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“The CDC shows there were 30,781 accidental poisoning deaths in 2010 versus 600 accidental shooting deaths in that same year. There were 31,758 accidental poisoning deaths in 2009 versus 554 accidental shooting deaths, and 31,116 accidental poisoning deaths in 2008 versus 592 accidental shooting deaths. … Wow—93,655 deaths by accidental poisoning versus 1,746 deaths via the accidental discharge of a firearm. Yet how many privately-donated millions will the left spend pushing gun control this year? And how many additional millions—acquired through taxes—will elected Democrats spend trying to find a way to expand gun control in our country?” – AWR Hawkins in CDC Report: 35,369 Vehicle Accident Deaths, 505 Gun Accident Deaths [at]

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  1. Sigh. Obviously, accidental gun deaths are much worse than accidental deaths by other means. Especially when gun deaths are at the bottom of the list of all the ways people can get accidentally killed.

    But only those less sophisticated, educated and with no feelings, would not understand the difference.

    • Well, one correction, death by lightening strikes are less than accidental gun deaths. Shark attacks, meteor strikes, mountain lion, bear and wolf attacks,. But you get the idea.

      • Mountain lion, bear, and wolf attacks would claim more human lives if we didn’t have guns. Just don’t tell the grabbers that, or they’ll get their PETA friends on our case too.

  2. Tough to move the needle on poison control…it’s not used for lawful self protection therefore exempt from the wobbly logic of gun grabbers

    • It’s a lot harder to resist a progressive agenda police state being forced on us for our own good with a bottle of Drano and box of rat poison.

    • I would actually appreciate it if pediatricians would remind parents of newborns to “babyproof” the house. You would think that everyone should already know. And yet there are how many thousand accidental poisonings every year???

      • Pediatrician are the front line drug salesman for the pharamcutical industry. Baby proofing your house is your responsibility. Like self defense.

  3. The press motto “If it bleeds, it leads.” Poisonings don’t catch the press’ attention, the public doesn’t know.

  4. Control being the key word. Politicians want control so they have free reign, so they fill the useful idiots with made up “facts” and fudged numbers to insight a frenzy. Im no conspiracy nut but i wonder how many big coverage shootings might really be orchestrated.

    • You are just acknowledging the facts about those that feel the ends justifies the means. Bill Ayers, mentor to Obama, unrepentant terrorist “I didn’t do enough” of the Weather Underground, after their successful Marxist revolution, projected to need to murder 25 million Americans that wouldn’t be re-educated.

      Do you really believe people that think this way would hesitate to commit mass murder in a shooting rampage to further their agenda?

    • You know, this brings an interesting idea to mind. Consider people who own firearms and are fairly passionate about actually keeping and bearing them. Let’s say that is about half of firearms owners, or about 50 million people. I’ll bet the political split is about 80% republican and 20% democrat. Thus about 40 million republicans and 10 million democrats are passionate about keeping and bearing firearms.

      In light of the above situation, it seems obvious to me that gun control is nothing more than a veiled way for democrats to imprison their political enemies — republicans. If that doesn’t send chills down your spine, I don’t know what will.

  5. math is hard for liberals. unless it comes to taxes. and taking from the evil and racist rich. unless you are a clinton and then it is ok to exempt them. and if you point out the hypocrisy, you are sexist and part of the vast ring wing conspiracy.

  6. The goal was never about saving lives, it’s about pushing the “Utopian Ideal”. People from the dawn of time til the end of time always have and always will push their idea of a Utopia onto the masses and claim it’s better for them. This group of people think that once the guns are gone, the people will fall in line with their way of thinking.

    • “Utopian ideal”? Maybe that’s how it’s packaged to the useful idiots who repeat the sound bites they’re given, but the agenda is civilian disarmament and total control over global populations.

  7. The anti-2A movement cloaks itself in the mantle of “public health” yet a quick look at CDC cause of death numbers will show that (accounting for all sorts of stuff like eliminating “natural deaths” when people are old and so on) all gun deaths, murder, accidents, suicides and DGUs, account for at best 1.8% of all “unnatural” deaths every year.

    Factoring out suicide, which is the largest cause of gun deaths, we end up with 0.85% of deaths in persons under 75 due to “gun violence.”

    Also, heart disease never saved a life. Guns do save lives, every year. Both by direct DGU and the deterrent effect. Gun save lives tens of thousands of times, though the actual numbers can never be known.

    So the “public health” lobby is telling everyone they’re just interested in “saving lives” by attacking guns which account for a tiny percentage of annual deaths, ignoring the benefits of guns which most likely outweighs the negatives, and which involves stripping their fellow citizens of their natural rights to armed self defense

    Anyone else think the whole “public health” angle is a scam? But why guess, here’s the leading “public health” anti-gun crusader, Harvard’s David Hemenway on guns:

    “Instead of it being the mark of a real man that you can shoot somebody at 50 feet and kill them with a gun, the mark of a real man is that you would never do anything like that. . . . The gun is a great equalizer because it makes wimps as dangerous as people who really have skill and bravery and so I’d like to have this notion that anyone using a gun is a wuss. They aren’t anybody to be looked up to. They’re somebody to look down at because they couldn’t defend themselves or couldn’t protect others without using a gun.”

