Quote of the Day: Yes That Again, Courtesy NPR’s Report on Open Carry

Open carry (courtesy npr.org)

“You’re obviously just trying to get a rise out of someone. You’re obviously just trying to make other people feel uncomfortable. And to be honest, you probably have a really small d*** . . . I automatically think you’re a stupid, low-self-esteem person because you need this big ole truck or you need this big ole gun to make you feel like a bigger person. I think it’s silly, and I don’t think it’s safe.” – recent Texas CHL holder Monica DeLeon, quoted in Texas’ New Open-Carry Law Unpopular Among Some Gun Owners [via npr.org]


  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    Or maybe you are just a woman on your way to work in Germany?

    1. avatar ThomasR says:

      Naw. Shes’s obviously a progressive, even if she has a CHL. She probably bought the gun as a cover for the fact that she really is a statist so that she can attack fellow gun owners under the cover of being a “fellow gun owner”. The woman is simply frightened of the idea of not being part of the helpless and defenseless herd that depends on the state for protection.

      So when a person like myself OC’s, I am stating in the most obvious way that I am taking responsibility for my and my communities protection against predators, human or animal.

      This frightens her, as a progressive at heart, to her very soul. Because I am saying I do not need the state, that I do not need her approval, that I stand alone, comfortable in my individuality, in the historic action that says that I am free, with out the need of the state, or the acceptance or the approval of my contemporaries .

      This, especially to a progressive, is blasphemy. For the only identity a progressive can accept is as a faceless automaton that rejects all levels of responsibility for self, and gives that responsibility to the state.


      1. avatar tdiianva (Now in Wisconsin) says:

        Says you. She is equally likely to be a self confident, independent woman of Libertarian views,; or maybe she is an establishment Republican supporting Jeb Bush; or a Ted Cruz supporter or a Trumpster. She could even be a TTAG reader who thinks open carry is stupid and/or risky. In other words you don’t know Jack about her.

        1. avatar ThomasR says:

          Oh tdiinva, we already know what you are. A Government, maybe retired, agent of the state.

          You already have shown your contempt of those of us not of your “exalted” and “special” class.

          The idea of a citizen actually OC’ing the universal historical symbol of a free person, not subservient to the state, terrifies you.

          So your opinion is tainted.

          BUT in the end, this woman shows a complete lack of confidence, as do you, by attacking a traditional American right like the OC of firearns.

          I believe this symbol of a free person, is a litmus test as to person’s view of what being free or being a slave really entails.

          If you attack the OC of firearms by citizens, it is either because you are an enforcer for the state, afraid of armed citizens unwilling to bow to their armed authority, (like you) or it is because you are afraid of what it takes to be free. So you are a slave at heart, frightened of the responsibility of what it takes to be free, as this woman has proven herself to be.

        2. avatar tdiianva (Now in Wisconsin) says:

          Heah, [flame deleted] , I have probably been open carrying longer than you gave owned a gun. So STFU.

        3. avatar ThomasR says:

          I notice you don’t deny what I wrote.

          I guess the truth does hurt.

        4. avatar tdiianva (Now in Wisconsin) says:

          Actually I am very proud of my service to the country ensuring jerkweeds like you can act like buffoons in safety and security. The gun grabbers might not be right on much but they got your number. But since this is a free country it is ok by me if you are a buffoon with guns.

          You can have the last word.

        5. avatar ThomasR says:

          Hmmm, well tdiianva, I’ll have the “last word” then by saying, thank you for proving my point.

        6. avatar Mike says:

          Wow Thomas…ad hominem much?

          You’re using the same attack methodology as the anti’s “small penis” theme – Making presumptions about people you don’t know and belittling them in order to discredit them.

          Your attack on the CHL, and on tdiianva are both indicative of a low-blow attack.

          So what if the CHL doesn’t agree with open carry…that’s her perogative. For you to make such wild assumptions about anyone is ridiculous and just feeds the anti’s with their twisted ideas about gun owners.

          Be above the fray, be intelligent/logical, and attack the idea, not the person.

        7. avatar LarryinTX says:

          I’m pretty sure you are both wrong, I think she has mongo ta-tas.

        8. avatar ThomasR says:

          Hmmm, perhaps Mike. But I figure assuming the worst of those that attack and degrade a person for simply practicing a traditional American right is always appropriate.

  2. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Okay, let’s turn the tables:

    “I automatically think you’re a stupid, low-self-esteem person because you need to make a BIG deal about openly carried firearms to make you feel like a bigger person. I think it’s silly, and I don’t think it’s safe.”

    How’s that Monica DeLeon?

    1. avatar ready,fire,aim says:

      well at least she has d**k on her mind….

      1. avatar Goose says:

        I think she thinks all dicks are small because her cunt is a gaping maw,otherwise known as a bucket of hot water.

      2. avatar Yank-hee says:

        You won the internet for today.

    2. avatar kenneth says:

      You’ve got it. She hasn’t heard of projection, the mental defense that persons turn to when they have nothing else but insults. Having no logical or reasonable facts to use, they feel small, which is why they turn to insults, usually the more base the better (such as sex and IQ) as in;
      “to be honest, you probably have a really small d*** . . . I automatically think you’re a stupid, low-self-esteem person…”
      She isn’t aware that when she turns to this technique, those who understand will know that they just project their negative feeling about themselves off unto their hated opponent, whom they blame for the small feeling that they have visited upon themselves.
      Thus we can know that, deep down, this person feels insecure, unintelligent, and is sexually unsatisfied, probably also due to her own inadequacies that she is so eager to project off unto others.
      Once understood, they are not to be hated, more like pitied for their horrible mental problems that they refuse to address.
      Not that that means we don’t oppose her attempts to destroy others while she brings herself down, only that it will keep us grounded in reason and logic to understand that she is just expressing what she sees in herself whenever she looks in the mirror.

