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I’m sorry. I know I should be respectful. We live in a constitutional republic. All citizens have protected rights. Gun control advocates have the same right to free speech as gun rights advocates. Anti-gunners are just as free to mischaracterize, mislead, delude (both themselves and gullible listeners) and lie as pro-gunners are to tell the truth about guns. So … good for them. I guess. But man are the antis idiots. There, I said it. In this case, I’m defining idiocy as believing your own lies. Specifically, the belief that gun rights advocates are, to a man (not women), white racists. It’s the operative idea behind this piece of lunacy forwarded by Atlantic writer James Fallows . . .

[Note: Fallows didn’t write this. It’s a message he received which he deemed important enough to share in his column How to Turn Panic Over Terrorism Against the NRA (Hint: Arm Muslims).]

One sentence in your article reminded me of an idea a friend and I have had for a couple of years to combat the NRA. “[The President] highlighting the disproportion between America’s sky-is-falling sensitivity to the slightest potential risk that could be defined as ‘terrorism’ versus its blasé acceptance of unending home-grown killings.” What if gun control advocates combined the two and exploited that terrorism sensitivity?

One evening, my friend, who happens to be of Indian and Sri Lankan descent, noted the potential hypocrisy of many Second Amendment supporters in that all hell would likely break loose if he walked the streets with an AR-15.

Over drinks, we imagined a video project whereby Muslim Americans legally purchase and carry firearms within the bounds of existing laws. However, maybe in the introduction they are wearing hijabs, maybe they are speaking Arabic, maybe they are praying to Mecca. And then with the help of body cameras, you can watch them purchase firearms at a gun show without a background check and maybe watch them buy 5 guns in a month. Pursuant to proper permit, you can watch them carry, either concealed or openly, such firearm(s) to their mosque, to the park or to the grocery store. Lastly, you can watch a group of Muslims Americans fire off hundreds of rounds a minute legally at a gun range.

Additional videos could feature other minority groups which many 2nd Amendment supporters might consider members of the scary “other”. A 6’8” African American male taking an assault rifle to a Black Panther meeting! A bandana and tattooed clad Mexican American with a gun in his low rider. The point being to highlight the deficiencies in the existing system with Americans that NRA members might fear, or at least not be sympathetic to. You can also explain how real undesirables, existing mass murderers or individuals with undocumented mental illness, exploited the system and/or stockpiled firearms and ammo.

If the videos got big enough, it would be interesting to see the NRA’s response as supporting everyone’s right to easy access to guns may alienate some of their members and supporters.

Are Fallows and his ilk so myopic, so cloistered in their urban setting, that they don’t know that gun rights advocates believe in gun right for all Americans, regardless of their age, sex, color, creed, religion or sexual orientation? Let’s hope so. We need all the help we can get to get as many Americans as possible to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. In other words, bring in on, Jimmy boy!

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  1. Yeah, I’m not sure he’d like the results of his experiment/effort. Let’s give it a whirl, shall we:-)

    • Yeah. Cause once law abiding blacks, hispanics and muslims start trying to KABA, they’ll find it’s the progressives that are the real racists as they fight to keep them disarmed by all of those GFZ’s the progressives love so much.


    Let me just point out that the GOVERNMENT MANDATED paperwork for a gun includes race…The guns don’t give a shit who shoots them.

    • Having recently purchased a new pistol I was surprised to see that one of the questions on the form was this specific: Are you Hispanic?


      • Given that there’s no legal definition

        check Hispanic if most convenient. I periodically switch ethnicity to confound profiling. Verbally beat a clerk in to submission by claiming parents came from Capetown and I was therefor African American. Always fun to troll the race card.

        • I’m of Irish descent, but it seems some of my ancestors were Celts who dwelled in Burgos, in northern Spain.

          I can see how this might make me “Hispanic”, in one definition of the term.

        • Burgos is a beautiful city and has terrific food. A 23andme DNA test might reveal Arab ancestors. Believe they conquered that area of Spain in the 7th or 8th century.

      • Hispanic is a seperate class of whites that was seperated from the larger class due to a court case out of texas. Hispanics were tried with jurors of non hispanic whites and these juries were held to be thier peers because they were white, until a federal court changed this. Just fyi sorry if i bored anyone. Its a bad habit.

  3. More power to all those who want to participate in their right to bear arms..I don’t care if they do it wearing diapers and smoking pipes in bowler hats and praying to the shag carpet gods..

