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“I say, America, we need to pack guns, if this is what it’s coming to to protect ourselves.” – Bonnie Schaar, mother of Umpqua shooting victim Cheyeanne Fitzgerald  [at]

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  1. I love that most the community doesn’t want President Zero to come to Roseberg because of his admission of politizing the tragedy.

    I hope she’s ready for a tax audit. You know retribution is coming for speaking out like this.

    • That’s a pretty hard core red area on the map.
      And after he cut off timber harvesting on federal land putting a lot of people out of work… Yeah, it’s no wonder they don’t want him down there.

    • The media whore would eat raw roadkill before interviewing her or Evan Todd or Mark Mattioli in a national forum. These stories always get blocked down to the local level.

    • As much as I disagree with Obama’s politics, I’d still love to sit down and chat with the President of the United States if given the opportunity to do so.

      And yes, Americans – arm yourselves! Antis like to say we are paranoid for carrying a firearms. I say we are trying to be prepared for our own defense. No one at small town Oregon UCC thought they were going to be victims of a mass shooting that day. One never knows, so being prepared doesn’t make us paranoid, much like wearing your seat belt in your car doesn’t make you paranoid. No one expects to be in a car crash, but they happen every day, just like homicide, thus, we wear our seat belt and carry a firearm. Just like a seat belt, a firearm doesn’t guarantee our safety, but having one and knowing how to use it will improve your chances of survival in a terrible situation.

  2. I am really surprised that a legacy media outlet would give this mom a voice since it contradicts the legacy media narrative.

    Is there some spin on this? Does the mom come across as a lunatic or something that the legacy media hopes to exploit to paint pro firearm ownership in a negative light?

    • Whoever decided to run this article has already been fired. MSM magnates want socialism. They have already agreed to it at a conference table on a yacht somewhere.

    • Of course she is considered a lunatic bY the msm. She isn’t from Portland, Eugene, or Ashland and lives in a really red area of the state.

    • Did this mom really say what this article claims? I cannot find the source at I found a video that was about 48 seconds with the mom and three friends/relatives where the mom made no such comment. I also found a video that was something like 2+ minutes where a man interviews the mom and she makes no such comment.

      Can anyone provide a link to the source?

      • I was at the gym yesterday and saw this on the news when it occurred. I was shocked and pleased when I saw it. After he comment they went back to some D politician from the North East calling for more gun control.

  3. It seems pretty obvious, if you want to stop these spree killings get rid of ‘gun free zones’. Every single one of these (with the exception of the Gabriel Giffords shooting) ends when another person with a gun shows up. Waiting 10 or 15 minutes for that person to be a police officer is lunacy. But a quarter of the country is just plain hoplophobic and a great many politicians would rather see people slaughtered than to govern a free people. If you ask me what ‘commonsense gun control’ is it’s getting rid of gun free zones.

      • It’s a little ironic that the one mass shooting that didn’t take place in a gun free zone is the one that didn’t end with the introduction of another gunman. There was a guy that had a gun there though, but he had stepped into a store to buy cigarettes and by the time he came out Laughner was already being wrestled to the ground.

        • Actually, I don’t think it is ironic at all. The reason: so few people are armed in public. If there were 20 random people immediately around a spree killer when the spree killer initiates hostilities, there is a very good chance that NONE of them are armed. Furthermore, even if one of them was armed, it could easily take them two seconds to draw and begin putting rounds on the attacker. Meanwhile, someone within arms reach can put hands on the spree killer almost instantly.

          This is kind of another variation on the sentiment that a firearm is not a magic talisman. Even if you are armed, your best, most effective first move in response to hostility may very well be to put hands or feet on the attacker rather than drawing. Every situation is different and one size definitely does NOT fit all.

          Looking at it another way (and at the risk of adding to gun-grabber arguments) the highest priority when a spree killer attacks is to bring force to bear as quickly as possible. Whether that force is bare hands (ala French train recently) or a firearm is less important that acting immediately. Immediate action immediately knocks the spree killer off of their game and puts them in reaction mode rather than action mode.

        • Uncommon –

          I seem to recall that a Umpqua a military vet did just that – he brought what force he had, his bare body, immediately to bear against the shooter and was shot five times for his trouble. Luckily he survived, but his bravery did little or nothing to save the others.

          All other things being equal, it’s best to have a gun and it’s better if many people have guns. Does anyone really think this whack job would have entered that classroom if he thought ANYONE else in the room was carrying a pistol?

        • Let me rephrase that, I think it’s ironic that every single spree shooting in a gun free zones was stopped with the arrival of a second gunman (usually police), and that the one shooting where the average citizen could legally carry a weapon was the only one that didn’t require a second gunman to stop it. I realize that just because 100 random citizens congregate in public doesn’t necessarily mean that any of them will actually be armed, but I still find that ironic.

  4. I’m shocked! An old media outlet broadcasting an image of a grieving mother say that her murdered daughter should have been armed.

    Probably because of the way she made her statement. “I say America, we need to pack guns, if this is what is coming to to protect ourselves”.