    3. avatar kenneth says:

      As some facts to add to the projected insults, let’s try this;

      “Brown holds a master’s degree and is well-versed in legal matters,”
      So I wonder if Ms. DeLeon will dare say this to Mr. Brown’s face(what with the master’s degree and what we all learned about black males in the HS locker room and all)? I’m guessing no, because the projecting type is too insecure for a face to face debate. The anonymous internet is more their speed.

      1. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

        I didnt learn anything in the locker room except how to do everything without ever looking downward…

        Were you doing some meat gazing in HS, friend?

        1. avatar kenneth says:

          Sure. I’m no homo, but you can’t miss a 12 incher on a guy in the same locker room!
          Is there anybody in the world that can see Ron White’s “squirrel man” without thinking; “geez, look at the d**k on that guy/”?
          When they get abnormal you can’t miss ’em. I’ve been to Vegas, and even though I avoid the old Bob Stupid’s like the plague, I still see the Stratosphere Tower!

  3. avatar Katy says:

    I think the person on the left is a woman. I kf so, I certainly hope she is not well-endowed below the waist. Although I suppose some men dig that scene.

    As for the quote, that’s the sort of extreme thought that makes you wonder why Shannon bothers. Give us enough time and we’ll eat ourselves from the inside out.

    I think OC is silly, but if it works for you, it works for you. I admit that every time I have to hitch up my jeans because IWB is just a tad heavy for the material, I think about going OWB.

    It’s like my position on abortion. I’m anti-abortion, but not willing to settle in either the choice or life camp. And no, I’m not comparing OCers to abortions – it’s just the easiest analogy for me to think of.

  4. avatar jwtaylor says:

    Yeah yeah yeah.. But that low slung thigh rig in the pic is 6 kinds of stupid.

    1. avatar Anonymous says:

      It’s Han Solo style.

      1. avatar kenneth says:

        Also SWAT and Fed Rescue style. Never forget that. The stupider it is, the more you will find the burrrucrats (I spell it the way they act…) around.

    2. avatar Mack Bolan says:

      Judging by the dude in the background with a slung long gun, I’m guessing this was a rally picture and not an EDC scenario. I’m sure the female with the drop leg rig doesn’t schlep her gat like that on a daily basis.

      Even if she did, kudos to her. It’s miles ahead of some of the shit rigs I see regular cc and oc people using in terms of safety and retention.

    3. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

      Unless you are wearing a loaded out plate carrier with abnormal protection, a drop holster is completely ridiculous and impractical.

      1. avatar Binder says:

        Drop holsters are also nice when you open carry with a jacket. That way you can zip up and still be able to get to it. They also work when you have a backpack with a waist strap. That being said, most thigh rigs ride too low for me.

    4. avatar CGinTX says:

      That low-slung rig might also be getting ready to test one of the language limits of the Texas open carry law, which requires a “belt holster” (or “shoulder holster”) without making any attempt at defining what exactly comprises same.

      1. avatar Tex300BLK says:

        Yeah it’s in a grey area, I finally got around to taking my LTC class in Novemeber and the instructor said it had to be a belt or shoulder holster. On further explanation he said basically has to be easily attached to your belt or slung around your shoulder. Drop leg holsters usually have some sort of belt attachment so probably gtg.

  5. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    Monica needs a man.

    1. avatar ready,fire,aim says:

      well she does talk about d**k…any pictures of her?…dirk you want to take one for the team?…..LOL

    2. avatar Another Robert says:

      To be honest, I think you’re on to something. And if you’re not, she deserves to have it thought about her for falling into that kind of garbage thinking herself.

    3. avatar Rad Man says:

      Monica just alienated a whole group of people and has similarly foregone the opportunity to find out just how big our d***s really are. Kind of a shame, really. I drive a tiny SmartCar in an effort to compensate for my extreme manhood.

      1. avatar Geoff PR says:

        I hear ya, Rad.

        I’ve been known to carry the NAA Mini. On my Eco-Friendly Dura-Ace equipped (beat all-to-Hell) bike, no less.

        Imagine what that implies about me…

        {Beaming Smile}

  6. avatar DickDanger says:

    I heard this this yesterday on the radio. You left out the par when the narrator said “sitting in a beer garden”. I’m not 100% sure what exactly a “beer garden” is, but if it’s some sort outside bar, bad on them for mixing booze and firearms.

    1. avatar Curtis in IL says:

      Flower garden – for growing flowers
      Herb garden – for growing herbs
      Vegetable garden – for growing vegetables
      Beer garden – Well, you know.

    2. avatar Rad Man says:

      In the Pike Logan novels clandestine meetings are always held in beer gardens. Not being a botanist, I don’t know what they are either.

    3. avatar Another Robert says:

      Well, there’s a famous one in Austin, “Scholtz’s”. Wouldn’t be surprised if our gun-toting, manhood-obsessing dame is an Austinite.

