“These [Stand Your Ground] laws present the potential for white suspects to receive the benefit of the doubt, and for black suspects to become subject to racial presumptions of black criminality that are deeply rooted in stereotypes that were opportunistically created generations ago for purposes of economic advantage and the control of an oppressed population.” – Mark P. Fancher, staff attorney for the ACLU of Michigan Racial Justice Project [via freep.com]


  1. That’s always the last ditch argument of a true racist as they turn every non-race issue into a racial one.

  2. So because in the history of the US, slavery and racism occurred, the Second Amendment needs to be repealed for everyone; black, white, yellow, purple, etc.? Or maybe this is another variation on the “Reparations” concept and because of slavery, we need to give up our Second Amendmen right in reparation for the sins of our great, great, great, great grandfathers? If he wants racial justice, he should focus on helping his constituency with obtaining employable skills, which will do more for their quality of life than revoking the Second Amendment.

    • Any reparations bill I receive from any black person who was never a slave, will, coincidentally, be just a bit smaller than the bill I will present to them by me, who have never been a slave owner, for the cost to free them.

        • Me personally, a descendant of GAR soldiers, not much just the BS about blacks once being slaves and needing more Federal Assistance, about the same as the descendants of black slaves not really ever having been enslaved. As for my family GAR ancestors, one was killed on the battlefield and it sounded like the Civil War was not
          very civil. Internet sucks.

  3. I always love the anti-black implications of these bullshit statements, where the speaker is essentially saying that anti-criminal laws are racist because blacks commit most crimes.

      • It’s entirely the essence of it. I’m sure you’re aware of the tal of making welfare recipients take drug tests to receive welfare, well a black woman I work with told us that it’s a racist law. When we asked her how, she said “Because most people on welfare are black”. Therefore, she’s admitting that most of those blacks on welfare are doing drugs. We tried pointing out to her that it doesn’t matter what your skin color is, if you’re not doing drugs, you’d still get the welfare benefits. Needless to say, she kept insisting it’s racist.

        • semi unrelated, drug dependence regardless if it’s legal or illegal substances is a disease. testing without offering rehabilitation but cutting benefits will only have detrimental effects on individuals and society. Help them to help themselves, get them clean and they’ll be able to get a job and lead a productive and happy life.

        • Or maybe they do drugs because it’s fun and provides an escape from their situation due largely to consequences of their actions in life. I guess if you remove personal responsibility from the equation we owe them all the care in the world. Liberals are supposed to be pro-choice. OK then, are they pro-choice on bad decisions or just ones that are convenient for them?

        • I agree with GSG650 in that people who do drugs are responsible for their own messed up lives. Saw this crap back in High School, give the Druggies more drugs and let them OD.

    • The black community is not responsible when one of their sons or daughters turns to a life of crime, but I am responsible for something people looked like me did to people who looked like him a number of generations ago. It’s almost like it’s a hypocritical, indefensible position.

    • I am for socialism, disarmament, and ultimately, for abolishing the state itself as an instrument of violence and compulsion. I seek social ownership of property, the abolition of the properties class, and sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal. It all sums up into one single purpose — the abolition of dog-eat-dog under which we live. I don’t regret being part of the communist tactic. I knew what I was doing. I was not an innocent liberal. I wanted what the communists wanted and I traveled the United Front road to get it.–Roger Nash Baldwin, ACLU founder http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=1579 If you ever wonder why the ACLU never demonstrates the least interest in defense of the Second Amendment (and in actual practice, is seemingly hostile to firearms ownership), it is because of their foundational principles.

  4. This man needs to learn the history of gun control. It was
    initially used as a way to disarm black men in New York City.

  5. It should be repealed! To the comment above, more whites are on welfare than blacks because there are more whites than blacks. Thanks The “Stand Your Ground Law should be repealed.

  6. I wonder if Mr. Fancher believes the 5 black people shot by a spree killer in Tulsa recently had the right to stand their ground against their white killers? I do.

