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“In what universe is it reasonable for one individual to amass thousands of rounds of ammunition online without anyone so much as blinking an eye?” – Online ammunition sales should be regulated [via]

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    • If it were found that an individual was sprouting additional appendages in order to personally hold and operate more firearms . . .


      still fu

      • BTW, this question falls again from the anusmouth of (D). I blame all of you. For as liberal as they are, you should have bred that sh_t out by now.

    • Funny how people keep trying to insert the word “reasonable” into legal phrasing that intentionally does not contain it.

  1. Is that ammo under a floor or a dead space between two stories or something? Either way nice shelving. Mine is stacked 4 high all in 30cal cans and it can be aggravating to get to the can on be bottom.

  2. Its no different than collecting hundreds of frog figurines or what ever your hobby is. Should a person be allowed to have thousands of beanie babies, i think not.

    • How about books?!?!?!? In what universe does a person need thousands of words in books?!?!?!? Ban private libraries … for the children!

  3. In what universe is it reasonable for one individual to to think they should have any control over what other individuals own or do when the owning or doing of a thing is legal to own or do?

  4. What if we replaced ammunition with another word?
    “In what universe is it reasonable for one individual to amass thousands of books online without anyone so much as blinking an eye?”
    Just think they could be reading ANYTHING and for what reason nobody really knows. We must stop online book sales…

    • Online Editorials Advocating Abridgement of Constitutional Protections Should Be Regulated.

      What’s good for the goose…

  5. Honest question: Has anyone actually gotten a straight answer for what is a reasonable amount of ammunition?

    • Somewhere between what is needed to repel a gang attack (twice) and bankruptcy?

    • “what is a reasonable amount of ammunition?”
      Depends on your prospective! I’m a member of a women’s shooting league. So meeting twice a month shooting avg 150.00 per session adds up to 3600 annually + or – . On the other hand, my sister-in-law has had to help care for an elderly out of town parent over past year, so the box of 325 rounds of CCI .22LR Mini mags gave her Xmas last year probably has almost all of it left. With shortage of .22lr ammo if I didn’t purchase on-line in bulk I’d be SOL. Have over 5000 rounds + another 600 coming next week of just that caliber. I also shoot 9mm, 9P+ 380, 357, 38 special 38 special P+ let’s just say have enough of those calibers to make a good little anti-2nd. head explode.
      It’s not an arsenal, not like they could all be shot at one time, so it falls into the recreation collection category with a bit of SD supply thrown in plus what I’ll start buying soon for family Christmas presents : )

      • Like I told a FUDD at Wal-Mart a few years back…

        “Ammunition makes a perfect stocking-stuffer”.

      • When I was shooting competitively, I fired 1,500 rounds per week plus another 5,000 to 6,000 dry fires. SFC Reed was a tough instructor but a competent one.

    • It may be an honest question about a stupid question.
      This being a free country and all, we have the right to determine for ourselves what is reasonable to buy with our own money.

    • “Reasonable amount” amount has nothing to do with it.

      ‘Reasonable’ is a very subjective term; what is reasonable to me may be alarming to a pacifist who wants all arms to disappear from the planet.

      Let’s start with “…shall not be infringed…” means just that. Give an inch to the antis’ and we already know what happens. “Strict scrutiny” should be the applicable test against which any legislation regulating ammunition is measured.

  6. I am still trying to understand the reasoning behind not wanting me to keep more than 50 lbs of gun powder in the house at a time…

    • Assuming we do exist in a true multiverse, the answer is of course an infinite amount of universes. But I’m sure she knows that, being an enlightened progressive liberal who’s all about science as long as it doesn’t go against her feelings.

  7. These people are probably descended from the temperance movement women who would undoubtedly get the vapors over the size of some people’s wine cellars at the turn of the twentieth century.

  8. This is the logic of “bear fear” and guilty until proven innocent.

    As an aside, there is no legal articulation of self defense from bare fear alone – which is the mindset from whence most all anti’s argue.

  9. I would hope there are a lot of people with ammo storage. So if I run out, I will be able to borrow some.

  10. The correct answer is any universe in which the supply could dry up permanently. In that case, one would want to have a lifetime supply of ammunition or reloading components.