      1. avatar kenneth says:

        Its the same here in Montana. The dweebs and noobs go to Helena like moths to a flame. I guess it makes a state worshiper feel real good to have their high priests and temples handy. Makes it easier to lick their master’s feet, or sumpthin’…

  7. avatar CTstooge says:

    NPR doing what liberals do best, creating societal division. Even among gun owners.

  8. avatar MamaLiberty says:

    OK, Monica. I don’t see your picture here, but I’ll take a wild stab at this. Let’s say I don’t like your makeup, or how you choose to dress? Are you dressing a little “slutty” these days? Talk about exhibitionist! Do you primp and dress to make yourself feel superior to other women? Or attract attention from the men? How dare you?

    Or maybe, whatever you do is just – or mostly – to satisfy yourself, your own choice, whatever makes you feel right and good… to you.

    Clue: There are all kinds of people, who choose what they do for all kinds of reasons – and usually multiple and ever changing reasons. Your reasons are perfectly legitimate for YOU. Thing is, you don’t get to choose that for anyone else. It’s none of your damned business who carries a gun (or a lipstick), how or why. Take care of your own life, and leave others to do the same.

    1. avatar surlycmd says:

      Freewill! What a way to live!

    2. avatar John L. says:

      I got to your second-to-last sentence and all I could think is “Lipstick taser!”

      Excellent post. Thank you.

    3. avatar Goose says:

      Monica is probably a big,fat,cow.You know,the kind of woman that screams sexual discrimination on the job when in all actuality,no guy would touch her with a ten foot dick,the kind of woman you would make the comment to your buddy,I wouldn’t fuck her with your dick.

  9. avatar the ruester says:

    Imagine what she used to say about female ccl holders before she got hers as an excuse to belittle men publicly. Like learning ballet to make fun of that fairy down the street.

  10. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    Hmm. Let me get this straight…

    It’s legal in 45 states, but in Texas it’s controversial?

    1. avatar Andrew Lias says:

      But it’s controversial to NPR in all 45 of those states.

      1. avatar Avid Reader says:

        It’s NPR. They meant to say 57 states.

  11. avatar Big Bill says:

    Well, then, I would say that all these feminized, liberal, metro, beta men these days are severely lacking in the meat department, and are making up for it by accepting a more feminine role in society. Socialization had taught them they can never physically compete with naturally more competitive, tougher, riskier, larger, conservative men, who naturally have more testosterone. See, psychology can be used by us too.

  12. avatar EJQ says:

    Hmm, just because I am at a beer garden enjoying the weather does not necessarily mean I am partaking in alcohol. Usually, the closest thing to beer that I drink is Root Beer,

    At the moment, Open Carry is unusual in Texas, the law just changed January 1st. I have yet to see someone open carry. At the moment, “Open” is not my carry choice. But, if it is yours, I won’t have a problem with it. Unless I’m positive that’s not non-alcoholic beer you are drinking.

    1. avatar Nick says:

      Non-alcoholic beer? So what’s in the can? Water?

  13. avatar Alexander B. says:

    I never thought it’d come to this where gun owners would fight amongst each other due to more rights. People can carry however they want to whether it be open carry or concealed carry as long as it’s legal, I don’t understand the incessant need to ridicule either method whether it be off-body carry or the low thigh rig.

    I remember the majority of the gun community was unsupportive of OCT and yet it was legal and led to actual changes instead of people spouting, “chipotle ninjas at work again.” We’re supposed to be normalizing gun rights with others instead of berating ourselves.

    Edit: Oh my lawd, are those Lionheart LH9s in the picture? I haven’t seen any yet always wanted one… I guess they’re more popular in Texas than Hawaii.

    1. avatar daveR says:

      “People can carry however they want to whether it be open carry or concealed carry as long as it’s legal, I don’t understand the incessant need to ridicule either method whether it be off-body carry or the low thigh rig.”

      Well, I have two levels of ridicule for OC. The first one is tactical as it removes the element of surprise–your biggest advantage in a defensive shoot is being able to decide when to turn the tables on the attacker. The second is political–(some) people vote and OC is more likely it is to sour non-gun owners on the idea of any form of legallly sanctioned carry. So in my (not so) humble opinion, OC and the publicity surrounding OC is a loose-loose for all of us.

      1. avatar Ralph says:

        Loose loose?

        1. avatar Tom w/a Glock says:

          Sadly the correct description for my ex-wife’s reproductive parts, contributing more fodder to the “gun owners have tiny dicks” mythology.
          But it’s excellent to counter the inadequate equipment argument with “only the Pacific Fleet would semi-tight in your slough.”

        2. avatar kenneth says:

          Would you really expect that an anti posing as a gunny would know the difference between “lose” and “loose”? He probably just learned how to tie his shoes yesterday, and even that might be a stretch. He’s probably into velcro shoes like the rest of of the libtards.
          Go ahead, ask him; ” what is the difference between a clip and a magazine?”. Five will get you ten that he will either pretend you never asked, or cut and paste the wikipedia page.

      2. avatar Chip Bennett says:

        Well, I have two levels of ridicule for OC. The first one is tactical as it removes the element of surprise–your biggest advantage in a defensive shoot is being able to decide when to turn the tables on the attacker.

        Possibly true in a terrorist attack situation, but for the common criminal, the visible presence of an openly armed citizen is far more likely to deter the attack altogether.

