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When you have students who don’t want to be politicized and shooters who don’t fit the preconceived profile of what every mass shooter should be, the talking heads and satellite trucks seem to lose interest and move on awfully quickly. Strange, isn’t it?

None of this falls in line with what the shooter is supposed to be according to what the media likes to tell us. For mainstream press, the shooter is supposed to be white, male, straight, extremely right-leaning, and bonus points if he’s supposedly Christian. However, both of these shooters fall into their most protected groups.

Judging by how the media coverage and subsequent fallout from school shootings have gone in the past, the media seems absolutely silent in comparison now, but it’s easy to see why. All of its usual strawmen have been stripped away and its left with nothing but the cold reality that there was something mentally wrong with the two shooters.

All the shooters throughout history, when put together, are a diverse lot. They range from white to Middle-Eastern, to black. They’re left, right, white-supremacists and anti-Christian, gay and straight, women and men. While some killers tend to share more similarities with other killers, the point is clear: It’s not just what your background is.

There was clearly something wrong in the heads of the people who engage in these murders. However, the media doesn’t seem to be interested in investigating the demonstrable fact. They’ve now, for the most part, walked away from the Denver Stem school story. The students don’t seem to be as into making a political spectacle as some of the Parkland students were, and the shooters don’t fit the narrative.

– Brandon Morse in The Media’s Sudden Disinterest In The Denver STEM School Shooting Proves Greater Interests In Agendas Than You

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  1. They really haven’t been talking openly about one of the shooters being a female to male trans that was motivated by revenge for bullying. Mental health is an issue.

    • I remember seeing the shooters’ gender identities listed somewhere. I can’t remember if it was here or on another news site.

      What’s next? A mass-shooting done by Vegan PETA supporters to protest the consumption of red meat? Veganism does seem to have an effect on the brain because they act like zealots trying to convert everyone to their cause. Vegans who return to meat eating note their health improves and they don’t feel as angry as they did before.

    • We also have to take care to differentiate between terrorists and just whackos. Some shootings have happened because of clear political motivations, while others are just crazy. Islamic terrorists, antifa, and white supremacist terrorists are just that. No mental health there, just poisonous political ideologies that need to be destroyed. These kids? Who knows, but the fact is that some of these perpetrators needed medical treatment, others just a bullet to the head.

      • The wannabe ISIS members have a mental condition known as spontaneous jihadi syndrome.

  2. As a parent of three students in two schools in this school district and the network of friends and parents that frequent my home, this is what unfolded last Thursday and Friday at Douglas County High School. This is what I have pieced together from various student accounts . . .

    Apparently the two shooters have a group of very like minded friends that attend DCHS, one of which had plans to “end it all” that day by killing as many students as possible before taking her own life during the senior farewell assembly at the end of that day. DCHS did not close the school or cancel the event. Rather most of the students fled the school of their own volition. Later that day some remaining students blocked the door to the gym to prevent any other students or staff from conducting the assembly. As you can imagine there was a FLOOD of pissed off parents at the school that day picking up kids who did not have their own cars to flee in. No official notice was sent to parents by the school or district.

    Friday several students were charged with varying conspiracy charges. Turns out this group of friends all knew about the planned shooting and some helped plan it. Supposedly they had a detailed plan to attack DCHS as the primary target including which hallways to wait in between which classes to maximize the number of students in the hallway. They changed their target because they didn’t want their friends caught in the crossfire and hated “the STEM kids” more.

    Anyway, that is what both the national and local media is ignoring. Some of what I detailed above are verifiable events and some of it is the byproduct of students sharing what they “know” on social media so speculate with the required grain of salt. Just thought it worth sharing that the ripples of this event continue to spread away from the narrative and as they do the media ignores/hides more and more of it.

    • So, it was in fact a domestic tranny terror-cell? Interesting. Crazy loves company, so it makes sense.

      • Again, most of that was according to various teenagers sharing what they “know” on social medial with one another. But yes, my son describes them as a close nit group of “weird kids”.

    • If any links pop up, could you post them, Ian?

      • If I find any local news posts about it I will certainly re-post them here. Below are what appear to be the only two from local media so far. No details of any kind or mention of the students leaving on their own or the empty, silent hallways described by underclassmen who did not have the means to leave with all of the older kids. The threat was deemed “not credible” but everybody who could left anyway and the students cancelled their own event since the staff would not.

