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“I just feel that it’s kind of something that’s necessary to protect myself for whatever the circumstances are. It’s also something fun I do with my girlfriends. You can’t always necessarily rely on having a man around. If you have your handgun around, you’re protected.” – Lindsey King quoted in Number of women buying guns up sharply [via]

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  1. “Nuh uh! You’ll just have your gun taken and used against you. That’s what we have 911 for. What kind of paternalistic minion are you?” – Progressive Feminist Mommy Demanding Assassination of Gun Owners in America

  2. Stigma, what stigma about women having guns? Maybe in late 60s the “Make Love Not War” era, but girly men did not have them either, except for young FUDDs who loaded a rifle in the pickup truck to go hunting after school.
    Women read and watch the news, higher awareness of crazies and simply bad guys who would not hesitate to injure, rape, murder. Still amazed at how many young women of my generation did not even carry pepper spray back in the day. I carried back then to this day, only difference is also have a Ruger LCR 9mm in one pocket, canister of CS in the other pocket.

  3. watch out ladies…you vote for Hillary and she will take away your guns (empowerment)…but as she says she on your side….right,right,right….

    • good lord jarhead, what an epic throwdown!

      i’d like to send you a medal but i can’t leave my bunk in my bunker right now, just accept my deepest admiration and regards for going wwe on mike breen’s glutes (cause, you know, that’s where he keeps his brains)

      is there any way you can collect that huge wall of links and submit it to ttag so we can all reference them?

      amazing, just amazing. a tip of my virtual hat to you. it’s gonna be a very good year after all..

  4. Whoa, whoa, whoa! What’s this false female empowerment crap.

    Belittling men, being rabidly outraged at the slightest offense, saying you’re “independent” and don’t need male support or protection, all the while insisting the gov’t suport and protect you, insisting males and females are identical, though all natural evidence points to the contrary; these are the things which empower women. Oh, and let’s not forget my favorite, demanding equal rights and standing without demanding all the responsibility which goes along with it.

  5. I saw this on KHOU the other day. It’s great that women are taking that first step toward ensuring their own personal security. However, let’s not forget ladies, and men, too, that that’s only one step and other steps are necessary to reach your objective.

    No one’s saying you need Navy SEAL level training. Well, some are, but they’re idiots. You do need to select a sidearm that suits you and your circumstances; one that you’re comfortable carrying and using. It needs to be one that you can afford to and do train with enough to be immediately familiar with.

    You need to modify your mindset to incorporate some situational awareness. Superhuman spidey sense isn’t the threshold here, just a basic awarenesss of your surroundings and an alertness to others.

    Most important is some soul searching, which no one else can do for you. You need to seriously consider whether you can shoot a human being, possibly taking their life. You don’t want to introduce a gun into a situation unless you’re prepared to use it.

    Simply having a gun does not mean “you’re protected.” It’s not a magic talisman automatically warding off all dangers. It’s a tool you can successfully use to defend yourself, in certain very limited circumstances, but only if you have at least some rudimentary idea what you’re doing.

  6. This is good news, whether the newsreader likes it or not ( that surprised and concerned look on her face to start with kinda gives me a clue as to her likely take” on the subject.)

  7. As someone who travels regularly for work, I sleep better at night knowing my wife is armed at home, and slowly getting comfortable with carrying while outside the home. If someone intends her or my girls harm, I want her to have the means to resist, violently.

  8. Now all I need to figure out is how to have a ladies night out for me and my gun toting sisters. A night at the range followed by…a movie, a nice dinner, hmm. I like this!

    • May I ask you for your opinion on that? What do women really look for in a gun range?

      Personally, I like a range that is clean, safe, and plain, but admittedly with just a slight bit of grittiness to it, because, you know, guns.

      I don’t like a dank, dark dungeon of a place, without ventilation, that feels like you’re shooting in an abandoned, condemned building. I don’t want to see rats scurrying about or rays of sunlight streaming in from the bullet holes in the walls and ceilings.

      Neither do I want an expensive froo-froo experience, a Gucci gun range that looks and feels like an Apple store. Can’t deal with hordes of staff (who yesterday worked at Best Buy or Smash Burger) running around “helping” me and stopwatching intervals between my shots.

      What do you and your friends like?

  9. I agree with Ms King except for the sentence, “You can’t always necessarily rely on having a man around.” Even if there is a man around and he’s 6 foot 6, weighs 250 pounds and is heavily into mixed martial arts, that’s no excuse for dumping the responsibility for defense entirely on him.

  10. See, this doesn’t apply to Hillary Clinton because she ALWAYS has armed Secret Service agents around her. You peasants will just have to take your chances …

  11. My older sister, the most liberal of people that I have ever known, is greatly looking forward to getting herself an LC9s in the spring

    • Not gonna happen. They’ll claim these women are compensating for the inadequate penis of the man in their life (if any).

  12. When there are as many women gun owners as men, liberals politicians will start seeing the light the same way they did with the death penalty in the 1980s.


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