        The second is political–(some) people vote and OC is more likely it is to sour non-gun owners on the idea of any form of legallly sanctioned carry.

        Actually, just the opposite, which is why the Bullying Mommies oppose open carry so vehemently. With concealed carry, firearms are all around, but their existence is unknown (concealed means concealed). The law-abiding carriers are indistinguishable from the non-carriers. With open carry, the firearms are just as present, and the carriers just as law-abiding, but the firearms become visible – and therefore, normalized.

        Other than the progressives reacting to armed Black Panthers in California decades ago, I know of no instance, in the current/modern era of restoration of right-to-carry, of open carry causing any legislative losses.

        So in my (not so) humble opinion, OC and the publicity surrounding OC is a loose-loose for all of us.

        To the contrary, it has only ever produced legislative wins, and the more people that are seen to carry, while conducting themselves in the law-abiding manner in which they are documented to comport themselves, the more the practice of carry becomes a normal part of every day society.

        1. avatar CarlosT says:

          Any form of open carry was banned in California after people got freaked out by people carrying unloaded pistols. That was the last remaining vestige of open carry, which had been progressively hacked away over the decades.

          This is California we’re talking about, but that is an example of open carry leading to adverse legislation.

        2. avatar LarryinTX says:

          “for the common criminal, the visible presence of an openly armed citizen is far more likely to deter the attack altogether.”

          As illustrated by the infrequent occurrence of criminal activity in front of a police officer.

        3. avatar Chip Bennett says:

          As illustrated by the infrequent occurrence of criminal activity in front of a police officer.

          According to inmate surveys, criminals fear armed citizens (i.e. armed would-be victims acting in self-defense) more than they fear LEO. And as far as I know, criminals don’t tend to attempt to victimize LEO. Their interactions with LEO are completely different.

      3. avatar Alex waits says:

        Your points have been refuted both philosophically and statistically, please don’t confuse your opinion with facts.

  14. avatar Some Bloke says:

    This kind of stupidity is nothing more than a no true scottsman fallacy used by someone who is wholly insecure to feel self-superior by stating something she knows the listener wants to hear.

    Hoplophobia ought to be a disqualifying factor for a CHL.

  15. avatar McCann says:

    There has never been a well-reasoned position that begins with “I automatically think.” Also, again with the dicks?

    1. avatar Goose says:

      Yes,I drive a big Ford F-250 because I have a tiny pee–pee.

  16. avatar PPGMD says:

    Whenever I see the “small dick” comments I always wish someone that was there had the balls to go “Actually I have a very large dick, but since you are so concerned about the size of my dick would you like to see it?”

    1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

      I have the balls to say this but I also have the knowledge that if I pulled Mr Trout out of the trousers I would be arrested for indecent exposure, become a mandatory reporting sex offender, loose my job, my nursing license and my cpl.

      1. avatar Cknarf says:

        What’s this country coming to, man? Can’t even show people our dicks in defiance without being labeled a sex offender.

        1. avatar PPGMD says:

          Thanks Bin Laden.

        2. avatar blahpony says:

          That could mean a whole other “Open Carry” movement.

    2. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

      I’ve said this before. Never had any takers, so to speak.

      Ain’t no shame in my game, I’ll whip it out.

    3. avatar Goose says:

      I’m the type of person that would whoop mine out after a few beers if a comment like this were to be made to me,I think that is one of the reasons bar owners don’t allow talking about politics and religion on their premises.I would probably piss on her for good measure.

  17. avatar Chip Bennett says:

    It’s Austin. What do you expect? Her BF was also quoted as supporting UBCs.

    Projection: because it’s the only play they have.

    1. avatar Chip Bennett says:

      Correction: I mixed up the articles. This girl’s BF played the “open carriers will get shot first” canard.

      1. avatar Sixpack70 says:

        I say to that guy, even if the OC is shot first, so what? It still gives other people time to GTFO. Plus, we still haven’t seen OC killed first stories in the news. You can bet if an OC was killed first it would be plastered in the news as a “see, guns don’t work” story.

    2. Ditto NPR – what else do we expect?

  18. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

    I open carry, I went from a compact hatch to a mid size sedan, so no big truck here, and she can ask my wife about the size of my package. This bulls#!t where Americans think thier opinion or feelings mean more than a constitutional right has to stop.

  19. avatar Paul says:

    Open carry is legal here in Idaho. But folks around here don’t open carry in cities. Open carry in the woods or deserts is more common, particularly when engaging in shooting sports and/or hunting.

    It has nothing to do with Second Amendment rights. It has everything to do with good manners. An armed society is a polite society, but that same polite society in my great state feels that open carry simply for the sake of open carry is obnoxious. And I agree.

    1. avatar Don Nelson says:


    2. avatar Katy says:

      That’s fine if you think it’s obnoxious. But, do you publicly denigrate them or do you just roll your eyes and move along?

      A lot of people do a lot of things that I think are stupid. But, I just avoid them and live my life. Only when they directly interfere with me is it a problem.

    3. avatar Mack Bolan says:

      Yet the police open carry all around you which I assume is something you are ok with?

      Since its been well established that the majority of carriers are better trained and more proficient than the average patrol officer in handling their firearm, your objection is solely based on appearance.

      Which makes you an irrational bigot.

      1. avatar QTip says:

        I’m struggling to see where this is well established? Also, if you cite any news articles or websites make sure they got their data from an accurate source(s).