        Basically all of the coverage anymore is about the security guard shooting at the police, and the mother who was sued for sending an anonymous warning letter to the school and district 5 months or so before the shooting. No reporting about the ongoing investigation.

        FWIW, DCHS does have an SRO as well as a staff of unarmed (and in my experience largely ineffective) school security. While it is not the highest enrollment school I think it has the largest campus of any high school in CO. The total grounds must be close to 100 acres, two large buildings with the athletic complex between, far enough apart to each have their own traffic signals. It could easily take the SRO or anybody else 2+ minutes to respond from one building to the other.

        • When 9 started getting wonky and 7 started quoting anonymous “high ranking sources close to the investigation” who were saying sort of scary but vague things I knew there was a fairly large CYA in progress.

          I wouldn’t have suspected this kind of idiocy to infect pretty much all of DCSD though. They’ve generally been “not bad” about this kind of thing from what I’ve seen.

          It’s strange how that works around here. DC says a threat isn’t credible but even when a threat really isn’t credible a place like 27J in Adams puts out an “all hands on deck” call that has off duty cops, sheriff’s deputies, EMS and firefighters all rushing a school with a bunch of them half dressed and missing most of their gear.

          Politics here are going to start getting really interesting.

        • To follow-up, not a blip about any of it in the local media. 100% of coverage has turned to the $10,000,000 in funds redirected towards school safety initiatives. One or two articles mention the angry parents but that’s as close as it gets. May 28th they have some council meeting to decide how to spend the money. “Move along now. Nothing to see here.”

    • You describe a conspiracy involving MANY students!

      You also describe extreme dereliction of duty by school officials.

      You also describe students protecting themselves.

      No wonder it is being ignored.

      • A couple links to local media calling the threats as not credible. The kids definitely took it as credible and acted accordingly. The kids also believe it to be “many” but who knows how much of that is youthful exuberance. Of course everybody knows who is part of which social group but other than the kids sharing on social media there is no information about which specific friends were involved, by how much or if it was the whole clique. I suppose it is also important to note that the friends of the perpetrators are themselves receiving threats from fellow students which is not OK. Lots of keyboard commandos.

        I’m sure local law enforcement will want to keep that under wraps at least until after the trials, and I doubt the medial will push the issue.

        • Are these the same kids who eat Tide pods and tablespoons full of cinnamon just to see what happens, even though they know what happens?
          Rumors run rampant before and after any seemingly ‘major’ event. What anyone “knows” depends on what rumor they hear.
          Just look at what so many people “knew” after the Las Vegas shooting. And those were adults, not children.
          This is why hearsay evidence isn’t allowed in most courts cases.

        • Big Bill – This is why I am trying to be transparent about that source. Some events like the students abandoning the school were easy to verify. What who knows about what who knew is more difficult to discern clearly. It is certain that one of the shooters friends was threatening a second attack and that they knew in advance about the plans for the attack that did happen. How many of that circle of friends knew how much in advance is definitely unclear.

    • “hated the STEM kids more” WHY? I realize we’re talking about kids who are seriously bent, but even then I don’t understand that level of hatred for other kids.

      • Why I don’t know. If you go back through the old articles and look at the released social media messages they make multiple references to “STEM kids”. If I had to guess I would say that kids who are pre-disposed to “Sceince, Technology, Engineering & Math” probably don’t buy into the concept of multiple genders, or switching genders. At least at a lower rate than the general populace. Mix that with the keyboard commando mentality that comes with social medial and I can see how “STEM Kids” may be considered less tolerant by those who demand to be tolerated.

        Again, this is just my guess and nothing more. I have yet to see any documentation about motive which is probably because of evidence collection for the pending trials. Only what my kids share with me from their social medial and what little the news is reporting.

        • I would suspect that it’s a “class” issue.

          When my parents moved to NZ and I went to high school there the school practiced “streaming”. Each Form (Grade) was broken down into classes designated with a letter. There was a class for academically high achieving students designated L and one for low performing and disabled students designated H as well as three “normal” sections designated with a letter I don’t recall off the top of my head.

          Point being that there was a lot of friction between the L and H classes because some of the kids in H resented being placed in a class with disabled students and viewed the L class students as getting a lot of special treatment. The two classes had gym together and the dislike became obvious during events like rugby.

          I would suspect this is similar.

      • The sort of kids we now call “STEM” kids have always been hated by a certain cohort of students in public schools.

        Why? Because there is a certain cohort of kids in high school who know they have no real future – they’re not pretty, they’re not good at sports, they’re not that bright, and they know it.