  4. “Lastly, you can watch a group of Muslims Americans fire off hundreds of rounds a minute legally at a gun range.”

    Funny, I always seem to get yelled at or asked to leave when it comes to rapid fire.

    • At my range of choice, the RSOs never seem to notice if I’m firing at a relatively quick clip. When I was signing in on Sat, I overheard them telling a new guy, “there’s no rapid fire at the range. So, fire, one thousand one, one thousand two, fire.”

      I was thinking about it after and realized that if you’re shooting at that speed, you’re too slow for TX CHL qualification.

        • At a practical rifle match in September I said ” let me grab a couple of clips” when the gun-nut grammar Nazi’s started up I topped off the magazines I just used from stripper clips. With a confused air, I said “what? ” half the squad got it. The others think I’m a jackhole.

        • Ok, I’ll be the reading Nazi here. He used clip as a synonym for pace. Firing at a quick clip. Firing at a quick magazine would imply that there is an exceptionally fast magazine out there that needs to be shot for an unknown reason.

  5. I guess they forgot that it was the democrats who outlawed the open carrying of long guns in California after the Black Panthers came armed to a school board meeting. They forget that it was the democrats who passed anti gun laws to keep blacks from owning guns. They forget it was the democrats who have created laws to prevent free speech that was not approved by them and to prevent law abiding citizens from exercising their constitutional rights on many fronts.

    • To be honest, I don’t know which party was in power in the legislature, but I do know Ronald Reagan was the governor who signed that into law. Don’t trust a progressive OR a RINO/neocon.

      • A lot of bad things for gun rights happened under Reagan and GBSR. Reagan is better than most of what we got now, but that’s no excuse to settle when it comes to our rights.

        • Almost anything would be better than what we have now. A pile of horse manure is better than a huge pile of horse manure, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still horse manure.

      • Don Mulford, the author of Calfornia’s Mulford act was also a Republican.

        Dems may be outwardly hostile towards gun ownership, but I don’t trust Republicans once they’re out of my sight either. Some are currently only opposing Obama and thus gun restrictions by proxy.

    • Old Black Panthers, new Black Panthers. Totally different group of people.

      The old Black Panthers, the ones the FBI didn’t murder in cold blood, STILL believe in RKBA! PASSIONATELY.

  6. Laughable that some still think that someone can be a Muslim American. They are mutually exclusive.

    And I’ll just gloss over the fact that Muslim is not a race, its and ideology/religion.

    • Because any Muslim that puts the constitution over his/her religion would be executed by Muslims for being an apostate.

    • Islam alone is not enough to be anti-American. Clearly Sharia law is in direct opposition to our Constitution, and the entire legal and cultural foundations of this country. Muslims can be Muslim and not support Sharia law in the same way that Christians can be Christians without approving old-testament-style stonings.

      • You are incorrect. If they are muslim they are screwed with it comes to freewill choice.

        If they are born muslin they can not quit the “club” or are apostates are to be killed by the club. If they are muslim they have no choice on the rules which command their life only “sharia” is relevant. They do not have a choice to put our Constitution (or any other similar idea/document) before/above the Koran etc. If they do, are apostates are to be killed. They are commanded to/must convert (or kill) nonbelievers to islam or are apostates etc etc. They area commanded to lie, cheat, steal, to do anything necessary or conceivable to advance islam (you apologists name another religion with similar “commandments) and to convert nonbelievers. To do so can earn you a direct spot with the 72 virgins without blowing yourself up. Fail to do such you are an apostate and ……. Everyone else is an apostart and to be KILLED.

        Seeing a pattern? Muhammand and his buds just may have not caught up with you/them/us yet but will. Then OFF WITH THEIR HEADS. Barbarians ARE at the gates.

        • It has been my observational experience that religious doctrine is whatever the believer thinks it is. Maybe you speak for all Muslims somehow though.

        • They DO have a choice, especially here in the U.S. (under sharia law, not so much). They’re people, not robots.

          It could be a personally risky choice, considering that Islam’s sacred texts give the barbarians all the support they could ever want, but it’s still a choice.

        • In the 90’s I worked for a company owned by Muslims (Pakistani). My boss was a great guy and a good American, but since I am NOT Muslim he explained to me one day, in strictest confidence over some adult beverages, that he was a non-believer and that his only option to survive in his social group was to give every appearance that he was as devout as any of them. To fail to do this would mean to be labeled an apostate and in that case, even in America, he feared for his safety.

