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By Brandon via

A Houston store employee shot and killed a man as he attempted to rob him at gunpoint while he was entering his work Thursday morning. The employee, who works at Ruiz Cash n Carry in Houston, was walking up to the store with a bag in his hand, ready for his shift. That’s when police say a man came up behind him and put a gun to the employee’s back, demanding cash . . .

Unbeknownst to the robber, the employee is licensed to carry concealed and happened to have his concealed handgun hidden under the bag. When he saw the opportunity, he turned around quickly to face the robber and fired multiple shots.

The robber was transported to the hospital where he later died of his injuries.

The employee was not injured.

Based on the story, it seems that this employee has a history of being prepared with his firearm underneath his bag and ready to go as he’s entering the store. It’s a great way to be one step ahead of the bad guy, and proved to be an important step Thursday morning.

It also shows the importance of carrying with a round in the chamber. Had he had an empty chamber, he likely would not have had time to chamber a round in such a close proximity to the robber.

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  1. Ruiz Cash n Carry . Well, it was a take the cash and carry it away store. So, what is the problem? I wish we had a store where I could get free cash and carry it away.

  2. I figured this might have been a lucky (err unlucky for the robber) encounter.. I’ve heard that you should never draw on someone that has a gun already pointed at you.

    • I’ve heard that too, but the way I read it, the guy’s gun was already drawn – hidden under the bag. All he had to do, then, was aim.

      Perhaps most importantly, he wouldn’t be making a move the thief would easily interpret as “I’m going to try to shoot you first.”

  3. Comment at

    so nice of channel 2 to go out of the way to tell all would be robbers what this guys standard M.O. is.

      • assuming that the criminal type keeps up with the news. “smart” criminals, maybe, but i wouldnt give anyone too much credit

  4. Tough lesson for the BG in this case. Guess he won’t be doing that again. Still, took a lot of guts to fire on someone that is that close and has a gun pointed at you.

    • I have to disagree. Handing over your money doesn’t guarantee your life won’t be taken. At least using your CCW gives you a chance.

      • With him holding the gun under the bag, all he had to do was say, “Here’s the money,” and turn around. As he proffers the bag, pull the trigger.

  5. On the video it says owner. The article says employee…it makes a difference-a big difference.

  6. Unless you’re carrying an antique single action revolver, you shouldn’t have an empty chamber. Plain and simple.

    • IN the days when men carried those old revolvers they did in fact keep an empty chamber under the hammer. It is well established, however, that if they expected trouble and had the time they made sure to fill up the sixth slot.

      • Happy endings! One empty chamber on on a revolver is a different reason. Revolver still went bang when you pulled the trigger.

    • “Unless you’re carrying an antique single action revolver, you shouldn’t have an empty chamber. Plain and simple.”

      Back then it was common courtesy to have a ten-dollar bill in that chamber to pay for your funeral…

      • That’s a myth, and would have been an incredily stupid thing to do. If you got into a fire fight the money would be pretty baddly burned with a good chance of being completly un useable after shooting the pistol. Second unlike the movies, people were generally not standing around shooting each other and it was over with only a couple of shots. Once in a fire fight it is incredibly stupid to stick with only 5 rounds when you can have 6 as that extra bullet might mean the differeance between life and death. Third even if you did decide to stick with only loading 5 chambers at a time, in the middle of a firefight keeping track of the cylinder that is now rendered unusable is going to be extreamly difficult and the stumbling it can cuse might cost you your life too. There is no good reason to do that instead of just keeping the oney in your pocket.

  7. It’s not just the good guy who wins. Society wins as well. One less violent criminal permanently off the streets.

      • They don’t understand the math behind much of anything. Example: $18,000,000,000,000.00 plus in debt? No big deal.

        • I think it was Reagan that said, ‘A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon it adds up to real money.’

        • It was a modern adaption of Senator Everett Dirksen’s earlier quote of “A million here, a million there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money!”.

        • But I heard that our economy is doing so well… That debt thing seams to tell a different story.

        • People tend to think the govt doesnt have to follow rules…like math.