        So who can they pick on? Picking on the attractive, popular kids will get your ass kicked. Picking on the jocks will get your ass kicked twice as hard. But pick on the nerds, the people we now call “STEM” kids?

        Easy pickings right there.

        • They could have shot up the jocks if they wanted to. They chose the specific school they went to.

          They didn’t pick on the STEM kids, they shot them. They could have shot anyone they wanted.

      • ““hated the STEM kids more” WHY? I realize we’re talking about kids who are seriously bent, but even then I don’t understand that level of hatred for other kids.”

        Maybe the murderers and their conspirators were envious of the STEM kids, what with the STEM kids’ brighter future and all. The murdering twits had little future ahead of them, from what I have read, except visits to the psychiatrist’s office.

      • Maybe the average “STEM kid” has two parents that raise them well. Look at Kendrick’s parents and life. Other kids could be jealous…

        You know when a kid has a nice toy and another kid has none, the kid without a toy smashes the kid’s toy (or steals it, or beats up the kid) so they both will be in the same position?

        “If I can’t have a toy, no one can have a toy!”

    • Ian_in_Transit,

      I am confused. Can you identify which days and which events you are talking about?

      Are you saying that:
      (1) Several/most students knew an attack was going to happen on the day that the attack happened?
      (2) An assembly was scheduled for the day that the spree killers attacked?
      (3) And students themselves tried to stop the assembly to minimize the body count of an attack?

      If all three of my questions are true, that would totally obliterate the narrative. First of all, it would show that students knew what was going to happen: and yet neither school authorities nor local law enforcement did anything. Second of all, it would show that the students themselves were FAR more competent at dealing with the entirety of the attack and mitigating it than school and law enforcement authorities.

      • This is according to my kids, their friends and a few parents. Aside from the two articles above the media has reported nothing of this.

        Are you saying that:
        “(1) Several/most students knew an attack was going to happen on the day that the attack happened?”
        Several/most of the two perpetrators group of friends were aware of the impending attack that ended up happening at STEM.

        “(2) An assembly was scheduled for the day that the spree killers attacked?”
        The assembly was scheduled for Thursday May 9 at DCHS. One of the group of friends was going to attack there. This was two days after the shooting at STEM. Apparently one of the group of friends posted on social media that this followup attack was going to happen and word spread through the school as you would expect these days.

        “(3) And students themselves tried to stop the assembly to minimize the body count of an attack?”
        Yes, according to my son students blocked the gym to prevent the assembly from happening as scheduled.

        “If all three of my questions are true, that would totally obliterate the narrative. First of all, it would show that students knew what was going to happen: and yet neither school authorities nor local law enforcement did anything. Second of all, it would show that the students themselves were FAR more competent at dealing with the entirety of the attack and mitigating it than school and law enforcement authorities.”

        The two perpetrators of the shooting apparently had a plan that just their group of friends knew about. After their attack was thwarted one of them threatened a second attack. That second attack May 9 is the one the authorities decided wasn’t credible, then the kids more or less did what they needed to do. From what I can tell from the firestorm of chatter the kids are relaying to me the second attack was not part of the original plan and really nobody knew about it until the the potential perpetrator posted about it on social media. Then everybody knew and shit went sideways from there.

  3. Wanting CNN to schedule a town hall for this one. I bet the results would be very interesting.

  4. What isn’t being talked about is the role taking opposite sex hormones had on the FtM girl’s state of mind. Was she driven by ‘roid rage to participate in the shooting?

    Going further down the forbidden path, could it be that the extrodinary high suicide rate found in transitioned transexuals be a result of being overloaded with wrong sex hormones instead of mere social rejection?

    • As I understand it, the suicide rate for the gender dysphoria crowd is roughly equal for those that elect to make the change, and those who don’t. I have a cousin in Boston who’s daughter is dealing with this issue.

      Since the long-term survival rate is roughly equal no matter what they do, it seems to me the ‘permanent’ solutions are the most risky to take…

      • If by “make the change” you mean sex reassignment surgery then the suicide rate between SRS and non SRS is irrelevant since both take hormones. In fact, people in various stages of transition take hormones. It is a precondition for surgery

      • It also seems like cross dressing, hormones, and snip-snip have nothing to with the underlying issue, which is obviously a crippling mental illness that is expressed in an unhealthy/unsustainable manner. Their body, their choice, their suicide, their murder. Right? Or is it they were born that way and they have no choice? So confusing; the only constant with these people is confusion…which is another symptom of crippling mental illness.