        • Dude. Easy… Of course there are barbarians at the gate. Always have been. Always will be. But “muslim” is not as monolithic as you propose. People need to get out and meet more people. Sometimes a muslim doesn’t want to cut your head off. Sometimes he just wants to sell you some nice falafel for lunch. Or maybe a nice goat biryani. Tasty.

      • Old Testament-style stonings are in direct conflict with Christan beliefs. Jesus specifically preached against it. This doesn’t hold water as an analogy to Sharia law.

        • Ok, how about a gay christian? That better? Or do you think that you cannot be a Christian if you are gay? Or any other kind of sinner? How about being a Catholic yet using birth control? It’s a pretty grey world out there, what with people having free will and all.

      • Ah, but you haven’t seen the wonders of circular reasoning yet. Anyone that claims to be Muslim but doesn’t want to kill all Americans and instate sharia actually does want to do that and is clearly lying to get your trust. It’s called taqiyya, and if you say this isn’t true, then you too are a lying Muslim.

    • I’m a little confused. Are you suggesting that American is a race?

      My religious affiliation went through the same thing that Muslims are going through right now, and I’m certain that for many of the commenters here, and likely throughout the US on the left and right, they would have stated we weren’t American either.

      While we are losing some of what has made the United States an exceptional nation, it seems that we are forgetting that the two core components of what made us who we are are religious liberty and the embrace of representative democracy. Religious liberty means we all have the right to worship according to the dictate of what we believe and must allow all others that same right. If we see a practice or discover a belief that offends us, we can and should be offended. However, we must not allow that offense to become denial of rights to others. Secondly, representative democracy. We have agreed that we will follow where the will of the people shall lead us. This is true at the federal, state, and local levels. There are baselines we cannot cross, that is the constitution, but all other adaptations and desires should be respected.

      Point being, it sounds like you’re saying that Muslims cannot be American. And I know you aren’t confirming the article’s stereotype, so I’m not sure what I’m missing.

      • I’m saying Muslim is not a race. Its a doctrine not genetics. The central theme of the article being “exposing gun owners as racist” falls flat since religious doctrine can not be exchanged with race.

        The founders were very divided on how far religious freedom should extend as it pertains to Islam and other eastern religions.. It’s a modern product of progressive doctrine that the founders were unanimous in wanting no limits on religious exercise. They fully understood what caused the fall of Rome and in creating a Constitutional Republic, did not want to repeat those same mistakes.

        So no, a Muslim can not be an American any more than a Chihuahua can be German Shepard just because it moved to Germany. Like it or not this country exists because of Christianity and the founders ensured that rights, granted by god, were put above the law of man. Islam does not share that belief, hence mutually exclusive.

        • I believe you are entirely correct. Many others here will not.

          PC ‘Tolerance’ and the truth seldom intersect.

        • ” It’s a modern product of progressive doctrine that the founders were unanimous in wanting no limits on religious exercise.”

          It’s a modern product of neo-con doctrine that the founders were unanimous in wanting no limits on the right to bear arms.

          See how you sound? It doesn’t matter how divided they were the constitution says one thing: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

          Gee, that sounds pretty unambiguous. I guess the founding fathers didn’t really give enough of a shit to clarify that this totally only applied to Christians.

        • May I remind you of the Treaty of Tripoli Article 11?

          “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen (Muslims); and as the said States never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan (Mohammedan) nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.”

  7. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And they are getting desperate, as they see support for their continuing lies wither daily. I’m just waiting for them to invoke Godwin’s Law and label us all ‘goose stepper preppers’.

  8. Well… How did that work out in Paris? The problem is not arming terrorists. They will get guns regardless. The problem is retards like this thinking that by disarming Americans we can keep anybody safe.

  9. His premise is way off. The people that are apathetic to homegrown killings are the very same people that are hypersensitive to terrorism, and they happen to be on this writer’s side. None of his schemes in public would get past step one because some “do-gooder” liberal would be on the phone with 911 calling in active shooters and bombers based on their “better arrested than sorry” policy. In the gun shops and at the ranges those people would be able to do whatever they want within the law and shop/range rules. I have seen groups speaking Arabic openly carrying guns at a range, it didn’t set off any terrorist alarms in my head.

    • I can’t edit for some reason.
      I would say we are the least likely to be apathetic of killings and crimes as we are the ones that acknowledge and accept that they do happen in our daily lives. Those that don’t carry or have a plan to defend themselves don’t think about killings or crimes, they remain willfully ignorant to stay in a fantasy land where everyone is safe. That is why we get an uproar for a week or two whenever something “newsworthy” riles people up and then it dies off. Most people literally forget these incidents because they don’t impact them personally every day. But for us these actions remind us of risks we prepare for and think about every day, consciously and unconsciously.

