly, he has managed to do the opposite. Never in my life, have I seen America so divided along racial lines. I also had a crazy idea that he would move to the middle and work with Republicans and Democrats in improving the daily lives of hard working people throughout the land. Instead, we have a lingering sour economy. People have lost hope, people are angry.

    Yes, I am the gun lobby. But also, I am an American without a President.

    • Obama declared as a candidate he did not intend to represent all Americans, but to transform America into his (or his shadow government) vision of the way things should be.

  20. We are the gun RIGHTS lobby, not the gun lobby (which would be the gun industry itself). The anti’s confuse the gun rights lobby with being the gun lobby. It would be like confusing the free speech lobby with the publishing lobby.

  21. We’ve been fighting “emotion” with “facts” for too long. It’s time to take the gloves off and appeal to people’s fears and emotions, just as the disarmers do.


    Don’t you want a gun? Have you seen recent gun sales? Everybody’s getting one. Women, minorities, liberals, families, etc. You’d better get one before it’s too late. Do you want to be the last one standing, all alone, in an empty gun shop?

  22. Whether we like it or not Bury Soetoro is THE president. What I don’t get is all you folks who voted for this in 2008-I haven’t voted D since 1972. And that was about Vietnam. A tiny bit of checking revealed Bury’s bent(Sean Hannity,Limbaugh were on it from the get-go). I see a huge boost for the R brand this year-whether they deserve it or not. Stay turned.

  23. Obama and the left wing Democrats view gun control, gay marriage, and a host of other issues as continuation of putting down the Whiskey Rebellion, Abolition, Civil War, the Range Wars, etc. in their desire/plan for a Hamiltonian as opposed to Jeffersonian view of the country, in their minds the good fight that was not settled even with the North winning the Civil War. (This is said in the historical context, and not as advocacy for slavery, racisim, or anything else.) Interesting that all of this came from the same old big cities in the northeast as established by the European monarchies during mercantilism (now also California coast, Chicago, etc.) imposed on the rest of the geography, right from the beginning. Until let’s say the 1970’s these cities had economic relevance similar to the colonial and frontier days — ports, manufacturing and transportation centers, financial centers requiring physical proximity of buyers and sellers. Nowadays, do they have any relevance in the economy other than as sponges with huge welfare and bloated infrastructure budgets? Unfortunately, we become where we live. If I had stayed in a big city, I would probably accept, if not agree with, the bunk that they put out. Once I left and experienced the rest of the country, my attitude about a lot of things changed. Unfortunately, the more concentrated the population in these urban centers, perhaps with the exception of a few large Southern cities, the worse this elitism will become.

  24. I’ll never understand the people who thought Obama wouldn’t go after the 2nd amendment. A five second Google search would have told them otherwise. Same goes for the Bernie Sanders supporters who thought that because he was from Vermont he was good to go on gun rights. Socialists and democrats (but I repeat myself) running for national office will ALWAYS want to take your guns.

  25. King Hussein hates gun owners because most of them are white, and he hates whites. He’s also America’s supreme statist, so he needs to suppress individual rights in order to clear the way for his racial and statist agenda. He’s a narcissist, so he’s always right even when he’s patently and obviously wrong. And I think he spent a bit too much time in the WH locker room with Reggie Love, although I could be wrong about that.

  26. You can rant and rave about Obama and his use of executive powers but the truth is that the Republicans (when the shoe was on the other foot) used executive power far more than the Democrats which simply means that both parties are so corrupt than neither has the intestinal fortitude to rewrite the rules on how far the President can go with executive power and when he even goes too far under the current rules again both parties will do nothing fearing their time in office using executive powers will be curtailed. After Obama bans what he intends on banning and even if the Republicans elect a President they will all conveniently forget about what Obama did not wanting to jeopardize their use of executive powers now that their turn has come.

    And we can expect the courts to rubber stamp just about everything any president might do under the executive power privilege. In the meantime the American people live under the absurd fantasy that they still live in a democracy. If you tell the unwashed anything often enough they will believe it. The rich and powerful did not get that way because they do not know how to brainwash the proletariat. Trump is living proof of that and even if he is elected he again will do absolutely nothing to undo what Obama has done and shortly will do to all gun owners. Do you feel the noose tightening around your neck. This is only the early less severe part of the charade.

  27. I am continually amazed (and amused) by people who are surprised at Obama’s policies on a number of issues. He is a Democratic politician from Chicago. What else did you expect?

  28. We are wrong to assume Obama does not know what he is doing. Everything he does follows tactics used by aspiring tyrants since the dawn of time. There are tons of books that we know Obama has read that describe in detail techniques for undermining a system of government and subjugating people. The Obama Regime uses these techniques every single day. So, do not underestimate him. He knows exactly what he is doing. The only thing he probably hasn’t calculated, though, is how far we are willing to go to keep our freedoms.

  29. “…This has nothing to do with the “gun lobby.” Which is what? ”

    If you step back just a bit you can see more of the pattern. The whole thing, all of it, is one big giant ‘othering.’

    CEO’s of big corporations… evil people stealing money from the working class people and we have to find a way to cut their salaries!

    Rich people…. One Percenters that we must tax them until they only have as much money as the rest of us!

    Gun Owners…. People who might possibly stop our plan of redistributing the wealth to our own ends and we have to take away that ability!

    Not a single one of them can do something good in this world so all they have left is to tear everyone else down to their level or lower. They can’t make the world a better place but they are going to do everything in their power to make sure you can’t do any better than them!