        The most recent LTC class that I attended begs to differ with your assertions. I’m sure there are many LTC holders that are better trained than some LE, but it would take a lot of data to convince me that ‘most’ is even a close approximation.

        That being said I really don’t care if someone decides to OC. Tactically I’m not the biggest fan and I can’t help but feel uneasy at times that someone (not necessarily the OC) will do something stupid because of it. However, neither are reason enough for me to be against it.

        1. avatar kenneth says:

          Well, I wasn’t even a part of this but I have a suggestion.
          Since you made it clear that you will not believe any sources or citations that you disagree with, as well as needing a “lot”(your words) to convince you of anything other than what you already believe anyway, why not try hanging out at the range as the local LEOs qualify? Or perhaps I should say ATTEMPT to qualify. Note how many fail and have to make the attempt over and over again. Note in particular how low the score is to qualify(usually around 65% hits).
          Good luck.

        2. avatar QTip says:

          I will take any accredited study with conclusive results. The idea here is to eliminate any internet heroes who think they’ve found several compelling articles only to show me three that have no basis in science or statistics. Just like Monica’s statement has no basis in fact, his won’t unless he can prove his point.

          If others don’t want the same burden of proof for his statement, I don’t want them anywhere near gun legislation. Baseless accusations (like Monica) and possible baseless facts (still waiting for evidence) have no place in a civil discussion.

          Any qual that I’ve heard of is right around 75% (CHL/LTC and LEO) pretty close to your numbers. Since LEO aren’t specially trained since birth, I would guess this number closer to 50/50. Again, pure guess.

        3. avatar QTip says:

          And by 50/50 I mean if you took 1,000 random LEO and 1,000 random CHL/LTC they would be evenly distributed in terms of skill (depending on how you measure skill). Skill is also a subjective term which we could debate endlessly so I won’t go there.

        4. avatar kenneth says:

          Well, I’m not interested in doing this research. As a competitive shooter since the 1980s, both with
          LEOs and against them, I can say that, based on personal experience, most LEOs are not very good with firearms. Most are paper pushers, NOT POTG. Its a tool that they have to carry and qualify with, and mostly(with a couple of exceptions, OFC) they do that bare minimum and no more.
          Whereas with a civilian shooter they are not shooting because their paycheck depends upon it, but because they like it. And, as always, that extra desire leads to better performance.
          Even the officers that I mentioned above that were the exceptions, were so good with weapons, NOT because of their training, but because of all of the extra practice that they did on their own time. They HAD that extra desire, and it showed in their performance. The training is only just a bare minimum to teach them which end the bullet comes out of, and little more. Which is why they suffer so many UDs.
          Just go compare the number of shots fired, and the number of hits obtained, between civilian and LEO shootings.

    4. avatar ThomasR says:

      So what makes OC of a pistol obnoxious?

      1. avatar JR_in_NC says:

        Guns are icky. To see them is just….ICKY.

        It is funny how to people that CLAIM to be POTG, the mere sight of a firearm ties their panties into hysterical bunches.

        All about “control;” all about control…controlling the “other.”

  20. avatar Wade says:

    I have to have the big gun to keep the liberal men from attacking me in angry mobs. Because their girls heard about my big dick and want to ride home with me in my big truck.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      LOL. Nice!

  21. avatar jwm says:

    By her standards what does my snubbie j frame say about me. 🙂

    1. avatar Abram G says:

      I was thinking along the same lines; what if I open carried my Glock 42?

  22. avatar Robby Wilshire says:

    I wonder what sort injustice (real or imagined) it takes to turn a person that hateful. I would think it, to be much more than just people who open carry.
    Bless her heart. Poor child.

  23. avatar brendan stallard says:

    I’m a retired LE from the UK, now living in KY. After leaving the UK, I lived in Atlanta for 18 years and got my CC permit there. I much prefer concealed. It just seems the sensible thing.

    Here in KY, open carry is permitted and it is quite a mind-bender to this UK type to see fellas wandering around Walmart, clearly civilians, wearing guns. I get that it’s legal, it’s just totally different to the situation in the UK where you can get five years gray bar for carrying a knife in public.

    I don’t understand all the anatomical references, that’s seems a ridiculous POV. Just about every gun owner/user I’ve met here in the USA is very serious and careful around weapons.


    1. avatar ACP_arms says:

      Welcome to the US of A Brendan.

    2. avatar Hannibal says:

      Man I’m lucky I didn’t get locked up in the UK, when I was there during high school!

      Maybe I should have just pretended to be Sikh, because somehow that makes it legal…

  24. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    I know this may come as a shock to hippie dippie folks but, dudes who like big, shiny, jacked up trucks, such as myself, probably started liking them because they realized chicks like big, shiny, jacked up trucks…

    Hell, my wife cried when we had to sell my jacked up truck cause we needed something more practical and with more room for the kids; she loved riding shotgun in that beast. And no, she isn’t some uneducated redneck; she come from a good home and she has her Masters degree.

    But, I digress. Listen, men like nice sh*t because women like nice sh*t –plain and simple.

    And as far as OC, just get over yourself. Despite what your mommy used to to tell you, one cares about your feelings.

    1. avatar kenneth says:

      There’s just something women like about a pickup man!

  25. avatar nynemillameetuh says:

    I bet if I appendix carried my 6″ Colt Trooper she’d think my D was bigger. Oh wait, that came out wrong.