  11. These hoplophobes always slay me with their uncontrolled fear and complete lack of hesitation to expound their extremist opinions on that of which they know nothing of.

    I can easily go through 200,300,400 rounds of ammo at any casual range visit (let alone a competition/event). That adds up pretty quickly to thousands of rounds a year at the range. It’s only because of CRAZY hoplophobic people like this that always want to introduce new laws to take away our rights, our freedoms – for us to continue to purchase ammo – in any way that they can, always driving up cost and driving down availability in the process – that we have to end up keeping thousands of rounds on hand at any given time.

    So Eff Yu, you freaking Hoplophobe. Go run into your mommy’s arms and stay away from me and my family and my freedom. You stay in your freaking nanny state and be a sheep and don’t infect my family with your fear.

    • These people honestly believe that each round of ammunition equates to a person being shot. So, thousands of rounds of ammo equals hundreds or thousands of deaths. Unless they’re paper targets, they have nothing to worry about. Ironically, the same people who question buying bulk ammo are those same people who shop at Sam’s club.

    • Caleb Giddings just prepping for Top Shot Season 1 shot 3k rounds a WEEK for 3 months to get ready and make his demo video. Kim Rhode shoots 3k shells a month off season and at least twice that when competitions come up. There are anywhere from 1-5 MILLION competitive shooters who shoot that much and reload on top of it.

      I shoot 3-5 boxes worth out of my .243 every trip to the range and 1-300 .22 LR now that Dick’s is selling it ONE box at a time to stop the hoarders. NONE of these people shoot. NONE. They will mewl about their FAMILY’S “shooting tradition” maybe but they know less about the shooting sports or gun culture than a nun knows of fellatio.

  12. My firearms use cartridges. Who would NOT have a healthy supply of ammunition on hand?

  13. Even in my part of the world the only restrictions on ammunition are up to 10 kilograms of propellant powder, and no limit on the quantity of “safety cartridges”. The only real limits are how much I can physically store and how much can I afford to buy.

    When you shoot milsurps, ammunition can be plentiful one week and impossible to find the next. That is why you “Buy it cheap and stack it deep”.

  14. Be interesting to know where that picture was actually taken. Perhaps it was in the storage area of a gun shop. For me a large amount of ammo does not make sense. I have no place to store it and I don’t shoot enough to use it up in any reasonable time frame. But if the Zombie Apocalypse happens I will be in trouble 😉 ! I agree this fear mongering is pointless. Restricting or monitoring online ammo sales will likely do NOTHING to affect violence in this country. Another scare tactic from the anti-gun people who seem to be scared of everything. Glad I am not like that. Life is too short to live in fear.

    • You don’t have to use up ammo in a “reasonable amount of time”. It doesn’t have an expiration date…

  15. What about people who collect thousands of dollars a year and get a long summer break and then run for office again and do nothing.

    • Amen, brother! I had a nightmare once where the brown shirts showed up at my door and said “According to our records, sir, you’ve reached your lifetime maximum ammunition purchase amount. We’re here to confiscate whatever you have left…”

  16. A quote from a prog in Stalag New Jersey. (This is my shocked face!)

    Go F Yourself comes to mind.

  17. In what universe is it reasonable for one individual to amass thousands of words online without anyone so much as blinking an eye?

  18. The same universe that let’s you spout traitorous diatribes without fear of being imprisoned in part thanks to your neighbors with ammo….

  19. After thinking about it a bit more there is a problem with someone storing this much ammo. They affect the supply and demand picture. So, when ammo supply is short, prices go up and I can’t find what I need at the local gun shops it is partially their fault. Maybe the government, or somebody, should create an ammo reserve like the oil reserves. Release the excess when prices go up and supply is scarce and stockpile ammo when there is plenty available. Oh wait, maybe that is what the person or company that owns the ammo in the picture is doing. 😉

    • It really depends on how fast the owner accumulated it. If done over a year or so, the slight increase and then decrease in average purchases would be pretty small.

      On the other hand if he rolled up to the five closest LGSs with a U-Haul one weekend, well…

    • Quite to the contrary. Suppose you only buy a box of cartridges on the way to the range. You need a steady supply on the dealer’s shelf.

