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(courtesy Moms Demand Action - Texas)

“Open carry makes everyday confrontations potentially more dangerous and poses an unnecessary challenge on our law enforcement to determine in the heat of the event who is a good guy and who is a dangerous criminal. Perhaps Sunday’s violence will serve as the necessary wake-up call to our legislators that they should stop taking marching orders from the gun lobby.” – Angela Turner, spokeswoman for the Texas branch of Moms Demand Action, quoted in Gun control groups: Texas biker gang shooting a wake-up call [via]

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  1. If it weren’t for guns, those biker gangs would just be riding clubs and they’d have no interest in the drug running, money laundering, and rival warfare.

    Talk about being intentionally obtuse or more likely intellectually dishonest honey. Look up the activities of these gangs, violence will happen irregardless of any gun control law.

    • Yup.

      I know that this has been said about a million different ways already but I have to add my voice: These people don’t understand violence at all. Most of them have probably never lived outside of White America suburbs.

      Violence is not dependent on a particular type of tool. Hell, Japan is one of the safest countries in the world and biker gangs there were killing each other with knives and swords before they started going down in popularity as an outlet for teen angst.

      The incredible ignorance on display here… I don’t know whether to laugh or tear my hair out. Perhaps someone should show Angela Turner a liveleak video or two of someone getting killed by a brick or a group of people with sticks. I wonder if she’d get it then? I doubt it.

      Hard to outlaw sticks.

    • Guns were not the most used instrument in the fight. Old style devices were the weapons of choice for most of the participants. Devices like brass knuckles, chains, chairs and knives. Had they all been shooting there would have been a significantly higher body count. What we had were 9 well aimed assassinations. They were probably aimed at leaders or specific persons who had beefs.

      • At this point, it is just as likely that many of the dead were actually shot by SWAT unit that was on the scene. We’re still waiting on the autopsy/ ballistics info to be released.
        It seems more likely that this was a huge melee until someone pulled a gun, and then the police opened fire. OMG’s don’t usually go for big public shootouts, because it attracts exactly this type of attention, which is something they DO NOT want. They’re more likely to just give you a beating.

  2. I’m pretty sure membership in a group that participates in illegal activities is a far better indicator of potential violent confrontations than the carrying of a firearm.

    Your kids soccer coach might carry a gun everyday. If he more likely to be involved in a violent confrontation than somebody who’s a Crip yet carries no firearm?

    As an aside I think it’s more than odd that this incident is getting global attention over an extended period of time while the Sorenos battling MS-13 and the Bloods result in daily body counts with machetes doesnt even get local play anymore.

  3. I am sure every one of these bikers were licensed concealed carry permit holders. And I am sure they were all using open carried rifles, which is all that is legal at this time in TX I believe.

    • In today there is an interview with a drug-dealing snitch who strongly implied that the proliferation of shall-issue states has contributed to the biker gangs tooling up. He claims that they are requiring that any member who is not a felon has to apply for CCWs, (as is their right, ceteris paribus).

      • So now the gangs have incentive to not be felons; mission accomplished (btw, a major reason for gang formation is a group’s self defense from existing gangs/crooks)

  4. Come Again, Americans should give up their Consitutional rights because old fat White & Hispanic infantile idiots wearing leather vest with patches gunfight over a parking space? And the NRA is the baddie?

    How does one begin to follow that logic?

      • Ralph joked about it in the other article, but here are some ads from Honda’s ad campaign starting in 1966.

        Enjoy the white privilege flashback..

        • Well, I have to thank you for that. I learned to drive a week or two after my 14th birthday, on a Honda 50 in Japan, around 1960. My first bike was a Honda Hawk, DOHC dual carb 250 cc bike, in 1961, when I was 15. My last bike was a CBR900RR, sold it in 1995, the day before my 49th birthday. It was so fast, it was very clear I would kill myself if I kept it, even with my 35 years of experience. This set of ads almost made me cry.

