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“I think it’s ironic that what’s happening right now is the media is calling me up going, ‘Wayne, are you shocked Obama is coming after the Second Amendment? Does that shock you?’ And, I mean, I look them straight in the eye and I go, ‘You guys got to be kidding me. Am I shocked that underneath this guy’s political surface, you scratch it, he’s anti-Second Amendment to the core? Of course I’m not shocked. I mean I’ve been saying this is what was going to happen all along. And you guys, when I said that during the campaign, you guys in the media said I was crazy, you guys said I was only doing it to try to raise money for the NRA. I mean what I’m shocked right now is that you guys aren’t shocked. Because when I said Obama was coming after the Second Amendment if he got elected you guys ridiculed me.'” NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre

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  1. No, Wayne, I ridiculed you for promoting the myth (and outright lying and altering facts to do it) that Romney is pro-Second Amendment and that the former governor who signed a Scary Looking Weapons Ban and went on the record multiple times to state “semi-automatic weapons have no purpose but to kill people” is somehow better for gun rights than Obama.

    • Amen. Romney would have traded our rights in a second if it would get him compromises to advance his agenda.

    • The difference is that Romney respects the Constitution and its processes. There would have been no executive-order end-arounds to circumvent the Second Amendment.

      Stick around and see if Obama, the professor of Constitutional Law, shows the same respect. So far, I haven’t seen any evidence of that.

      Of course, unprovable tu quoque arguments have always been a rationalization for untenable positions. Obama is going to come down hard on gun rights, but don’t feel bad for voting for him because I’m sure Romney would have done the same thing.

      • The difference is that Romney respects the Constitution and its processes. There would have been no executive-order end-arounds to circumvent the Second Amendment.

        No, you’re *hoping* that he does. Romney has shown himself to be a big government man who believes in the tyranny of the State. Just because he said the “I’m for small government” crap that Republicans demand a candidate say (even if they know he’s lying his ass off) doesn’t change his actual views.

        I didn’t vote for Obama. I voted for the only pro-gun, pro-Constitution, pro-freedom candidate on the ballot – Gary Johnson. If you voted Republican or Democrat, you voted against guns, against the Constitution, for endless wars, for indefinite detention or murder of US citizens without trial, for more government control over your life, etc.

        It’s hilarious to see Romney supporters claim all these magical things about Romney when his record as governor tells us who he really is. You judge a person based on their actions, not on their words. Romney’s actions show that he is just as much an enemy of every US citizen at Obama is.

        • you may not have asked for one but you got yourself an Amen! Can’t stand the folks telling me I “did this” noooo, you did this by playing the worn “lesser of two evils” card and absolutely rigging the republican national convention.

        • @Gs650

          Please, try looking at the numbers. Even here in Ohio, if every Gary Johnson voter had voted for Romney, he STILL would have lost. Quit making excuses for the fact that the Republicans ran a lying “progressive” as their candidate and as a result lost the election.

  2. Perhaps it is time the NRA made some changes and found a new spokesman and/or a new message. The country has changed. There are more gun owners than ever before and they represent the demographic of America in the 21st Century. We are better educated, politically savvy , male and female, and every color one can imagine. The NRA has done a fine job protecting our rights, but now it needs to expand it’s membership and revise it’s message. To standstill is to fall behind.

    • Agreed, Leon. Let my membership expire and sent them an e mail explaining basically the same thing. If you want my support, earn it. I did join the SAF after learning about it here.

      • I have been thinking very hard about joining the NRA, after hating it for so long. Almost took the plunge a couple days ago. Then I read this whiney rant. This isn’t leadership. This is, however, what can happen when you have the same people in charge for what looks like 20+ years. The NRA has done a lot for gun rights, but times (and demographics) are changing, and the NRA isn’t. It needs to fix that. New blood, new ideas.

        I’m looking heavily at the SAF right now. Maybe Calguns, too, just to throw some support towards my home state.

  3. Great unknown,
    “Romney respects the Constitution and its processes. There would have been no executive-order end-arounds to circumvent the Second Amendment.”