  26. avatar Chuck C says:

    There’s often a sort of straw man argument that is propagated in debates like the legalization of open carry; that is, opponents often argue that the reason it should be illegal is because it’s not a thing that people should do (i.e. it’s not helpful, it’s just overcompensation, etc). Essentially, they may argue that open carrying is a poor decision.

    Even if you accept the argument that open carry is not particularly helpful (which I don’t, but that’s beside the point), the real debate is over whether or not people should be allowed to do it. Getting a face tattoo is almost universally regarded as a poor decision, and you may be uncomfortable around people with face tattoos, but banning face tattoos would be a flagrant violation of the 1st amendment, and so the decision of whether or not to get one is left to the individual, not to the state (once again, I’m not equating getting a face tattoo to open carry; I’m just saying that even if you accept that it’s a distasteful decision, it shouldn’t matter, legally). Regardless of your feelings over the merits of concealed vs open carry, that too should be a decision left to the individual.

    From a more pragmatic point of view, the legalization of open carry is good for those who carry concealed because it takes away any question of whether it’s illegal to accidentally expose part of your gun (bending over, excessive printing, etc).

    EDIT: It also boggles the mind that the ‘small d*ck’ quote made it into this article. Seriously NPR, what the hell?

    1. avatar Ardent says:

      I was waiting to see if someone was going to mention this. Reporters don’t use interviews randomly, especially at NPR where the agenda is obvious. In this case they go with an interviewee who comes off sounding hateful and stupid, which is no accident since said interviewee is part of an out group. All the better if the interviewee also happens to denigrate others in the same or another out group.

      Considering the larger picture, and the fact that someone can be found somewhere saying anything, hating on the interviewee is short sighted, and frankly plays into the game NPR put forth.

      The focus here should be on NPR for going with the interview in the first place. What’s needed are as many decency complaints to the FCC as possible, and counter stories in friendly press about how awful it is that NPR did what they did.

      Build it, own it, and make your opponent constantly fight just to stay in the game, rather than advancing their agenda. It’s what they do to us, and it works even when all they have are lies and distortions. If we became half as adept at playing the outrage/narrative game as they are, we’d be getting tax breaks for purchases of ammo instead of worrying about losing rights.

      If you want politicians to behave in your favor you have to pay. If you don’t have cash or influence, then you need political capital.you have to give them something to work with, which is what the other side does for theirs. Change the narrative and you gain capital. Own the capital and you get the laws you want. It might not be right, or savory, but to obstinately expect that people be smarter, or more honest, or in the case of politicians, to give you what you want for nothing in return because it’s the right thing to do , is to concede the game to the opposition.

  27. avatar McCann says:

    I posted the same comment I posted above at the NPR site. They’ve deleted it twice.

  28. avatar Tex300BLK says:

    You think that was bad Robert? Do you read the Austin Chronicle frequently? They have been running at least one article every edition decrying all the “fetishists” since January 1st, and most recently they have some washed up former city council candidate who is already confidently declaring that open carry has jumped the shark because of the massive amount of business who have opted to put up a 30.07 sign. When he says “massive” I think it is maybe 20 and a lot of these places were already posted 30.06 before Jan 1st, they have a cute little list on their website. Apparently though, he gleefully thinks that we have “woken people up” and will continue calling business demanding that they post “no guns” signs.

  29. avatar col potter says:

    Katy: look at the hands. It is a man on the left and a woman on the right.

    1. avatar Katy says:

      I suppose. They’re mannish, but that tennis bracelet doesn’t do him any favors. Also, on a phone the picture is small enough that I thought the ring was a painted thumbnail.

  30. avatar sota says:

    If I could get my wife as interested in my dick as some of these people are, I’d never be on the internet.

  31. avatar NYC2AZ says:

    Is there something about the last name DeLeon that brings out the stupid? I wonder if she saw me walking around with an empty holster, would she think it was a “ghost gun.”

  32. avatar Hannibal says:

    Some people open carry for functional purposes. But I’ve seen plenty of people who wear a gun the way a woman wears a cute purse- as a fashion accessory, with all the selfies and strutting to match.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Well, that *IS* what I intend to do, but I haven’t found the right rig, yet.

    2. avatar JR_in_NC says:

      And if they do, so what? Why on earth is that a problem?

      If the gun is holstered and otherwise being “handled” in accordance with both the four rules and the law, why does it matter to you what rig they use or why they chose it or if they (gasp!) take a picture of themselves?

      Good grief.

  33. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    In my experience, most of my higher risk, unsolicited encounters with questionable strangers occur at the gas pump. I don’t drive while wearing my sidearm.

    At a gas station, being able to slide that otherwise uncomfortable holster quickly into my waistband, leaving it OCvwithout having to untuck my business shirt and re-tuck to cover the holster, is downright convenient.

    I’ve already done it three times since OC went into effect on the 1st. It gives me a quick and easy option vs. standing there pumping gas with my EDC sidearm in the car. That’s been the case (and all the more reason) when there was no one else at the pumps. That momentary OC is just basic safety and convenience, not a showy display or public threat.

    This lady should get professional help to explore the root causes of her hate and prejudice, then seek some common sense attitude reform.

  34. avatar Another Robert says:

    OK, scream Godwin’s Law all you want, but whenever I see some liberal goo-goos drag out a “gun owner” who proceeds to belittle the 2A community in general or the latest targeted subset thereof, I can’t help but think that even the Nazis never managed to find a population where no one would side with them; even the concentration camps had their “kapos”.

