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“The chairman of my deacon board, he carries. And then on the west side, there’s a middle-aged woman who also carries. She comes to the office, closes the door and pulls up her coat, and she has a firearm. She says, ‘Is this ok?’ And I say, ‘Yeah, it’s fine.'” – Pastor David Bullock in More African-Americans Support Carrying Legal Guns for Self-Defense [at]

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  1. If righteous black men and women lawfully carry then maybe they can help the crime in their communities and bring the rest of the country to give them the honor and respect that the majority of them deserve. ( I was the only white guy in a neighborhood for many years)

    • Yeah, but if “snitches get stitches,” what does an armed intervention get you?

  2. Now this guy? He gets it. More of him, please. The more law-abiding people, of all skin colors, who carry, the less crime – and fewer crime victims – there will be.

  3. This sort of thing scares the hell of the anti-gun crowd. Why these black people are showing too much independence. Next thing you know will be that they will be standing their ground against another innocent gangbanger like Michael or Trayvon. Lord knows the next thing that will happen is that they will live in safety, start businesses and vote Republican. We will lose our jobs!

    • If Republicans can start peeling off 25% of the black vote the Democrats are in big trouble.

      …as if they weren’t already.

    • Lord knows that the antis, by forcing their anti-gun dogma upon people who from personal experience know the anti-gun propaganda doesn’t make sense and simply keeps people…defenseless, may be awakening a voting bloc.

      The anti-gun rhetoric and unending senseless disarmament laws pushed by the antis may be inadvertently opening the eyes of many dyed in the wool loyal Black-American Democrats to the other lies propagated for decades by Democrat political elitists without any long lasting beneficial results to the Black American community, or their position in American society as a whole.

      By continuing to push the lies of the anti-gun agenda, the antis may be unintentionally causing some Black Americans to question if conservative principles might do more to help them be self-dependent and self-sufficient, and improve their collective lot in life.

      Once awakened from the same ‘ol mantra of dependency and government reliance the Democrats have been feeding Black Americans for years without any positive improvement to their place in society, Black Americans who truly want freedom and who vote may find their goals align more with conservative thought than with Democrat statist “charity”, and vote accordingly.

      • Most black Americans are also fairly conservative on social issues.

        • Very true. I’m discovering this for myself as well (more conservative than I once thought). It’s also not very hard to sell some of the major conservative points in then black community with some discussion and critical thought. Most side with me very quickly on gun issues once they get a history lesson. I think most of us African Americans have just been taught that “blacks vote Democrat” and that is just the way it is.

        • DKMII ,

          In your case, did you discover that the more responsibility you took on for yourself and loved ones, the more conservative you got?

          That may be the way to frame the discussion…

  4. NPR couldn’t let this story go without the “legal” qualifier before “guns.” Good on these folks, though, for spreading the word.

  5. One of the common brotherhood motivators of just about all religious groups is a theme of persecution. They’re always persecuted. From Rastafarians to Jews to Muslims to Scientologists. Those stories serve to unite them and validate their faith such as it is.

    You’d think encouraging the flock to self defense would be a no-brainer. But if the flock is encouraged to do so that might begin a cascade of confidence that could risk the authority of the shepherd.

    Historians often cite one of the positive affects of organized religion being the justification of a centralized authority which can impose taxes and manufacture and enforce law. Those things are much harder to do if the believers are not weak, frightened and superstitious.

    So much of civilization and society is not unlike cattle ranching and that bothers me. Anyway, good on this preacher for encouraging his congregation to be more than simple sheep.

    • A few months back, (I think it was) ST wrote a a post about ‘coming out’ with his concealed carry at a family gathering.

      It really riled his family and his uncle took him aside saying to the effect ‘ Look, I know you think carrying a gun is cool…’ and he responded ‘No, I don’t think it’s cool. The gun is a serious responsibility.’

      There are serious cultural issues in the community that need to be addressed if guns are going to be accepted in the community.

      That’s not going to be easy.

  6. Great that he is promoting the image of a black man that carries a weapon and is NOT a gang member. I suspect that many in the black community feel that if you have a gun you must be doing something illegal or that you are the part of that community that supports illegal activity. We need more of this kind of outspoken support for carrying a gun to defend yourself from the bad guys. Let them know that it is OK to be independent thinkers and to take responsibility for themselves.

  7. Thuth. It will go along way towards shutting up billionaire entitled controlist..maybe

  8. Good to see that the comments on NPR are mostly pro-self defense and 2nd amendment rights.

  9. OMG OMG!!! Honest black people with guns for self-defense! This goes against everything the Democrat Party has stood for since before the Civil War! Recommended reading: “The Racist Roots of Gun Control”, by Clayton E. Cramer.

  10. Black people legally carrying is a double-edged sword. On one hand, once the black community embraces 2A, it may put pressure on the Democrats to leave Constitutional rights unimpaired. However, since the Democrats control the plantation, legally armed blacks may still sell out to big government.

    OTOH, legal carry by black people will move some people who currently have a neutral to favorable position on 2A and who will come to embrace gun control as a means to disarm those scary blacks. That’s what happened in CA when the Black Panthers started carrying. It even scared the sh1t out of Reagan who hitherto was never anti-black or anti-gun.

    Wholesale adoption of 2A by the black community may move the chess pieces around the board, but it won’t necessarily win the game.

  11. The racist white guy in that picture has a serious tan. I’m assuming he’s a racist white guy, because the media tells me all gun owners are.

    • The make up job to make him appear young is outstanding, He also does a very good job at sucking his gut in for the photo…

  12. Good for them. My late(black) mother-in-law always had a gun. She was also an ordained minister. She was a wonderful woman…

  13. It must have been very hard for NPR to do this story. The white socialist will be the last who come to believe all people have a right to keep and bear arms. Rick Ector has been a guest on NRA News Cam and Company for years now. To many people this will be the first time they have heard of a black weapons instructor. I gave up on the “white Media” a long time ago when I found out I was being lied to.

    If you want more black thoughts and options on firearms training use ownership etc. then check out these You Tube channels: Hank Strange, Aaargo Jay, Colion Noir, Mossy 500A, Kenn Blanchard, deer Hunters Justin Tuck and Trent Cole and the GunWebsites. Guns will bring us together. An armed society is a polite society. It will take some time but with an unrestricted internet the message will get out.

    Would the white media give air time to these well-spoken dark skinned persons? Hell got a little colder when NPR did this story. But they had to blame a CCW holder for a murder in their story. And the former black panther is a fraud. The white people socialist or not at NPR are not honest. Their story was no gift to the gun community.

  14. Nice to see an article like this. I think the right to self to defense is good bridge/way to overcome the mentality that voting for Democrats is what’s “best” for us.

  15. Rick Ector is a really great guy, not to mention a great instructor. He taught my RSO class and often hosts both concealed and open carry events. I got to meet Chief Craig when Rick called for supporters to show up at a DPD board meeting, where he signed my copy of “America’s FIrst Freedom” that had his photo on the cover. They seem to exemplify the new breed of thinking black men and women who have their eyes and minds open.

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