    • You’re not supposed to even employ logic. It’s all infantile emotion (god help these moms’ children, talk about being ill prepared for a future in the real world).

      Simple, she doesn’t like guns so the guns have to be at fault. Everything else about the biker gangs’ illegal activities don’t exist. Like tunnel vision, she won’t see that because she doesn’t want to. It destroys her reality bubble.

      • Bunko doesn’t make sense either, but something about drinking, snacking, throwing dice, yelling Yatzee, passing around a stuff toys and collecting coin brings them together. If Shannon plugged into that group, funded parties she might get a bit more traction.

  5. “Well, the shootout occurred when we don’t have open carry. So obviously the current laws didn’t stop anything like that.” – TX Gov Greg Abbott

    • “Open carry . . . poses an unnecessary challenge on our law enforcement to determine in the heat of the event who is a good guy and who is a dangerous criminal.”

      I think this has it exactly backwards.

      Under OC, the police would have a sporting chance of noticing a gunman with a drawn weapon coincidently wearing a holster. That would be a HEADS-UP indicator that he likely is a white-hat. The police would have at least some means of discounting the probability that this guy is a black-hat.

      Under any circumstances whatsoever, there are no guarantees. A gunman wearing a blue uniform just might be an impostor; we are counting on police arriving on the scene recognizing the gunman’s face and confirming that he is – indeed – a fellow member of the force. The larger the precinct the less reliable is the blue-uniform in identifying a white-hat.

      Some police officers dress in street cloths but carry a badge on a chain around the neck or on their belts. Again, the problem of a potential imposter and facial recognition.

      Short of adopting some “fashion statement” such as white hats for law-abiding CWP-holders, the OWB holster is the best shot we have as signaling to the cops “. . . who is a good guy and who is a dangerous criminal.” Indeed, this may be the best pretext we have for justifying the practice of OC.

      (Most people, law-abiding and criminal alike, are not vagabonds. We spend most of our time close-to-home. A criminal with any rap-sheet at all is unlikely to practice OC. Inevitably, one of his arresting officers is likely to recognize him; whereupon, he will be detained while a determination is made as to whether he can be arrested for felon-in-posession. A criminal would OC only when far-from-home.)

      IF-and-to-the-extent the OWB holster can serve the purpose of a white-hat fashion statement, self-preservation might serve to promote the practice of OC. (Realistically, I don’t see this as an over-night phenomena. If OC were legalized nationwide, I’d still expect cops in NYC, DC, NJ and MD to shoot-first and ask questions later. Nevertheless, after the first few dozen police mistakes, I’d expect the OWB-holster to become recognized as indicia of white-hat.)

      The possibility of sparing the lives of a dozen law-abiding carrying good-Sameritins per year is but a pretext to justify the practice of OC. My objective – in this train of thought – is to establish a pretext to make the practice of OC acceptable in the public square.

      ‘You see, gentle neighbor, I’m not OC as any attempt to intimidate others or to express an arrogant attitude. Rather, I prefer to OC so as to reduce my risk of being shot by a cop if ever – God forbid – I should have to draw my gun to protect myself or another innocent person.’

      IF-and-to-the-extent that OC becomes normal behavior throughout the US, the voters will become inoculated against hoplophobia. Citizens carrying guns will become as normal as – urban cowboys driving pickups. The phenomena will recede into the background of normalized behavior that we observe occasionally and pay no attention to.

  6. Were the bikers actually open-carrying? Or is this another distraction from annoying moms. The bees are suspicious.

    • Everyone knew they were armed. Does that count as OC? Not that it matters since all were probably prohibited and scofflaws, criminals, killers, and thugs. We should outlaw that!

  7. Well, thank you Moms, for the clarification that the gun lobby includes outlaw biker gangs and criminals. I thought it was just me and maybe 150 million of my buddies.

    • In their opinion, we’re all either criminals or criminals waiting to happen. Because guns. For the children. Except, of course, our children, whom the so-called “moms” wish violent death upon. For the children.