  35. avatar dh34 says:

    A few points…From one those living in the liberal epicenter of Texas:

    One of the biggest problems with OC for liberals and the professional anti-gun crowd, is that on Jan 1st, gunfights did not break out, blood wasn’t running in the streets and it was very anti-climatic. For all the hand wringing of state agencies, grave dancing and rosary clutching…nothing…happened…the sun rose and set, and for the most part no one even noticed. To be honest, I really haven’t noticed anyone open carrying when I’ve been out and about. But then again, of late my days have been largely spent in areas where it’s not permitted or travelling.

    But the antis, not content with the non-drama, have been stirring the pot to create it where it doesn’t exist. They are targeting open carry and campus carry primarily. The latest tactic is to highlight businesses that do not allow open carry and the private universities that are opting out of campus carry. A few very vocal Dems and local papers/TV stations are making sure their cause gets visibility. For the most part it’s just background noise right now, mostly because the of the political circus and world events. But they are trying to ally themselves with business owners, particularly small business owners, playing up the “onerous” 30.06/30.07 signage requirements and how burdensome they are on business.

    Quite frankly, I haven’t seen anything on the news were a person open carrying has done something illegal or otherwise…All I’ve seen is press given to whiny opponents trying to make an issue from a non-issue…

    1. avatar JR_in_NC says:

      “All I’ve seen is press given to whiny opponents trying to make an issue from a non-issue”

      Which is the entire gun control debate in a nutshell.

      Histrionic bleating; it’s what they do.

  36. avatar Fred says:

    NPR has a saying that comes up every once in a while, “we take important things and make them interesting, not just taking interesting things and make them seem important”. Considering media speak they do the opposite. Whatever is weird or interesting in their home bases, San Fran, Boston, or wherever the program originates from, is what gets covered. That’s why there are daily updates on California weather, the tech industry, New York City and Boston sports. Anything in between the East coast or West coast is treated as a quaint curiosity. The other day they covered the Flint water crisis and indirectly postulated it shouldn’t be a problem because the state is surrounded by the Great Lakes, as if everyone in Michigan travels to one of the Great Lakes to get our daily water or have it shipped to our door (the California pipe dream). On guns NPR usually gets it wrong if any stats or facts are used, but they’ve moved onto emotion-only pieces as of late. I am surprised the callers are usually more pro-gun than not.

  37. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    Living in Illinois I only see COPS and security guards open carrying(but I swear I’ve seen a few who were neither-opening breaking the “law” thinking no cop would NOT think they were a guard). I do see some in Indiana-and it ain’t a big deal. I don’t get the preoccupation with a man’s junk either(although I know some smaller than average Barney Fife type cops are “compensating”). I wish I could do it legally in my old age-I don’t give a fluck what you think of my glandular girth…

  38. avatar Ted Unlis says:

    More than two weeks into open carry in Texas and I’ve yet to lay eyes on the first OCer in my East Texas hometown of 25K. Same goes in trips to the Houston and Dallas areas, not a single soul.

    Just as I suspected, open carry in Texas is shaking out pretty much the same as it did for our neighbors in Oklahoma, a rarity since even though it’s legal, the majority of folks lawfully carrying a handgun have common sense and most [email protected]$$es tempted to openly carry respond well to peer pressure.

    Open carry is now the law of the land in the Lone Star State and I defend the privilege of the open carry obsessed to be the center of attention when they go out in public.

    Just because someone is dumb and/or lacks common sense doesn’t make them a bad person, but when I finally do lay eyes on my first OCer in Texas, I will certainly appreciate the ability afforded by the new law to identify a [email protected]$$ with ease.

    1. avatar Chip Bennett says:

      Open carry is now the law of the land in the Lone Star State and I defend the privilege of the open carry obsessed to be the center of attention when the go out in public.

      In all of Texas, I’m fairly confident that there’s not a single soul more obsessed with open carry than you are.

    2. avatar ThomasR says:

      Umm, Ted Unlis, what you don’t realize is that the identification of what you are, in attacking OC’ers by denigrating them on this way, goes both ways.

      You show yourself, at heart, to be one of the herd. Afraid to appear different than all the rest that have chosen to be helpless, powerless and defenseless. You respond to “peer pressure”; so that you won’t show yourself to be one that actually takes responsibility for your own and your communities protection.

      1. avatar Ted Unlis says:

        Actually Thomas, I’ve been able to openly carry in Texas if I so choose for the last 35 years and yes during my first few months on the job the reason I didn’t might well have had something to do with peer pressure since veterans then and now quickly bring rookies into line if they find out new hires are doing something really [email protected]$$ed like grocery shopping or taking their kids to the playground while foolishly drawing attention to themselves with their gun displayed while off duty just because they can.

        There’s a reason why few Texas LE agencies ever had a need for a policy prohibiting off duty open carry, most officers have better sense and the number of [email protected]$$es who foolishly insist on openly carrying their handgun while off duty are an anomaly unlikely to have much longevity in a LE career. The overwhelming majority of licensed handgun carriers are no different from LE officers, most have better sense.

        In Texas just as in Oklahoma, open carry obsessed [email protected]$$es licensed to carry a handgun are an anomaly. The reality is that just because open carry is legal doesn’t mean it’s smart, and that applies equally to off duty LEO and licensed handgun carriers.

