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“Ultimately, President Obama’s public tears (during his executive action announcement) are understandable—and not just in the context of the crimes he condemns. After all, cruelty has always been with us, and most people can understand the wish that the world were a nicer place filled with kinder inhabitants. It’s inconceivable that an American could reach the White House and assume its powers of life and death without coming to terms with that reality. No, the president’s televised tears are understandable as tears of frustration. For all of his power, there are limits to his, and the government’s, ability to make the country other than it is, and to force citizens to bend to official will.” – J.D. Tucille in A Gun-Loathing President Weeps Over the Limits to Power in a Gun-Loving Country [at]

[h/t DrVino]

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  1. Or he was throwing a little tantrum like a toddler and crying because he wasn’t getting his way.

  2. No, the president’s televised tears are understandable as tears of frustration. For all of his power, there are limits to his, and the government’s, ability to make the country other than it is, and to force citizens to bend to official will.

    Every elected official who thinks likewise should shed similar tears. There is no such thing as “official will” in a free society. Individual liberty trumps tyrannical “official will.”

    • That there are people that believe citizens should be forced to bend to “official will” is truly, truly scary.

      • Well, that would include all Democrats and most republicans, and the people that vote for them..

        So take your pick between being forced to buy Health insurance, or as a law abiding citizen, be restricted in your right to KABA , or become a criminal for voluntarily putting some illegal substance in your body and then be designated for life as a second class sub-human denied the right to vote and the right to KABA.

        Most people of what ever political persuasion can find a reason that other people should bend to the “official will” of government.

        • Sad that we are in a day and age where you have to clarify someone’s position when they say the government would need to force people to their will. You aren’t sure, or may assume, that a person is either trying to denigrate an action or are telling people this is what is necessary in today’s world in the name of safety and security. I had to re-read the quote to be certain the man was against Obama, as I wasn’t entirely sure at first.

          He makes a good point; violence is here to stay, it’s been with us forever, it’s in our nature sad as it may be. You can’t legislate that out of a society. In fact all you can do is help to foster a society that is more peaceful and benevolent. Everything else will have little effect, if not an altogether adverse one.

          Our founding fathers by and large looked at any compromise of liberty with the utmost disgust and contempt. How far we have fallen…

        • “Just so there’s no confusion, the author is not on the side of the President.”

          Who cares what “side” this particular author is on? That’s not the point at all.

          The take-home point is that there ARE people that believe it is our proper place to “bend” and be forced to if we refuse.

          Obama may or may not believe that himself. Again, who cares? The real issue is that he was appealing to those that do.

    • I actually created a meme and posted it to Facebook explaining his tears.
      The top said “This notion that I am going to take away your guns is ridiculous”
      The bottom reads,
      ” I only have a year left to do that”

      • I printed a photo of the weeper in chief
        on a parcel mailing label.
        With the words,
        “Obama Tears Gun Lubricant”
        “Guaranteed to last as long as the cameras roll”

        Now affixed to a can or RemOil.

  3. Frustration at the failure of his overall goal of attaining absolute control over every facet of American life, just because a few dozen million Americans said “no, jackass, you can’t!”

  4. Don’t like one of the rights of the US? Especially one that states it shall not be infringed.

    Just cry (fake or otherwise) and it proves it is okay to subvert the Constitution and directly infringe on that right. Who knew?

  5. crocodile tears is the term, but croc’s are badass.
    how about mustela kathiah tears?
    yeah, that’s better.

  6. All free men should thank God every single day that government does not have the power to bend us to “official will.”

    • So I guess that means that you were never drafted, never arrested and prosecuted for ignoring “official will,” never filed a tax return or filled out reams of paperwork just to run your own business. We all bend to “official will,” just like every peon in every other country in the world.

    • The figure head of the most powerful country in the world crying on national TV because he couldn’t get his way.

      This is the figure to be held up as the ideal of the modern american metro-sexual, at least to the liberal/progressives. And this is even more prevalent in western europe. No wonder the Muslim immigranrs are running wild over there. They have absolute contempt for the gender confused “men” that is so much the norm in those bastions of progressive “advancement”

  7. His tears were grand standing, and the zombies ate it up. Apologists like the quoted writer want to make the pres seem like he was having a normal human reaction, but seeing him at every turn be a chameleon in order to chip away at our rights, our freedom, our future prospects, etc just makes you ill to have seen it, he is not genuine, he is a big fake. I hope with age he realizes what a giant turd he was, is, and shall always be.

  8. Now having read the linked article, yes, the writer was mocking the crocodile tears or whatever that Obama was weeping. But it does not change the perception of public tears over a political issue as a sign of weakness in a public figure. I cannot comprehend the presidents known for strength as crying in public because they did not get their way. My goodness, what have we come to?

  9. syc·o·phant
    noun: sycophant; plural noun: sycophants
    a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage.
    synonyms: yes-man, bootlicker, brown-noser, toady, lickspittle, flatterer, flunky, lackey, spaniel, doormat, stooge, cringer, suck, suck-up
    “I thought you wanted a competent assistant, not a nodding sycophant”

  10. I hope those tears weren’t real. I suspect an irritant…I can’t imagine weeping in public. Something about being a MAN…

  11. He cried because his publicist said to. I saw him pull the same b.s. in person. Look up “Obama Afghanistan 2010” and watch him push out those same fake tears. Anyone who believes otherwise is gullible.

    Unfortunately our whole country is full of idiots, look at all those people that actually believe what Trump says after funding Clinton’s and Obama’s elections, supporting the Dream Act & Assualt Weapon bans and wrote “The Art of the Deal” and people still believe he’s a religous conservative who is unforgiving on illegal immigration… Wtf is wrong with the population?

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