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“There’s two things going on, you’ve got this sort of fear that someone’s going to take away my gun. That’s one side of it. But more broadly, gun ownership in the US is becoming the norm.” Dougherty & Co. analyst Andrea James, The depressing reality of America’s gun industry: It’s probably still a good investment [at]

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    • 1.) Article is written by a man, Dan picked off the last quote of the article where the author was interviewing an analyst
      2.) It’s depressing if you are into short selling gun stocks (not the wood or plastic kind).
      3.) It’s depressing if you are into gun control

    • Andrea James (pictured above) didn’t say “depressing”. That word only appears in the title of the linked article, written by someone called John McDuling.

      • McDuling wasn’t credited with writing the article in the TTAG post. Jeesh, remind me never to be the first response again….

  1. “But more broadly, gun ownership in the US is becoming the norm,” James tells Quartz.

    Is this an admission of defeat by the leftist media? Or is it a financial magazine just starting what the facts show? Either way, I don’t care. I am happy to see it in black and white.

    • IMO, this is the core of this whole argument. Firearms ownership has ALWAYS been the norm except in liberal enclaves such as big cities. They are the outsiders in this equation, they just don’t realize it. Maybe some of them are finally starting to get it….maybe…..

      • “Firearms ownership has ALWAYS been the norm except in liberal enclaves such as big cities.”

        Lots of people own firearms in liberal enclaves like Chicago, Birmingham, Detroit, and St. Louis, although most of them couldn’t pass (or read, for that matter) a Form 4473 if they tried.

        • Let me try a correction: “Firearms ownership has ALWAYS been the norm except in highly-protected liberal enclaves WITHIN big cities. The big-city criminals always had, and still have, lots of guns. Because, like, they are criminals – you know, people who do not obey laws?”

    • +1

      Normalizing the gun culture in traditionally anti-gun regions is one of the biggest challenges now. Reading her comment (her bio says she lives in Seattle) definitely gives me hope. The headline by John? notsomuch

      • It depends on the powder charge.

        I understand that Russian peasants near a certain spot in the Ural mountains would find grayish nuggets on the ground, and use them for shot out of their double barrels (or whatever style it was), since they clearly weren’t silver nuggets. They couldn’t get the things to melt (far too high a melting point) and actually cast bullets, though.

        In point of fact they were platinum nuggets. But back then platinum wasn’t terribly pricey (though still more than silver IF you could find the right individuals to sell to) since most of its modern-day uses were unknown back then.

  2. I saw a Chinese couple filling out a 4474 for a shotgun yesterday in the LGS. She was 8 months pregnant and they just became US citizens. Fear of bad people brought them to the US and fear of goons in their neighborhood brought them to the store. In my brief conversation with them I suggested they sign up for classes and learn the rules about gun use. They were both engineers and very educated. They were also realists.
    It was interesting to me that new citizens exercised their 2A rights out of realistic observations. In China people are at the mercy of not just criminals but local corrupt police. I lived in that part of the world and it’s a different mindset.
    When 75% own guns in America the debate will not exist. Just like entitlement programs a majority of members ends repeal. It is this race against numbers that scares the Anti’s.

    • A LOT of foreign nationals that come to the US do so because despite what our media and lefty politicians try to say, life is MUCH worse in most of the rest of the world. Western Europe may have roughly the same standard of living as we do here in the states, but major developing economies (BRIC countries, for example) have a *lot* of people who are gaining social mobility and using those resources to get the fuck out of their impoverish province.

      Millions, maybe even billions, throughout the rest of the world would like to be armed to protect themselves; but they can’t be, because weapons ownership is illegal where they live and exercising their right would present more danger to them than going unarmed.

      Only growing up here, in the suburbs of California, can a person be “educated” to think that America needs gun control so we can be “like the rest of the world” that has so much less gun crime.

  3. Thanks for linking to the article. This is an example of good, solid, objective, usable information. The conclusions reached warm my heart.

  4. From the linked article “a sobering reality check for anyone in favor of gun control.” Here’s to hoping those who favor gun control continue to have reality checks.

  5. If you’re a statist or a hoplophobe yeah, I can see how this news would be disheartening. Me? I couldn’t be happier.

    Actually that’s a lie. If this trend continues AND I win the grand prize in that NRA sweepstakes, THEN I couldn’t be happier.

  6. How many liberals own guns themselves but keep it to themselves? The recent exposure of gun owners in New York showed even a blue voting area had a lot of heaters.

  7. The only thing depressing is how that girl would feel after a couple minutes of me giving it my best shot, ifyouknowwhatimeanandithinkyoudo.


  8. Oh, great article, by the way. All the bad news (which is all that really gets the press, even if it’s not warranted) gets old after a while.

    • To the assclown who wrote the headline it surely does. Someone’s evaluation (good/bad) of a bit of information will be colored by their beliefs in what’s good or bad, and this guy has the wrong beliefs.

      The real problem here is the wrong guy wrote the headline.

  9. Oh, are we being trendy now. How about chasing people around town on motorcycles scaring them with your stunts? Then hauling them out of their vehicles and beating them up? I know let’s skip the vehicle altogether and play a game of knock out. I’ll run up behind you and sucker punch you and see if I can knock you out. Our me and my buds will chase you through town until you can’t run or scream anymore and then… Those are the trends going around! Yes, I am trendy, but you will never know it.


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