      Now, suppose I only buy a case at a time when I see a bargain. (And, assume I don’t shoot much, so I’m a hoarder.) When aggregate demand from folks like you is down (during winter months when few go to the range) the factories are turning out ammo and I’m buying it up. The factories have a market from folks like me and so they continue paying the rent on factories, keep their team of employees, and keep their machinery humming.

      When demand is high, prices are high. I don’t buy when prices are high. I’m not desperate because I don’t shoot much and I have accumulated a pretty good inventory. I’m waiting for the peak demand to wane and then I’ll buy another case or two.

      In a SHTF scenario, all of us hoarders have accumulated a pretty good inventory that we would certainly share with others for mutual defense.

      The problem – if there is any at all – is folks like you who only buy a box at a time when you go to the range. When there is a shortage, some of you panic and decide that you have only a dozen rounds left from the last range trip and that’s not enough. You go out and try to buy a half dozen boxes. Since there are lots of you in a panic mode, the shelves are emptied. Supply can’t catch up with the momentary demand.

      The market for ammo would normalize if small volume users would just stock-up a year’s supply during the lulls. You shoot a box per trip to the range and go once a month; or twice a month for the temperate months of the year. It’s not unreasonable for you to maintain an inventory of 12 boxes. You could even maintain an inventory of 24 or 36 boxes. Then, when a shortage occurs, you wouldn’t panic because you would have enough if there were a riot in your community and you would have enough to maintain your skills.

      I’ve oversimplified for sake of illustration; but, you get the picture. For durable products (like ammo properly stored) the hoarders are performing an essential public service.

  20. First, the writer can’t count. The are a lot more than 1000’s of rounds in the picture.
    Second, 1000 rounds is like a months supply for a casual shooter
    Third, who gives a sh&*, if I want to store a supply of food, water, meds or ammo? As long is it is stored in a manner that does not endanger a 3rd party have fun.
    Last, I seriously like that dudes basement, makes my closest with a 1/2 dozen ammo cans look so lame….

  21. OK, after going to the original article, I was puzzled by several things…

    What are those “weld-cut” looking thing on the AR-50 in the first photo?

    According to the pics, they also want to ban “high-powered sniper rifles”…does my scoped .243 count?

    They show the pic of an airplane coming in for a landing, and say ” plane like this could be susceptible to being taken down by a .50 caliber weapon.” Really? Have you every tried to hit something moving at 65-85 MPH (landing speed)? From any distance? With a bolt action gun?

    • a recent article about a negligent discharge called a 9mm carbine “high powered”, so yes, your evil .243 is probably on the list, if the news media has anything to say about it. Heck, a 9mm carbine and a .243 sound like a good beginners day a the range to me.

    • “Have you every tried to hit something moving at 65-85 MPH (landing speed)? From any distance? With a bolt action gun?”

      Tell you what:

      Get me 20 rounds of .50 BMG tracer and park my ass at the airport fence and I could hit a light aircraft in probably 10 rounds.

  22. In a universe where my government is so afraid of me. That they see fit to order more hand gun ammo then any of the armed services could fire in a decade.
    Just to drive up prices and cause shortages for the average shooter.
    And make me pay for it to boot.
    That’s where.

  23. Is it reasonable for the Dullards to use vaginas like clown cars? No law against that either.

  24. I am tired of justifying everything I do legally, as a free citizen, to those who think they rule over me. I am tired of yet another law that doesn’t do anything but crush the law abiding. I am tired of being looked at as a potential criminal because they just don’t like what I do or don’t understand why I do it. I am tired of the relentless, pointless pursuit of safety safety safety uber alles, an unobtainable goal of no-one ever gets hurt in any way possible at the expense of freedom.

    I am dangerously tired.

  25. “In what universe is it reasonable for one individual to amass thousands of rounds of ammunition online without anyone so much as blinking an eye?”
    I guess the same universe where people amass ANYTHING they desire as long as they can afford it and it is legal!

