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Maurice Carter (left) and Detroit Davis-Riley (right) (courtesy

“Few situations are more frightening than crimes that randomly turn anyone into a victim. It wounds our sense of safety when simply walking on a public street feels dangerous. Typically, the response to these incidents is more and better policing. In this case, there were 18 officers within minutes of the scene; surveillance cameras were rolling. But that didn’t stop the bad guys; streets that were well-policed and packed with people did not deter them.” – Downtown shootings call for more focus on gun access, violence prevention [via]

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  1. Here is the reason why they want something done, it’s not about public safety it’s about the all powerful $$$.

    “Fear of being caught in a crossfire can understandably make people think twice about patronizing shops, entertainment venues, and sports and concert stadiums — and discourage more downtown living.”

    They have a gang problem, but more gun laws will fix that, just ask Chicago and NYC right?

    • Somehow I missed any reference to new gun laws, I only saw reference to enforcing existing laws and putting violators away longer. Surprised me!

      • The article also mentioned getting more guns off the streets, like Minneapolis is going to get a couple hundred million guns off the street to make their downtown “safer”. As I’m sure we’ve all seen, wildings in urban areas where guns didn’t have any impact, yet the base causes and effects are the same: inner city yutes with no self control destroy people’s lives because they feel like it and responsible people stay away from areas where these animals tend to be. Guns or no guns, the problem is the same. The solution is complicated, multi leveled, and tough for people to hear, but “easy” access to guns is not one of the solutions.

        • One reader in the comments section summed it up perfectly by saying:
          “Where the riff raff feels comforable, the criminals will follow. Right now the riff raff is comfortable in downtown Minneapolis”

  2. Yeah, I specifically don’t go into Chiraq anymore because of their refusal to deal with their hood rat infestation and their willingness to punish law abiding citizens to show they are “doing something”… I’m just sitting back and cackling as the city goes bankrupt now that the state has refused to bail them out.

  3. The editorial staffs article from the news paper talks about reducing access to guns for the criminals, reducing parking spaces so that gang members can’t shoot at rival gang members vehicles, more jail time for gun crime; but guess what they did not suggest as another aspect of crime control?

    Wait for it……. no suggestion that law abiding citizens carry weapons for self defense.

    This is my shocked face.

    The morally bankrupt and depraved and corrupt minds of these “intellectual elite” is printed for all the world to see. It is a wonder how such degenerates were given such place of power and authority over the education of our children and the control of our public media.

    The citizens of this country have much to answer for, for we are the ones that have allowed this to happen.

    • Wait, you mean removing parking spots and making sidewalks wider doesn’t stop gang violence cold? Are you sure? Sure seems like a foolproof plan to me.

    • Reducing parking spaces? They actually suggested that as a solution?

      I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Their solution to “gun violence” is to make life difficult for all the people who *aren’t* violent, so they might as well tackle gang violence by taking downtown parking spaces away from all the peaceful people who just want to go shopping.

    • How would you feel if one night this hansom duo came to your door, and said they were there to pick up your 16 year old daughter, for an all night date?

  4. Just give it more time…Betsy’s platform is all about income equality. She even tried to start a Department of Equitable Outcomes (seriously, true story) but sadly it was shot down. If we would just let her spread the wealth around like she wants to, the problem of Gun! violence will disappear. [sarcasm off]

    It’s pretty sad really. The last mayor pulled a big PR stunt by walking downtown at night with a news crew following him while he showed everyone how “safe” the area was. The news crew was not allowed to show the 20 police officers walking behind him. That was his response to the nonstop gang violence, muggings, etc. that was and still is plaguing downtown. I’ve lived in Mpls. since ’93. The city has been spiraling downward pretty hard and it seems like lately it’s gaining speed.

    Meanwhile, the thug farm continues to yield big harvests year after year. As long as the Democrat masters stay in power and get to grow their slave class, the cycle will continue. The police will keep hauling them in, the Racist! system will keep letting them out, the plantation owners will continue to farm…

    • The news crew was not allowed to show the 20 police officers walking behind him.

      The mayor couldn’t have stopped them. The news crews were complicit on purpose.

      • Step one=determine the average income in the city. Step two=reduce the Mayor’s salary to that amount. Step three put your fingers in your ears to drown out the mayor’s screaming.

  5. So if crowded streets with plenty of cops don’t deter them, maybe making their victims helpless will deter them…

    • That’s it–Liberal Logic 101. They really are that stupid. In fairness, tho, i am kind of shocked over the relatively copious amount of ink they dedicated to causes and solutions other than just “gunz” in the actual article.

  6. This happened at closing time? Let the bars stay open for hour after sun rise! I’m sure the city taxes alcohol sales. Nice bump in tax income for the city, drunks can see better driving home in the daylight so everyone is safer.

  7. From the StarTribue article,

    … as one [city official] pointed out, combating [criminals armed with firearms who attack good people] involves a strong focus on gun access — using current laws to prevent violent criminals from getting guns, prosecuting them to the maximum when they possess and use guns, and expanding efforts to take more firearms out of circulation.

    Or, that city official could look at a recent bank robbery in Warren, Michigan, where a bank patron with a concealed carry license took out the robber when the robber turned his gun on the concealed carry licensee. (

    Regardless of how fruitful any efforts may be to “get guns off the streets”, I’ll be armed so that I can effectively defend myself from firearms that fell through the cracks and into the hands of eager violent criminals.

  8. The Democrats got their ass beaten bad by the Willie Horton issue. Now things are getting worse in the inner cities yet the Democrats are skating. I don’t know if there’s something in the air that’s making America more stupid, or if the lure of free sh1t is so overwhelming that people will risk their children’s lives to get some.

    • Maybe it’s because they think the Confederate battle flag is a bigger threat than the Willie Hortons of the world. And that any number of rapes, robberies, and murders are of no consequence, as long as no baker turns down a gay couple and no Chick-Fil-A gets built in [fill in blue-state urban hellhole here]. You know, keeping their minds on the important stuff…

  9. By minutes away, they mean that there are many cops posted on foot within 10-20 yards of the shooting at this time of night. There’s a police station on the other end of the alley the shooting took place in. I was once assaulted 30 yards away from where this shooting took place while Minneapolis’ finest watched and did nothing. Minneapolis cops don’t care, aren’t held to account, and they aren’t going to help you in a life and death situation.

  10. “26 bullet casings” were found! They must have meant bullet “jackets” Wow! those bullets must have been traveling so fast that the lead core just jumped out of their jackets, before they hit their targets, and left the “casings” on the street.

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