  10. He obviously has never been to a gun show, at least in PA. It is a nice melting pot of diversity. Blacks, whites asians, hispanic. Upper, middle, lower strata of class. Last I looked I did have to do a NICS check.

    • worked a booth at monroeville pa gun show. Had a gentleman only spoke Russian and we where still able to figure out between the two of us the holster he needed(lots of had gestures lol). never thought anything about it to me he was just another average gun owner(normal person).

  11. I think that we can take this as a sign that we are slowly winning (the battle, at least. Never the war). The more extreme elements among them get more and more unhinged every day. Of course one must always be most careful around these people. Their projection is nothing more than a reflection of their own base rages. I’d rather not have to hear this sort of thing every day, as it gets really depressing, but if they’re going to start a war (seems like it) then we best deal with it.


  12. Yet another reason that POTG need to get over their anti-open-carry (and especially their anti-long-gun-open-carry) bigotry.

    All hell might break loose if a Sri Lankan or a Muslim were seen openly carrying a long gun in public – but that’s no different than the same hell that would break loose if a OFWG were seen openly carrying a long gun in public.

  13. Hell I don’t care if a black panther carries to his meeting. I encourage him to, same with the muslim. I see a problem with the permission parts such as permitting etc… but not with the race of those the articles writers are sterotyping. Are all Hispanics tattooed low rider bandanna wearers nope. My friends aren’t but hey more power to you, you democratic bigot.

  14. I had some guys of South Asian (India/Pakistan/Sri Lanka) descent practicing at the indoor range right next to me. Admittedly it was a little odd at first. Could be they were terrorists. Much more likely they owned a convenience store and were concerned about self-defense and holdups. To say nothing of all the black people and women who practice there as well side by side with the white people.

  15. Sounds good to me. I say “Go for it.” In order to be fair, though, we should make sure weapons are distributed to the disadvantaged inner city people. Let’s start in New York, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, etc. It wouldn’t be fair to overlook these Democrat strongholds. I’m certain all those racism-free liberal enclaves would be on board with the notion.

  16. Someone needs to remind this guy of the existence of NRA spokespeople Colion Noir and Chris Cheng. A black man and a gay Asian…

  17. Got a flash for those guys: I don’t think the NRA is going to be too upset about Muslims who go through background checks, etc to legally buy semi-autos. It’s the ones who buy full-autos by the case at train stations using money from a loans-by-mail outfit that might concern them.

  18. Ugh, I used to think this Fallows guy was somewhat intelligent, but this is embarrassing.
    Every gun thread I go on at sewers like Salon has a few comments from geniuses who just came up with the same brilliant idea, except using black people. They think if we see black people open carrying that we’ll immediately stop supporting gun rights. I always point out to them that the only people trying to keep guns from blacks are the gun control lobby, and that gun control has always been based on racism in this country.

  19. He has a mental image of “gun owners” as a monolithic class of old white males. That’s amazingly racist in itself. Being racist he then assumes everyone would behave like he would, disallowing anyone not white or male to own a weapon or join his idea of what the NRA is.

    He’s projecting his own flaws on the world.

  20. Dear Mr. Fallows,

    Among my many friends whom I have personally introduced to shooting are one of Egyptian Muslim background (who found personal appreciation for the 2nd Amendment after events of the Arab Spring impacted friends and family back in Egypt) and one of Palestinian Christian background, who is pretty much a complete pacifist, but nevertheless enjoyed a day of shooting in the desert. Although, to be honest, I think of both of them as my friends and feel a little dirty even mentioning their backgrounds and religions just to rebut your racist proposition.

    If you really want to combat racism and small-mindedness, why don’t you and your Indian / Sri Lankan buddy go to a range and challenge your own prejudices about guns? Be the change. 😉

  21. Something just occurred to me–maybe these guys should just widely and publicly circulate that monumental totally racist rant that the NRA published against that black open-carry outfit in Dallas–the Huey P Newton Gun Club. And maybe reprint some of those flaming, racially bigoted fund-raising letters they mailed out targeting those blacks. That should be easy enough, they don’t even have to wait until they can arrange to have Muslims tool up. Oh, wait, you say there weren’t any such letters? No vintage Jim Crow-favoring editorials in The American Rifleman? No photos of Wayne La Pierre standing in the door of a Dallas gun shop?? oh well, never mind…

  22. Am I racist? Not in the least bit. Am I sufficiently ignorant to think that Islam is a religion of peace? No. One would be wise not to confuse the two concepts. Then again, I don’t consider anti-gunners wise.

