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  1. That was a bit painful. Brother Dowell’s message was correct, but the delivery was difficult to endure. Homiletics, Brother, homiletics! Practice your delivery before pressing “RECORD.”

  2. Pretty well stated but as Varmint Hunter said, he does need to rehearse or organize his thoughts before starting the camera rolling. Also, having a better room to record in with some sound absorbing material (as opposed to the cinderblock behind him) would make the audio more clear. However, not all YouTube-ers can afford good equipment and if that’s the only way for him to get his message out, more power to him.

  3. Our church has had shooting days which include introducing new shooters to the range. Even without new shooters, we always go over the rules of safety and insure that everyone has eyes and ears and give folks a chance to shoot firearms new to them before they possibly buy for themselves.

    It is great seeing a grandma plinking with her 10/22 while a teen gets his first chance at shooting a revolver while my son talks about firearms with one of the elders of the church.

  4. Whether you like the medium or not, it’s hard to disagree with the message. But Ralph wants to know why Pastor Dowell refers to himself in the third person.

  5. He’s a bullshit con-artist. He actually said nobody is talking about the police violence at the occupy demonstrations. What crap!

    Also, his claim, like many of yours, that we consider you violent just because you have a gun is wrong. What I say is the violent and unfit and dangerous ones among you look just like the rest of you. That’s the problem. You’re response is the percentages are so low I don’t need to worry about it. I disagree.

      • Put up or shut up about what exactly? About how many news stories are about pepper-spraying police brutality at the demonstrations, or about how many of you guys are unfit and dangerous but blend in?

        The first one is too obvious to even try and answer. The second one, like much of what you challenge us to produce, is just not available. You say it’s few enough, I say it’s too many.

        • Sure, Hidden Criminals way outnumber the vast throng of dirty cops for which there is a pile of video evidence. Oh wait I forgot, you figure, you guess, and you speculate about the bogunneyman. I guess when you get your facts from DHS videos about home grown crackerrists you can’t come to any other conclusion.

    • “What I say is the violent and unfit and dangerous ones among you look just like the rest of you.”

      Are you talking about me and my fellow African-Americans?

      You’re a racist.

    • What I say is the violent and unfit and dangerous ones among you look just like the rest of you.

      Don’t go all Arnaud-Amaury on us now…!

  6. I often think that the people who froth at the mouth about gun handling in YouTube videos are going way overboard… e.g. “You didn’t demonstrate, on camera, that the magazine was out and the chamber was empty at the start of the video, so clearly you must have a full mag and one in the pipe, and you’re criminally dangerous!” I think that e-warriors often miss the point of the video in their eagerness to feel superior in pointing out what the person making it did wrong.

    That said, I had an unexpected, visceral reaction when he pointed the gun/laser directly at me via the camera. I know I’m not in danger, and likely neither was anyone else, but that didn’t stop my stomach from involuntarily clenching for a split second.

    I’m curious if anyone else got that reaction?


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