    • “Perhaps Sunday’s violence will serve as the necessary wake-up call to our legislators that they should stop taking marching orders from the gun lobby,” Turner added.

      Typical falsely painted rhetoric from the leftist antis to define the “gun lobby” as synonymous with “violence”, as if the ‘gun lobby’ wants anything at all to do with violent biker gangs to promote its image among its target customers, overwhelmingly law abiding American Citizen gun owners and gun buyers.

      I’m particularly happy this stupid airhead b-road and her equally blindly biased organizational compatriots jumped to the conclusions they did and assumed the bikers killed each other. Now when the actual ‘facts’ about how all the killed and injured came to be shot are revealed in the incident investigation, the egg on her face will be prominent and revealing as to her, and the antis, bare rush to judgment, misrepresentations and bald faced lies.

      That Turner would make the accusations she did just lay bare hers and the antis’ reliance on rumor mongering and demonizing to promote their cause.

      Not that anyone in the media will notice.

      But I’m certain those legislators Turner refers to who actually support the Constitution and uphold their oath of office will take notice. They will also likely just inwardly roll their eyes next time Turner or someone from her group seeks to address a pending legislative matter that concerns the right to keep and bear arms.

      Nice strategy Turner. When the actual ‘facts’ are reported, your irrelevance score card can record another notch.

  8. Yeah! I mean look how much better all those disarmed biker gangs with home built automagics are in Australia!

    • I know right! I saw this documentary on whats been going on in Australia. They followed around this officer named Maxwell as he tried to police the lawless gangs that have taken over. One dude had a gyrocopter, and I’m pretty sure I saw Tina Turner and Mick Jagger too, it was nuts.

    • “automagics”?

      Those must be the famous “ghost guns” de Leon was referring to that have “…the ability with a .30-caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second. Thirty magazine clip in half a second.”

    • Last time I checked, Texas was a fairly populous state. If this is all the whiney derp moms & mom wannabes (after gender reassignment is finished) they could scrape up, that speaks well of the rest of the population.

  9. Impromptu photo caption…

    “Not all of these people are moms, but they all va-jay-jays…”

  10. “stop taking marching orders from the gun lobby.” instead we demand you take your matching orders from the anti-gun lobby. Yea that makes reasonable sense. Da fuq?

    • What’s funny is that the manic moms that testified at the hearing yesterday, were wearing their blue t-shirts and identifying with Texas Gunsense, a “grassroots organization incorporated in Texas”…distancing themselves from MDA/Everytown and Mikey’s millions. Yet here they are all one happy family…

  11. This is kind of a secret I don’t like getting out…but I contribute funding to the gun industry through purchases of products and manipulate their policies through the marketplace of ideas.

    • If you pay close attention to the facial expression on some of those guys in the picture you can almost hear the crack of the whip.

  12. That Texas Moms comment is essentially admitting that, if gun carry is prohibited, only criminals will carry guns. She opines that LEOs would be able to recognize who is a criminal and who is not because all the criminals will have guns and none of the law-abiding citizens will. And that’s the ideal?

    • Gun control has as its very roots the intent of keeping guns ‘out of the hands’ of the Blacks freed at the end of the Civil War…

  13. Sorry Moms, but the Texas legislature isn’t getting their marching orders from the “gun lobby”, but rather from the people who elected them to office, as it was intended. But, you probably already know that, right? And that’s the part the really bothers you, huh? All of the unwashed proles who would rather choose freedom over your “common sense”.

    • Remember…

      When -we- lobby elected officials it is bad, sometime it is even evil!

      When -they- lobby elected officials it is a Grass Roots Movement of Democracy in Action and simply Common Sense so how could you possible disagree.

