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“Four decades of National Rifle Association fearmongering has turned the average Americans into bloodthirsty zombies ready to take human life at a moment’s notice, for no good reason at all.” – Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Facebook page

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  1. If that’s the case, and George Romero is correct about zombies eating brains, then CSGV are the safest folks on the planet.

    • Not to nitpick, but the Romero zombies didn’t particularly care about brains. They just wanted to eat the living. The Russo/O’Bannon zombies from Return of the Living Dead were interested in brains. OK, I’m done channeling my inner comic book guy from The Simpsons.

      • More to the point; O’banon’s brain eaters are the direct opposite of Romero’s shamblers since they target human brains, whereas in NOTLD universe it is humans that must target zombie brains. Multiverse.

  2. I’m a little disappointed. Ladd must be slipping. No call for violence against gun owners. Cmon Ladd, you know you want to deep down. Embrace the hatred of your totalitarian ideology and let it be known.

  3. One can only have a rational and reasonable debate with those that are rational and reasonable.

    The CSGV has proven itself to be none of these things.

    • Founded 1871. If I recall correctly from an article I read, that makes it the oldest civil rights organization in the world.

    • Their claim is that the NRA changed from a nice, respectable hunting-support group (read: Fudds) to a bunch of 2A extremists in the 70s.

      • Yup – the Cincinnati annual meeting in 1971, with the “Neal Knox Revolution” – where we 2nd Amendment FANATICS took over the board and the leadership. How dare we insist that the right to self defense is an unalienable right necessary to preserve life and liberty! Of course, now that we are zombies, they cannot stop us!!!

        • Liberalism is a mental disorder, and it will kill us all.

          Left-Wingnuts do not know (or even care) that the NRA was started in response to the poor marksmanship of Union soldiers (as in military, as in killing, as in become a better shot so you can be pulled into military service and be capable of actually taking-out the enemy). That the NRA was designed to make civilians better military recruits/draftees. All this is because Left-wingnuts and dimwitocrats abhor education and rely on social medial for information.

    • It’s an interesting article. It sounds like the woman went hysterical once she was surprised by the guy. I would bet her actions after the initial contact, (screaming,threatening, waving the gun everywhere) and the fact that she wasn’t the first to call 911, are the two primary reasons she ended up the one arrested.

      I hope the charges are dropped. And some lessons are learned.

      • Never point a gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy. Apparently, she was willing to destroy a black man 10 feet away asking for a light and not making any threatening gestures. And the eyewitnesses said she pointed that same gun during her moment of hysteria at them as well. These charges should stand. The charges against some legal gun owner who hasn’t made any signs of aggression, and is only guilty of the ‘legal possession’ of a firearm (while traveling through a state like New Jersey or Massachusetts) are the ones who should have the charges dropped. Concealed carry owners like this woman gives the rest of us a bad name!

        • And here we go.

          At issue is what a “reasonable” person would believe. In some jurisdictions even the “reasonable” person test is not required, simply what this person actually believed at the moment. If a person is a woman and is approached unexpectedly from behind and turns around to see a male (maybe dressed like a rag bag?), is that woman foolish to think in that moment that she is in danger? When you are in a parking lot, how many strangers do you expect to have speak to you? How many have spoken to you? Is it common for people to walk up behind others and start talking to them? You are small, elderly and female. Most of the world easily presents a force differential. Given the state of affairs in this country, is it unreasonable to respond to an unexpected approach from behind? From the info available, the arrested woman was not “waving a gun around”, she was tracking a perceived threat (but still endangered others). Why didn’t she call 911? Maybe because she accomplished her goal of warding off a potential attacker, and was still so frightened she thought only of getting out of Dodge. Maybe she was completely undone by the encounter, and was unable to dial a phone, or successfully walk inside to call police. BTW, when you are frightened enough, and the juices are flowing, tunnel vision on the target can make everything and everyone around you invisible. Just ask guys who flew into the ground attacking a target in combat.