  23. Walked into office of Lone Star Gun Range outside of Lockhart, to pay range fee, the small office/shop was so crowded you not even see the counters, there were so many young guys. Obvious they knew each other, so asked a guy jn front of me what was up with their group? It was a bachelor party for a guy they worked with at high tech company in Austin. High Tech companies are the ultra in mixing bowl of different nationalities, races, mostly Asian, Middle East, some Hispanic, a couple of black guys, and a few white guys. My only thought was, what a great idea to have a bachelor party at an outdoor gun range.
    When Ladies Shooting League I’m a member of, have a scheduled range date, we have Anglo, Hispanic, Asian, and Black women of all ages there. I really feel sorry for people who have not discovered how much fun it is to shoot recreationaly. Since our sessions are on a trainer’s range we do some rapid fire, shoot on the move, behind barrier, moving target drills. Excellent way to hone self defense skills and much fun!

    • Like one or two gun shops not wanting to sell to Muslims (and how would they know anyway) would keep Muslims from buying guns. For instance, any of the national chains of sporting goods stores would sell to Muslims because, again, how would they know? So, stuff the snark, it’s just not getting it done.

    • So? A couple of people don’t want to sell guns to who the perceive as Muslim. Big deal, they can buy from another vendor. If a racist didn’t want to sell me a firearm because I am Asian, why would I want to give them my money anyways?

  24. What could possibly be worse than muslims with guns? I’m sure the scenes that they’re describing give THEM the worst case of the heebie-jeebies that they can imagine. How could those images not affect everyone the same way?

    Projection, much?

  25. The funny thing is that in some places, every group he cites as not being able to carry guns or use them, carries guns and uses them. Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, last time I checked no says they can’t carry or use firearms, or get a carry permit. So, this is just another leftist POS who should shut his stinking filthy lying mouth.

  26. Can’t claim to be an authority on Muslim faith (or any other), but the only one’s I’ve known are as nice as anyone you’d want to meet.

    I shoot at ranges with a very diverse population. Sometimes Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese is more prevalent than English. English-only speaking volunteers help others improve. New shooters get better, are offered opportunities to try different firearms, everyone has a good time although we may not be fluent in each others languages.

    I rarely see this in other countries; it seems a uniquely American characteristic.

    And I’ve found some terrific, inexpensive ethnic restaurants from these interactions.

  27. One of the biggest dangers of running a PSYOP campaign is that you end up being the only one who believes the lies you tell. I am sure that Fallows believes every word he wrote even if in the beginning he knew it was false.

  28. “One evening, my friend, who happens to be of Indian and Sri Lankan descent”

    My, my…at first I doubted your progressive credentials and then you threw this out. Look at you with your non white friend, and telling everyone about it. Should I tell you about the the minority fiends I have, too? Is it hard to carry around that much self importance? It must get heavy.

    Seriously, I don’t know about you but I certainly am not sitting around letting my paranoid imagination run wild, plotting to “expose” some deficiency in my “enemy”. I’m probably spending time with family and friends, at home and at the range, and doing things to improve the community. You should come down off your unicorn and try it out.

  29. I notice there’s no bitching about the perpetuated myth of the gun show loophole in the article. I guess everyone is so used to the lie that it just goes without saying at this point, but it still rankles me.

    There is a central fallacy to the argument that devout Muslims can’t be American, however. For instance, I am a Christian first. Laws that would have me violate my religious convictions will not be obeyed and will be actively worked against. “We ought to obey God rather than man,” as it says in Acts.

    For that matter, my family comes before my US citizenship. And, come to think of it, so do my community and state, in that order. That doesn’t mean I’m going to start shooting up buildings and lopping off heads. That also applies to the majority of Muslims.

    Granted, if one holds to the fundamental Islamic tenants of jihad against infidels, then the argument has merit, as they are at best sleepers and at worst active threats. But you can’t make the blanket statement without knowing one way or the other, as we’re dealing with individuals here, just like the second amendment and the rest of the bill of rights.

    Furthermore, it’s about as fallacious as blaming the mental health system for many of the mass shootings. Yeah, the responsible parties may well be insane in the membrane, but you can’t have some all-knowing, all-seeing crew of shrinks assigning categorizations across the board.

