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“There is nothing that keeps anyone who wants to come into those buildings with a firearm, nothing will keep those people out. But now we’re going to take away the most law-abiding class of citizens, those who have Georgia weapons licenses, who have been fingerprint checked and background checked, and [the Commissioners] are going to spend a quarter-million dollars to keep them from exercising their second-amendment constitutional rights? That doesn’t sound right to me.” – executive director Jerry Henry, quoted in Guns In Macon-Bibb Government Buildings

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  1. There is no piece of paper with “Murder is bad” flying around and stopping bullets, blades, poison, etc.

    There is no piece of paper with “Universal Background Checks” crashing a back alley gun sale and calling police on the offending parties.

    Yet this is how some people think laws work.

    • I think they know that laws don’t have any effect on actual criminals. But they still believe, against overwhelming evidence, that all concealed carriers are going to shoot someone at the slightest provocation because that’s what they are afraid *they* might do if they had a gun all the time.

  2. “Guns Everywhere™ bill is forcing us to panic! Somebody remind these racists about our Tanks and Planes They Can Never Stop!™”

  3. “What’s the price of saving one person…?”

    About 500 innocent people a year probably. You get to feel safe at the expense of people being shot in a place where guns aren’t allowed elsewhere. Brilliant reasoning.

    • Why not? For them, every shooting is an opportunity for new legislation. Therefore, they see every shooting as a blessing in disguise. Wait, strike “disguise”.

      Except for this: usually when there’s a new shoot-up, the legislation has just been introduced. Whether you think this is “crazy” or not, it happens to be a FACT.

  4. I don’t go to Macon-Bibb County without a gun…and I’m not stopping, just driving through.

    • Macon, which is in Bibb County, is a semi-large urban area. As most urban areas are, it has been run by the liberals for decades upon decades and is rife with crime and poverty as a result. It is not a reflection on the state as a whole.

      • Thanks Charles5! This Law sounded pretty “Blue” to me. People keep saying Texas is going more and more purple (around Austin, at least), so the news about this Law in Georgia got me to wondering.

  5. Bloomberg has millions. He should buy every child in America a kevlar vest. Or maybe bullet resistant classroom doors / windows because at least that makes sense with the huddle and hide strategy they’re teaching children.

    Except for the fact it was never about the children. It’s about attacking the Constitution and rights of law-abiding citizens.

  6. Seems like they just found the most brainwashed sheeple to interview for that video.

  7. I know a guy that moved from Macon to Atlanta– because it is safer. This was after the second time he was carjacked in Macon, mind you.

    Macon has much, much more serious problems than CCWs in gov’ment buildings.

    • Indeed. They need to worry about all the convicted criminals working in those government buildings.

  8. Jerry is a good man, and of course, he is right. Up till July 1, nothing has protected those “government buildings” other than words on paper. Now that GWL holders can carry in buildings without security, its a crisis. Further proof that the IQ level of politicians is well below par….

  9. They want to use tax payer money to secure those building now that 5-6% of the population can now carry inside them legally? The only thing securing them before were words! They cared not that the criminals were carrying inside them.

    If you are in GA be aware as other cities and counties are talking about this as well.

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