        • Not to be too pedantic here, but if you are close enough to be “asking for a light” you are close enough to be a potential immediate threat. Don’t know the circumstances, don’t know who was in the right or wrong, just addressing the one point.

        • Echoing Robert,

          10 feet is very close. It may seem far, but it is not. It’s well inside most people’s response time. Otherwise, there are a lot of circumstance I don’t know. Was it the guy asking for a light the only one to call 911 or did she call too? Had there been muggings in the area recently? Has the woman been attacked or threatened before? She may well have gone overboard in her reaction, but the fact that she reacted may well have been justified (just not the manner, seeming to loose control, in which she reacted).

        • ” Concealed carry owners like this woman gives the rest of us a bad name!”

          Annnnnddddd, here’s the “giving us a bad name” trope.

          Sorry, man, but live your OWN life. Don’t be defined by the actions of others (good or bad).

          In other words, stop letting the Progressives make “group identity” the normal way we define our own self identity.

          What some lady did in a parking lot 1000 miles from me does not give me a “bad name” any more than some white, skin-head Aryan Nation dude could do. I ain’t him.

          Just because group identity is a tactic of the Left does not mean we have to play by THEIR rules.

        • Not having read the underlying story, I do have one comment:

          Apparently, she was willing to destroy a black man 10 feet away asking for a light and not making any threatening gestures.

          10 feet away?

          Please review the Tueller drill, and get back to us.

    • It doesn’t matter… plenty of people are not responsible enough to drive, but do so daily. Plenty of people shouldn’t be posting anything on FB/Twitter but do so multiple times a day. Neither of those are enumerated rights. She may be doofball and get in trouble for being one, but that doesn’t mean she loses an integral right. Just as if you get in trouble if you slander someone, but don’t lose your freedom of speech, so too she should get in trouble (if she deserves it) but that has not bearing on her right to bear.

    • “Not everybody is responsible enough to carry a firearm for self protection. This is a prime example of that.”

      The 20/20 Hindsight is strong with you, huh?

      I sure hope you are never attacked in a ‘street crime.’ It sounds like you seem to think these things are perfect in some way..that thugs approach victims with big signs and whatnot.

      Or, are you one of those “Stupid people, stupid places” True Believers…you think you ARE in control of when and how a violent attack my find you?

      This woman may be irresponsible, or she may have made a mistake. She was arrested. The process to find out the nature of culpability is under way. How about you don’t “convict” her on the basis of pop culture reporting and insufficient facts?

      Talk about giving us a “bad name.” Illogical, Progressive and Statist thinking does that in SPADES.

  4. On behalf of the millions and millions off freedom-loving gun owners in ‘Merica, let me offer my condolences on your declining power and influence. I know it is hard, CSGV, to understand why anyone would stand against you, as all you offer is common sense. Who could object, right? It must be frustrating beyond all measure.

    Perhaps time to up that Zanax prescription? Maybe time for some serious detoxing or therapeutic massage? We don’t want you to burn out in your struggle, which is doomed to failure – damn that pesky ol’ Constitution – and the constant loosing takes its toll. We want you healthy and engaged in the fight, because the more whining, screeching, and hating you do, more Americans become first-time gun owners. Keep up your good fight!

    We would not have become such fervent gun-rights supports and firearms owners without you! So, our deepest thanks in confirming that America still stands, that there actually are nutcases out there (if the shoe fits…) that we must protect ourselves from, and that the individual still reigns supreme in our country.

    God Bless, CSGV, for your totalitarian, little hearts!

  5. There are millions of gun owners in the US, and CSGV has the expectation that every one must be perfect while parroting the lie that the NRA condones dangerous acts with firearms. We don’t have millions who do anything responsibly – drivers, parents, pool owners, etc. Heck, irresponsible doctors and nurses are responsible for more deaths than gun and the CSGV is remarkably quiet about that.

  6. Every time I see a post from this CSGV, it seems they are coming more and more unhinged. Fearmongering? No, it’s not fearmongering when politicians continue to prove the NRA right.