        1. avatar JR_in_NC says:

          Ah, so a State Declared “Special” Class, then…got it. Your other comments, calling people names for not agreeing with your worldview on OC for example, just came into sharp focus.

          Egads. LEO’s like you were the ones when I was working that some guys were slow to respond to on “Officer needs assistance” calls. You know, the ones that go out of their way to antagonize the community, call people names and throw around their authoritay?

          You’ll never see it though…because you are “right” and have “common sense” and I guess I’m just a dumba$$ for DARING to disagree with something you said.

    3. avatar Jframe says:

      Go fu.. Yourself. No one asked your opinion. You’re the dumb ass to even worry why I would carry openly.
      Oh yes I drive F250. Hard to pull boat or rv with the fusion.

      1. avatar Ted Unlis says:

        J I guess I missed the memo about waiting for you to ask for my opinion before offering it. Too funny! What a [email protected]$$!

        1. avatar JR_in_NC says:

          It is a weak mind that must resort to name calling, much less in every argument.

          Sounds like a Proggie. DEFINITELY sounds like a troll.

          Shannon paying you to astroturf ttag?

    4. avatar JR_in_NC says:

      “the majority of folks lawfully carrying a handgun have common sense and most [email protected]$$es tempted to openly carry respond well to peer pressure.”

      Rational logic. You don’t have it.

      Your homework assignment is to study “tautology” and “begging the question fallacy.”

      And, to get off your high horse thinking that just because you think something that it is transcendentally “common sense” (a tactic used by the Proggies) and those that disagree with you are “dumba$$es.”

      1. avatar kenneth says:

        Its easy to spot the trolls on shannons(really bloomberg’s. she’s never paid for a thing in her life that I can find evidence of. she’s a minion, not a leader) payroll isn’t it? All one needs to do is notice if they understand what logical and rational is. if they don’t, then I’ll call them a bloomie. I know a turd when I smell it.
        Its easy for them to SAY; “I have an LTC and…”, but being an anti they’ve spent their entire existence spouting “facts” that they made up on the spot, or repeating what their leader told them to say.
        After that much disuse, their brains can’t just start working instantly. It takes some WD40 in the ears and a few month of work to get the frozen machinery unstuck. If they find it impossible to think or speak rationally, you’ve just found a sock puppet hooked to bloomberg.
        Think they hate me enough yet? 🙂

  39. avatar Dev says:

    She’s 23 and obviously knows everything about the world already.

    1. avatar All_is_fair says:

      And she’s obviously a deep thinker because she graduated with a 6.0GPA in her gender studies major (she got extra points because she pees sitting down and because she got “special snowflake” status.

      1. avatar LarryinTX says:

        Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m still wondering about her ta-tas.

        1. avatar anaxis says:

          I wonder if she obsesses over her thigh-gap (or lack thereof) as much as penises.

  40. avatar Ralph says:

    Ironic that she’s talking about a man’s penis on National Pubic Radio.

  41. avatar LJM says:

    I can’t open carry, but would if I could. Oh, and I’m college educated, have high self esteem, drive a big ass truck towing a big boat…. And I swing low.

  42. avatar Publius says:

    The problem is that these people still think it’s OK for police and other government employees to open carry.

    1. avatar kenneth says:

      Yeah. It sure is not-so-strange how certain people think that everyone who open carries is a [email protected]$$, and yet somehow it just doesn’t apply to LEOs, isn’t it? I guess its because to a statist, a badge is a magic talisman blessed by harry potter or some such BS.
      Luckily, their state worship gives away their position, no matter how much they deny it. So anyone who is anti OC, to be logical and consistent, would have to apply all of that ‘logic’ they are so infamous for, to LEOs, also.
      And I can’t recall a single one who has ever done that.

      1. avatar JR_in_NC says:

        Very well said.

        Statism is a religion, and the sacrament is “control others.” To attack that sacrament in any way, such as “allowing” free citizens to exercise a right the State currently enjoys exclusively, is the gravest sin.

        Okay, maybe Statism is more like a cult. People brainwashed into Statist thinking can’t see ANY other way of thinking as being valid.

  43. avatar Ing says:

    Meh. Personal insults from judgmental fools are a badge of honor. Tells me a lot more about you than you’ll ever know about me.

    1. avatar Mister Fleas says:

      Yep. As the saying goes, “Point a finger at someone, and you’re got three more pointed right back at you”.

  44. avatar UncleKim says:

    Open carry is just plain dumb. CC for everyone!

    1. avatar JR_in_NC says:


      Your opinion is not a fact; please don’t state it as such. I know elementary school children that know this difference. The least we can do as adults is set a good example.

  45. avatar CoolHand says:

    Dear Monica,
    Blow Me.
    Somebody who doesn’t open carry but still thinks you’re a__hole.

  46. avatar TXGal says:

    Do carry outside waist ban in a retention holster, unseen since it’s cold outside and wearing a coat or warm vest makes it covered. Since it is more comfortable to have a handgun in a holster on a gun belt than inside a waist ban will continue to carry that way. How I carry is no one’s business other than mine. I don’t give a rat’s rear end what others think. The benefit of being a grown women.

  47. avatar bryan1980 says:

    Good Lord, the “gun + big truck = small penis” argument again! I expect that from the anti-gun crowd, but from someone with a LTC?

    I wonder if “Monica” really has a LTC….

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