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“I am going to advocate at this point that all African Americans advocate their Second Amendment rights. You stand there, [police] shoot. You run, they shoot. We’re going to have a take a different tack in order to send a message to the majority community that we are not to be victims.” – Georgia SCLC President Samuel Mosteller [at]

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  1. Thought this was an april fools joke, but it turns out to be real enough to warrant a retraction from the sclc. And now that it is officially rebuked by the org, the “hands up” nitwits are absolutely lynching them. Notice how these agitators have actually inspired a number of high profile police murders, but WE are still the loons because we supported some poor old cattle rancher.

  2. This:

    “The national SCLC suspended Mosteller on Wednesday not for abandoning young Anthony Stokes, but for encouraging Black people to defend themselves.”


    • Well, this guy was advocating gunning down police preemptively. How do you think that would play out if an OFWG tried that rhetoric?

  3. Wow, can you imagine there coming a time when the Crips roll through a neighborhood, shoot down a Blood and the whole neighborhood opens up on them? Some random punks decide to smack around a store owner and raid the till, only to come to Jesus at the end of a .44?

      • Everyone is going to eventually be face to face with Jesus. Some will get to go to Heaven, others will be cast out to Hell to spend eternity with Satan and Mohammed.

  4. This is a welcome change. I am happy to see all good people arm themselves. I don’t care if you are white, brown, yellow, red, black, pink, purple, polka-dotted, plaid, striped, albino, or any other possibilities of skin pigmentation or melanin content. Good people are good people and I hope to have another armed good person next to me if a spree killer or terrorist ever rears their ugly faces.

    • I agree with what you said.


      There are these folks

      that have been around several years and for some reason…word just does not get out about them. I’ve posted the link here numerous times.

      Make a donation to them; they are for helping good people arm themselves for their own self defense. Not saying they are the only ones out there worthy of attention, of course.

      {Disclaimer: Not affiliated with ACP in any way except supporting their cause and donated in the past).

    • I say pretty much the same thing but also include have pointy ears, green blood and answer to the name Spock. As well as have some brain matter between the ears that is being used for logical informed decision and opinion creation rather than being, as Rush says, a mind full of mush.

  5. He was suspended for these comments. Can’t have blacks thinking they control their own lives or anything.

  6. Seems to me, ya’ll are missing the point. This isn’t about gun rights or self-defense. The Southern Christian Leadership Conference has been a huge part of the non-violent approach to racial justice that was synonymous with the civil rights movement that began in the 1950s. Martin Luther King believed in, and exercised, his 2A rights while preaching non-violent resistance.

    This particular reverend is saying screw that non-violence crap. It hasn’t worked. So his suspension from the national organization should come as no surprise.

  7. About 50 years behind the curve. From an Atlantic article with a noticable anti-gun slant;

    “In February of 1967, Oakland police officers stopped a car carrying Newton, Seale, and several other Panthers with rifles and handguns. When one officer asked to see one of the guns, Newton refused. “I don’t have to give you anything but my identification, name, and address,” he insisted. This, too, he had learned in law school.

    “Who in the hell do you think you are?” an officer responded.

    “Who in the hell do you think you are?,” Newton replied indignantly. He told the officer that he and his friends had a legal right to have their firearms.

    Newton got out of the car, still holding his rifle.

    “What are you going to do with that gun?” asked one of the stunned policemen.

    “What are you going to do with your gun?,” Newton replied.

    By this time, the scene had drawn a crowd of onlookers. An officer told the bystanders to move on, but Newton shouted at them to stay. California law, he yelled, gave civilians a right to observe a police officer making an arrest, so long as they didn’t interfere. Newton played it up for the crowd. In a loud voice, he told the police officers, “If you try to shoot at me or if you try to take this gun, I’m going to shoot back at you, swine.” Although normally a black man with Newton’s attitude would quickly find himself handcuffed in the back of a police car, enough people had gathered on the street to discourage the officers from doing anything rash. Because they hadn’t committed any crime, the Panthers were allowed to go on their way.

    The people who’d witnessed the scene were dumbstruck. Not even Bobby Seale could believe it. Right then, he said, he knew that Newton was the “baddest motherf****r in the world.” Newton’s message was clear: “The gun is where it’s at and about and in.” After the February incident, the Panthers began a regular practice of policing the police. Thanks to an army of new recruits inspired to join up when they heard about Newton’s bravado, groups of armed Panthers would drive around following police cars. When the police stopped a black person, the Panthers would stand off to the side and shout out legal advice. ”

  8. A post yesterday asked why the other side hold certain views about us. This man epitomizes the reason: they hold such views about us, because they are the views they themselves hold.

  9. NPR this morning had a story on Similar vein about Detroit blacks, with encouragement from Police chief to exorcise their 2A rights.

    Yes, NPR.

    • Out of the left wing media, NPR is the least biased. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still get the general hand wringing and such about gun violence. But they also make a credible effort to at least give voice to the pro gun side.

      Shortly after Newton, they sent a reporter to Texas to do a story on the AR-15 and gun control in general. The host was an avid gun enthusiast, and he invited several friends and a acquaintances over to talk about guns. Of the several people there, one was an out and out anti that felt that all guns should be abolished, a couple were folks that felt that “reasonable laws” were acceptable, but when pressed couldn’t articulate what those reasonable laws would entail. The host was a full on constitutionalist and felt the only law necessary was the Second Amendment. The big surprise was tha young woman who had been the victim of a random shooting who was staunchly pro gun. The reporter seemed fairly open minded and actually asked Mr. Ban ’em All how that would even work.

