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Although I’m writing this on a Macbook Pro while charging my iPhone, I get anti-Apple antipathy. The Cupertino-based brand has been associated with smug slackers since the time before there were smug slackers. Any techno-geek will tell you that Apple products are [still] expensive compared to the non-Apple competition. And the technorati are so not in love with the whole walled garden thing. But does a Mac deserve this kind of abuse? Who cares? The antis may shiver, but Shiva the Destroyer is a serious babe. That is all.

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  1. Cool video. However “Shiva the Destroyer” is a dude, not a babe. You may be thinking of Kali the Destroyer..

  2. [Edit times out]

    By way of explanation, OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 and iOS 8.not gonna look it up leak memory so atrociously, I spend up to an hour a day recovering memory with apps made for that purpose. The OS seeks to use all available memory for the lowliest of tasks, and then refuses to release the memory when the task is done.

    Suffice it to say I don’t believe Apple gives a diddly shift about operating systems anymore. Yeah, I probably have too many apps – a lot of music apps for my band – but there’s close to 3 gb of free space. I can’t see why that’s not enough to run all tasks and release the used memory, for pete’s sake.

    • A good operating system will allocate all possible memory in advance of you needing it. The idea is that going to disk is expensive and having what you will need in RAM makes the machine more responsive.

      Many people believe that system memory should be left “free” and not allocated until its needed. That is one design approach, but for most uses, it means waiting for your computer when you ask it to do something.

      Admittedly, pre-loading things into RAM is a bit of a black art. System designers try to balance general use cases with the extremes to create a system that strikes a balance.

      If I’ve got 16 GB of ram, I don’t simply want it to site idle most of the day. I want the operating system to learn what I do and pre-load the things I need (browser, email client…etc).

  3. Isn’t that Richard from “Rated RR”?
    I may just blow up my laptop as soon as I can quit buying guns and get a MacBook Pro.
    Wait…. Did I seriously just write that?

    • Yeah, i think it was, Thomas…

      Are these fvckwits *that* flipping rich that they destroy high-end ‘puters and buy new iPhone 6s’ and blow the hell out of them for grins?

      What the ‘livin frick?

      Must be nice…

      • The Google Glass, these computers, phones, X Box, PS4’s he has shot up are chump change to the video cameras he his using to capture the destruction. 1,000,000 FPS or above require the camera to be register much like a SBR, Uncle Sammy wants to know why you feel the need to have it.

        TSA has detained him at airports cause he failed the “sniffer” test, his cameraman happens to be of middle east dissent. I believe the story went excuse me gentlemen come this way, first thing he said here are my YouTube channels, go watch, you’ll see why we smell like explosives. The TSA agent came back a fan, said OK, enjoy your trip.

        If he’s spending daddy’s piles of money to destroy things, good on him I like watching insanely fast FPS videos to watch det cord going off or bullets flying and reacting with an object.

        He’s sharing his destruction with us, good on him. Plus I think it’s free advertisement for those products so they maybe just preproduction units that are not working or failed QA.

        • Ultra high speed cameras fall under ITAR, but far as I know you don’t have to really do anything (aside maybe register your enterprise per ITAR) unless you plan to export them.

          You’re missing one very important element to this. Youtube pays this guy VERY generously to upload his videos and display advertisements. I personally know several youtubers who record, edit, and upload their videos to youtube as a full time job. Like, a 60k+/year full time job.

        • The Stig

          60K a year Youtube? I am in the wrong field. But thanks for teaching me something new. That is what is great about TTAG, learn new things, spend money on new things I didn’t know about.

          Great user name if comes from TG. That is my other money pit, I mean hobby.

        • I doubt $60K a year covers this guy’s bar tabs, let alone restaurant bills. Didja notice that he showed up by chopper? Last time I checked, it was about $1K per hour to keep a Jet Ranger in the air, and that was long ago.

