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Former Obama White House chief of staff and current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s famous credo government action when the worst happens: never let a crisis go to waste. Take advantage of a bad tragedy to get something passed in the heat of the moment that wouldn’t stand a chance when Congress and the voters have more time to consider it.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting, which cost the lives of twenty children and teachers, Emanuel’s advice was to go for broke. Use the shock over the atrocity to reinstitute an assault weapons ban.

Just two days after the murders, Education Secretary Arne Duncan turned to Emanuel for advice on how to make the most of the tragedy. Here’s an email exchange obtained by the Baltimore Post through a FOIA request:

At 6:57PM EST on December 16, 2012, Duncan wrote to Emanuel in a message titled “CT shootings.”

Duncan asked the Chicago mayor, “What are your thoughts?”

Five minutes later, Emanuel responded, “Go for a vote this week before it fades. Tap peoples emotion. Make it simple assault weapons.”

Duncan responded immediately, “Yup- thanks.”

“When I did brady bill and assault weapons for clinton we always made it simple.  Criminals or war weapons,”Emanuel said in the email to Duncan.

“Gun show loophole?” Duncan responded.  “Database?  Cop-killer bullets? Too complicated?” he said.

“Cop killer maybe,” Emanuel responded.  “The other no.”

The exchange ended when Duncan concluded with, “Got it.”

It would be shocking if it weren’t already so very much in keeping with everything we already know about Emanuel and how he’s always operated.

When confronted with the emails about how to handle the Sandy Hook shootings, neither Mr. Duncan, Mayor Emanuel nor their office staff chose to respond.

Never forget; They don’t support the Second Amendment. They really do want to take your guns. And they’ll use every opportunity they can to get the job done.


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  1. Maybe one day it will become as socially unacceptable to be a bigot who hates gun owners as it is to hate certain select races.

    • …one day it will become as socially unacceptable to be a totalitarian who hates freedom…

      There. Fixed that for you. 🙂

  2. I will always believe that thier desire to ban “assault weapons” has nothing to do about children’s safety, but to insure the government and thier agencies have a monopoly on violence. How else will you get the masses to follow your unconstitutional dictates except at the point of a gun?

    • FortWorthColtGuy….

      The left cares nothing about children, in fact they want children to die. How else to explain their absolute resistance to any measures that would actually make children safer in schools and other “gun free” zones. The left wants them to die so the killings can be used to push the “progressive” agenda of gun control and eventually overthrow of the government. Pay attention; they are prepared to immediately make a big media push and have “students” lined up to cry on camera.

      Planned events? Probably.

      • I’ve reached the same unavoidable conclusion: The progressive left would not only let my children die without a second thought, they WANT and NEED children to die.

        Human beings are expendable resources to these collectivist ghouls.

        Have you ever stopped to think about the change in the business world from “personnel” to “human resources”? It happened in the ’80s when the leftists reached critical mass in academia and government bureaucracy, and it’s no coincidence that the terminology changed. In the Marxist system, you’re not a person, you’re a widget. Just one piece of a giant collective human mass.

        So instead of a person (the root of “personnel”), you’re now merely a resource to be managed. They view our children the same way. Too many human widgets? Liquidate them. It’s for the collective good, after all.

        • Lol, my company calls it the “Peoples and Cultures” Dept. I shit you not. They are Canadians though, so such idiocy can be expected.

        • I’ve always resisted using the terms “associate” or a “team member”; the day I actually have some input into how things are done around here is the day you can call me that. Until that day comes, I consider myself merely an “employee” – a term we both understand because it describes our true relationship, and one which has the correct connotations, not overinflated importance.

          (As a side note, the last place I worked devised grandiose job titles for everyone. The shipping supervisor was the “Director of Logistical Solutions.” And get this – the front-desk receptionist was called the “Director of First Impressions!” Wow -SMH… Funny, they just went out of business last week with no warning! Hmmmm…)

          But when I started my current job I literally, physically cringed – here, they actually go so far as to call people “resources”, as in “Sure, we’ll assign a resource to help you with that,” or “Which of these available resources would be best for this project?” Apparently we’re expected to be alright with that.

          Well, I am most definitely not alright with that – I’m strongly offended by it. It hasn’t happened yet, but I know some day someone will refer to me in person as a resource… I don’t know exactly what will happen, but I’m sure the words “Don’t you EVER call me that again! I’m a PERSON, not a fucking resource!” will exit my mouth.

          And if that causes the end of my employment here, then so be it – at least I will never again be addressed as a “resource”. No one will offend me like that to my face and get away with it.

    • Again, none of the legislation the prog/libs are attempting to foist are about safety, saving lives, or making citizens safe.

      They are all aimed at “The Narrative”.

      The final goal of The Narrative (at least as it relates to guns) is complete civilian disarmament. Any step toward that goal–the incrementalism of ‘gun control’–is a win for them. It will never be enough, and they will ALWAYS be back for more until the goal of The Narrative is achieved.

      To that end there is no point in a ‘conversation’, no point to ‘negotiating’, as anything given to them is a win for them and a loss for freedom and liberty. They will not stop until they have achieved their end goal and each little ‘chip’ that is given to them only serves to undermine your rights and freedoms; freedoms which they fear and loathe.

