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This won’t be good for the campus carry movement. “A deadly shooting occurred on Northern Arizona University’s Flagstaff campus early this morning, and the suspected shooter is in custody, according to a university spokesperson. One person died and three others were wounded in the shooting, the spokesperson said.” Yes, NAU is a designated gun-free zone. The shooting, according to the report, occurred in a parking lot outside “a dormitory that houses most of the campus’ students involved in Greek organizations.” Once again, details will change as more becomes known about what happened and why. Keep your powder dry.

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  1. Maybe instead of twisting the SECOND amendment in the name of “public safety”, we should do it to the FIRST – namely, stop news media from putting these shooting incidents on national media and hyping it up. It only gives the disaffected losers who perpetrate this sort of crime the attention they crave and encourages the other assorted geeks and freaks to perpetrate similar crimes, because they know they, too, will get nationwide attention.

    • To these deranged nut bars the media coverage is like the “high score” screen on a video game.


    • Hey, geeks are alright. Geeks in labs and workshops invented all kinds of things we use today. Science!

      • In my context, I mean “geek” in the older sense of the word:

        “This word comes from English dialect geek or geck (meaning a “fool” or “freak”; from Middle Low German Geck). “Geck” is a standard term in modern German and means “fool” or “fop.”[2] The root also survives in the Dutch and Afrikaans adjective gek (“crazy”), as well as some German dialects, and in the Alsatian word Gickeleshut (“jester’s hat”; used during carnival).[1] In 18th century Austria-Hungary, Gecken were freaks on display in some circuses. In 19th century North America, the term geek referred to a performer in a geek show in a circus, traveling carnival or travelling funfair sideshows (see also freak show)” (from Wikipedia, “Geek”)

        • By the way, the original “geeks” were often the guys who bit (or pretended to bite) the heads off toads in quack medicine shows. This also lead to them being called “toad-eaters”, from which we get the modern word “toady” or “toadie”.

      • B. Smith… why don’t you try something new and shut your pie hole until you understand the different between a Greek and a Geek. Greeks are honorary or social organization that students joint. Geeks were once a derogatory term used to describe people in the technology fields until Bills Gates came along and made being a Geek a good thing.

        Now crawl back into your rock and go back to pretending you’re someone.

    • Agree or disagree, freedom is freedom – the press perpetuates the problem at the same time as making others rethink.

  2. I feel really bad that more people have lost their lives As a result of a moron shooting up the school. What is wrong with today’s young adults?It’s almost as if you go to college or the high school nowadays you have shit for brains I don’t know if the media has a great deal to do with this Always wanting to glamorize these fruit cakes And making it seem that the coverage that they get after doing these three shootings Is something that you would want it’s almost as stupid as the Isis With their suicide bomb vest retarded

      • Keep in mind, we tell young people they don’t have to play adult until they’re 26.

        Thank obamascam

        • Well, having your parents pay for it for you until you are 26 doesn’t exactly make you seem very “adult”, does it?

    • I’m glad you mentioned ISIS. Some argue these kinds of events don’t happen in Europe, which they do, but another point is many of these people that would commit these acts get caught trying to or successfully join ISIS. The UK and France are high on the list. We don’t have the same Muslim culture here or relatively close proximity for people to try to join ISIS, where they would be with like-minded crazies. So while we may have relatively more of these events we aren’t feeding a violent global crisis recruits.

  3. So long as these crazies get the desired notoriety in the news, these atrocities will continue. This is my shocked face.

  4. I know you called this a “campus shooting”, but please do not call this a “school shooting”. It wasn’t. It happened in the parking lot of the Greek housing dormitory, Mountain View Hall. At 1:30 in the morning. According to this hastily entered Wikipedia entry, the shooter’s name is allegedly “Martin Shkreli”:

    On 09 October 2015, around 1:20 am, a shooter names Martin Shkreli killed one people and hurt three. After Martin Shkreli opened a shooting in a parking lot, outside of the Mountain View Hall on the campus.[46] The alleged shooter was later arrested and cames in custody.[47]

    I can’t find any reference to the shooter being named in the linked sources. I think someone was just in a hurry to post something on Wikipedia.

    • Martin Shkreli is the Hedge Fund manager who specializes in pharmaceuticals. He is known as the most hated man in America for raising the price of the life saving drug Daraprim from $13.00 to $750.

        • Yes. I’m certain that it was a completely erroneous citation of the shooter’s alleged name. I’m not certain that the person who added the entry to the school’s Wikipedia entry even speaks English. I’ve seen Shkreli named in headlines on the same page as this shooting story. That’s all I can think of as the reason why someone would cite him as the name of the shooter.

    • So, we’re in the wee hours of the Speculation Window here, but an interesting thought occurred to me–what if this was a DGU? Is the media, in their haste to label this a School Shooting, even capable of reporting such an event?

      I’m not speculating that this was a DGU, but given what little information is available so far I couldn’t yet rule out the possibility. We shall see when the rest of the Official Version rolls out….

      • Yep! Entirely within the realm of possibilities… and one I brought up on a gun forum.

        One dude shot several dudes. Dude with gun didn’t run or confront LE. He surrendered peacefully. Possibly an attack on him… disparity of force… could be a DGU.

        But, a lack of information has never stopped anyone, including a president, from wild speculation and advancing an agenda.

  5. Intitially it seems like the media got another shooting with their press on the Oregon shooting. We can wait for the facts to come out, if ever. I am sure CAGV and MDA wont.