    • Right, because muggers and home invaders only act according to Marquis of Queensbury rules and give you a sporting chance. The man is a deluded fool no matter his academic accomplishments.

      Kudos on the “heart disease never saved a life” line. I’m going to use that at some point.

    • Dave, Dave, Dave. What you are doing is called projection. You are projecting your feeling of being a “wuss” for knowing you are completely and utterly helpless, powerless and defenseless,.

      What is so bizarre about this is that in the same breath, would he say cops and soldiers are “wuss(es)” for carrying guns?

      The so called thought process of a statist gun grabber is so incomprehensible that it is as if one is trying to communicate with an alien from another planet.

    • I wonder how our “man” here would react in the face of a real threat? I suspect his bravery would trickle down his pant leg as he ran away in utter fear.

    • “Wusses” like women, the elderly, the disabled, and anyone just simply not up to the task of fending off a 250 lb, drugged out attacker with his bare hands? Let alone many such attackers?

      Hemenway is trying to do the usual taunting about masculinity here, but what he’s really saying is women, the elderly, the disabled, and the physically unimposing are “somebody to look down at because they couldn’t defend themselves or couldn’t protect others without using a gun.” He wants us to view those people with the same contempt, and think that any man who uses a gun is lowering himself to their level.

  8. The reality that guns are used in defense of life is becoming more recognized in the collective societal conscience.
    We as POTG need to continue to educate with facts. They are persistent things.
    At some point I would hope the delicate flowers that need puppy room, safe spaces, ie:
    would become tired of lurching from one emotional, existential crisis to the next and apply some logic to their lives. Don’t expect higher education to carry that particular water these days. We are not only ambassadors but needed examples of capable, high- functioning, self-sufficient, adults in a world where many are told they cannot be.

  9. Sounds like we need some poison control and parenting lessons on how to lock up your chemicals. I still can’t believe how a raging anti, who is presented these numbers from a very credible source, still continues to rage against firearms. Le sigh. Oh well, gotta keep killing them with kindness…….and facts.

  10. My pediatrician asked me why people have to kill each other (and with guns)… so we went yesterday to 3rd CR’s museum in Ft. Hood, where we saw a short video of the Ebensee concentration camp.

    So why in the world would one group of people want to kill another group of people? *sarc off*

  11. What’s the definition of “accidental poisoning” here? Does it encompass drinking bleach, overdosing on illegal drugs, being killed by legal and unsafe drugs?

  12. I’ve always found it odd the way antis attack the rights of law abiding citizens. If they look at the stats they would see the 2 main sources of “gun violence” are suicide and gang type violence. Instead of actually trying to come up with a way to lower that they seek to limit the rights of those who present almost no issue in the matter. It makes zero sense

  13. Yeah, it terms of sheer number of deaths that bottle of acetaminophen at the dollar store is far more deadly than an AR.

  14. The goal is to establish a totalitarian state of which absolute power is an end to itself. People need to read 1984.

    • loll Office Space. ” I was told I could drink my poison at a reasonable volume because this is America, and if TTAG can shoot guns, I can drink my poison, and I talked to HR, and and and…”

  15. 300 people a year die in bathtubs, mostly under 5 or over 80.
    30 people a year are killed by dogs, every dog breed has a death except a basset hound, but im a little dubious of that, think i read it in one of m gladwells books.
    2012 was the first year since the 1950s that firearms werent in the top 15 causes of death in the u.s. (that includes suicicdes, cop shootings, accidents, and justified). The two main facotrs in this were 1. The advances in medical trauma made in the last decade during our wars of terror, and the reduced crime rate. Freakonomics postulates the reduction in crime starting in the early 90s was due to roe v wade in 75, as many unwanted children didnt grow up to be criminals because they were aborted. There are many things more deadly than guns, but for me one accidental shooting death or wounding would be too many. Preach gun safety, lock up guns when not in use, and train the young people over and over till they get it. That and take showers not baths and if u want a dog get a basset hound. Lol

  16. Another thing is the weird mindset of Guns are Bad and Everybody Who Has a Gun Is My Political Enemy (citizens who own lawfully, cops, defenders of the country). The only exception seems to be people who hate this country, or whose ancestors were hurt by this country… and those rich and powerful who support a certain ahem political party. They’re cool, they have a good reason for doing what they do, having guns they “shouldn’t have”. the gun issue is usually tied to a deeper hatred of America and the American system.

  17. And don’t forget the 98,000 – 100,000 deaths each year due to PREVENTABLE medical mistakes in hospitals and health care “professionals”. I guess those don’t fit the narrative.


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