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“It doesn’t have to be this way. If you think America is a lost cause when it comes to guns, then the gunmakers have beaten you. Do you really want that? Do you really want those assholes sitting on a pile of money and hoping this shit goes on into eternity? They can be beaten. I’ll shit on their doorstep myself if I have to.” – Drew Magary in We Can Win the War on Guns [at]

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  1. Another D-bag that gets his panties in a bunch when a shooting that statistically represents a tenth of one percent of gun deaths happens, but doesnt give a crap about black people slaughtering each other daily. Let’s go get the illegal guns he says. Good luck. I’m sure the criminals will just hand them right over.

    • Yes, it’s always interesting how these fools want to punish those damn gun manufacturers while conveniently forgetting that 1) they would need a lot of men armed with guns from those very manufacturers to enforce any of their ridiculous confiscation and/or draconian control plans, and 2) It is the weapons manufactured by those companies that this nation’s military uses to protect his freedom to spout this drivel.

      Oh, and by the way, Molom Labe!

  2. Okay..

    The emotion laden ranting after a shooting, well only a certain kind of shooting, has been the province of the lunatic left.

    It’s sounds crazy but I’ve seen nothing but profanity laced tirades and threats to ‘murder gun nuts’ and ‘defund the NRA’ whatever the hell that means.

    By all means, let the loonies rant and rave. El presidente included. I don’t think people are listening anymore

  3. As a modern gentleman, I don’t need to stomp and yell while puffing up my cheeks to look larger. There’s no real need to be able to match an attackers strength in fisticuffs as I can just use modern science to throw tiny bits of metal really really fast at him. Perhaps he should step into this wonderful modern age, where a 90lb grandmother can stop a 300lb degenerate with only 4.5lbs of force exerted.

  4. Combine this blowhole with the shoo bear lady, multiply by millions who have no undertanding of our Constitution and you have gun confiscation.

  5. Ironic how he exercises his 1st Amendment rights to explain how he would destroy the 2nd, 4th, and 8th Amendment rights of others.

  6. I love it. The more the antis flail around like a child throwing a tantrum in the cereal aisle, the more they get absolutely no where in their quest to outlaw and confiscate firearms.

    If they only realized that letting the urban cities (a domain they almost exclusively run and control) go to pot with rising crime issues, the more they undermine their case for more gun control. This blind emotional rage allows them some catharsis without looking at the hard issues so they’ll never realize how they could make headway. They also reinforce to the rest of the public why we need firearms. Would you feel safe around the emotionally unstable train wreck quoted here?

  7. The keep thinking they’re fighting the gun makers and not an overwhelming majority of the American people. As long as they keep fighting the wrong opponents we have a huge advantage.

    We have to keep at it, though. Unlike the left, we aren’t billionaire funded.

  8. This GQ article is good evidence that we are winning; if they are this despondent than the enemy has turned. We just need to run them into the ground.

    Yet, let’s not get complacent ourselves. Let’s take to heart all the good points he makes:

    “But those people [gun enthusiasts and the NRA] aren’t making the guns.”
    Yes, and this is a tragedy. Have you ordered your first 80% receiver? $75 is not a lot to invest in demonstrating your commitment to the unalienable right to MAKE, keep and bear arms. You don’t have to finish it the weekend it arrives on your doorstep. It’s sufficient to keep for a rainy day project. Buy a barrel; these may be hard to come by some day.

    “Illegal guns aren’t simply stolen guns, they are part of a fairly open black market.”
    No kidding! We have been pointing this little problem out for decades. Well, now that our elite has gotten the message we need to quote him. Just what, if anything, will the ATF, prosecutors and judges care to do about this problem of black-market guns? Put Jr. on probation? Let him out on parole early? That ought to do it!

    “Just one angry letter is usually enough to scare a congressman to death.”
    Yes, that’s right. Keep them cards and letters coming. Even to your Democrat or RINO Congress-critter. These too need to be reminded of how many people are voting against them on this issue. It should make them less eager to push the gun-control issue and concentrate on more important issues, like burning perfectly good corn liquor in gasoline engines.

