No, there’s no such thing as stun gun camel racing. In fact, foxnews.com reports that a “Dubai court has sentenced three men to jail terms for rigging a stun gun on a racing camel in an attempt to jolt the animal into running faster.” You reckon EMDD (Electro-Muscular Disruption Device) motivation is a bit high tech for an ancient sport? Check the video above and then check this: “The plot was uncovered by racing officials inspecting the so-called electronic jockeys used on the camels. Small machines that coax camels into running have replaced boy jockeys in the UAE after claims of child abuse. The court heard testimony that the remote-triggered stun gun was fitted onto the machine.” The kicker (so to speak)? “The camel finished the race in second place.”


  1. We need stun gun control. I am hereby forming the “Campaign to Stop Stun Gun Violence.” If we save one camel from getting zapped in the ass it will be worth it.

  2. I have never seen a camel race before. Apparently in this race, the spectators need to drive their cars alongside the camels as they run a very long distance that is not on a round or oval track. I guess then that they have top return tothe starting line for the next race? Doesn’t seem very convenient to watch.

  3. 1. Camels very closely resemble greyhounds in their running form. Interesting.
    2. Camel-racing music is annoying as heck. The male lead singer continually sounds like someone is grabbing him hard in painful places


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