      • Correct, and the suicide rate for trans people, pre and post-op, is about 4X the general population’s average.

  5. I agree with Andrew. It would be a real eye opener if the Liberal media, ( MSNBC, CNN) would put on a town hall type discussion on the STEM schrool shooting. Then the world could see the shooting for what it really was. And what kind nutcase young adults are attending our schools.

    • Unfortunately, the best we can hope for is that they’ll just move on and mostly ignore it. Any extra attention paid to this event by the legacy media could only do greater harm.

  6. Killer Trannies ain’t an auto mechanic show on PBS. Inconvenient facts cannot see daylight. They’d have soldiers in the streets if conservatives were open carrying wearing masks like Antifa and rainbow alphabet soup types have been the past few years. The fourth estate is a wh00r house.

  7. Why is it every time left wing degenerates go on a shooting spree they want to take guns away from the rest of us?

  8. I noticed middle eastern in the list of previous shooters. Let’s not forget that Fort Hood and Pulse Night Club were terror attacks, not “regular” mass shooting.

    • Fort Hood was not a terrorist attack. The Obama administration labeled it as a terrorist attack purely for political purposes. This was a fraud. The Fort Hood incident was an attack by a Military Officer who was an insurgent infiltrator. The attack took place on a military installation. The target was a military unit in the midst of deployment operations and the objective was to disrupt those operations. This was not a terrorist attack, which by definition is an attack on civilians with the intent to effect the political process. The significance of the Fort Hood attack was deliberately downplayed by the Obama administration.

      • Actually, Ft. Hood was labeled as workplace violence, like when a postal worker decides to shoot up his post office.

        • “As we’ve become better at preventing complex attacks like 9/11, terrorists turn to less complicated acts of violence like the mass shootings that are all too common in our society,” he said. “It is this type of attack that we saw at Fort Hood in 2009, in Chattanooga earlier this year and now in San Bernardino.” – Barrack Obama Dec 13, 2015, Oval Office Address.

          For six years they did indeed deny the Fort Hood attack was a terrorist attack and instead claiming it to be workplace violence. Then they decided to change the narrative. They never did get it right.

      • I stand corrected,. Now let me correct one thing. The Obama administration labeled the Fort Hood attack as “workplace violence”, which it clearly was not.

        • Yea, when they keep changing the narrative as fast as the Obama Administration did it’s really hard to get out in front of them.

        • They kept the workplace violence thing up until Dec 2015 and then re-labeled it terrorism.

  9. Was the “gay” guy sleeping with the “male” transsexual? If your a gay man sleeping with female to male transsexual who currently physically has female parts does that affect ones gayness?

    • Sleeping together or not, I don’t think my wife of 52 years and I have ever reached the level of intimacy needed for us to commit mass murder together. At their ages, we were introspectively boinking every chance we got, no time for hating and killing, etc. I’m pretty sure these days’ kids are doing it wrong.

      • Irrational feminism has pushed a lot of young people away from each other.

        Males don’t want to get close to females out of fear they will do something wrong. Females typically don’t chase after males, they want the males to come to them. Therefore, a lot of Millennials and gen X are not in relationships. They rely on apps for sex and the internet for connections, which means marriage and babies are not on the to do list.

        Sometimes people are so extreme. For instance, simply looking at a person of the opposite sex is considered sexual harassment even if that person dresses very revealing. Making comments about a person’s appearance would be considered sexual harassment even if the comments weren’t directed to the person of interest.

        • Feminism has accomplished what the communists who developed it wanted it to do: broken down western society.

  10. Of course it’s the same as the Texas school shooting after parkland when the kid used his dad’s shotgun and revolver. They can’t hide the fact that it was an mentally unstable person let alone 2 who went postal on kids. But you know our health care policies are the best in the world. They wouldn’t even talk about it the day it happened other than on CNN.

  11. Blah blah blah…gay,tranny,purple hair,weirdo,”bullied”. I don’t care. Harden up your school. Give out the death penalty. Charge the thing under 18 as an adult. Oh and HOME SCHOOL if you can…

  12. as if we needed any more evidence that the msm is totally totally biased left and is not just merely in cahoots or allied with the left but they are in actuality the left
    they are the democrat partys public outreach and public relations and opposition research arm

      • Nonsense…Tucker ain’t a leftard. Neither is Guttfeld and some other’s. Mebbe YOU’RE the problem…

        • Wasn’t Tucker born in California then went to high school and college in New York? Doesn’t Tucker want the government to take control of the economy to protect American jobs? Doesn’t Tucker look at the corporations/government as the parent and the citizens are the kids? Didn’t Tucker work for MSNBC, PBS and CNN before going to FOX?