    “I’m ready to outlast them.”
    And, this may be the most important tip of all. What all the weeping and gnashing of teeth have quieted down, who will be the last warrior standing? Will it be the herd of sheep standing on the rotting carcass of lions? Or, the other way round?

  9. I’m not sure on who’s doorstep he plans to ‘shit’, but I’m pretty sure in my neck of the woods that opens up a castle doctrine defense.

    • Agree Gov. , either he has a hole in his britches or he is planning on baring his red little bottom on somebody’s doorstep and that is definitely a sex crime in modern America , so lets egg him on and then we can register him as a sex offender .

  10. Can someone tell me just what is an illegal gun? I’m not sure I understand what that braying jackass Drew Magary means…

  11. My first thought was “Who the Hell is Drew Magary?” After looking him up I still wonder why anyone would repeat anything he says ? Much less put it into print ? Also why do we keep accepting the lie that the NRA is run by the gun manufacturers when we all know that the NRA is funded primarily by gun owners like us ?

  12. It is always just the CEOs of the gun companies and the elite upper echelon of the NRA that keeps us masses from having badly needed gun control legislation.

  13. This shit stain is the kind that would swat you if he knew you had a gun. If you were his neighbor and had a disagreement with him he would key your car and shit on your porch. At 2 am.

    He would never have the balls to face you and settle the issue. Sorta like some of our more annoying trolls.

  14. I never understand why the NRA or “gun lobby” is to blame. The NRA’s most powerful tool is the “write your representatives” auto-link that goes out in emails. I don’t know if it’s just shock and ignorance or if anti-gun individuals just can’t fathom that when the people speak politicians listen. Perhaps this is why all I hear about the democrats is how they’re trying to “mobilize the voter base”. Their side isn’t really upset about anything enough to send an auto-fill email.

  15. Never heard of this d-bag before so googled some info on him. It just confirmed my suspicions: yet another libtard media tramp with delusions of grandeur

  16. “I’ll shit on their doorstep myself if I have to.”

    Yes, you have to. And then some man with a gun is going to make you eat it.

    • I just keep picturing Step Brothers and “I have a belly full of white dog crap in me, and now you lay this sh*t on me?”……

  17. Welcome to the war on inanimate objects/possessions.

    “They can be beaten. I’ll shit on their doorstep myself if I have to.” – Drew Magary in We Can Win the War on Guns

    “By its nature, the overtly irrational cannot rely on the use of persuasion and must ultimately resort to force to prevail.” – Leonard Peikoff

  18. He’s so full of sh*t he could crap on all the manufacturers doorsteps and still have plenty left over to keep blathering on like this.

  19. Another Liberal know-it-all, quiche eater who thinks they know what everyone needs better than the people themselves heard from. My response? Who cares.

  20. The war….on guns? It’s always a war with these liberal types…whether it’s a war on poverty, a war on drugs, a war on racism, or a war on guns. In fact, they’re at war on just about everything,….except Americas enemies.
    Yep, another useful idiot.

  21. Ha…another jackass with a low IQ and showing how big his horse teeth is saying he wants to shit on every doorstep.

    Liberals like him are getting more and more retarded by the minute.

  22. Some of the disarmed people murdered by the governments of the world, Christians Rome, Jews Nazi Germany, Aztecs Spanish, Maori of NZ and Aboriginals Australia, Scottish William Wallace, the Irish, Welsh by English and the Native America by the US government. THIS is why we need guns to protect ourselves from those who would subject us to their whim and if this is not enough just google dictators.
    There are over 400 gun laws on the books and they have done nothing to stop the violence. Because of the winey few we are chastised for wanting to protect ourselves. We NEED guns to protect ourselves from criminals in and out of the government. I deserve the right to protect myself and if you don’t like it tough $hit.
    The 2nd Amendment was put into the Constitution so the people could protect themselves from a corrupt government. That is why it says “shall not infringe” so we can have what the government has to prevent a Holocaust. I believe the people should have what the government has including machine guns. The only gun control law there should be is that criminals can’t have any firearms. Thanks for your vote, pass the word.

  23. He’s a hater. Doesn’t matter what, he picks guns to hate on. Facts don’t matter, there’s no changing, no logic, no rationale. He just want s to rant about something. Do not allow him to be armed, this is the type of person who creates the problems we are having to discuss.


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