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Since launching her series “Emily Gets Her Gun” Emily Miller has achieved iconic status within the gun rights community. What was that Jim Croce said about Superman’s cape? There’s a small segment of the gun blogging community that wants my balls for breakfast because I “creeped-out” the comely gun blogger during a recent interview. So . . .

I’m a lot less than enamored with Ms. Miller’s Washington Times puff-piece on Donald Trump, which is just long enough to encompass a couple of pro-gun platitudes and the “revelation” (i.e., money shot) regarding which firearms The Apprentice star favors.

“The Donald is a true Second Amendment enthusiast,” Ms. Miller’s report concludes. Enthusiast maybe. Lip servicer certainly. But gun rights supporter? I don’t think so.

The fact that Mr. Trump managed to secure a concealed carry permit in the gun-free paradise more commonly known as New York City—whereas millions of ordinary residents are denied their Constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms—should have set off Ms. Miller’s BS detector.

After all, Tom Delay’s former press secretary rose to prominence by charting her slow, uncertain progress through Washington, D.C.’s intentionally byzantine gun permitting process. The former FBI informant knows full well that New York City’s Mayor and his minions maintain a de facto gun ban by the exact same means. Only worse.

So how’d The Donald get his carry permit? And if he’s such a 2A guy, why doesn’t the TV-friendly tycoon rail against New York City’s “one rule for rich guys and celebs, another rule for [what Leona Helmsley called] ‘the small people'” concealed carry licensing system?

Equally, Ms. Miller seems oblivious to—or unconcerned by—the easily Googleable info that Donald Trump contributed campaign cash to arch gun control advocate and New York Senator Chuck Schumer. And the now-disgraced NRA F-rated former Congressman Anthony Weiner.

To be fair, Trump and/or The Trump Organization have also bestowed their financial largesse to the campaigns of gun rights favoring pols. But there can be no doubt that the supposed 2A enthusiast doesn’t consistently put his money where his mouth is.

In fact, the self-professed enemy of gun control is on record as a supporter of an assault weapons ban (AWB). On page 102 of his book The America We Deserve, Donald Trump said this about that:

I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun. With today’s Internet technology we should be able to tell within 72-hours if a potential gun owner has a record.

I wonder if the H&K .45 and Smith & Wesson .38 owner and former presidential candidate even knows what an FBI NICS check is. Or if The Donald’s changed his position on a new AWB, what with President Obama mentioning the possibility during his last debate with Mitt Romney.

Just one good question that Ms. Miller could have asked The Donald, amongst many.

“This piece wasn’t about that,” the haters will cry. No it wasn’t. And if you consider me indelicate for considering Miller’s puff piece pusillanimous, if you think both Trump and Miller deserve a free pass because they’re poster children for gun rights, so be it. I respectfully disagree.

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  1. Trump is just another celebrity and as such his life is more important than ours. Self-serving a-hole. I don’t know Miller but I remember how some used to (and some still) think Bill Oreilly was a conservative

  2. We should carefully note that just because someone owns a firearm does not automatically equate to them being a 2nd Amendment activist.

    Ms Miller may own a Sig and have trained with Rob Pincus, but that doesn’t mean she necessarily agrees with the 2nd Amendment excluding gun control entirely. While she doesn’t agree with the restrictions of Washington D.C. itself, that doesn’t mean she’d personally agree with the passage of “shall not be infringed”.

    Before the detractors start up saying she spoke at the NRA convention and whatnot, note that Miller was an FBI informant. She’s lied through her teeth before, which presents a credibility hazard for taking her word at face value.

  3. We don’t “want [your] balls” solely because you were rude to Emily Miller. You were also rude to Alan Gura. It’s also not just a “small segment.”

  4. Well if we look at what she is writing now, I would say that Emily is doing some good, so lets not bash our friends. Ok so it was lip service to Trump, not her best article but certainly not her worst either.
    Writers write, sometimes they even get touted for their articles. Let’s trump this one up to a circular file…

  5. He’s rich and therefore so much better than the common man!!! Sarc off.
    What an as$hole.
    He flip flops worse than a couple of the commenters we all know and love onTTAG!!

      • jwm….did you not know??!! That’s not hair. That is imported shithead spider silk from the far reaches of Ancient Asia.
        When it is woven into a toupee it automatically allows all others in the vicinity of the wearer to detect and avoid the shithead wearing it.
        An ancient Asian safety device from 2000bdt(bdt=before Donald trump)!!! 😉

        • My dad is convinced Trump had only one single hair, but he grew it long and wove it into the mop we see today.

  6. On Election night, Trump tweeted that America needed a revolution, presumably so rich people like him could overturn the votes of people who were not born rich.

    A friend of mine who is a veteran said that was about the worst thing he had ever heard Trump say, and Trump has said some pretty messy stuff.