  26. In the same universe where the (extremist liberal/socialist) Government (and their elitist allies) actively foment ignorance and fans people’s fears in order to make them beg the Government for the promise of a little more safety in return for their freedoms (all while strolling around with their own personal armed guards, mind you)
    I think someone very respected and important had something to say about that a while back… Maybe these people should read a little history before they try to trade away our freedom.

  27. Why do these dullards get so worked up over case-quantity purchases of ammo? I’ve “amassed” a pretty nice store of ammo (certainly enough to get idiots like this to brown their shorts, no doubt) without ever buying more than a couple hundred rounds at a time. Even if shops only sold it one round at a time, a patient person could still stockpile thousands of rounds over time. Morons.

    • Many times i have thought about how my collection here would see me facing double-digit felony counts in my home state.

      NJ blows so hard.

      • I have the exact same thoughts. The only thing I miss about NJ now that I live in Nevada is a real deli and some of my friends. I couldn’t even own my .22 if I still lived there!

  28. Further proof that Liberal gun grabbers need to find their own universe to live in, because this Universe isnt working for them….

  29. It would be the universe where competition shooting families (more than one shooter in the family) have to decide to skip important matches because they ran out and can’t find components (powder, bullets, primers, etc…) to make another 500 (the amount we would use the next Saturday).

  30. Doesn’t this idiot know that any online purchase is traceable and thus there is a record of the transaction? So they want to add bureaucracy to regulate it? Isn’t knowing about it basically the same thing. Just another ploy to spend our money and to exert more control on the mundanes.

  31. “In what universe is it reasonable for one individual to amass thousands of rounds of ammunition online without anyone so much as blinking an eye?”

    More nonsense from people who know nothing about firearms or the industry. They could regulate ammo – but I could still easily get around it with reloading. Technically an empty brass cartridge is not ammo. Technically a machine that makes empty brass cartridges is only a tool. Total ridiculousness for a non-issue. Fear mongering nonsense. What is wrong with storing your own ammo? Are they hurting anyone? Anti – prepper laws. lol.

    Who are the victims? Oh – i see it now, freedom hating liberals shaking in fear. A republican/libertarian should propose this as regulation and call it the “Democratic Cowardice Congressionalist’s Act” just for a laugh at the demo’s expense.

  32. If anything it’s more suspicious for a person to only buy a box of 20 rounds.
    I say mandatory minimum ammo purchases of at least 1,000 rounds at a time. That way we can be sure that only those who use their firearms for “sporting” purposes are buying ammo and not some skuzzy hoodlum picking up a box of 20 for his weekend mischief.

    • That’s a really good point.

      Try showing up at the airport at the last minute for a flight without a bag to check and buying a one-way ticket with cash.

      See if that doesn’t get you some extra attention, a lot of questions in a small room, and a very personal pat down.

  33. Good Lord I need to clean the drool off my shirt after seeing that ammo pic. You know youre ammo rich when you have a dedicated 9×18 box.

    The regulation of ammo is a big step in proggies fighting their culture war, Im surprised this hasnt been pushed for as hard as UBCs

    • A single can for 9x18mm isn’t the designator of “ammo rich”. Two cans for .30 Carbine is… 😉

    • Why push it when they have already banned most ammo from being imported and regulated the amount and type of metal that can be in a bullet tip??

      • Even that can be worked around, albeit slowly, with a lathe. I could go and turn a few dozen near – perfectly formed tungsten .50 rounds on my breaks in a day and hand load some real AP rounds.

  34. For me it’s not how much I have stacked up but the potential for rounds. As a handloader I’m sitting on potentially 50,000 rounds of .45acp.

    It was said before, how does this stop crime?

    • That’s right. I have hundreds of pounds of wheel weights. It’s just a matter of time before I convert those into shootable ammunition.

      Legislation for this is a non-issue. When has a prepper – ever fired that much ammo in a criminal action? Try never. A complete non-issue whose existence solely grows out of fear.

    • its not that it stops crime…its that (in their minds) its theoretically possible it maybe could dissuade or mildly impede even ONE crime!

  35. Since her parenting failed, perhaps Rep. Watson-Coleman’s next best answer for keeping her two felon sons from being shot burglarizing a residence is to take guns and ammo away from the rest of us.

