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Mioduszewski from Erie, Pennsylvania sends his “Rainy Monday” carry ensemble via Everyday Carry.

Aside from the H&K USP Compact in 9mm, the Rolex Submariner (Red) watch looks pretty nice.  Easily the nicest watch to wander through all the Everyday Carry posts I’ve seen.  Me, I’d be worried about it getting stolen from the locker at the gym.  Or serving as a magnet for violent criminal predators willing to do bad things to steal a very pricey watch.

And then there’s the Grimsmo Norseman folding knife.  Think of the Grimsmo blade as a Rolex of knives.  That’s one thing that the average street hood will never recognize.


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  1. Different strokes for different folks. That blade looks tanto-ish. I had a fixed blade tanto for a while. It just wasn’t what I needed for a general purpose blade.

    That H&K is sweet, but too rich for my blood.

      • My porch rail can if it’s a pry off bottle top. Now for cans there’s my house key or my $15.00 Tactical Gear knife.

      • My house always has means to open beer, wine, or multiple liquors, so, yes! Yes it can!

  2. Just looks like a knife and a watch to me. I would have a Seiko or some such.

    Pocket jewelry to me is a 1970s Case knife or Schatt and Morgan stockman. That’s where I “waste” my money.

    I like USP compacts ….. shoot well…feels a little blocky to me for carry.

    To each his own.

  3. I’d suggest a more expensive gun. With the kindve wealth flaunted here you should go with a meteorite Cabot 1911.

  4. A Rolex will attract unwanted attention, but I never had a problem in the United States. The Bahamas was another story. Every time I went there someone tried to set me up for robbery. i.e. They would try to lure me to a secluded area. All the while never taking their eyes off my timepiece. Never paid any attention to my Omega. Anyway, like the pistol. Where’s the spare mag, holster, flashlight? I can live with the price on the knife; but that blade design? What’s up with that? BTW, those models are commonly known as “Red Letter” Submariners and Sea Dwellers.

    • As someone who EDCs a bimetal (thats 18k gold and stainless for non Rolex people) submariner I can say pretty conclusively that, like your concealed pistol is only spotted by carriers, the only people who notice it are luxury watch aficionados. The kind of people who will mug you only know what it is when close enough to read “Rolex”. That being said, if you’re paying that much attention to my left wrist, you’re in real trouble from what’s going to be in my right hand. Also, mine is insured for replacement value against theft, loss and damage. Yes, they are expensive, yes, they have huge resale value, but what’s the point of living if you’re afraid to have nice things because it might attract thieves? If I ever feel like I’m in danger because I have a nice watch I’ll know I’m someplace I shouldn’t be. Avoid stupid people, places and things. Enjoy the occasional luxury item, be armed and trained, use insurance wisely, and try to have a good life. Arguing against such watches is like saying you should only drive cheap cars or only wear inexpensive clothes or avoid living in a nice house. If that’s how I have to live to avoid attack, that’s terrible. What’s the point? If I can’t ever have a nice thing because it might make me target I’m just surviving, not living.

      I’ll tell you something else about a Rolex: Its a mechanical, self driven watch designed to last roughly forever. If you simply don’t take it off, it will keep running until you die and stop moving. It’s a survival tool in some respects, it’s also convertible into serious ready cash in most large towns and above on any working day. It’s a beautiful piece of functional jewelry for men. It’s a great time piece. It suggests both taste and class. It’s a good investment if you buy preowned. It’s an investment you can wear and enjoy. It can damned near be your admission to certain informal groups; want to get invited to join someone from the bar on their yacht? A nice sub is a good indicator to them you won’t steal the silver or embarrass them in front of others.
      The bottom line is some guys like expensive guns, some like sports cars, some like luxury watches, and some can afford all three at once, but that doesn’t make it a bad idea.

      • When it comes to expensive stuff it’s simpler to just say “I like it, fuck you, how I spend my money isn’t your business”.

        Personal preference and how we look at the world play a role in nearly everything we choose and no two people have identical preferences on everything or see the world exactly the same way.

        The guy who buys a Rolex gets shit talked about him by another guy with the same amount of money who decided to put his money into a set of high-end golf clubs or a trip to Vegas to gamble or something. Neither will ever understand why the other did what they did. Talking shit to each other is just silly.

        • Seems he didn’t seem the need to be that coarse and insulting.