    Many thousands of people have signed petitions to secede, because the election didn’t turn out the way they wanted. This strikes me as childish, and an insult to the many people who fought for our freedoms.

    • IMO, those people who have signed the the petitions to secede are exercising their 1st Amendment Rights to make a political statement regardless of how serious their intent. My dad (rip) served in WW2 and if I signed it now he would support me since today’s America is politically and morally no longer the country it was then or the one created earlier by the Founding Fathers. I think the signers of the petitions to succeed are honoring the men who fought in America’s numerous wars since we are nearing the cliff’s edge to losing our remaining freedoms. Today’s modern liberals and conservatives in government and in the two joke parties the Democrats and Republicans are a mix of fascists and imperialists.

      • Do I think the secession proposals are silly and overreactions? Yes. Hell, Texas threatens to secede once a season. It’s practically a state past time. (Done baiting the Texans now, I promise…) Still, First Amendment is indiscriminate (with certain, very specific exceptions)

        • People are clearly allowed to ask the government for anything they want, including secession. I would point out that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

          I don’t know how someone can claim to be a “patriot”, and say they love the country so much they want to destroy it and start a new one.

          If nothing else, I think we can all agree that Donald Trump is a half-wit, and that in any just society, no one would ever listen to his juvenile opinions.

  7. Within 72 hours? He should try buying a gun in a more free state. In PA, I spend more time BSing with the clerks/owners than it takes to complete the forms and get an approved PICS.

    • Got that right. In Idaho, if you have a CWL (concealed weapons license), you don’t have to wait at all. Fill out the ATF form, pay and go. No phone call to the NICS. For some reason, the Idaho legislature has figured that a person who has a State-issued CWL is not likely to be a criminal. So the State of Idaho does not feel that you need to jump through any additional Federal hoops.

      I know this will give the daddy-state lovers a case of the knickers-wetting hissy fits. Suck it up, kiddies.

    • With today’s Internet technology we should be able to tell within 72-hours if a potential gun owner has a record.

      Try more like 72 seconds.

  8. Trump has a big mouth, that he is right-wing is only because those “values” would make him more money and pay fewer taxes, he is a self-serving putz. Miller writes as a pro-2A, which for any of us is good, she is OK, I doubt she is all-in for constitutional carry, but in today’s media she is still good for gun owners.

  9. Having studied “the Donald” for many years as he is considered newsworthy all the time in the NY, NJ, CT tristate area, I have come to believe that Mr. Trump loves no one more than himself. I remember him moaning about how he couldn’t get by on the $13,000 a month allowance he was restricted to during his bankruptcy. I remember him divorcing his first wife who had stood by him thru some serious crap, to get wife #2, then wife #3….

    Ms. Miller wrote a short piece on “the Donald”, and good for her, probably made her editor happy. I would not toss her under the bus just because of that. If the only second amendmant supporters recognized are those that believe in the strictest possible interpetation of the amendment (ie, that every one should be able to carry any gun anywhere at any time with zero paprer work, zero legislation, zero gubment regulations) and any and all people that don’t adhere to thjat are to be considered the enemy and shown no mercy, then we loose. Because being that inflexible allows no discussion, no tolerance and fosters a rigid “Us vs. Them” stance behind fortress walls. So far (in my opinion) Ms. Miller has done us much more good than harm. Mr Trump? Not so much….

  10. Ms. Miller’s stance on 2a is not in question. It’s her willingness to promote Mr. Trump as “a friend of ours.” That he is not.

  11. Love The Donald: Naked Capitalism at it’s finest with no guilt or regrets. He can say whatever the freak he wants because he’s got Millions. People like him feel no need to fit into anybody else’s self-imposed boxes or boundaries. This guy exudes American Exceptionalism at it’s finest. He doesn’t care if you think he’s pro or anti-gun, consevative or liberal, and neither do I.

  12. I just wanted to say that Trump’s book was released 12 years ago, which means it was probably written more like 13 or 14 years back. While I certainly don’t agree with everything he says, maybe his view on an AWB has changed in the last 12+ years. I know I’ve changed my views on certain things.

    Get his current views, and then take him to the cleaners if he still feels the same way.

    I’d be willing to bet that he donated to Schumer and Weiner’s opponents as well, probably covering all his bases no matter who won.

  13. I could take everything Emily Miller knows about our Constitution and the bill of rights and put it in a 45 caliber primer. I do not want to talk bad about the woman but she is in way over her head. I wish she would find a boyfriend or girlfriend matters not to me and just shut up about gun control, and the mental health issue that she seems to be so determined to saddle us with. Please Miss Miller go on another book tour sign some books shoots some guns have a good time and shut up about gun control until you learn a little more on the subject.

  14. Hi guys! I’m here from the future to tell you the good news: Donald Trump appears to no longer be in favor of a renewed AWB!

    The bad news…


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