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“Why take a chance when we can be in a state where they’re not looking to cause us any problems?” – Kahr Arms VP Frank Harris in Firearms manufacturer in NY says new gun control law fueled planned move to Pa. [at]

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    • I wouldn’t be too quick to pass judgement, picking up and moving a factory isn’t easy. Aside from the expense they are probably reluctant to turn out their employees who I’m sure want nothing to do with the NY SAFE act.

      • They are not actually moving the factory. The factories are in MA and MN. They are just moving the corporate HQ. Where NY really lost out is that they were in negotiation to buy a plot of land to build a new factory, and now that factory will be built in PA, rather than NY.

  1. If you have a choice of ‘massa’ why stay with the one who whips you all day long when just across the line there’s one who will wash your feet and feed you grapes?

    • If you have a choice of ‘massa’ why stay with the one who taxes steals from you and whips you all day long when just across the line there’s one who will only steal from you?

      There, fixed.

    • Is there anyone on the planet that doesn’t know that yet? Or are you just one of those guys who pounce at every moment to educate people with the same information again and again.

        • Not upset, but anyone who has even a rudimentary knowledge of firearms has know this for almost two decades now. Or that Henry rifles are made in New York City (Brooklyn actually until very recently expanding to the Jersey Shore). Or that Howa has been Japanese since before WWII. Or that Ruger made a couple of cars.

          I forget that there are people who are new to guns here. I suppose I am being a bit unfair to assume.

    • I don’t know where my earlier reply went, but here it is again. YOU consider Justing Moon a Korean because??? He is an American citizen living in America with his family and businesses (plural) in America. But maybe because he is not blonde or blue-eyed or white enough, you DECLARE that he is Korean?
      So I guess all those years I spent as a legal immigrant to get my citizenship mean squat because even if I own an American Passport, Vote in American elections, live and work in america and support the Constitution, I am NOT American because I have brown skin and slanty eyes? FLAME DELETED

  2. I wonder if the NY pols acknowledge even in private how bad it is that industry is leaving, or do they really think “good riddance.”

    • Probably a bit of both.

      They’ll miss the tax revenue, but will rejoice that they get to breathe clean — i.e. cordite-free — air.

      Most N.Y. politicians are generally as delustonal as James Inhofe.

    • Not sure about NY, but in CT the local politicians where PTR was based are scared of the tax revenue loss and the backlash to the loss of jobs come next election, at the state level the dogma of gun control and wanting to please the DNC is so large, they cannot see how it will hurt the economy of the state.

      A recent Forbes article shows that CT has had a social agenda over an economic one for some time and are happy to go the way of Detroit as a whole state. Creative destruction is important and for the sake of many in my state many are hoping the state implodes sooner versus later.

      • “Would the last person to leave Connecticut please turn off the lights?”
        -Former governor…I forget which one.

  3. Must I buy a Kahr now to show my support? I already loaded up on Magpul. I guess I can release the funds I had earmarked toward a Beretta, since it looks like they’re not moving any time soon.

  4. Is it just me or is this jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire? I’m sure PA is a little better but why not a real gun state like TX, MT etc?

    • It is my understanding (which I acknowledge could be wrong) that the location they are moving to is just down the road from where they are currently at. This makes taking the workforce with them, either with short moves or long commutes, much easier which in turn makes the cost of the move much lower.

    • Orange County, NY is on the western border of NY State, where PA and NJ meet. Pike County PA is in the southeast corner of PA, on the New York border. They are only moving 20-30 miles, so the 10 employees (several of whom ma already live in PA) can still commute to work from their current homes.

  5. considering the carry laws are less restrictive in PA vs. TX I am not sure you know what you are talking about.

    • I love, that in PA, I can open carry into a bar while totally drunk and it does not break any law. Of course we don’t have bars and restaurants being shot up like the antis always claim will happen with restaurant carry.

    • The carry laws are pretty good in pa BUT for how long? Our attorney general, imo, is decidedly anti gun and our governor, who does support the 2nd amendment, looks like he has an uphill battle for reelection…. and then we have Toomey

  6. Well I for one am glad they are coming to my great state of PA. This only strengthens PA’s hand in the fight to keep our constitutional rights. NY’s loss is our gain. Keep it up NY. I hope you push the rest of the manufacturers out of your lousy panzy nanny state too and they all come to PA. We have plenty of space. We have a great history (Constitution, “birthplace of the American Army” at Valley Forge, Gettysburg, etc) and we have always had an adversarial relationship with NY anyway, so this is a win-win in my book. I plan to purchase a Kahr arm just to show my support and I think all Pennsylvanians should do the same. Hoorah.

    …and yeah, Carry Alerts.. It’s just you. Yeah, the Starbucks-sipping city liberals in Philly (just like most cities) are all afraid of scary guns, but the rest of PA is quite gun friendly… and PA is a BIG place. Besides, we don’t have any fire ants here and it’s quite seasonally moderate, plenty of rain, etc – so beats the heck out of TX anyday in my book 🙂 (and I love TX too, but just a proud Pennsylvanian of course!). Heck, we even have Police Chiefs like like Kessler (about 2 hours away from Philly) who aint afraid to tell it like it is too! Although a little maverick, you gotta love him! And you can drink any size soda you want. I love PA. We’re on the front lines here, but at least we aint behind enemy lines, like NY. They let the City of NYC take away the rights of the rest of the state. Good thing here that our Capitol is in Harrisburg, out west – where folks don’t take kindly to city liberals, especially in Philly.

  7. I can’t forgive them for what they did to the Tommy gun.
    (their versions are notoriously craptastic)

  8. Gun manufacturers moving from one liberal New England colony to another is lunacy. If these guys had any sense they’d move to a western state with traditional 2nd amendment values

      • LOL. First time I’ve ever heard PA referred to as a liberal new england colony 😉 I’m guessing there are a few people in PA who might recoil at that notion. Guessing you’re not from the east coast.

        • @VF77

          Not far from you. Philly is only controlled by Harrisburg or it would be as bad as NY. The Poconos are being over run by NY libertards and the south western part of the state seems to be turning purple. Our AG struck down reciprocity with Florida and chooses which laws she will enforce and which she won’t. Your right that we are not Conn. just yet, but the camel’s nose is under the tent.

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