    I am just old enough to remember when we in this country celebrated success, when we celebrated those who worked their way up into the category of Rich, when the American Dream was to get the house the car and the kids and then make lots of money!

  30. “This has nothing to do with the “gun lobby.” Which is what? The NRA’s five million members? The firearms industry? Does the President believe that pro-gun rights lobby groups and manufacturers producing firearms have hoodwinked 52 percent of Americans into opposing stricter gun control? He does. He believes that the majority of Americans — including some 150 million gun owners — have been brainwashed into opposing his plans to disarm Americans.”

    Best words, I’ve heard.

    The president and his ilk actually thing they can do brainwashing and social engineering to mold society into his image of gun control.

    • Why wouldn’t they think they can brainwash and social-engineer people into going along with their terrible “progressive” ideas? It worked for half a century here and in Europe. If the internet hadn’t come along and given people an end-run around the old-school media stranglehold, it would still be working.

  31. “Does the President believe that pro-gun rights lobby groups and manufacturers producing firearms have hoodwinked 52 percent of Americans into opposing stricter gun control? He does.”

    That’s a pretty charitable view. I don’t think he believes any of that. Frankly, he doesn’t care why people oppose gun control, or even whether they do or don’t. He’s a Democrat president, and as such, it’s his job to push citizen disarmament as far as he can. Then the next Republican can push to strip other rights from us, but leave the guns alone, because those will be his marching orders.

    Notice how there’s almost never any rollback of previous overreaching moves by the opposing party? They’ll scream and howl about such things, but when they get into power a few years later, they just continue with the policies they so recently decried. It’s a ratchet mechanism, always clicking toward less freedom and more government. It’s so well-orchestrated that I can’t believe for a second that it’s an accident.

    Watch what happens with whatever executive actions he comes up with this week. Every Republican candidate will promise to revoke those orders when they’re elected. And if one of them manages to make it to the Oval Office, see how long it takes for them to get around to it. My advice? Don’t hold your breath.

      • Have you got a better explanation for why, no matter who sits in the Oval Office, the government’s size and reach continues to increase, while its respect for our rights (and its own laws) steadily decreases? I’d love to get this tinfoil off (actually, it’s aluminum), but I can’t come up with an alternate way to explain what I’ve been seeing for my entire life.

        For every case where personal liberty actually increases (such as allowing the AWB to expire), there are dozens of cases of laws becoming more restrictive and rights being whittled away. And most of the positive gains for the citizens come not from the legislative or executive branches, but because the government loses in court. Two and half branches of our government no longer respect our constitution, but I’m being paranoid?

  32. I had a conversation today with a 75 year old woman I’m doing some work for. She saw the NRA sticker on my van , and told me she joined 2 months ago. The interesting part of our chat was when she told me she didn’t own a gun, but intended to go out this week and buy one. Of course I started in about training and range time, recommending some good NRA instructors, but she wasn’t interested. She basically told me the gun will never leave its original box. She’s buying it for the same reason she joined the NRA. To send a message to a president that she considers a communist.

  33. I can’t get past: “I fully admit that I thought President Obama would leave our gun rights alone.” How could so many reasonable people be so hoodwinked by this most leftist of all leftist Democrats to think he would be reasonable? How could people, after hearing that for 18 years he had a spiritual advisor that was virulently anti-American, believe that Obama was anything but the same? He did not hide his views, he simply stated them in a friendly manner, and people just lined up to vote for him. I am not saying that the GOP alternatives were stellar, but by any measure they were far better.

    • Yup. It wasn’t a secret. It wasn’t like nobody knew. So many people I know voted for him because they believed everything their union leaders told them. Some of them still have no idea what he has done to this country.

      • As always, we must conclude the majority of the voting populace likes progressive/oppressive government, and the trend is in motion to grow with not effective counterweight. Noise and gnashing do nothing to influence the political tide.

  34. Republican, Democrat, this is the same argument used to oppose whichever side you’re not on. Where were all the 2A backers when the Patriot Act was pushed through, virtually gutting the 4th Amendment? Were you screaming about protecting the Constitution then? If so, good for you, but I suspect many had no problem with that. You’re either for the Constitution or not, and if not then stop hiding behind it.

    First they came for the pot smokers, and I did not speak out, because I was not a pot smoker.
    Then they came for the gays, and I did not speak out, because I was not gay.
    Then they came for the Muslims, and I did not speak out, because I was not a Muslim.
    Then they came for my guns, and there was no one left to speak for me.

    • Fortunately, since I had a gun, I did not GAS whether anybody else spoke for me, I could speak for myself with either barrel.

    • “..Where were all the 2A backers when the Patriot Act was pushed through,”

      I was sending letters to my elected officials telling them not to pass it. I was getting all of my friends and colleagues to do the same. Why? What were you doing?

    • I called, marched, and opposed everything. Further, I’ve made more moves to support the electronic frontier foundation, which is at the forefront of pushing for privacy and communications freedom.

      How bout you?

  35. Bush II was never my president. After a badly ruled court decision, to his stomping of the bill of rights, he never, never was my president. Nor was he president for much of the west coast. By the standards Robert set down. I like my 2nd amendment as much as my 4th amendment, 8th amendment, and the rest.

  36. My ideal of a “Gun Lobby” would look something like Burt Gummer’s basement from Tremors, but the regalia would be sufficiently more palatial.

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