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“Only when British General Thomas Gage attempted to confiscate colonists’ gunpowder did the first armed conflict with Britain erupt at the Battles of Lexington and Concord. Colonists knew that they couldn’t allow the British to seize guns or ammunition, or their cause would be lost. In a defining moment, America became the ultimate single-issue organization, and our single issue was the right to bear arms.” – Philip Mulivor in the introduction to his book, Proclaiming Liberty: What Patriots and Heroes Really Said About the Right to Keep and Bear Arms  [h/t Instapundit]

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    • Well, that’s an interesting little historical tidbit. And I can see how it feeds right into your fantasy of fighting off the tyrannical government which want’s to disarm you. Only problem is it ain’t happenin’. But you can keep dreaming.

  1. This is great and still holds true today. I just don’t think the approach will be quite as direct or obvious, but the response should still be the same if it happens!

    • I just don’t think the approach will be quite as direct or obvious

      Yeah. The redcoats wear camo now.

  2. In America when the British government tried to seize guns the populace rebelled. In England when the British government seized guns in the early 1900s and in 1945, the populace did nothing. God Bless America.

  3. The numbers of American Law abiding gun owners are growing exponentially. We are 650% larger than our Military and Law Enforcement combined. To confiscate so many guns(300 Million+ and counting…see Ruger) would require a herculean force.

    They thought the First Shot Heard Round the World was loud! I just hope that when they come for our firearms, they have made their peace with god.

    Pray for the Republic!

  4. Many years ago (about 25) I read in American Rifleman that the U.S. Government’s estimate of guns in the hands of the public was around 450 million. The NRA estimated around 650 million. The difference was the weapons that were older but still serviceable. For example, dad’s .38 from the 1930’s that had only been fired maybe 500 times while he was a cop, the 1911’s that are very serviceable, etc.

  5. I can just see the Joyce Foundation in action during the Revolutionary War and the creation of the Constitution.

  6. Ha, I always thought the single-issue was taxes!
    It was two-tier… the rich guys (our Founding Fathers) were pissed about taxes while the little guys were pissed about having their gunpowder confiscated… awesome.

  7. It should not have to get that bad. By the time guns and ammo are being confiscated, you are looking at bad odds and a long war. Better to fight tyranny earlier rather than later. And for those who mentioned taxes, we are paying more now than anyone did then.

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