  30. Fortunately, clowns like Fallows know nothing about guns or racism. Good. Let the littlebrains chase their tails like puppies with impacted anal glands. It keeps them out of trouble, and out of our way.

  31. “…it would be interesting to see the NRA’s response…”

    no, it wouldnt. it would be predictable, but hilarious. wed say. “what took yall so long?”

  32. As a 4th generation Texan and Mexican American that legally carries concealed, does this mean I should have a lowrider? Or do I get some that supposed “white privilege?” Please help so I can America the right way. /s

  33. Not all gun owners are racist. And honestly it shouldn’t matter (since you can find racists in all walks of life, unfortunately). But sadly, it won’t be hard to find racists among gun owners.

    My advice: if you know a gun owner who is racist, call them out. If we “police” ourselves, we don’t get egg on our face as often.

  34. “A bandana and tattooed clad Mexican American with a gun in his low rider.”

    Wow. My naturalized American citizen, NRA member, latina wife drives a 2016 Acura luxury SUV and carries a Sig P250 primary and Ruger LC9 backup gun daily. Come January 1st, 2016, she may just open carry on occasion. Sooo….

    I guess she didn’t get the memo regarding mandatory conformance to this guy’s racist stereotypes.

  35. “Lastly, you can watch a group of Muslims Americans fire off hundreds of rounds a minute legally at a gun range.”

    What an idiot. Apparently the writer is related to Kevin DeLeon.

  36. It’s funny how he describes these various configurations of “scary” based on what *he believes* gun rights activists don’t like, thus betraying not only his prejudice against gun owners and civil rights advocates, but also his own racism.

    None of the examples he mentions bothers me in the least. Know why? Because I go forth armed. If someone – white, black, brown, purple or anything in between – starts some shit Im prepared to handle it.

    He isnt, so instead he turns to racist profiling.

    Im always amazed that they cant see their own hypocrisy.

  37. Why wait to use this as proof gun control is racist? Here we have two white guilt liberals Freudian slipping the hell out of this issue; they are actually plotting to erode minority gun rights, whereas the NRA has never dreamed of such a thing. Almost like they were so dissatisfied NRA’s lack of racism they hatched a plan to Willie Horton some up. FANTASTICALLY, STUPENDOUSLY RACIST.

  38. “A 6’8” African American male taking an assault rifle to a Black Panther meeting! A bandana and tattooed clad Mexican American with a gun in his low rider.”

    Um Malcom X w/ his infamous M1 carbine (ok he wasn’t 6’8″) & pretty much most of Califas.

  39. “Are Fallows and his ilk so myopic, so cloistered in their urban setting, that they don’t know that gun rights advocates believe in gun right for all Americans. . .”

    In a word, yes, they’re exactly like this. What’s interesting about guys like Fallows is that he’ll give a tacit pass to the real racists coming out of black and Hispanic communities. He’ll listen to the rantings of La Raza ‘ole Rev Al and write it off as a logical response to a history of being oppressed by the white man. This guy’s audience is largely people who are just like him.

  40. I train people from other countries in the USA every day. A new set every two weeks. I invite every one of them to the range to do a little trap shooting. Most; especially those from gunless countries like china, japan, ireland, india and britain accept and all that do have an incredible time that they end up sharing. They’re only occasionally the same race as me and that has never one time mattered. Firearms and the shooting sports know no nationality or skin tone.

  41. Well, I’m posting under my own name, which if you didn’t notice is Hispanic. My grandfather came here from Jalisco, Mexico nearly a century ago. The only extra attention I’ve encountered at the rifle range is the range officers giving inordinate scrutiny to my 12 year old son when he shoots. That’s understandable because he’s quite an expert shot who gets bored shooting out the bullseye and switches to shooting the numbers.

    I also live in St. Louis. It’s not that long ago that we had the Oath Keepers were actively advocating and encouraging the Ferguson community to arm and depend themselves for their protection.

    Speaking as a minority, I’ve never encountered anything less than encouragement for anyone law-abiding wanting to arm themselves for protection, recreation or civic responsibility.

  42. 4th Amendment. Innocent until proven guilty. Equality for all regardless of personal beliefs. The 2nd Amendment was put into the Constitution so the people could protect themselves from a corrupt government. That is why it says “shall not infringe” so we can have what the government has to prevent a Holocaust. I believe the people should have what the government has including machine guns. The only gun control law there should be is that criminals can’t have any firearms. No double standards put DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.


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