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“That’s why we have guns: We don’t have the government dictating when to get on our knees.” – Carolyn Kellim, the owner of KC’s Exchange in Roseburg, Oregon in Common Response After Killings in Oregon: ‘I Want to Have a Gun’ [at]

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  1. In other news another college campus shooting (not “mass”; only one death).

    queue the disarmament crowd….

    If the civil disarmament crowd (BHO included) would stop throwing MSM supported and promoted public hissy fits every time one of these things happens then maybe the psychologically or morally challenged would stop using guns as a shortcut to infamy.

    Perhaps if they focused on the criminal and not the instrument SOME of them might actually seek help instead of homicide.

    Just a thought.

      • I believe the shooting started in a parking lot outside student housing, making it on campus property (according to Flagstaff Chief of Police on Fox News). Shooter is in custody and cooperating; 18 year old freshman.

  2. Love the quote, and the revolver. The trigger discipline: not so much (unless those are just really short fingers?).

    As for the quote: the government didn’t dictate that the students “get on their knees” (metaphorically), but the school’s policy prohibiting firearms inside campus buildings allowed the murderer to dictate that the disarmed students “get on their knees” (metaphorically – he actually, allegedly, had them stand for summary execution), because none of the disarmed students had the means to resist him.

    That Obama would use yet another example of the failure of creating “gun free zones” to attempt to push disarmament of even more innocent, law-abiding people, would indeed drive innocent, law-abiding people to acquire more guns – to resist Obama’s metaphorical attempt to make them “get on their knees”.

    • Like I’ve told my kids dozens of times; they may think I’m not as smart as they are but, after all my years, I’ve seen more sh!t than they have. I have the advantage of experience.

    • I agree with her statement. And her finger really needs to be outside of the trigger guard in that picture. Not caressing the trigger. Granted it is likely a double action trigger but still gives the wrong impression by demonstrating improper trigger discipline.

  3. Gee golly safety commandos, let the trigger thing go, ok? Granny’s got things covered. I for one celebrate this ole gal. We need more like her.
    My Nana was the most wonderful and loving person on the planet. Everybody loved her. It wasn’t until my mom was going though her things after she died that we found the Colt snub nose in one of her purses. Apparently she carried it everywhere she went and not one single one of us knew about it.

  4. They are coming ! president declared today the intent to take executive action. Look for the president to declare that the 3-day provision is changed, overruled, igonred, null and void, or whatever. Once that happens, the background checks will be conducted whenever it pleases the bureaucracy. Another executive action will be the requirement to formally transfer guns between family members (background checks). Expect some sort of mandate that un-identifiable bullets are banned (serial numbers). Then the ever favorite “assault weapons ban” (ATF wet dream). The reason for going the executive order route is that it will require Congress to change/modify laws to specifically prohibit such orders. New laws/changes that attempt to stop the gun grab must get through Congress (Repubs will not change Senate rules to allow majority-only votes (which Harry Ried did). IF the legislation gets through the Senate, the pres will veto. Essentially, the door is open for complete gun control in the country. Majority opinion of the populace does not matter (it never did).

  5. What, you don’t try out the trigger before you buy?

    This was obviously inside the gun shop, and I’ve never loaded a new purchase before I left the shop.

    • I’m remembering a story (reported here) of a cop who was inspecting a handgun at a gun shop. The employee handed him the gun which was displayed under the glass counter, the cop customer pulled the trigger and seriously injured his other hand, which was in front of the barrel at the time. The cop sued the gun shop, though he was at least the third moron involved in that comedy of errors.

      So, remember rule #1, which is why you always follow rules #2 and #3.

      As for this particular grandma, I figure any gun shop owner who has reached her age without shooting anyone deserves to be cut a little slack, especially with a DA revolver.

      • My favorite gun store when I was at OSU had a sign above the glass saying “Beware of gremlins”.

        It got explained one day when a customer asked to see a particular item, and the owner checked it despite it being there open and with a lock. The customer asked why the owner checked the gun, and the owner tapped the sign.

        No firearm ever got handed from one person to another in that store without being checked.

        Beware of gremlins.


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