  3. Never underestimate the lefts or any politicians ability to use someone else’s blood to push their agenda.

    Without getting into conspiracy theories the 1996 gun laws were already written in Australia. They just needed a reason to enact them.

    • yes they were written quite a while before even the NSW attempt by Barry Unsworth too. in his words after his failed attempt, “it will take a massacre in Tasmania to enact common sense gun laws in this country.”. planned event? personally with a statement like that and all the other “coincidences” i say yes it definitely was. they just needed to find a patsy to take the fall.

    • The post Port Arthur national gun laws were pre-planned several years in advance by a federal bureaucrat just in case an incident of significant magnitude occurred.

    • That’s always the case. Same thing with the Patriot Act. The WTC fires weren’t even out before those guys introduced a massive and timely bill they just happened to have lying around. They never have time to read these legislative monstrosities, but somehow they manage to write some 2,000 pages of complicated material overnight. Curious, that.

  4. Yeah I saw this on FOX. Dumbazz Odumbo and Tiny Dancer© are some clueless SOB’s. Barry spent so much political capital it hamstrung his so-called administration. What I’D like to know is how in the he!! are we losing ground with majorities in congress,the senate, POTUS,many states and at least an advantage in SCOTUS…happy I’m not officially a Republican!

    • Because they all want power and they are scared of you and your guns. Republicans lie to you and say they want to preserve your rights from those gun grabbing libs. Democrats lie to you and say they support the 2nd ammendment but just want common sense laws. Neither can effectively move against us because we pay taxes, yell loud, are armed to teeth, and vote often. When voting and yelling stop working, we’ll stop giving them money and turn to our guns.

  5. Ol’ 9.5 fingers might be a master at letting no crisis go to waste, but his Paradise is going down the crapper thanks to his war on cops, gun owners, taxpayers, public employees, productive citizens, businesses, guns, and freedom goes on and one.

    He’ll be darn lucky to win re-election, which is coming up soon for him.

    • Have you seen “what” is running against Rahm? Each more pathetic than the last. And none as ruthless or cunning…

  6. Ive actually met this clown…. hes as slimy as they come. And the arrogance is unbelievable. Glad im gettin out.

  7. I like posting here on TTAG, so I’ll self-censor and refrain from stating my true feelings on how Patriotic Americans should be handling such treasonous pigs. And whatever your thinking right now, yeah, you’re not even in the ballpark on what my remedies would be.

    • As an aussie i can read between the lines of what you said and agree completely. Hang, Draw and Quarter comes to mind…. the traditional punishment for treason

        • lol use the old wheel techniques then…. like the one where they gave him water to prolong the suffering

        • But where’s the deterrent for the NEXT guy? Very few things can scare and/or motivate people. Finding those “things” is the winning ticket (and of course, I know what they are, but I’m not saying, shhhhhhhh).

        • that is why it should be public. no it wont deter the die hards who are willing to die for their cause but it will stop them continuing the effort when they are released from prison. it will deter those who are not so committed that they will gladly give up their life for their cause. it also should be trial by jury that is in no way rigged, eg no lawers input in selecting a jury just a random drawing of all law abiding citizens, eg no recent criminal convictions and if have been sentenced previously at least 5 years out of jail with no further convictions of any sort. by convictions i mean for anything that is an actual crime not something to make the justice system look like it is doing something to prevent criminal activity eg not something like someone holding onto something that was previously legal that the state has now deemed illegal, bump stocks come to mind here

      • agree completely. sadly this also applies to most western countries. it is a matter of the numbers realizing this being great enough to be effective and being willing to do what is needed

      • We’re winning the votes and the laws. Where we’re losing is in regulations and bureaucracy.

        • Then we are winning the wrong votes and laws. We need to win votes that will curtail regulation and win laws that will hamstring bureaucracy.

    • TrueBorn.
      Nah brah. Plenty of us know exactly what you’re thinking.
      And yeah. A siht ton of us feel the same.
      I don’t necessarily like having those thoughts, but folks like Tiny Dancer are pushing.

      • yes i agree. i dont like those thoughts either but sadly i am and have been for many years now been resigned to the fact that it will be needed or all semblance of liberty will be lost. yes the bastards are pushing and pushing harder with every day going forward. they need to be reminded in a way most harsh that it is not they who hold the ultimate power and that they are naught but a grain of sand.

  8. That picture, though…

    Barry moves in, gently brushing R-dog’s shoulder. Their eyes meet, sparks fly.

    “You are my world,” Barry whispers as he leans in close. The scene fades as romantic music swells.

    Good luck getting that image out of your minds tonight!

  9. How’s Rham-bo’s city doing? Last I knew, it was about a mass shooting worth of murder every week. Not counting the drugs, poverty, theft, n misallocation of public parks.

    If your city’s a full time free-fire zone, getting wee-wee’d up when somplace else comes close to your murder-death-kill rate doesn’t make much sense. Unless he doesn’t like the competition, maybe? Tiny Dancer wants the spotlight to himself?

    How’s this … hizzonor gets the carnage down in his berg, n we’ll listen to how he did it. It ought to be easy. With his town’s forever-crisis he can do anydamthing. (Unless he’s wasting it …?) Til then, we’ll take his pronouncements as seriously as they deserve.


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