  36. Since trying to learn to shoot a pistol better, I’ve shot around 400 rounds or more a week for the last 5 years or so. I reload, but I also buy a lot of ammo. I bought 16,000 rounds of CorBon .45acp last year. I don’t have any left. I have, in reviewing guns for this site, shot 3,000 rounds in a weekend. I’ve shot 2,000 rounds over a weekend course many timwe. So it seems pretty much impossible for me to ever have much of a stockpile.
    That said, I don’t think anyone should have a giant stockpile of tens of thousands of rounds, because I think you should be shooting it.

    • Before the big ammo shortage that started a few years ago I had “amassed” well over 10,000 rounds of .22 ammo. For no particular reason, I had no idea there would be a shortage. Turned out to be fortunate.

      Plus I usually shot around 1600 rounds in one trip to the range.

      In order to make an internet purchase worth it, you often have to purchase a lot to get a volume discount so you can offset the shipping cost.

      So this legislation will do what it is intended to do, screw peaceful gun owners. Leftists hate gun owners. I know this for a fact because I know some and they came right out and told me (they didn’t know I was a gun owner).

      • Of course they hate gun owners. Leftists are by definition cowardly, hateful, immature, unintelligent, and lacking in even the most basic decency and ability to live in a civilized and free society. Gun owners, by simply living as the intelligent, responsible, and decent people we are, shine the light of day on their flaws.

        It’s like bullies who who hate nerds on the playground. They don’t truly hate the nerds personally, they just hate how inadequate they themselves are in comparison and their limited intelligence and maturity allows only an angry response.

        • Yep. Back in the day I knew a lot of lefty professors at the liberal university I attended. Most seemed quite intelligent on the surface but as you talked to them, the fear, dullness and elitism would bleed through. I counted myself lucky to have matriculated unscathed!

        • Same experience in college.

          Leftist professors are poster children for proving the point that there’s a difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowing something does not equate to understanding it. For instance, leftists know about the Constitution but fail to understand it.

  37. I went through this article and changed gun related terms to speech, religion, assembly, press and petition. Imagine having to show ID to post on a web site, pray over your meal at a restaurant, meet with your friends, write a news article or speak out at a public meeting. Scary isn’t it?

  38. 1. I have an “arsenal” of cameras, lenses, memory cards and thousands of digitally stored images.

    2. Child pornographers use digital cameras, maybe like the ones I own, in an activity that is illegal.

    3. My hobby does not contribute to this activity, and the equipment that I use is legal for me to own.

    4. A child pornographer could use photo gear like mine to create and amass hundreds of thousands of illegal images.

    5. While I am as repulsed as anyone by the idea of child pornography, I do not see any purpose, practical or symbolic, to restricting my ability to continue to own and lawfully use such equipment as I see fit.

    6. My heart goes out to anyone who has been victimized by child pornographers. But if anyone were to suggest that I ought to surrender or be restricted in the photo equipment I buy, own or use, in the interest of reducing the number of children victimized by child pornographers, I would recommend that they immediately seek the services of a qualified therapist.

    7. I would never engage in a conversation with someone who demanded that I justify my decision to own, use or “amass” photo equipment that is capable of creating 10 pornographic images of children per second.

    8. To anyone who would obsessively persist in trying to draw an association between my lawful ownership and use of said equipment and the universally illegal and repugnant act of child pornography, to anyone who would organize rallies or create PR campaigns or introduce legislation attempting to demonize me for the actions of sick individuals and criminals who create child pornography…I have only one question:

    What the hell is wrong with you?

  39. It has always been reasonable. More reasonable when the IRS and the Social Security Adminstration started stockpiling.

  40. Why order thousands of rounds online?

    Because hauling a 1,000 rounds of ammunition from your doorstep to storage is much easier than hauling 1,000 rounds from the gun store to your car then to storage.

  41. “In what universe is it reasonable…”

    Reasonable is in the twisted mind of the beholder – one person’s reason is another’s insanity.

  42. In what universe is it reasonable for anyone to blink an eye at the private business of another?

  43. “In what universe is it reasonable…”

    OK, there’s the bait you don’t want to take. Don’t take the bait, make them own the presuppositions they blasted right past…

    1 – “So, you want to regulate Costco? In what universe is it reasonable for individuals to buy bales of TP. Really. That’s just crazy.