          IIRC a pro gambler, so it all may be gone tomorrow. But in terms of his lifestyle, I’m sure he’s played many poker games where $60K wouldn’t cover the ante.

        • His ‘Guest Host’ was Dan Bilzerian, a SEAL washout. Bilzerian’s money apparently came from gambling, he’s rumored worth 100 million.

    • “The part I found interesting was how much the iMAC deflected the 90mm projectile.”

      I’ve seen an ultra-ultra slow-mo vid of a .50 BMG going into 3 glass globe Christmas tree ornaments and exiting with a very substantiall ‘yaw’…

      Kinda mind-blowing when you think about how little X-Mas tree ornaments weigh and the tremendous kinetic energy in a .50 cal round at over 2,000 fps…


      Found it! –

  4. Did anybody else notice the Hebrew writing on the shell? Cue one of Farago’s old Israeli model references, or perhaps the image of smiting a false idol.

  5. Does anyone know Richard’s backstory? I mean, he gets all the best toys to play with. What did he do before internet vids? The way he speaks he could have been a TV announcer but the only way I could afford the sort of stuff he’s got is if I was a trust fund baby, and baby, that just ain’t my bag, nooooo (Austin Powers).

    • A bit of his story, seems he was working a couple of full time jobs in the beginning. A guess his he was lucky and some how was involved with motion picture production and firearms. His access to the high speed cameras were what allowed him to have so many followers I think.

      He’s also very good at explaining what is going on in his videos, so he’s not dumb. States he’s a firearms instructor, I can see that, he has the gift of breaking things down so someone without any knowledge of the subject can understand it. Not everyone can translate complex ideas into common sense speech.

      • “Not everyone can translate complex ideas into common sense speech.”

        Not quite right. If you understand something well enough, you can explain it coherently to anyone.

        • Also maybe not quite right. There is an aspect of constructive learning that states a first grader may learn math, for example, more effectively from a sixth grader than from a PhD in mathematics due to the proximal stages of mental development.

  6. Since this is the Truth About Macs segment of our program ? , may I humbly disagree?

    If you self build a slammin’ game machine yes Macs cost more. Actually when people outfit a store bought PC with the same capabilities the PC is not cheaper. Do exaggerate there are cheaper PCs to be had. If you go cheap enough it will barely run its operating system. Yes the big box stores will sell you one even though it barely functions.

    I’ve been around for the Ford vs Chev vs Mopar wars so I was calm when I encountered the caliber wars. I don’t want to start another skirmish here about computer brands. There’s enough market for everyone. The biggest diff between Macs and PCs is that you bring a peripheral home to your Mac you just plug it in. No crazy, no wait my printer doesn’t work now that I hooked up a scanner.

    Yet they are different tools for different projects and needs. Don’t we know that with our real obsession? ?

    Peace yall!

    • “The biggest diff between Macs and PCs is that you bring a peripheral home to your Mac you just plug it in. No crazy, no wait my printer doesn’t work now that I hooked up a scanner. ”

      This isn’t the 90s anymore.

      Considering that Windows runs on so many different hardware platforms from different manufacturers, it has done an amazing job staying functional, and up to date. Macs only need to worry about a few different models, and don’t support platforms beyond a few years behind the latest OS update. Planned obsolescence. When comparing PCs to Macs, you are comparing apples and watermelons.

      Macs are good for high end photo, audio, and video production. In the gaming world (the biggest media market on earth) and in enterprise environments (the most common computing use), Macs are far behind PCs.

      Now that Macs are intel based, they may make headway to take more of the market, but if they keep their draconian software development licensing structure in place, they will continue to be less than 20% of the computing market. I think they have decided to stick with the small device market (phones and tablets) and have let their desktop development slide into the backseat.

      /rant over

      • When one has over $200B cash on hand from selling grossly overpriced phones to sycophant hipsters, one (understandably) can develop a focus.

  7. Who do you have to get in touch with to borrow a 90mm Anti-Tank Cannon? What is the first phone call you make for something like that?

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