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“We know how destructive even one gun can be. This is why if we get just one gun off of the streets and out of the wrong hands, Gas or Groceries for Guns will be a success.” – Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton in ‘Gas or Groceries for Guns’ event aims to take guns off streets [at]

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  1. Since gun buybacks work so well at getting guns off the street, I think that we should also propose Crack and Heroin buybacks to get drugs off the street and out of the hands of those who should not have them.

  2. We know how dangerous these libtard politicians can be that way if we can get rid of just one of them from an election we consider it a victory

      • RINO (n) A Republican who ones disagrees with on some critical issue.

        Example of a non-RINO: Someone who is s Democrat but pretends to be an immigration hawk.

      • ?
        “RINO (n) A Republican who ones disagrees with on some critical issue.”

        RINO (n) An acronym for: Republican In Name Only. It doesn’t matter if it’s only one issue, it doesn’t matter if it’s ALL issues. The Republican Party is the CURRENT seat of the Conservative Platform. Without it, there would be no Republican Party, and Conservatism is also the greatest cause of CROSS-OVER voting by Democrats supporting Republican candidates that has ever occurred.

        Conservatism is what we’re after. History has shown that Liberalism is the march toward ruination, and Conservatism is the only form of ‘brakes’ we have to slow-it, and the only force that will allow us to return from ruin. [TERMS, J.M. Thomas R., 2012]

        • Sarcasm catches another one.

          Look sport, many “Conservatives” are all in for Bloombergian gun grabbing Democrat Donald Trump because he pretends to be an immigration hawk while calling a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment Lindsey Graham a RINO because he supports immigration. Graham has a Goldwater-like ACA rating.

          How do you spell RINO? T-R-U-M-P

          Social Conservatives form largest component of the Republican base.

        • Truth catches . . . all the rest.

          Thanks for reading. Just wanted to plug Conservatism again, because it rarely shouts FU when it needs to so somebody has to stand up for it.

          The only people ‘in for Trump’ are the people polled. If he’s popular now, people should just rather consider it fabrication (the Mass Media’s gonna sling it because it totally drowned-out any other thing emphasized by anyone during the last debate) and because people aren’t slinging good-ole Conservatism.


  3. “No pellet guns, airsoft guns or BB guns will be accepted”

    The learning with these people is slow…
    You folks around there- time to dredge up those old Jimenez arms, or FIE or Jennings jam-o-matics and make some money!
    Hopefully your Kroegers sells guns and ammo like mine does.

    • Just means they’re don’t even drink their own Kool-Aid.
      Pellet guns and Airsoft guns are constantly being derided by the anti’s as gateway guns and as encouraging violence.
      If they believed their own nonsense wouldn’t getting the “toy” guns out of the hands of children ASAP result in greater gains down the road?
      If they don’t believe in their own nonsense how can they expect me to?

  4. Yup. That old shotgun that an elderly widow turned in because she didn’t know what to do with it was certainly in the wrong hands and just waiting to do some damage. At least a person living with a fixed income gets a little help with her living expenses. Meanwhile the gang bangers continue carrying guns unabated. The reality of the mean streets is that their lives are constantly under threat, and the protection that their gun offers is worth more than a $50 grocery card. Progressives will never understand this, nor will they understand who actually benefits from gun buybacks.

    • Yeah well unfortunately, there will probably be some good items turned in by the ignorant (or ones who want to feel good about making a gun gone).

    • @Ken: The program will also succeed from a political standpoint by making this politician look good to those that think guns are evil and that anything that gets rid of them is good. He may gain votes from them in the next election. That is really what this is about.

  5. Oh man; he was that close to saying something profound. Just change that quote a little bit:

    We know how destructive even one violent criminal can be. This is why if we get just one violent criminal off of the streets and out of the wrong hands, Gas or Groceries for Violent Criminals will be a success.

    • Even cheaper if their intended victim takes care of it. Five or six rounds is far cheaper, as is planting them instead of caging them.

  6. The ‘if just one’ yard stick of success is the dumbest thing ever. If you win by getting ‘just one’ gun from someone that shouldn’t have one, do you lose if ‘just one’ person who should have gun doesn’t anymore?

  7. A crook can turn in his gun and feed himself for a day. Or, he can keep his gun and steal enough to feed himself for the rest of his (short) life.

  8. My guns have never killed nor injured nor threatened anyone (with or without my assistance). I guess they’re doing it wrong, since they’re apparently not very destructive (other than to paper targets)?

  9. We know how destructive just one ignorant SOB in a position of power can be. History has shown how that is compounded ad infinitum when that person considers themselves above the people that they serve, and/or has a bigger/better/higher mind.

    AGAIN, and STILL

    More STUPID from the Evil blue house of liberal (D) bag.