    Your statement is also unprovable. At least Totenglocke is examining a politicians actions instead of listening to (and believing) his lies.

    • I would assume that anybody respects the Constitution and its processes until proven otherwise. Analytic proof, on the other hand, is lacking.

      The biggest problem in this argument, IMO, is coming to the conclusion that Romney would trade away gun rights to advance his agenda – viz. BlinkeyPete. Trade away to whom? To a Congress which has been generally supportive of gun rights? As long as Romney – regardless of his personal opinions – had to deal with Congress, the scenario could not exist.

      On the other hand, our current and future President has made it clear that he is quite ready to “work around” Congress.

      • unless you meant to say “wouldn’t” you may wish to rethink that. Innocent until proven guilty should apply only to run of the mill crime. Treason is a few steps up, and it doesn’t matter how commonplace it has been that is still what violating the constitution is. Remember we are supposed to be wary and distrustful of those who seek power, if I remember my man G-Wash’s parting words correctly. Personal trust is built on actions not words, political trust should be the same.

  4. Excellent comment, Leon. I agree completely.

    Remember, in the words of an older, but excellent law review article, “The Second Amendment Ain’t About No Hunting”. IMHO, the small percentage of hunters and recreational shooters would meekly turn in their guns and take up golf or something else.

    • Here in Wisconsin, we will have half a million deer hunters in the woods and fields in a week. Hunting is not a sport: it is a family heritage; it is a way of life; it is in one’s DNA. I think you are wrong about the importance hunting and our guns hold on us. Our guns are handed down generation to generation; each comes with a history tied to our past, and we know that our ownership becomes part of the history. To think we would “meekly turn in [our] guns” shows that you do not understand a large swath of gun owners.

  5. Ok… I hope TTAG doesn’t mind me promoting this here, but let’s get out in front of this in a sane manner before Feinstein introduces her dumb Bill.

    My petition to ban the ban – please sign it:

      • If we weren’t there already we aren’t going on now. Any notice how easy it is for the FBI to read emails? 😛

        Thank you for your support!

      • Let em watch. They can watch me work, pay taxes, and play PS3. Gonna be a boring watch thats for sure. Hey! If they follow me, maybe I can give them some packages to help deliver so
        I get go home early!

    • I really wish I had pointed out that the beer President Obama is brewing at the White House is far, far more dangerous than assault weapons.

      • Everything President Obama is brewing at the White House is far, far more dangerous [to America] than assault weapons.

  6. The political zeitgeist in America is changing. While more people are owning and supporting gun rights, it doesn’t necessarily follow that those new gun owners are conservative. I’d be interested if TTAG can find statistical information showing what the political alignments of gun owners in America are today. I’d wager more than a few of those record NICS checks were done on Democrat voters. It would explain a great many things about this election and why so many are surprised about Obama’s anti gun direction.

    Remember, for most people a firearm doesn’t have any more political significance than their HDTV does.

  7. If an American citizen is killed whilst supporting people who are engaged in warfare against the USA, then I’m happy with that. If the USA is the one doing the killing, then I’m fine with that to. (In response to Totenglocke, 09:49. Comment dropped down to the end. weird)

    • Including the son of someone merely “suspected” of it? There’s a reason we have courts – if an American citizens commits a crime, you take them to court and if they’re found guilty, THEN you can look at executing them. You don’t get to say “Oh, you disagree with us? We’ll murder your whole family”.

      You may think it’s funny now because some “evil” non-Christian got killed for not being Christian, but when it’s your friends and family being murdered, you might look at things differently.

  8. I think people need to not just look at the candidates, but also what others within the affiliated party are doing. You don’t see the GOP overwhelmingly pushing for an AWB or more laws for gun control. Yes I am making a blanket statement here, but if you look at it that way the view on guns in America becomes a little more clear.
    The GOP also added a very strong Pro 2-A to it’s platform this year. Sure it isn’t law, but it does make a statement.
    Before we pass judgment I would say wait a year or so and see where we stand then. If a new AWB is enacted, a UN treaty passed, the those who have been complaining so far can go home and lament.. Or maybe you will prove us all wrong.. In which case I will eat crow. Not literally of course, I don’t really like the taste.. 😉

  9. In the last election, we had a choice between a capitalist and a socialist. The nation has spoken. The Party of Free Sh!t won, and it won big. So now, you have two different choices. You either line up for the free sh!t with your hand out, or you pay for the free sh!t for somebody else. In either case, you will do what you are told. The rode to an English/Australian model of gun control starts with this.