    2 – “So, you are saying what other people are permitted to do (by you) must be reasonable (to you?) OK, I know I’m neither god nor king, but you are? When did this happen?

    2.1 – “So, you want to regulate people you don’t know *not* shooting piles of ammo you didn’t know they had until somebody told you. Why is this your business?”

    3 – “Regulated? By who? There are other ways to address different preferences between you and your neighbors. Have you tried talking to them?

    Short, positive counter position goes something like:

    “Well, I think what’s reasonable is generally letting people do as they like.

    Some people buy ammo in bulk because it’s a cheaper, easier way to do something they like. What did they do to you that you want to step on their fun?”

  44. In what universe is it reasonable for a fascist with zero grasp of her own country’s basic principles to be able to introduce bills, let alone hold any seat of power?

    In what universe is it reasonable for a woman who should be in prison for treason to have an actual serious chance to become president?

  45. I think we need a law limiting how many shoes one can own to 5 pair. 3 pair that are mostly used and 2 pair for backups. Would save me a ton with my wife.

  46. 1. There’s only one universe. “The universe” is all of known time and space. This is it. From the very first phrase in their idiotic screed, they’re showing their ignorance.

    2. The word “reasonable” means that it is based in reason, it isn’t extreme, that some action is governed by sound thinking.

    There’s nothing “unreasonable” about owning thousands of rounds of ammo. What’s the ammo going to do? It won’t blow up. It might accelerate a fire, but that’s about it.

    3. The ammo won’t do anything without being loaded into a firearm, the firearm carried to some location, aimed, etc. Restricting online ammo sales does nothing to stop this sequence of events. Nothing.

  47. I used to stock some….. it all burned up in a tragic outhouse fire a couple years back. There is no ammo here, and these are not the droids you’re looking for. Keep moving, nothing to see here.

  48. Stares over at his stack of 12 filled .50 cal cans and pile of spam cans and is terrified. Clearly I’m either up to no good or I had a lot of Cabela’s reward points. Yes, I agree this madness of online ammo sales must end for like 3 months so I can pay off my credit cards and then promptly resume the madness!

  49. I’ve never been reasonable. And I wish I had thousands upon thousands of rounds…

  50. It’s assholes like the one whose basement is in the picture who are driving up ammunition prices. Just saying.

    • Yep.
      However, come the revolution (or when the SHTF), they’re the ones who will be supplying ammunition for the whole neighborhood. Don’t deny them the chance to provide this valuable public service when the need arises.

    • That’s a dumb statement on a number of levels.

      First, you don’t know when he bought that ammo. If he bought it five years ago, it has zero effect on ammo prices today. In fact, if he did that, then he’s not out there trying to buy scarce ammo today, leaving more ammo on the shelf for people with poor planning skills. People with large stockpiles of any commodity rarely are the ones buying it during price spikes.

      Second, if *you* had bought a bunch of ammo before the shortage, you wouldn’t be crying about today’s ammo prices, since you wouldn’t have to pay them.

      It pays to think ahead.

  51. In what universe is it reasonable and acceptable for a government to restrict any activity which harms no one. That would be the definition of a tyrannical government.

    P.S. Your irrational fears may be screwing up your life, but you are the one at fault for that, not me. I have no obligation to stop doing something, just to soothe your irrational fears.

  52. That looks like what my family and I would go through on a holiday weekend, plus or minus one or two cans.

  53. Is there an issue with storing this much ammunition in the event of a house fire? Granted even a single round could be an issue if that were the case. I’m just curious if there is a better way to store ammunition than what is pictured above.

  54. No. Stored ammunition poses no more than a minimal risk, even in a fire. I’d post a video demonstration, but I’m mobile at the moment.

  55. So far it seems that the real zinger has gone unaddressed.

    The quote from the article does not say the rounds were procured online, it says they were online.

    Someone has apparently figured out how to store physical objects on the internet. This needs to be marketed RIGHT NOW. Although, based on the picture, the internet looks a lot like an attic or crawlspace…

    • …it says they were “amassed” online. Darn brackets removed the critical word.

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