    Now referring to us as “bloodthirsty zombies” is fearmongering. Though anyone who believes in the message of the CSGV is already utterly craven. Zombies are just icing on the cake.

  7. I wonder if they have consciously decided to take the “lunatic fringe” position in the grabber community, or if they just kind of fell into it?

    • The level of competence they are demonstrating in establishing themselves thus suggests a long, well thought out and perfectly executed plan.

      A human being that can otherwise function as a human being has to try really hard to achieve the level of idiocy and craziness those at CSGV have on display.

  8. So “Be prepared” is fear mongering, but this drivel that you are spewing is… common sense?

    Am I doing this right? Why do I feel slightly nauseated?

  9. I laugh at their point of “fear mongering.” Talk about the pot and the kettle, if they didn’t fear monger they wouldn’t have anything left. Just another case of gun control hypocrisy.

    • Speaking of which–where I come from, “gun play” involves guns actually being discharged. But I’m gathering nobody was shot, rather someone was perhaps recklessly brandishing a gun. Fear mongering…it’s what gun grabbers do: It’s a gun-violence epidemic! A bazillion school shootings since Newtown! Anyone who open carries is a homicidal maniac just waiting to snap! Waaaaaah!

  10. I can easily imagine my wife having this response. That’s why she’s been working on her situational awareness. She screams bloody murder sometimes when I just walk in the room and ask her something and wasn’t expecting me.

    As to this story, sounds like her nerves got the best of her and while I believe she was in the right anyone looking on from a safe chair at home is probably thinking “why didn’t she call the police” or “why not just politely talk to the fine gent?”. From secondhand experience that isn’t really an option in a panic, it takes some time to calm down, more time than the average police response.

  11. I have tried and tried to troll these guys, but they must have some really good fact checkers… lol They always seem to be right about everything… I should just give up.

  12. For those of you who wish “anti-vaxxers” would go away, understand that you are being vilified even worse than people who are choosing not to vaccinate….standing up for rights makes strange bedfellows.

  13. Do I detect some bias against Zombies?
    I am calling the ACLU.

    “Four decades of National Rifle Association fearmongering has turned the average Americans into bloodthirsty zombies”

    Agues that’s why the TV Series Walking Dead is so popular.
    It’s are Reality Show for us Zombies.

    • People say “I’m not into Zombies when they hear mention of “The Walking Dead.”
      To them I say, it’s not about the Zoms. It’s about how people behave. Who’s the most dangerous on the show? The humans!

      Haven’t the “Alexandria” episodes shown how unsafe it is to think all is Utopia? The difference between Rick’s people and the Alexandrians is that Ricks people can live in both worlds. Even the Alexandrians who wanted to step up were weak sauce because getting ready to get ready and being ready are miles apart.

      I asked someone why they wanted mass disarmament. She said she would feel safer but she realizes it’s not reality. She then said she’d rather live in unreality.
      I do believe that our thoughts make our world. Yet, I don’t think there is no fire so there won’t be any fires. I have a fire extinguisher and know how to use it. Don’t laugh some peeps don’t. I also have insurance. Yet I hope I’ll never need it. Balance.

      Article in today’s Wash Post about robberies near Capitol Hill. Ugh just because you moved there doesn’t make it safe. Can’t walk your dogs before dawn? When could you in the last 200 years. Husband wants to meet wife at Metro to walk her home after dusk. Her response? That’s silly, I wouldn’t live somewhere where it isn’t safe. Really? It never was safe. In the neighborhood emails some folks are considering getting guns. Can you imagine? Why?? Bloomberg will personally protect you.

      Sorry. I should commend them for taking personal responsibility for their own safety. I commend you people. My bad.

  14. It seems to me that CSGV, as it struggles histrionically to remain relevant, is the true walking dead. It has now descended to a hilarious level of self-parody. Will the Joyce Foundation, George Soros and Bloomberg still fund such a nutty outfit? I doubt it.

