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“At the moment, those terms are dictated pretty precisely by the N.R.A., boiling the argument down to pro-gun versus anti-gun. The fact is that the vast majority of gun owners would not be affected by safety regulations. By reaching out to them, the movement could expand its coalition and reduce the passion of the opposition. Emphasizing a libertarian message—it is liberating to law-abiding citizens to take assault weapons out of the hands of criminals—could also broaden support.” – Blake Zeff, What the gun control movement can learn from gay rights, via

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  1. safety regulations? there are reams of gun laws on the books. the only safety regulation left is to take them all. what a buffoon.

  2. “Emphasizing a libertarian message…”
    Oh, you mean like, “Do as you wish so long as you do nothing to me”? Thought so. Keep your regulations, imbecile. You have no idea what “libertarian” means.

  3. Libertarian… To paraphrase Inigo Montoya I don’t think that word means what he thinks it means. Nothing about the government banning arms is remotely Libertarian. And to my laypersons knowledge the gay rights movement has relied on top-down authoritarianism and thuggish action to get their agenda pushed. If gun owners did that it would be called a Coup.

    • Gay marriage failed everywhere they tried it on the ballot. It’s been the courts and legislatures that have pushed it down.

      • Yeah, it’s that whole prevention of tyrany by the majority thing. Civil liberties, y’know.

        Now, if they’d only likewise squelch the “90%” of Americans who want gun access to go bye bye. Trouble is, they can’t find the “90%” ’cause they don’t exist.

  4. “Emphasizing a libertarian message—it is liberating to law-abiding citizens to take assault weapons out of the hands of criminals—could also broaden support.”

    Taking away my right to something isn’t liberating.

    • I guess you could feel liberated after you take a gun out of a criminal’s hands, but we’d probably have to shoot him first in order to do it, right?

  5. It will only stand as the dumbest thing a gun control advocate has said until our favorite troll comes along and ups the ante.

  6. “Unburden your mind from free will and responsibility. For any, slavery may the ultimate peace! Be liberated in the serenity of subservience.”

    Sorry, scumbag, your rape of the word “libertarian” doesn’t fly. Doesn’t fly in fiction, doesn’t fly in the real world.

    Though it is good to be reminded every now and then that true villains, like this guy, do indeed exist in the world. People like him are why every free-minded person should own guns and be learned in the history of oppression.

    • Yeah, the first thing I thought when I saw that is doublethink (or whatever…been awhile since I read that). Sometimes its terrifying to think how well Orwell called the future. “Think of a boot on a face, forever.”

      “We’ve always been at war with Oceania.” In my lifetime, the US has spend over 1/2 of it at war with/occupying Iraq. (25 yrs)

  7. Here’s a genuinely libertarian view: What you do in your home, whom you choose to spend your time with, what you own and carry on your person are your business. As long as you aren’t harming innocent people–and I mean actual harm here, not causing someone’s undies to get in a wad–you are within your rights.

    I support gay rights and gun rights, and my reasons for doing so overlap in the area of personal liberty.

    • Amen Greg!!! Although I am sure you have probably gotten a few strange looks making the support of gays, etc statement and living in Arkansas!!!
      I know cause I live in NE Ar myself and having worked with, served in the Army with and still work around at least one gay man!!! I have no problems with their lifestyles as long as they do not try to push it on others!!!
      Most of them are also avid hunters and shooters themselves!!!! Folks should remember to treat others as they wish to be treated!!!!
      Not our(humans) place to judge anyways!!!!

      • There’s a benefit to academic freedom. I get lots of odd looks, but by the end of the semester, my students are often much better at critical thinking as a result. And the discussions are fun.

        • Too bad not all academics see it that way!!! Have ran into a few who would make mikeyb#’s look like a saint!!! LOL!!!
          Where do you teach btw??

  8. The sad fact is gun control advocates think we are really dumb enought to believe them if they keep repeating the message. They only believe in the future they see. It seems the study of history and that we will not fall for their lies is beyond them.

  9. Republicans do this all the time, a least in a general sense. They campaign as if they are champions of individual freedom, then we know what happens afterwards. Ron Paul’s campaign slogan might as well have been: “Freedom — no really, I mean it!”

  10. I’m all in favor of the First Amendment, but it is liberating to intelligent people to remove aggravating morons likes this guy from the public arena.

  11. Using words in a perverted sense to twist their meaning into their opposites is nothing new from these so called “liberals”.

  12. “The fact is that the vast majority of gun owners would not be affected by safety regulations.”