      The reporter was a young woman who was a few years out of college and admitted after running through a few mags of .223 from her host’s AR-15 that she enjoyed shooting and found herself trying to tighten her groups up on the target. She admitted that she saw the appeal and also admitted that she could see the points her host made.

      • I think NPR’s regular news is (generally) ok, but most of their commentators obviously skew pro-big government left on the dial. I figured it would be worse if they actually didn’t have to adhere to any sort of balance for taking taxpayer money.

    • Why yes, Ralph, yes indeed it would. To wit:

      The Racist Roots of Gun Control

      Clayton E. Cramer, Master of Arts in history from Sonoma State, whose works informed the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas in United States v. Emerson, 46 F.Supp.2d 598 (N.D.Tex. 1999) and District of Columbia v. Heller as well as McDonald v. Chicago.

      The Dark Secret of Jim Crow

      David Kopel, Bachelor of Arts in History from Brown University, won the National Geographic Society Prize for best History thesis with a biography of Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. He graduated magna com laude from the University of Michigan Law School. He was also a contributing editor of the Michigan Law Review.

      Gun control is, always was, and forever shall be first and foremost about disarming brown people and keeping them on The Plantation. Today, this dis-empowerment is being enforced more equitably against whites and the LGBTQ communities as well, and Gun Culture 2.0 is in the business of cleaning up the laws that Gun Culture 1.0 had tolerated for so long.

  10. Actually I’m not happy about this. And I think you guys are missing the point here.

    This reverend is drinking the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Koolaid, and he’s saying that black people need to get in more gunfights with the police.

    If he was talking about police corruption generally, or about defending themselves from *crime*, that would be one thing. But this doesn’t sound anything like that reasonable.

    • And those with the power have been telling Black people for hundreds of years to keep their place and “be reasonable.” Time for that to stop.

      • I’m not telling them not to exercise their rights. I’m very happy to have some minds changing in the black community on this issue. I am not about to talk about someone’s “place”.

        I’m complaining about the REASON they are doing it. If they said “black people need to take responsibility for their own safety, because we can’t count on the police to do it” then I would be first in line to applaud.

        But that isn’t what he said. The guy is drinking the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” Koolaid. The idea that Martin and Brown and the others were actually Dindu Nuffin in disguise is the problem here. Blacks are getting shot by police? Yes they are. But that doesn’t mean the police were *wrong* to shoot them. I’m all in favor of them protesting *innocent* blacks who get shot by the police, whether negligently or intentionally. And I’m in favor of them taking action to protect themselves and their families.

        But they are using the *Martin* shooting, one of the most justified acts of self-defense of the current century, as the impetus for this. Hanging a political movement on a bald-faced lie, especially one that as diametrically opposite the truth as this one, is a recipe for disaster.

  11. This would be welcome news if he were serious about the Second Amendment and its legitimate purpose. Blacks should exercise their 2A rights, as that tends to tie you closer to the culture of rights and responsibilities. However, what this guy’s talking about is encouraging lawlessness and murders with firearms.

    What I would encourage, rather than taking up arms and launching some kind of criminal insurgency campaign, would be to quit being a gangsta ass thug doing a bunch of gangsta ass shit. For example, when the police show up with a warrant for a probation violation, don’t then carjack a Maserati and try to run down the officers.

      • Perhaps. I do love me some GTA, as the kids say.

        On your part, however, you might be confusing snarky remarks in response to others’ posts, with thoughtful contributions based on actually having read the source article. To wit:

        “Mosteller’s remarks come after a month in which two black Georgians were fatally shot by police.

        Police in Smyrna, Ga., last week shot 23-year-old Nicholas Thomas in self-defense in a failed arrest attempt. After serving an arrest warrant for a probation violation, Thomas stole a nearby Masarati and, according to authorities, used the vehicle as a weapon. He died on the scene.”


        • Were his remarks in direct connection to the incident or was that the media’s link?

  12. Whatever…Quit putting gun-grabbers in power. Or ragging on white men. When I married a black woman I didn’t marry these idiots…

  13. This make me happy. I hope millions of black people go out and buy arms. One of the founding fathers said ” when the people have arms the government fears them”. ” when the people are disarmed they fear the government.” I maybe a little off on the correct verbiage.
    If more white people buy arms perhaps the police shooting in Washington state that TTAG just had a post about would not have happened. Representatives of the state with guns didn’t fear making a mistake when they shot the wrong person.

  14. “You stand there, [police] shoot.”

    Um…what incident was this? Is there a non-famous one I’m not aware of?

    • The guy minding his own business in an Ohio Walmart? A 12 year old kid the cops rode right up next to then immediately shot? The race-baiters pick losers like Brown and Martin, but John Crawford III and Tamir Rice go unnoticed by them, clearly demonstrating that they only seek to rile up communities rather than seek actual justice.

      • Those cases were okay though, because the “perps” were “armed”. Never mind that one was a guy just trying to shop at Walmart and the other was a kid in a park, they had a gun type thing with them, and that removes their innocence.

        The others were “unarmed”, so the fact they were trying to beat the crap out of someone at the time doesn’t really matter. They didn’t have a gun and the only violence that matters is gun violence.


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