          But then again, the govt hasnt been following most rules so…

        • The sad thing is that sooner or later the mountain of debt comes back to haunt us.

    • I was just thinking this as well. Someone who is willing to violently cut corners in life has no place in civilized society

  8. So, with the police saying a robber stuck a gun in his back, Harris County is dragging him in front of a Grand Jury. I guess I just don’t understand Texas justice, especially the Houston/Austin varieties.

    • It might have been, but we can’t be sure since it doesn’t say whether he used a .45 (and we all know only a .45 kills souls)

  9. “Based on the story, it seems that this employee has a history of being prepared with his firearm underneath his bag and ready to go as he’s entering the store. It’s a great way to be one step ahead of the bad guy, and proved to be an important step Thursday morning.”

    I hate to be “that guy” but … a much more important “way to be one step ahead of the bad guy” is to see the bad guy coming before he is behind you and puts a gun to your back. Situational awareness and all.

  10. This also shows the one big advantage to off body carry, the ability to actually have the firearm in hand without drawing attention to yourself. Other than that, off body is generally a bad idea, but if you’re carrying a bag which could easily be assumed to hold a large amount of cash, off body could save your life.

  11. Situational awareness indeed. Beginning and end of shift are the times people are less aware of surrounding.

  12. Apparently this anti-gun group feels the problem is using a few fingers less , HOWEVER, without firearms it is usually a lot of blood and limbs alike a recent culprit in Boston!

    The pistols have been illegal in Australia since around 1902(around Australia’s year of Federation). whether a knife , lump of wood , iron bar , most ad-hoc weapon systems of killing or fighting causes horrendous injuries.

    This invites his name as nick-name to be used people (whom take for granted a firearm will always be there to cleanly harm or kill from either perspective in a crime problem to remember what happens if they have only alternate methods) to remember what the injury result often can equal.

    The “Boston Bomber”(non firearm attacker) is the equal of many of these medieval and prehistoric equipment that replaces the firearm as can be seen by the photographs of victims that day near the marathon finish after the bomb detonated showing the terrible similarity of wounds and number of dead(only two dead).

    The below then deserve to be referred to as “Boston Bomber” or “would be Boston Bomber”

    “Teenage Boston Bomber”

    “Home invading Boston Bomber”

    “Another home invading Boston Bomber”

    Machete, axe used in bloody home invasion April 21, 2011

    …Boston Bomber”

    …Boston Bomber”

    …Boston Bomber”

    …Boston Bomber”

    …Boston Bomber”

    This here is the most simplified form of the “Boston Bomber” with two knife victims

    The list goes on…..

    (You may be interested to know that the following is illegal in Britain and its commonwealth countries but there are various weapons in houses around in Australia) This following IS NOT Australian footage or incident!

    But it is what it can become easily in Australia or Britain in your house (the people in the house won this one but it can appear the opposite)!

    Redo of Bob Englehart’s cartoon because it does not show what occurs after gun control is in place…

    I almost forgot!!! The Khmer Rouge kept old gun barrels to execute death sentenced prisoners at the burial pits “because bullets cost too much” and they don’t use money and had very little resources , they used a “method of two strikes to the rear of the head using the bare gun barrel” , aside that, the machete on millions of people!


    • Interesting list of non-gun deadly weapons being used for mayhem, in fact.

      Many people hate to be reminded that there are dangerous things everywhere – it’ll wind them up every time. Noting that we are at risk from the ill behaviour of other people; that we exist in civilization on sufferance, makes people glitch.

      During the most recent Federal gun control spasm, why do people need guns came up with a work acquaintance. People don’t need them, and they’re dangerous, it seems. And “People shouldn’t have something that dangerous.”

      So, “need”, and bad statistics from the other side of the convesation, but people shouldn’t have dangerous things is the hook. So says I, “Well, putting aside ‘need’ for the moment, people do dangerous things all the time.”

      “Not dangerous to other people.”

      “You ever been hit by a 3,000 pound metal-clad land-missile, meaning a car?”