    If your new regulations, be they safety, administrative, or anything else, make me do anything more or differently that what I do now, which is walk in, fill out a form, lay down the cash, and walk out with the gun, then I, and anyone like me, will be affected. Therefore this statement is completely, utterly false.

  13. PAH-LEASE! George Orwell is rolling over in his grave!

    “Um… let’s just make the libertarians believe that it’s LIBERATING to reduce personal freedoms… YEAH. That sounds about right… I’m a GENIUS!”

    Blake Zeff… I’m a Libertarian. First of all, the root word is liberty, not liberation. Second, there is no way in the infinite universe that you are going to convince a Liberatrian that a REDUCTION of liberty is the solution, rather than the problem. Third, you’ve written an article discussing the best way to package a lie in the trappings of another person’s belief system in a bold-faced attempt to push your ideological agenda forward. CONGRATULATIONS Sport! You have officially graduated to full-blown evil propagandist. F*ck you, f*ck everyone who thinks like you, f*ck your ideology, f*ck your mom, f*ck your couch, f*ck your face and f*ck your dumb name. I hope you get herpes.

  14. They are a room full of monkeys speaking the same language. Unfortunately for them gun owners do not speak monkey talk.

  15. Two of my favorite quotes:

    “Let’s use the First Amendment to protect the Second so we can avoid using the Second to protect the First.”
    “The philosophy of gun control: Teenagers are roaring through town at 90MPH, where the speed limit is 25. Your solution is to lower the speed limit to 20.”
    -Sam Cohen (inventor of the neutron bomb)

  16. What the gun control movement needs is to quit listening to its extremnist fringe. Every editorial talking about ‘compromise’ offers no expansion of gun ownership, just restrictions.

    For a start, if gun control adovocates want to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals, I would agree to tighter background checks on self loading firearms (semi-automatic), in exchange for opening up new manufacture of Class III NFA full-automatic firearms. I’d even agree that people with such arms should be required to take additional safety training.

    I’d consider a gun registry of firearms manufactured and sold across state lines in exchange for no Federal regulations whatsoever of firearms manufactured inside a state, sold to residents of that state, and not transported across that state’s boundaries.

    I would support Illinois and Cook County (or any other jurisdiction) having madatory life sentences for any felony offense in which a firearm is used. Get tough on gun criminals, not gun owners.

    • “I would support Illinois and Cook County (or any other jurisdiction) having madatory life sentences for any felony offense in which a firearm is used. Get tough on gun criminals, not gun owners.”

      But Cody, possession IS a felony in some places…

      • Heh heh. I thought about that, myself. Presumably he meant tat they should fix that part.

        Still, most of what he said is O.K.

        As for no restrictions within states, that may just happen in some of ’em.

        Follow the brass/cupro-nickel road, and bring some Kansas “common sense” to your state, commonwealth, republic, district, territory or whatever.

  17. I read the entire article from which the quote was taken. It’s clear that the antis are grasping at straws. In so doing, their desperation has only begun to present itself. The violent rhetoric they have used to demonize gun owners has failed at every turn. Now, they hope taking a national issue and recouching it as a local issue will miraculously fool gun owners into thinking cow sh_t is Filet Mignon! Apparently, the antis still believe gun owners are uneducated trailer trash that cannot see through blatant attempts to claim that what they call gun safety is gun control; after all, ALL gun owners believe in safely storing and using firearms. Right?!?! So now, smart guns that biologically identify the right user have a vital safety issue all guns should have. Making it illegal to keep a loaded gun in a bedside safe is a pertinent safety issue “to protect the children.” Overturning Castle Doctrine laws that recognize the right of gun owners to keep loaded firearms locked in their autos is a safety issue because sometimes cars get stolen placing a gun in a criminal’s hands. I could go on and on! Sadly, some gun owners always fall for these arguments and some will jump ship if they think it will get them something they want in return—like politicians switching sides because they were paid a large enough campaign contribution (A bribe as you and I know it).

    What these idiots don’t seem to realize is that you and I are able to think, reason, and read! For instance, I read the article which explained their newest idea to take our guns so well that, even though I am a stupid gun owners, I understood it and ripped it apart with intellect and reason! So, let them continue to be marginalized while scratching their heads and wondering how it is that they have become marginalized. After all, most antis lack the ability to think, reason, or read. I look forward to the next anti article to be written in which they continue to lament their failures. Failures which they do not understand since, after all, “All gun owners are interested in gun safety and want to keep gun out of the hands of criminals.” (That’s right; antis really do believe that restricting our rights somehow makes criminals obey the law. Again, they have no ability to think, reason, or read!)

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