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“The fact that they were reeling in and squeezing more laws made me think, ‘You know what? I want my gun permit. I want to exercise my right.’”- Newtown resident Nancy Ellis in Request for gun permits in Newtown set to double last year’s numbers: police [at]

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  1. I still find it bizarre that some people have to obtain a permit to own a firearm. It just reeks of infringement.

    • That was my first thought also and all we can do is hope some of these people will realize that as they enjoy their newfound right.

    • And it all can change with just a few political elections. Look at what is happening in GA and AL. If you search you will find articles like “Is [enter state name] is becoming more left”. McCain seems to be no friend of AZ. Once all those illegals are able to vote, I doubt many will vote for gun rights. It could all go south if gun owner are not diligent.

      And, if you believe you are safe, you should be helping those around you to remove those who wish to take our rights from office or elections.

      Our rights only exists as long as we fight for them because there plenty of pols waiting and willing to take them away.

      So, toot your horn for what you have, but do not assume it will be there tomorrow.

      • Damn right. Too many French surrender monkies trying to get people to run from the fight for our rights. Blue is spreading like a cancer and all these people can do is advise folks to run from them.

        • “This is not a partisan issue in Kansas.”

          — Kansas governor San Brownback [from a letter telling the Feds to stick their commerce clause where no clause has gone before]

    • Permit = Permission, I don’t need no stinkn permission in Texas.
      But good on her for arming herself, welcome sister!

  2. “I want to exercise my right” then filling out an application, getting fingerprinted, handing in two passport photos, paying a $50 check to the DoS and another $70 check to the Feds, dropping upwards of $200 on a basic pistol course, waiting 3-6 months or more and being told none of those things are infringing on your rights by the people charged with protecting those rights sort of puts it all in perspective.

  3. I don’t think I realized there were states where you could conceal carry without a license or permit (whats the difference?) which it seems is all I am reading here.

  4. As a younger fellow, nothing burned into my mind the need to own firearms more than the fact that a contingent of busybodies wanted to keep me from having them. Every time the power grabbers go for guns, they multiply gun owners. If they knew anything about Americans, they’d know we have a history of doing the exact opposite of what tyrants and aristocrats want.

  5. In the linked article:

    “In all of 2012, there were 171 filed with local cops — and that was up 75% from the 99 filed in 2011.

    Gun control advocates said most of the permit applications were taken out by gun lovers who wanted to stock up before Connecticut passed strict new gun laws in April.”

    Right below it it showed the “Daly News” with O and a shameless use of a fallen child to push the $500M “Gun laws”.

    More “tax & spend, tax & spend”. With a side of take away your liberties.

    & yes, it is un-constitutional to require a “Permit” in order to purchase or possessa firearm.

    What next a permit, or even showing an permit with proof of citizenship to vote? OH WAIT SCOTUS STRUCK THAT DOWN!

  6. Sucks that she had to get a damn permit, but good for her. Now, all she’s got left to do is the fun part- Go shoot and get good at it!
    Seriously, I hope somebody links Nancy to this site, or she googles herself, and finds this place. Lotsa potentially useful information for a new owner to get from here.

  7. I’m with everyone else – I’m glad she got the permit, but the idea of “exercising one’s rights” by getting a government permission slip is a misunderstanding of what a right is.

    I can’t wait until Constitutional Carry is the law everywhere.

    I know in Delaware, applications for concealed carry permits are way up. Six years ago there were 400-ish. Last year, about 1500. This year, so far, over 2100. It’s a nuisance that people need to ask at all. Gun permits follow the philosophy of “guilty until proven innocent,” which is not the way a free society is supposed to work.

  8. Hmmm… Guilty until proven innocent, just like the Napoleonic Code.

    Mayhap all this “Thou needeth a permit in order that thou mayest exercise thine rights” is a result of the Religious Right fighting the forces attempting to “secularize” America, irrespective of 1A.

    Presupposing that we’re all “born sinners,” then perhaps we need to be “born again” by State Baptism before we’re to be trusted with our rights. Lawful curtailment, just as though we were all felons until proven otherwise.

    So perhaps the attempts — starting with “In God We Trust” ousting “E Pluribus Unum” on our currency — to meld Church and State just like Merry Old England and much of Europe are in part to blame for the woes of the People of the Gun.

    There we have it. A fanciful, logically consistent argument with no basis in reality — just like those of the Grabbers.

    Or is it fanciful…?

  9. I’d love to exercise my right to BEAR the arms I keep, but unless people are going to donate to the “I need 300 bucks to file the application and MAYBE get the permit”, I’m SOL.

    My county apparently hands them out if you can pass a background check, but the pistol course and LiveScan need to be done BEFORE they’ll even accept the application for processing, and I’ll get NONE of that back if I’m denied.

    I’m on disability. I can’t afford that. And I have more than enough reasons for needing a permit.

    Stupid Kalifornia.

  10. It does suck that we need permits to buy a handgun (and a rifle now I guess, as of this year). That said, my local po-po were great about the process, the detective who did the prints was great about making sure they came out right so the FBI and State Police would have no excuses to hold up the application. The office manager at the police station was apologetic about the slight delay, and made sure to keep us updated (and this was before Newtown).

    I would love to see the law changed, but I want to be sure to give props to all the folks who work hard to make the current regime as painless as possible.

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