  15. “…turned the average Americans into bloodthirsty zombies ready to take human life at a moment’s notice, for no good reason at all.” – Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Facebook page

    Well when you say it like that I need to run out and buy another gun, a couple drum mags, and some cases of ammo, through the internet. Thanks for the heads up.

  16. Gee I had some weird group knock on my door last night-I shouldn’t be wary? At least they didn’t call for the death of us already dead zombies…

  17. “Four decades of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence fearmongering has turned the average Americans into bloodthirsty zombies ready to take a gun owner’s life at a moment’s notice, for no good reason at all; just check our facebook page for the calls to violence.” – Coalition to Stop Gun Violence aka Coalition to Call for Violence Against Gun Owners (CCVAGO)

  18. Sounds like this woman has problems. I don’t see how the NRA has anything to do with it.

    Saying the NRA is responsible for her actions is like saying the Electronic Frontier Foundation is responsible for the North Korea Sony hack. I can’t understand how psycho liberals actually believe this sh!t.

  19. “Four decades of Roe v. Wade has turned the average Americans into bloodthirsty zombies ready to take human life at a moment’s notice, for no good reason at all.”
    Fixed it for ya

  20. I smell a large rat. She’s 67 years old, alone, with her back turned loading groceries.. big guy walks up out of nowhere to ask for a light… he just bought smokes, could have bought a lighter or got free matches… probably was a group of smokers outside the store he could have asked. I call BS. Anybody manages to get within ten feet of me without me noticing will probably meet with an only slightly more restrained reaction. Can we get a rundown on this “victim’s” rap sheet please? If I was a judge I would send the lady to mandatory training and then give her her gun back and a free box of hollow points.

    • This was my thought. Who in this day and age asks a random stranger this very question? As you said, there were many other options available. Perhaps over-reaction, perhaps just the right reaction, perhaps her hairs on the back of her neck were standing up. One shouldn’t completely ignore the sense of danger, it is often correct.

  21. How odd that NRA started pushing back against gun control right after they started passing gun control laws that effected all gun owners. I wonder why that is?


  22. There are over 100,000,000 lawful firearm owners in the US, who own about 350,000,000 firearms – and some 15,000,000 of whom are licensed to carry outside the home (not counting the constitutional carriers).

    Where are all the zombie-like firearms-related deaths? 2/3 of firearms-related fatalities are suicides. Of the remaining 1/3, about 2/3 are gang- and drug-related homicides. Some minuscule fraction of the remaining 1/9 are accidental. That doesn’t leave much for the firearm-owning zombie apocalypse.

    Where are all the arrests, prosecution, and convictions of firearm-owning zombies? Such people are arrested for violent crimes an order of magnitude less frequently than the nation’s LEO.

    Once again, CGSV have nothing but their own psychological projection.

  23. Black man at Wal-Mart. Perhaps she thought he had a bb gun and didn’t want to get killed in the cross fire when the cops showed up?

  24. Four decades, huh? Right about the same time to be a reasoned and rational response to modern gun grabbing via the Gun Control Act of 1968? Interesting.

    People who clamor for government regulation and/or spending never seem to realize, let alone foresee, that every federal incursion into people’s lives automatically creates a so-called special interest. Create a new law and presto, now you have more people whose liberties and livelihoods are directly impacted by that law. Of course such people are going to organize (freedom of assembly), speak out and campaign (freedom of speech), and lobby (freedom to petition the government for redress of grievances).

    Keep pushing and pushing and some people may just give you the full guided tour of the Bill of Rights.

  25. I don’t know man. When I read that tag line I laughed out loud. That’s just hilariously funny. They convinced me: I’m given’ ’em up and converting!

  26. Watch out! I’m a bloodthirsty zombie! Be afraid of me! Don’t even try to talk to me!

    Fear-mongering, indeed…

    I’m pretty sure the NRA is the oldest Human Rights Group in the USA. Way more than 40 years old.


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