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War Sport is a maker of high end (read: expensive) AR 15s designed to be just the gun you need out of the box with no further improvements necessary. I had the opportunity to shoot some of their rifles in 2015 and found them to work as advertised. For 2016, War Sport has cleaned up their lineup a bit to focus on their two models, the LVOA and the GPR, exclusively. As part of that release, they’ve put the GPR-CC on the market . . .


War Sport is likely known best for the LVOA model (more on that later), but several years back they released a slightly more pedestrian AR series called the General Purpose Rifle (GPR) to appeal to a larger audience of interested buyers. The GPR came in several flavors including a plastic clamshell handguard M4gery model, and the “E” model which included a free floated hand guard and slightly upgraded componentry across the board.

The revised GPR lineup does away with the base model and makes some subtle tweaks to the “E” model, which is now superseded by the Combat/Competition (CC) model. You can still buy the base and “E” models while supplies last, but once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

One of the biggest and most welcome changes to the model is War Sport’s concession to those with silencers. The GPR and GPR-E had a 14.7″ barrel with a pinned and welded compensator. The “E” model will feature a 16.1″ barrel with a non fixed muzzle device. They’ve also punted the Bravo B5 stock in favor of a Magpul CTR. Otherwise, it remains fairly close to the “E” model in form factor, trigger, hand guard, etc. MSRP will be $2650.

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  1. If I were to have approximately $2500 (plus/minus a couple hundred) to spend on one AR-pattern rifle, and wanted to buy the best possible rifle out of the box, what should I buy? Knight’s Armament? War Sport? LWRC? LaRue?

    And no, I don’t want to build my own. I also don’t want a $700 rifle with a $300 optic and $1000 worth of 5.56.

    Just want the best out of the box total package solution. Thanks!

    • You bring up a valid question. I used to scoff at the high-end AR’s on the market, but now many years and dozens of AR builds later, I get it. There IS a difference between a range toy and a “Bet My Life On It” AR. While most of us are not operators operating operationally, it doesn’t mean that we don’t deserve to have the same reliability and function of those going into harm’s way regularly. In my mind, there are two routes to a high quality AR – Buy it (see finance/layaway article below) or Build it. You can build your own High End AR using high end components, and buying them a bit at a time is a way of “financing” your build. If I didn’t know what I know now, I’d talk to a reputable armorer or builder in my area and pick their brain. Start with what you need it for, and then put the pieces together. Buying some of those pieces thru the local guru may cost more than interweb prices, but it also means you can go back to him and have him check your work.

      Or, plonk your money down with a reputable manufacturer and know that you have a tool that will serve it’s intended purpose better than 90% of the “Sporter” models most people buy. This is your option, so I would look at JP, Noveske, LaRue, etc.

    • JP Enterprises JP-15, and depending on options, will leave you little left over for goodies.

      I think mine was ~$2100, purchased the next day after Obummer won his last term in office.

      • Timing is everything. My first AR was the day after Congress passed Clinton’s AWB. Cost twice what it would have the day before, and I paid it without blinking.

    • Daniel Defence DDM4. I have a v7 that always gets a lot of looks no matter what range I am at. The cold hammered barrel is a true shooter. But that’s just mho.

  2. No mention of where their barrel comes from. 1:8 twist is OK, Wylde chamber is OK. Geissele trigger OK.

    Eh, OK.

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    • Hi Dennis,

      Sorry you’re having a bad time. You should have a link to unsubscribe in the emails you’re receiving through WordPress.

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