          He simply stated reason and his perceived benefits of a Rolex.

          Contrary to popular opinion, promoting your interests dont have to include trying to destroy someone elses.

        • He still brought facts and logic to an emo argument.

          Practically by definition, someone who’s going to get on you for your choice of timepiece isn’t coming at this from a logical point of view and almost certainly isn’t going to be reasonable about it so there’s no particular reason to engage them with facts and logic.

      • “I’ll tell you something else about a Rolex: Its a mechanical, self driven watch designed to last roughly forever.”

        I’ll tell you something *else* about the watch in that photo, there is no way to definitively tell if that watch is genuine or a few hundred-dollar knock-off, just by a picture.

        The good quality fakes are so good they will fool jewelers. I know pawn shops that will not take them if they don’t know the customer personally…

      • Thanks, Ardent, well stated. I heard all the arguments against, but the one that tripped my trigger was that wearing such a watch was a statement that you had done everything you needed to do in life and still had the cash left over to buy this watch. That was an argument AGAINST buying a Rolex. Within a couple months my wife had bought me an 18K GMT Master, and I had bought her an 18K Ladydate. We have worn them nearly constantly since, over 30 years now, including Bangkok, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Korea, and all over America, never a hint of trouble. BTW, new is just as good an investment as preowned, we’ve been told by dealers that we could sell them for nearly 4X what we paid.

      • Ardent, I’ve never heard the term “bi-metal” before. My friends and I always called them “two tone.” I think I like “bi-metal” better. Be careful though. The stainless wearing against the softer gold causes the bracelet to loosen over time. More so with the jubilee than the oyster and most of the Rolex sport watches have an oyster bracelet. As an aside. You want to see a lot of high end watches? Go to a SHOT Show. Seems that people who appreciate fine firearms enjoy fine time pieces also. After all, Bill Wilson started out as a watchmaker.

        • I asked Bill why he switched from being a watchmaker to a gun maker.
          He said he figured that he would never be rich making guns, but he would surely go broke making watches.

        • Jw, my dad is/was a watchmaker. He had polio as a child. Grandpa knew he needed a trade that didn’t require him to stand all day. He and Mom are both 90 now. He didn’t get rich, but they’re debt free. My sister and I attended institutions of higher learning (where I really pissed off a lot of professors.) Bill told me he started tinkering with pistols because he wanted a better pistol to compete with. Well, whatever. I think the world is a better place because of my dad and Bill Wilson.

        • Yup, he told me he started working on his pistols for competition, other competitors noticed so he started doing work for them, and that’s when he realized he could make a living making guns.

    • If you are visiting a third world S-hole the Rolex is better than gold if you have to bribe your way out of the country.

      • Indeed, it also marks you as someone not to kill or torture too badly, since someone will likely ransom you. I’d rather lose my watch and be ransomed than killed.

  5. It looks like the guy on the grinding wheel for that knife was very drunk;-)

    • Drunk? Nah, he was ‘buzzed’ grinding… 😉

  6. What’s worse then wearing a Rolex ( I do most days ) is the counterfeits, the days of cheap,ones you can buy on NYC streets ,and look well fake are long gone .Today the counterfeits are so well ,made a Jeweler has to open up the back ,and even then it’s hard to tell .

    Counterfeits outnumber real ones ten to one , so guys face the same risk over fake ones . I’ve never felt uncomfortable wearing mine though , but when we go to Mexico ,Bahamas, Dr , I wear a Gshock .

    • That is 1000 percent correct. You simply cannot tell from the outside. The sweep hand moves ‘properly’, *everything*. The fakes are that good…

    • Yeah, I’ll admit, when I went to Cuba recently, I wore a titanium electric I bought for just such destinations, no day-date, just shut it off between uses, it had probably been 5 years since I’d worn it. The bride wore a Seiko I bought her when I was in Viet Nam in ’71, the 18K Rolexes rested in the gun safe.

      Those fakes, BTW, are not cheap, either. There are fakes which actually are 18K, not plated or washed, but you have to ask yourself why you would pay $10-15,000 for a fake anything.

  7. I bet this guy doesn’t use turn signals, I mean, the average PA driver is pretty inconsiderate to start.

    • ?? I’ve lived in and around the Pittsburgh area and currently am in Erie and most drivers have been very considerate (but then again I’m originally from south florida so most other drivers in the US are very considerate by comparison).