    This statement, to me, implies that what we have is some how more dangerous, more lethal than in the the past. When in fact, we have the lowest violent crime rate in over fourty years.

    What the problem is, as always, are statist/elitists denying law abiding citizens the ability to bear arms to defend thier lives by designating GFZ’s.

    When I go to school because of classes I can’t get online, I am entering a free fire zone. But it’s not just the body that the elitists demand to be defenseless against the attack of a homicidal maniac. The “intellectual elite” also demand the mind and spirit of those that enter this cess pit be laid bare and defenseless to the rabid sickness of progressivism. So when I debate with the gate keepers and their message of self-loathing, dis-empowering, america hating, “white privilege” racism towards whites that the progressives spew, surrounded by subjects succling at the goverment teat, fiercely defending the power and control of the state over every aspect of thier lives; I see free individuals, filled with self-loathing, embracing being helpless, powerless and defenseless, terrified of the responsibility it takes to be free.

    Amazing how fast the land of the free and home of the brave has become the land of the voluntarily enslaved and the home of over grown children demanding the “right” to never move out of big brothers basement.

  5. You have a choice, comply with the law and chance death by a madman or violate law by illegally carrying and perhaps save your life and others.

    Why does our governments force us to choose…this is why they are complicit in murder of its citizens.

  6. She has caught up to the rest of us, in our belief that evil strikes on their timeline, and on their location of choosing. We don’t get a choice in any of that, only the choice to be as prepared as we can. For many, it takes a close encounter with evil to start to realize this. It is easy for people to accept that we are mostly safe in our environments, because statistically we are. Most of us carrying everyday will never need to use our chosen form of defense thankfully, however if the need does arise we never want to be asked the question, “do you wish you had a gun on you that day?”

  7. I agree.

    I do think that school shootings (by “gun”) performed by emo depressed anti-depressant pill popping teenie boppers would subside if all guns were banned. However, mass shootings and killings I don’t believe would subside. And mass shootings by adults (non teenie boppers) would continue unabated. Also I do believe that rape, death by STDs, theft, assault, burglary, and everything else would go on the rise, if such action an was taken. So… to me banning guns is not a good option on that singular basis alone. Also, even if it was, I’d still tell them to FO, but that’s another story.

    So, the only other choice … is yes… the anti’s most hated and criticized argument… more guns. In the presence of untraceable, unpredictable, and unpreventable psychos, everyone needs to prepare themselves by taking responsibility for their own safety and defense. That means buying a gun and learning to safely use it proficiently. In my opinion the alternative is less desirable: Having the government attempt to trace, predict, and prevent psychos, means everyone’s actions would be questioned and controlled and I’d prefer living with the psychos than that.

    • Don’t assume a gun is the answer, that wins the day. It’s the men & women with the ethos that lawful self protection is a natural right and employ that gun in controlled aggression against a criminal.

  8. I don’t know if Cheyeanne Fitzgerald would have emerged unscathed had she been armed. I just know that she had the right to be armed and to have a fighting chance.

    I also believe that if it was two against one that day, she and her other armed classmate would have made short work of the whiny POS who came to class to kill defenseless students.

  9. The portion of the mother supporting gun rights lasts about 4 seconds in the entire video piece. I expect that to be edited out in future broadcasts.

  10. You can bet her statement will get no attention from the NYT, the Washington Post, Huffington, Salon, Newsweek, the LA TImes, or Yahoo either. Of course Bloomburg is a given. I’m glad to see that someone, suffering a tragedy that no parent should have to suffer, can see the truth and relate it to the public.

  11. One the vet that fought back. We do t know how many people he saved BUT any delay to a spree killer saves lives, simply by taking up his time. If a man is shorting a victimn once per minute than 1 minute saves a life

    On the mom. Good on her. And shame on us as a group for not blasting her and the other survivors plea for less fun control. Here In Tx in the 80s it took a mass shooting victimn to get concealed carry passed.
    It needs to be like this. They waive the bloody shirt. We waive the empty holster

  12. Yep I grieve with you lady. I know you’re not looking forward to Barry Soetoro preaching his drivel. If local and regional law enforcement refuses to bow and scrape to Barry do the feds step in to protect his hindazz?(Besides SS).

  13. “I say, America, we need to pack guns, if this is what it’s coming to to protect ourselves.”
    Well, the plastic gun free zone signs just do not work for crap.

  14. There has never been a single gun in the world that has killed a person-people use the gun to kill people!
    The 2nd Amendment was created to protect the 1st Amendment and the entire Constitution from a “Tyrannical government” and a loss of the people’s rights.
    Gun free zones are nothing more than open shooting gallery’s for the mentally ill and morally deranged. “WE THE PEOPLE…” are the last line of defense for our families and the saving of our country.

  15. Get her and her daughter some training and some firearms. Start a collection in case they can’t afford it. Better yet get a lawyer to sue the school for Constitutional infringement and endangerment. Stupid and bad teachers happen at all levels of education.
    No double standards put DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.


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