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New Yorker writer John Cassidy (courtesy

It’s the ready availability of deadly weapons that converts individual pathologies into mass murders. It’s the lax gun laws that convert barroom confrontations or family disputes into individual murders. And it’s the failure to prevent disturbed youngsters like Rodger from acquiring guns that converts the treatment of mental illness among adolescents and post-adolescents from a public-health issue into a public-safety issue.” – John Cassidy, Blame the Gun Laws, Not Judd Apatow [via]

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  1. He forgot knives and cars. A guy kills 3 people with knives, runs another down with his car and kills 3 with a gun and this guy blames it all on guns! If it wasn’t for guns those poor souls would have never been stabbed to death!

    • The irony isn’t lost on me that if “the guy” had used a gun to try to kill his three roommates, the tragedy would have ended much sooner. Alas, he was able to choose the better of the two weapons for the job.

      I don’t give anyone even the courtesy of my attention if they believe that the answer involves creating more defenseless victims.

  2. Who pays these left-wing nut bags?! I mean, really, I want to know who in the hell is funding this nonsense so I can do everything in my power to make sure they never get another red cent from me or anyone else. I really think this is the only way to beat these people. We need to find out who is paying these scum bag “journalists” and make sure that we dont do business with or promote whatever liberal progressive group/millionaire they are linked to. Defund the dip-shits!

    • First off, they should be allowed to speak. It does not matter if you support these guys, because others do. In this case its The New Yorker Magazine.

      In all cases Liberal many who work for these rags have been fully indoctrinated in “What to Think” In many cases they have lost all ability to think independently and to view the facts.

      You need to read the whole article and not just the snippet above. It follows the anti-gun script perfectly. It uses emotions, he demonizes by calling the supposed gun owners he knows “loners” and “bad lads” and then proceeds to ignore all facts,

      All the supposed gun laws where in place. The police failed to their job but they will never blame the police. Once again, laws do not magically stop crime and even less so when not enforced.

      The author above believes that we are all better off defenseless

      • First off, who said anything about not allowing him to speak? The question is who is funding this speech so support for it can be withdrawn. Let him speak all he wants, on his own dime or someone else’s but ours.

        • On the contrary, although I gave up my sub to TNY 15 years ago on the grounds of general elitist nonsensical politics increasingly polluting its pages, I encourage people to stay connected to these rags so that they can retain their online comment privileges and confront these idiotic arguments head on.

          If our ideas have value, they will hold their own in discourse. This is why so many of these media outlets have barred comments or moderate them till they are in line with their own propaganda: they have been shocked to see how the demographic for their views is shrinking. And with it, subscriptions and revenues.

          They are desperate. Magazine publishing is dying, much of online publishing is a matter of clickbait for eyeballs. Some outlets choose to extreme-ize their content to try to hone and concentrate their readership.

          But you have to realize that the product is NOT the magazine. They are assembling consumer bases for advertisers. It’s like IKEA or shopping malls: once you get them to the store, you want to keep them there. THAT is where the money is made, and from a marketing data perspective, honing one’s target market of consumers and guiding them to and through a maze of other cross-branded and interlocking products is what makes the magazine money.

          This is why the content of liberal media–and conservative media too–have gotten more and more extreme over the past 30 years. Extreme content is click-and-forward bait.

          I offer these observations as someone trained at the Ph.D. level to do the research and data analysis for such enterprises. I chose other activities for my career. But the profit model hasn’t changed that much since 1984 (ahem).

      • It’s owned by advance publications which is a mass media corporation owned by Samuel Irving Newhouse Jr. (elitist billionaire dirt bag). They also own a ton of other newspapers, magazines and websites including Reddit.

  3. Youngster? When I was 22 I was a grown Ass man with a career, a wife, a child, and a mortgage. I am so sick of the 26 year old child ideal in this country! The entitlement idea is a freaking fantasy. Hey liberals that money comes from somewhere… My check or more debt to China. Let’s just say we did remove all guns from the U.S. today. In 24 hours the streets would be flooded with “black market” weapons. Then what? Only criminals will have guns and the elites still will have the bodyguards to prevent them from being victims. Sorry, rant over!

    • If guns were banned and confiscated so quickly, people like me (people who know people, who again know people) would get stinking rich.

      So, do it. Not for the children but for the greedy people.

  4. hey how about the failure to raise our children correctly, letting them “just express themselves” whenever they please, in whatever location, in whatever manner seems best to them? how about the lack of discipline, respect, and f**king courtesy we used to teach our kids? how about the lack of responsibility or punishment, and the over medicating everybody to deny our own failures?

    yeah, sure, it’s the gun laws. get bent, Cassidy.

  5. “It’s the ready availability of deadly weaponsoverprescribed psychotropic drugs, entitlement, and coddling that converts individual pathologies into mass murders.”

    Fixed that for you. Nice try, though. A for effort. You get an award for just showing up. wait a second……hmm

  6. It’s the ready availability of the liberal media that turns pompous windbags into insufferable assholes.

  7. Now you should understand this is a matter of religious like faith for a majority of liberals that guns are evil and make people murderers. No facts can penetrate, it’s an entrenched belief, probably a top 5 purity requirement.

    No offense to our liberal gun owners who don’t subscribe to the belief. I feel for you and am glad you are out there. We need you, but at present, you are a significant minority in your own party and it will take decades, if ever, to move that party off this tenet of absolute faith.