    • Corporatist and a socialist. Romney is a “corporate socialist” the only “capitalists” in the running were Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. This is a dictionary definition thing unfortunately it brooks no argument. Capitalism is not stealing from the taxpayers to bail out unsound businesses. Capitalism eats failed businesses and craps prosperity, why else would the depression zip itself up so quickly after the new deal policies that kept it going were repealed?

      • the only “capitalists” in the running were Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.

        Paul is a not-practicing physician, so I’d hardly call him a capitalist. Johnson was an actual business leader and capitalist. I did my part. I voted for Johnson 60,193,075 times and the bum still lost.

        • didn’t john Adams basically shutter his law practice while he was fighting for freedom in (ugh) Philadelphia? I would say his time in congress was well spent so I’m willing to look past a few years of non practice in light of the trim way he ran his congressional office, and the fact he was one of the only truly constitutionalist voices in national office. Only congressperson I think to return some of his operating budget every year. Not to mention he was in private practice already for quite some time before going to congress, frequently being quite altruistic as the lefties frequently accuse the right of not even being capable of, treating poor people pro bono or at reduced cost rather than buying into failed entitlement programs. What you seem to be sayin here is you can’t be a capitalist unless you work until your neurons stop firing, which is wrong. Johnson not winning is beside the point, the “oh you’re just helping the ‘other’ guy” chestnut needs to get tossed back in the fire. If everyone who said that didn’t follow their own stupid advice the presidential debate would have had 30 participants and nobody would have gotten even close to the required electoral votes to win the general election.

        • criticisms of their chances aside, Romney is as much a fascist, corporatist socialist as Obama. “the king is a tyrant, whether we say so or not. We might as well say so”

    • Between a fascist and a fascist you mean…bailouts for the banks, welfare for the slaves, big government practically running big business.

      • incorrect, you have it backwards.

        fascism is a merger of state and corporate power. it is corporatism/banking practically running a big government, a government whose regulatory powers have been bought and paid for.

  10. In referance to the article:
    Whose “Dick”?
    Your “Dick”?
    Ahh I see the text has been amended. Never mind.

  11. Wayne is just happy that people keep responding to his mail spam by sending money. That way he can continue hunting elephants and laughing his million dollar paycheck all the way to the bank.

    • exactly!!

      dear wayne,

      please take your email spam, your slimy postal mail scams, your crappy insurance, your cheap wine, your inane drivel, and shove it up your ass.

      fuck you very much,

      ex-nra member

  12. nra puts out an enormous amount of useful info mobilizes gun owners and keeps politicians honest at state and national level. sure fhey could do some things better but lets not get in a circular firing squad in our despair after this election.
    are u gonna lie down… or
    get back in the game!

    i renewed my nra mbrship and gave money to calguns and saf – all three workjng to fix things slowly but surely in ca. and remember as ca goes so goes the nation…

    • Thank TTAG. I knew nothing about SAF until I heard it here. Another group I’ve looked into is the JPFO, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership? I hope I got that right.

      Anyways, I’m not a jew but the group looks good on the surface. I’ve just been suffering a combination of busy and lazy and haven’t got around to it.

  13. Now the government will come after your guns. Hide your head in the sand if you want…but they’re coming…regardless of your political philosophy…they’re coming.

  14. Great comments, folks. We all got screwed when Obama got re-elected (except the freeloaders) and he’s not even re-inaugurated yet. His catchphrase “shared prosperity” scares me as much as my convictions of his anti-gun agenda enabled by his “more flexibility after the election”.
    We need to spend the next four years figuring-out how to make people like Gary Johnson and Ron Paul viable Presidential Candidates. I really don’t know what I make of the NRA anymore, but I do think the Republicans are nearly decks awash and listing far to starboard.

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