          I remember Tucker being a leftists wearing a bow tie. Now when he puts on a red tie on FOX he is a freemarket conservative.

  13. Judging by how the media coverage and subsequent fallout from school shootings have gone in the past, the media seems absolutely silent in comparison now …

    I heard that someone organized a formal vigil after the attack. Of course some or all of the speakers at the vigil, after expressing sympathies, used the event to then promote civilian disarmament, at which point students left en masse and began chanting “mental health” outside in protest of speakers’ attempts to use the event to promote civilian disarmament.

    That would tend to put a massive damper on media coverage since it fails to promote the civilian disarmament narrative.

    • What I seen and heard is that vigil was setup by Moms Demand Action (or some similar group) to talk about “gun violence,” bring in Democrat politicians to talk about new laws in front of the media and register people to vote for their party. While their event was going as planned the kids started to get upset that they couldn’t talk and started shouting they want on the mic. Eventually some kids walked out after the politics and started shouting. Then they came back in and talked about what they wanted, which was mostly about Kendrick. The adults wanted to talk politics and to get the kids on their side.

      So like with the Texas school shooting, the corporate media and politicking adults are moving on and waiting for another opportunity to pounce.

  14. When I have noted the vast diversity and lack of narrative compliance among shooters, the response has been “Of course shooters are diverse. Guns are the common and enabling element. Obviously guns are the problem, so they must be restricted and eventually removed from general circulation.”

  15. “Media Lose Interest as STEM School Shooting Doesn’t Fit the Preferred Narrative”

    Of course they do, they don’t like it when their narrative/agenda is shown up with truth…

  16. Are there still people out there who don’t understand ALL the media is 100% controlled?

  17. The profiles of the shooters are actually quite similar to other “school shooters.”

    The girl was being raised by a single divorced mom. Her father was physically abusive, an illegal immigrant and went to prison. The mom put her on drugs. I heard her parents had her at a very young age. She wanted to be a boy, thus she acted like one. What did two Colorado boys do when they felt society was worth destroying?

    The boy was the typical emo white kid that was sort of into satanism as a way to reject his “Christian” parents and society’s idea of the perfect person. He was thin, dyed his hair, got tattoos, played guitar, dressed in black, thought of hurting himself or others, did drugs, etc.

    It appears the girl got the boy to steal the guns from his parents. Before leaving with the guns he spray painted his parent’s car with a pentagram and “fuck society.” Then they tried to set the house on fire. His parents might have been inside.

    A lot of pro 2A people are saying these kids are homosexual. I haven’t seen confirmation of this. What I have seen is the opposite. You have a boy in a relationship with a girl that thinks she is a boy. That boy defends the gender confused girl from society and attacks a school with her to take revenge on the kids that hurt her feelings. It could be a very strange tragic love story.

    These kids’ politics are a direct consequence of the adults. Trying to use their politics to dismiss what ultimately pushed them to commit a school shooting is willfully/intentionally ignoring the societal/cultural issues that push kids to go crazy. As the kids said to the adults, “Mental health!” It’s really not about Obama or Trump, Democrat or Republican.

    At the end of the day, most anti 2A and pro 2A people rather fight over politics than fix their culture that causes mental health problems with their children. America has become a divorced mother/wife [Democrats] and father/husband [Republicans] fighting in front of the kids while the kids cry out in pain. When the kids cry and yell stop fighting, the parents tell them to shut up and sit down because they’re just kids and don’t know anything.

    Other countries can have the same problem as America has now, but the kids don’t have the same ease of acquiring firearms nor the same violent society. So when things do go bad they can go very bad, which means there has to be more effort put into the culture/society by the adults. You could repeal the 2nd Amendment, that could decrease the school shootings, but that will raise violent crime throughout the country and will lead to the government taking over everything without resistance.

    Armed teachers and “hardened” schools are like duct tape and zip ties. You need to do more to actually fix your shit.

      • We are not talking about all mass shootings. We are talking about school shootings done by young people.

        Statistics can argue anything if you want them to. Genuine people don’t rely on numbers…

        • Genuine people don’t rely on numbers…

          Lol. I guess genuine people rely on feelz.