  14. “Open carry makes everyday confrontations potentially more dangerous and poses an unnecessary challenge on our law enforcement to determine in the heat of the event who is a good guy and who is a dangerous criminal.” Gee, that sounds word for word what Austin Police Chief, Art Acevedo says anytime he hears the words “Open Carry”

    Wouldn’t think it would be such a huge challenge to tell good guy from bad guy, since in all likelihood the good guy has re-holstered gun when LEs shows up with weapons drawn.

  15. How would it make any difference to law enforcement whether a person was carrying a concealed weapon or open carrying a weapon ? At least with open carry they could see who is armed. Concealed carry = surprise factor by good guys and bad. The logic in their comments makes no sense any way you look at it. But they will gain a few converts anyway because people get upset when shots are fired and bodies end up lying around. Even it the bodies are bikers that could use some thinning of their herds.

  16. So the headline on their picture is Moms Wont Back Down!

    So we owners of firearms can’t be that dangerous then, can we?

    I mean if you can stand up to ‘armed insurrectionists’ with nothing more than a sign and a slogan……

  17. Interestingly all of this mornings new comments seem to have been purged. He who controls the past…

  18. That’s a pretty thin-soup statement, actually. Almost like they realize the facts don’t give them a whole lot to work with: A bunch of rather flagrantly “bad” bad guys start shooting at cops, and the cops shoot back. Hell, that’s the kind of cops-and-robbers stuff we all grew up watching on TV for entertainment. And the only guys who wound up being shot are the bad guys. I expect the “moms” and the castrados that they got to fill in the holes in their photo are dreadfully disappointed that no children were caught in the crossfire. And yes, I actually believe at least some of them are.

  19. Pretty weak attempt at the old “waive the bloody shirt” tactic… It’s as pathetic as it is deceitful…

  20. Are TX Moms taking even a penny of overseas $ to overthrow our Constitution?

    There’s a name for that.

  21. First it was Prohibition, then they had their bloomers in a bunch about rock music lyrics, then it was drugs, then drunk driving and now guns. Busybody women, seemingly without enough to do in their lives, meddling in everyone else’s lives.

    I know! Perhaps they don’t own enough cats.

    If I paid for a truckload of kittens and pallets of kitty litter to be delivered to keep these women occupied, could we then, please, be left alone in peace?

      • “A tanker full of Merlot might also help.”

        An old quote from Jerry Seinfeld:

        “What kind of woman drinks an entire box of wine?”

    • I’m thinking we need to outlaw dry cleaners and maid services, then the ladies could find enough to keep them busy. If not, nannies are next.

  22. Do they allow any non-whites to be part of that group? Or does it mean that non-whites have more common sense than to be associated with them?

    • I’m sure they’d rather not associate with such “undesirables”. Because guns. For the children.

  23. Since open carry wasnt remotely involved with biker recruiting at Twink Peaks, yea… I imagine this might be a bloody shirt theyre not quite so used to waving yet.

    Classic case of proggies gotta prog I guess.

  24. Right, because the dozens of police who were on scene before the melee even started knew which of the 200+ participants were attackers and who were defenders …

  25. That’s pretty funny. I have some biker buddies, and back when they were involved with outlaw motorcycle clubs, they carried guns concealed with them ALL the time without licenses. So much for the Moms’ precious laws.

  26. Although I believe that under most circumstances open carry of a handgun is foolish, the sky will not fall once open carry becomes law in Texas, criminals will continue to conceal their firearms, and open carry legislation in Texas will have absolutely zero effect on death and violence associated with outlaw motorcycle gangs in Texas.

  27. So tired of the pathetic ignorance of the Mom demand group and the Everytown group! It is hilarious how these woefully supported groups will put 20 people in a picture and talk about how “millions” support them, lol. No group taking Michael Bloomberg money is EVER going to be taken seriously.

  28. What the fuck is an “everyday confrontation”? I don’t have confrontations every day. I don’t even have confrontations every decade. If I lived in a state with concealed carry (or open carry, for that matter), I would have even less confrontations, because that’s what carry does for a culture.


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