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“They were best friends. The gun did it.” – Andrew Mitchell in Man says son, suspect were best friends: ‘The gun did it’ at []

[h/t MS]

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  1. Guess he should have paid more attention to who his kid was hanging out with.

    • That’s why I got rid of my last revolver. As soon as I left the house without it, it would run around and do all sorts of things.

  2. Been using that line for decades now. IT. Must be a lie for I don’t know of any firearm being convicted of murder. It’s always been the person holding it when it went offs fault.

  3. I’m sure he was a “good kid” and that the parents had their heads in the sand……….or up some place else entirely. If your teenage kid is hanging out with gang bangers “trading up” their weed and a smaller gun for another gun then there’s probably something up.

  4. Link to the article leads to a page that demands a trial subscription along with a credit card number. If not given then can’t read the article.

  5. Can. Not. Be. Done.

    To suggest that people are responsible for their action would undermine the entire industry of victimization. Think of all those people out of work.

    Of course, when that point is made, those Industrial Victimization Complex workers counter that, if not for the gun, the loser(s) would just be sitting in their chairs typing BS on social media and no innocents would die. “Cause everyone in that room would be fine if he filled a jug with $2 worth of gasoline and chucked it in the classroom. /sarc

  6. I have to requalify on my weapon this month, as I must every year to maintain my occupational firearm license. If I don’t make it, can I blame my SR-9? Talk in my gun cabinet is they wanna make me look bad. Those Evil items…..

  7. And THIS is precisely why there will never be peace in the ghetto. Fadda’ pflegma and jesse can’t concede some of the youts are bad boys-just blame gunz. DUH…

  8. An inanimate object has no will of it’s own and a parent who thinks the guns pulled their own triggers is not fit to be a parent, of course we already knew that in this case!

  9. My gun seems to have a mind of its own and goes off to create a kid who the doctor said could not be created.
    Oh, we are talking about the metal, plastic and wood thingies!
    Nah, they just sit where I left them and do not do a darn thing.
    Lazy guns!

  10. I realize it’s not very libertarian of me, but I almost support forcibly sterilizing anyone stupid enough to believe an inanimate object is responsible for a person’s actions.

  11. Lets see if we can get people thinking for themselves.
    Democrat, Republican they are the SAME coin and we are have been on a downhill slope and neither party has stopped the inflation, deflation or the ations.
    No double standards put the DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.

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