  7. This is just a typical ACLU appeal to emotionalism, manipulation by guilt-baiting and disregard for any common sense or factual aspects of the matter. What’s disgusting is the cynicism with which they aim these kinds of pronouncements at the African American Community. Apparently, the ACLU’s position is that Americans will only be legally equal when we are all disarmed and forbidden from defending ourselves from criminal predation in our homes. I am reminded of what the Irish-American Sergeant says to Col. Joshua Chamberlain’s character in the film “Gettysburg”….”What matters… is Justice…that I will be treated as I deserve…not as my Father, or as his Father before him.” I guess that is too straightforward and sensible a philosophical position for the ACLU to grasp…or even more tragically, would fail to raise donation$ equal to those raised by emotionalism and guilt-baiting.

  8. Everyone has an opinion, I happen to not agree with his on grounds that I value my life and well being higher than that of a criminal who threatens either, skin color is meaningless in that situation. If there is institutional discrimination resulting in lopsided prosecution in self defense cases, fight the disease and not a symptom.

  9. This is nonsense. Take a page out of Clarence Thomas’ opinion on the Heller case (or was it the other one?) and you’ll see gun rights/SYG-type-laws are not only not racist, they’re PRO-minority. That said, there have been some ugly recent incidents (like with that one woman here in FL in another article on this site) that highlight one of the “flaws” of SYG-type-laws – if you don’t shoot to kill (and succeed) you could be in a world of trouble after the fact… a much greater world of trouble than you’d be in otherwise. NONE of the cases I’m aware of recently with a possible anti-minority vibe involve somebody exercising the right to SYG and actually using lethal self-defense. I could be wrong, though.

  10. “These [Stand Your Ground] laws present the potential for white suspects to receive the benefit of the doubt, and for black suspects to become subject to racial presumptions of black criminality that are deeply rooted in stereotypes that were opportunistically created generations ago for purposes of economic advantage and the control of an oppressed population.” – Mark P. Fancher First, I am not now, nor have I in the past ever opportunistically oppressed anyone of any race, gender, creed, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation. Because I really don’t have the time, what with working a full time job, taking care of my family at home and my elderly mother in her home. But isn’t a bad guy taking my money by force an “opportunistical oppression” of me? Isn’t a bad guy raping a woman an oppression of her rights? Aren’t child molestors, petty thieves, bank robbers, car jackers all oppressing other people? An oppression that spreads beyond the victims of the actual crime as the rest of the folks in the neighborhood hide and cower in their locked and darkened homes, praying they aren’t the nest ones to be victimized.

  11. “racial presumptions of black criminality that are deeply rooted in stereotypes that were opportunistically created generations ago” Or maybe it is because civilians see blacks commiting more crimes than all the other ethnicities combined today. Just Saying.

  12. I didn’t realize SYG laws were only authorized for Caucasians. That’s enlightening. Maybe non-Caucasians should back off on committing violent acts as a result, just a suggestion. We can’t have any white victims having an advantage over assailants of a different race, can we? In the meantime we like our laws just the way they are, legislated and voted on by elected representatives not decided by race-baiters looking for attention.

  13. The issue goes much much deeper:In the declaration of Independence is stated that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienabe rights , that among these are LIFE, the most basic rule of law is we have a right to keep and defend our life,our person,our home, that is what America is about! Amend. 4 states, the right of the people to be secure in their persons,houses,papers, etc. and Amend.2 the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed: the other side of the issue is first special interest (the black race) a Marxist world view, in our education systems, in our Media, in our governments, etc. We are under total attack to destroy American Liberty, Freedom, Culture, history, and a way of life of peace……

    • How do whites outnumber blacks? That says 38.8% of welfare recipients are white and not 38.8% of whites are on welfare.

  14. “Racial Justice Project” aka, “Racist Justice Project.” Just another race-baiting opportunist. Same shit, different day.

  15. This article and many of the subsequent responses may go a long way to answering the question of an earlier post as to why more African Americans do not legally carry concealed weapons.

  16. If, statistically, I am more likely to have to defend myself from a black person attacking me on the street with intent to rob me, or a defend my home from a black person invading my home than how is it my fault that I had to shoot a black person during a crime in progress? I didn’t put him in that situation, he did. And it’s not my fault that, statistically, he’s more likely to be black. That is not a stereotype, it’s a fact.


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