  10. The guns that get turned in were not on the streets to begin with. The will likely come from someone’s garage or closet. Might have been in the wrong hands. The hands of someone that was to afraid to handle or use that gun. Not, as he implies, from a criminal or gang member. A few might come from gun owners who have an old piece of junk gun that has been waiting for something like this so he could get rid of it. Those will be next to worthless and would not be used by anyone with knowledge of guns.

  11. I think you underestimate this man.
    He knows what his people are really like.
    He knows they cannot be trusted with firearms.
    Taking guns from them keeps them from killing each other over ratchet pussy and nickle bags, and taking guns from us keeps us from killing them when they rob or assault us.
    He is looking out for his people.

  12. If you read the article it is all about feelings and has nothing to do with facts. They have NO idea if this will have an effect on crime or violence. But it will make some people feel better because they gave them a gun. What a waste of taxpayer money. Says they will also check every gun to make sure it is not connected to a crime. Does that mean ballistics tests and comparisons on every gun turned in ? Bigger waste of tax dollars. And if they find that one is connected to a crime what can they do about it ? Sounds like all turn ins are anonymous so no way to trace the gun back to anyone. Insane politics.

    • I caught that, too. They say they’ll check firearms to determine whether they’re connected to crimes. Then what? They also said that they have a strict no questions asked policy. Are the police stupid for detroying evidence, or are gangsters stupid for believing the police won’t investigate them?

      Probably neither, and that’s why the only guns turned in here will be broken or forgotten or otherwise already off-the-streets guns that will have no impact on anything anyway

  13. At what point are these lying douche bags going to admit that you can’t make criminals give up guns for $50 gift cards when they can sell those guns for hundreds on the street. Stealing a gun or possessing a stolen gun should come with a 20 year minimum sentence. Problem solved.

  14. Wharton is but another retard in a long line of retards who keep doing stupid things that have no impact on crime, yet make anti-gun people “feel” good.

  15. pro-gun guys should show up and offer $60 cash vs the $50 gift cards if there are any nice guns turned in.

  16. One of these days a politician will wise up and offer “Heroin for Guns.” Turn in a heater, get a bag of dope. Free needles, too. This is gonna be big!

  17. Need to wear a moms demand action tshirt while buying guns. Better optics for media photos

  18. “We know how destructive even one gun can be. This is why if we get just one gun off of the streets and out of the wrong hands, Gas or Groceries for Guns will be a success.”


    “Thank you for your contribution to my campaign fund as well as the sizable donation to the Democratic Party of Tennessee, Mr. Bloomberg.”

  19. Because Memphis is such a wonderful place. Had a visit to St. Jude Childrens Hospital in Memphis some years back – I get onto military installations more easily than that! Limited access gates with security everywhere, and the cafeteria facilities that rival most fine restaurants. Once inside the gate, one is ‘encouraged’ to remain “on campus.”
    Not a happy town!

  20. The actual solution here is to get “the wrong hands” off the damn street and clenching firmly on a set of iron bars. Unfortunately that necessarily means some of these poor people should be turning in their kids and/or grandkids, so never gonna happen.

    • Don’t be too sure about that, By turning in the little juvenile delinquent they not only get some groceries, and a bit of cash, they get rid of the expense for keeping the little fart. Plus, If they get rid of all the kids that way, it will be a lot easier to uproot, and get the hell out of where ever they are.

  21. I wish they’d hold one of these in my area, I’d buy a few busted guns and double my money.

  22. Not only is this an opportunity to dump worthless broken junk, you can show up with cash and give someone a better deal and get a bargain at the same time. If you show up and buy guns, aren’t you keeping them out of the wrong hands? After all we all know just how in incompetent the “buyback” folks are.

  23. Since more people die from auto accidents and heart disease caused by a bad diet than they do from guns, guns for gas and groceries sounds like a stellar idea…

  24. We also know how destructive Democrats can be to the Freedoms enumerated in the Bill of Rights! If we can keep even one corrupt democrat from public office there is no telling how many freedoms could be protected!

  25. They aren’t even pretending the guns will come from criminal hands. From the article:

    “A committee chairman and pastor of Bloomfield Baptist Church, Rev. Ralph White, said he has counseled people who have wanted to get rid of a gun but had nowhere to take it.

    “This event will give people a chance to pull those unwanted guns from under mattresses and out of cabinets and shoe boxes and get them out of their homes,” he said”.

  26. This black traitor does his job well keeping innocence black people disarmed. He keeps his white progressive masters happy. Im sure he receives much praise or his hard work pushing Memphis to a number three nation wide murder rate. If Memphis was not part of Tennessee the overallurder rate for the state would drop by more than half. As all big city mayors he has the police on speed dial when he needs them. The progressive infection in the states is always most strong the big cities.

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