  8. Cassidy is just a parrot, mindlessly repeating what he has been taught by other gun grabbers. Nothing new, nothing original, nothing logical, nothing correct. *yawn* He, like the other civilian disarmament advocates practices the Josef Goebbels axiom:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    Consider all the lies the gun grabbers tell and repeat ad nauseam and you will see that every one of them meets the criteria Goebbels specified.

  9. So by that reasoning if I get drunk it is the alcohol’s fault and not mine for drinking so much?

  10. and readily available fast food makes people fat.You cannot rely on crazy people to be anything but.

  11. There is quite a lot of truth in the WP article, but what no one ever seems to do, at least no one in powerfully public positions – be it Congress, the NRA, major media figures – is state the obvious. This is very complex stuff and NO one element, be it availability of guns, ammo, lack of mental healthcare, violent and/or misogynistic films & video games, is an easy way out of what is going on here.

    In Canada, many of the same evil “black guns” are available that Feinstein wants to ban. They also require the national licensing that the NRA seems reluctant to back. A Canadian can buy that evil black rifle, walk out with it that day, and…somehow they are not killing each other in huge bloody bunches. Why??? You know it is not because they have magazine capacity limits – please, Elliot Rodgers seem to do a hell of a job with 10rd mags. F’ing crazy is f’ing crazy. They don’t step back from the abyss because the mag only holds 5 rounds.

    All complex problems require comprehensive review and action to solve them. The real problem is, no one wants to give up anything to stop the killing.
    – Cannot reform commitment procedures because that would mean reforming HIPAA, the ACLU and other attorney groups would go ape sh*t
    – Cannot look at the violent & sexistic movie & video game content because too many Corporations would lose money
    – The easiest thing has always been go after the guns, because they can sell the idea that crazy stops when there are no guns. Well Mr. Rodgers killed half his victims with a knife.

    SO what do all these tragic incidents have in common – untreated or mis-treated mental illness. Hey, I will gladly discuss some limitations on the kinds of guns I might be able to own but if this nation, and it’s government, continues to ignore and avoid this core problem of poorly managed mental healthcare, then anytime a representative slams their hand down in righteous indignation and says “Not One More” than they are paving their road to hell and they cannot claim they care for any of those children who have been tragically taken from us. It’s all the easiest political path at that point. It’s sloth, and that is a deadly sin.

    The above is a link to a House panel with a very articulate doctor (Welner) stating that both Adam Lanza’s mother and the parents of Elliot Rodgers attempted to get effective mental healthcare for those boys and could not because of rules laid down by HIPAA and the mis-interpretation of that law by healthcare providers.

    This sh*t is tragic. Stop politicizing this horror because you are afraid to do the hard work.

    • I agree with a lot of what you say, and definitely agree that the necessary first step is to reform the mental health care system and HIPAA rules. Instead, we Californians will get AB1014 (unless we can get Gov. Brown to Veto it), and anyone who wants can accuse us of being insane and dangerous to ourselves and others with apparent impunity. You’re right, reforning mental health care and HIPAA rules would be hard and costly work, so, naturally, no Politician wants to focus on the actually effective answer.

      Meanwhile, it is only a matter of time until the next mentally ill person kills more innocent people at random out of whatever personal delusion and demons beset them. The gun grabbers yammer about “loopholes” in gun laws and studiously ignore the yawning canyon of the failed mental health care system. It’s beyond tragic. It’s inexcusable.

  12. First, a small amount of gasoline and a match was all that was required by another lovelorn nutjob to kill 87 people. The problem with liberals on the gun issue is that they have such a twisted sexual fixation on guns that they ignore larger body counts by whackjobs without guns.

    I give you the Happy Land Social Club fire of March 25th, 1990:

    Second, I’d like to point out that the ACLU and sensible shoe liberals in California were the people who have twisted the mental health codes in such knots that it is very difficult to take someone in on a 5150 72 hour hold now. There’s a reason why the twerp’s therapist(s) were reluctant to drop the dime on him until he sent out his last video.

    • Maybe we should start hammering the point that these mass murders produce far more victims when firearms are not the weapon of choice.

  13. Blame George Bush, the guns, the NRA, antifeminism, racism, men and the phases of the moon. Just don’t blame the sniveling little prick who murdered six people, because that would be so, so unkind.

    Some vermin should be drowned at birth.

  14. Cassidy is groping for a story line here, any story line, but the obvious. Typical New Yorker elite navel gazing, while dismising the common sense conclusions of the hoi polloi. Yawn.

    Maybe Judd Apatows publucist has promised some dash, or insider dish… what Cassidy needs, as his reporting is lame, otherwise.

  15. So a couple gallon jugs of gasoline, some rags, and a lighter wouldn’t cause the same level of terror and mayhem?
    YAWN… what a d!ck

  16. Let’s fix this for the very confused and irrational Mr. Cassidy. Given that the most common denominator in the mass shootings is that they occur in gun-free zones, and that barroom or family dispute shootings are done by people with felony convictions and a history of violence which should have prevented them owning a weapon:

    It’s the lack of availability of the effective means of self-defense that converts individual pathologies into mass murders. It’s the lax enforcement of gun laws that convert barroom confrontations or family disputes into individual murders.

  17. Another day, another anti projecting his own deep predilection toward violence.

    What he’s saying is that his mindset would change if he owned a gun, and that he would shoot people in a bar brawl if he owned a gun. Sorry, bub, I’m not responsible for your psychosis. I’m a responsible gun owner, don’t blame me because you wouldn’t be.


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