          Proudly not a genuine person, in that case.

      • I can say black people are genetically violent and the statistics show this to be true. That if we remove them from the population most violence will go away. Statistically speaking… This is disingenuous because it ignores the reasons/environment that pushes young males into gang life and crime, which then creates those statistics.

        I can say most “school shooters” are statistically young white males, if we make gun laws against white males the school shootings will go down to one or two a year. Laws against white males having access to guns will lower mass murders of non gang related people.

        CNN and Moms Demand Action uses statistics to say there has been dozens of school shootings within a year. They base their numbers off their definition. Can’t argue with numbers…

        Mixing school shootings, gang shootings and terrorism numbers together is disingenuous. If you talk about school shootings and gang shootings from the perspective of parental failure then it’s more reasonable when you use numbers, but if you ignore the situations that create the numbers and use solely numbers…

        A lot of anti 2nd Amendment activists like to use numbers to argue against guns. Just using numbers can give them the victory. Hence the reason they love using Australia as an example… They like to completely ignore the logical reasons for humans needing weapons and what happens when they don’t have them. They only want to stick to the numbers. If it stops 1 shooting then it will be worth it because the statistics will go down.

    • “That boy defends the gender confused girl from society and attacks a school with her to take revenge on the kids that hurt her feelings. It could be a very strange tragic love story”

      No, it’s a pair of fucked up headcases that everyone knew were messed up and that eventually hooked up because crazy loves company. I can’t believe someone would think there is anything to sympathize with, here. Well, except a liberal trying to apologize for an individuals’ insanity by blaming it on others that did not perpetrate these acts.

      • Don’t get mad at me for taking a guess at their motive based on their posts, behaviors and actions.

        You want to play politics instead of figuring out the five Ws. You want to ignore reality so you can fight with your political enemies. If anyone doesn’t say or think the things you want, they are the enemy and need to be attacked at the expense of America.

        I don’t blame the innocent victims of a shooting. However, sometimes the attackers are also victims of something else. That doesn’t mean those criminals shouldn’t be punished for what they did. What that means is there will be more shootings because adults refuse to accept the fact that they could be creating “headcases” that will attack innocent people in the future.

        Are you aware how pedophiles were sexually abused as children and how they create other pedophiles?

        By the way, when I said “tragic” I was referencing the innocent kids that were attacked. Not once did I say the shooters shouldn’t be punished or that they didn’t do something wrong.

        I’m actually trying to fix things, whereas you want to fight about politics and ignore reality at the expense of the children.

        • “There’s nothing more dangerous than someone who wants to make the world a better place.”

        • @Ralph

          How about someone that wants to watch the world burn? Are they not the most dangerous people?

          Fixing the broken family isn’t dangerous for humanity, it’s dangerous to the governments of the world. It’s problematic for the people who want the world to burn, the people that want order out of chaos.

  18. Wasn’t there once a thing called “investigative reporter”? A true reporter would or medium would best interested enough to report this as an anomaly of some sort but they never dig deeply into the reasons. They give us the most obvious reasons but nothing in true depths. If school systems and law enforcement researched the deep down reasons maybe somebody would find some answers other than “ban all guns!”. reasons like how the kid was treated at home and in grade school not just immediate high school treatment by students and teachers both.

    • “Wasn’t there once a thing called ‘investigative reporter’?”

      As an oxymoron, “investigative reporter” is right up there with “jumbo shrimp” and “military intelligence.”

      • An investigative reporter is known as a journalist. American doesn’t really have those anymore, they’ve all become propagandists (as they were taught to be in college).

  19. I didn’t know that this case didn’t fit their narrative. I don’t know what the demographics involved here were. I had heard it was two shooters, but don’t know details.

  20. You can’t have a microscope view by the public, of the homosexual lifestyle together with the move to get children to “ask” for a sex change. All under a cloud of mass murder. So it’s best to hide the gay agenda by not talking about the PLANNED MASS MURDER, by proud white homosexuals.

    If they won’t prosecute a 14 year old black shooter nor a black homosexual actor who filed a false police report and tried to start a race war. Then I would say the white gay mass shooters are in good company, when the press just refuses to cover this case.

    Individual gay people might want guns. But the Gay agenda is anti-second amendment. It is anti-Bill of Rights.
    If it makes you feeeeel better to call me a hoommoophobe, please go right ahead, you FUDD.

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