      And OP doesnt have much to worry about with that Rolex in Erie as long as he stays out of the sketchier parts of town.

  8. That blade style doesn’t look very useful for fighting.

    If you hadn’t told me the knife and the watch were very expensive, I wouldn’t have guessed. I just don’t really get the whole showy watch thing. I guess I’m not the target demographic. As for knives, sometimes I’d like to plunk down a couple hundred for a nice knife ($925, though, make me laugh), but the way I use, abuse and lose knives around the ranch, it would just tick me off to realize I’d lost it, or I’d be hesitant to use it roughly.

    Catch-22: Any knife I’d EDC has to be one I won’t sweat losing, and if I won’t EDC the knife, what’s the point of spending all that money on it?

      • If I had a $1000 knife, I wouldn’t use it for anything. Seems kind of pointless. Watch too… my phone does a great job telling the time and also lets me get angry at strangers on the Internet any time I want- oh.

      • Well, one explicit reason I carry a knife is that if someone is grabbing for my gun, I have something else to use to try to get him to back off. Criminals don’t play fair. They ambush you. They sucker punch you. They get you in a grappling situation before you even realize you are in a fight.

        Having a plan to keep your gun seems to me like an important component of carrying a gun.

        If you knife isn’t decent for stabbing, in a pinch, it’s probably not a good knife to carry in conjunction with a gun.

  9. Interesting knife. I wouldn’t rock it but it’s still pretty cool.

    Only problems with the gun are that it’s not full sized and not in .45. Do things the way I do them or you’re wrong and wrong is bad. Only bad people do bad things. Don’t be a bad person, do exactly what I do because my personal preferences determine if you’re a good person or not.

    • I too thought the gun would be better in .45. Us “Real” Americans know that bigger is indeed better;-) I just got a fugly knife myself though in the form of a Silky NATA. I am removing maybe 750 Douglas Fir trees over the next two years and thought if might be good for de-limbing even if not impressing at the BBQ.

      • No. I carry my own stainless steel straw. Complete with a gold inlaid dragon/coy fish/cat/salamander thing. It was crafted by an old Japanese dude who meditated on making it for me for 400 years before deciding my soul was pure enough to possess such an object.

        That’s how I know I’m fit to judge this EDC as sub par in terms of gun size and caliber selection and conclusively state that the poster is a bad person.


        • Right? I bet this guy doesn’t even know about dragon penis. All real straws are dragon penis.
          Inlay on stainless? So cute. He probably uses to drink his liquor from a bottle!
          Oh how the poors love their blingy.

        • How do you get the armor scales off the dragon penis? I’ve ruined a lot of blades trying to skin a dragon.

        • Funnily enough they do make stainless straws that you can buy at a wide range of prices.

          Advertised around here as Ecofriendly, they always struck me as something a lot of people would lose.

          And JWT: It’s malt liquor. The breakfast of champions and Official Sponser of awesomeness. Available at fine adult beverage dispensaries and other participating retailers. Try it today!

          Ok, I’m gonna go try not to throw up now.

        • Strych9, what’s truly sad/funny is that I own a couple dozen stainless steel straws. It’s all we use at the house.

  10. Wonder how much range time that h&k has, no ware at all much as I can tell. Nice fresh looking piece, as far as watches go “I don’t know $#!+”. So I’ll take everyones word for it.

  11. . The Rolex is a fake, looks just like the one the Hungarian Gypsy sold me. If you look closely the hands turn backwards.

  12. Watch? Don’t care. HK, meh, I carry one. That knife? To each their own. Really diggin’ that paisley cloth though.

  13. Maybe I’m just too much of a pragmatist, but I carry an ontario RAT-1 ($30) as my primary utility knife and I have to ask the question about marginal utility. Yes, his knife is over 900 dollars, but does it really have 30 times as much utility as my 30 dollar knife? Yes, you generally get what you pay for, but at some point you hit a wall and get diminishing returns; especially for utilitarian items.

    • I’ve lost at least a half-dozen nice EDC knifes over the last 25 years, so most of the time, I’ll rock a cheap-shit blade EDC…

      • Whereas I carried the same one for 30 years, then gave it to my son, who’s carried it for the last 2. It was a valuable knife when I got it.

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