      We exist in modern civilization on sufferance. It’s a mutual non-aggression pact, that lets you walk down the street, leave your stuff at home & come back to find it, and, indeed, converse with holders of contrary opinions with words vs. kinetic persuasion.

      It’s more pervasive than that. The many conveniences of *modern* civilization are dangerous, if applied that way. They are applied without ill effect only through skilled, narrow use. We are surrounded by a tremendous inventory of dangerous things which let us live the expansive lives we’re used to.

      There’s a brilliant XKCD cartoon about this where one of the recurring stick-characters going through TSA scans rips on the other dangerous stuff they casually let through, starting with laptop batteries. I nearly had a similar experience, for real, when a heightened-threat swab screen twigged, and I asked how that could happen. I almost broke down the chemistry of what the detector had to be looking for after the agent’s casual comment “Sometimes it hits on *this stuff*.” Lucky for me, I caught myself before talking my way into a trip to Langley. (I’m science literate. Lock me up, or something.)

      Anyway, with my “people don’t do dangerous things” acquaintance I observed that we allocate vast swaths of specially prepared surfaces to cars to allow them to be used at all without crashing, and separate from all other uses, to keep the careening bludgeons from killing everyone else. Yet we still have, and accept, massive death and injury rates from this dangerous power wielded for the convenience of getting places faster. Indeed, drivers of cars, defended by bumpers, crumple-zones, aribags and belts, don’t often hit themselves.

      Then it got real. “I don’t know. I’m not nervous around cars. People with guns make me uncomfortable.”

      Oh my. There it is. “Those people” make someone uncomfortable. They are doing this strange thing. So they shouldn’t be permitted to do what they like. Or is a natural, civil and constitutionally recognized human right. I didn’t make that argument at that time, as it’s a bit of a leap. Better to point out the provincialism of folks who like to think themselves broad-minded. So, we had a lovely, inconclusive chat about the dangers, and dangerous tools in normal life. So, the danger argument doesn’t hold, and “those people are just weird” my temporary-colleague was unwilling to embrace, and good for him. We never got to “need”, though I did offer to make a positive argument in favour.

      My colleague withdrew to firm up his wilful ignroance – to push out of his mind the risk in his life every day. I think that guns are rejected by some folks because they pierce the denial that our world is full of dangerous things. The other motive, I think, behind the noise, is the reminder that we can act on our own behalf, and are responsible for doing so. All the anti arguments come down to these two in the end: our world is safe, and it isn’t up to us to take care of ourselves anyway.

      Reality is otherwise. We hold other people’s well-being in hour bare hands even, all the time. A gun, dangerous as one might be, mainly equalizes the potential. I’ve noted elsewhere that that football player’s GF who was shot a couple years back, was in the presence of a deadly weapon every time that guy was in the room, gun or no. She lived on sufferance. I would live on sufferance in his presence as well. That is, unless I happen to have an equalizing weapon, like a gun.

  13. Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone one of these stories come from Houston? What’s up with that place?

    Also: am I number 1,000,000 yet? Haha

  14. If legally and civilly possible, it would be really educational to have follow-up articles / discussions on what happens to these self-defense shootings. While justified, we all know that it begins a trail of legal burden, gun confiscation, and potentially even future threats to the shooter/family.

  15. I hope the grand jury doesn’t use the fact that he had the gun in his hand ready to shoot against him…

  16. Stay classy, Houston.

    Still, this is why, as much as I want to get out of Texas, I’m not going back to MD. Houston’s a dump, but O’Malley and the legislature left the entire state in shambles, even the once livable Frederick-westward region.

    • Wish you well in getting out of Texas. People that don’t like Texas should not come here, those that are already here and don’t like it, should leave. Maybe not as easy as it sounds, but please do your best to get out and stay out. Don’t let the gate hit you in the butt.

  17. The employee will be charged with murder and the family members of the robber files civil lawsuit against the employer
    Kalifornia logic for today.

  18. Like any good action movie, I bet this guy flew across the parking lot and landed in a street vendor’s fruit stand after flying out of his shoes.


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