    As for campus carry, I wouldn’t feel too comfortable on a campus right now for my own safety. Too bad there wasn’t some way we could support people that are victimized by “gun free zones” . If the media wasn’t constantly propagandizing against campus carry people might have a chance to understand that so called “gun free zones” get people killed.

    • Hopefully this time the media doesn’t have to photoshop the photos of the killer to make the shooter look white.

      • Why would they this time when they didn’t last time? That “CNN broadcast altered photo” story was pretty clearly a hoax. There was zero evidence that CNN had actually aired the photo.

        • And I suppose NBC never edited George Zimmerman’s 911 recording to make him look like a (white Hispanic) racist? Because we can trust the liberal media to be honest…

        • There was evidence, proof, of that. There was no evidence whatsoever that they aired the doctored photo other than some random tweeter said so and a few websites repeated it as truth. No one has been able to come up with a video clip, screen shot, or even credible eye-witness report of that photo airing on CNN.

        • Whether the photoshopped the photo and then aired it or whether they photoshopped it and then decided not to air it, my opinion of CNN couldn’t be much lower either way. They haven’t done news there in a couple of decades. All they do now is agitprop.

  6. I’m not sure how a shooting in a ‘gun free zone’ would hurt the campus carry movement. If the law breakers are allowed to be armed then so should I.

      • That assumes a logical response to a potential threat.

        Anyhow, let’s see if the shooter was a student or visitor, and what the nature of the conflict was. Who knows, this could be a gang violence situation where criminals were either involved in on-campus drug trade or a student at the university who had a history of gang involvement had his past catch up to him.

    • The shooter is also being reported as 18, and wouldn’t be eligible for a carry permit anyways.

      Sounds like a fight escalated to a shooting, in no way is that a “school shooting”, irresponsible media continues to be irresponsible.

      • In AZ you don’t need a permit to conceal carry anymore, although you can get one if you want. The state still requires you to be 21 to purchase a handgun.

        You also don’t need a permit to open carry in AZ either.

        • In Arizona do you have to be 21 to purchase a handgun from a private sale? In NC you can purchase a gun in a private sale at 18 but you cannot get a CHP until 21 so you have to open carry until 21. Since Arizona has constitutional carry could you purchase the handgun from say a friend or relative and then conceal carry?

  7. I like how the media keeps using the phrase “early morning” like these morons were out on paper routes or jogging and not a bunch of frat idiots black out drunk at 2 AM in a city with 70,000 people and a violent crime rate 140% of the national average.

    This is stupid people in a stupid place doing stupid things. The stupidity would be constant despite any change in legislation whatsoever save a mandatory gassing of the stupid people.

    • If it was mandatory to gas stupid people, we’d lose nearly all elected officials as well as everyone who votes for liberal candidates (no great loss, though). Just sayin’…

  8. Your account leads us to believe the shooting in question took place in a dorm building or room. However, the reports I’ve seen indicate the shooting was outside. Just an FYI.

  9. My niece attends NAU, two of her friends from delta chi fraternity got shot. The alleged shooter is named Steven Jones.

      • From Fox News:
        “University officials identified the (deceased) student killed as Colin Brough. They say Nicholas Prato, Kyle Zientek and Nicholas Piring were hurt. Police said the gunman, 18-year-old freshman Steven Jones, is in custody.”

  10. There still has never been, isn’t and never will be any rule or law preventing the bad guy from showing up armed.

  11. At this point we don’t know that this was a random mass shooting like the one in Umpqua. It could be more like a bad drug deal that happens every day in Chicago or Baltimore.

    • Along the same lines, it is equally plausible that a gang of people decided to attack a person who happened to be armed and used his firearm righteously in self-defense. We need more facts before anyone rushes to judgement … or condemnation … or accolades.

  12. Well, online college it is for me…
    With as much money as people pay for college, you would thinking colleges would put more money into security for their students. Its getting to the point where colleges should start shelling out more money for security. Maybe companies like Academi can find a new avenue of work with this unfortunate “trend”. Although, having trained operators running around in plate carriers and full multicam sitting on the roof with mk12’s may hinder the learning environment. I will wait a few days to push the campus carry issue though. First and foremost we should pray and mourn for those lost, and their families.

    • College campuses are usually safer than their surrounding communities. They typically have a fairly visible police presence.

      • This is true, and you make a very valid point. At some point we have to shift our reliance from police to protect us, and just rely on people to protect other people. Additionally, we have to rely on other people being good, sane people, in order to make any environment safe. Relying on people to be good and sane, is getting harder and harder to do nowadays.

  13. This is all about “Gun Free Zones” and will continue until we get rid of “Gun Free Zones”. These shooters Must be afraid that at any moment they ie the shooter could be shot back at. Eliminate “Gun Free Zones” and most of this mayhem will stop.

    The left is an accessory before the fact and is fully responsible for all the deaths and injuries by continuing to push for and establish “Gun Free Zones”. In each case those responsible for establishing the specific “Gun Free Zone” SHOULD BE PROSECUTED AS accessory’s BEFORE THE FACT.

    • I agree completely. What I don’t understand is why it is so difficult for everyone else to grasp this.

      I floated the same idea just yesterday in a different post. Imagine that some people claimed it was dangerous for society if women resisted rape, and in response, government passed a law requiring women to be handcuffed at all times … would that be kosher? Or would we come down on said government like a ton of bricks for being accessories to rapists? How is forcibly disarming good people (severely limiting their ability to effectively defend themselves — for all intents and purposes handcuffing them) any different?

  14. based on the early local news, and as someone said earlier, this sounds like a shooting that happened to be on a school campus, not what we think when we hear the term “school shooting”

    I am curious if the tactic of trying to conflate every shooting that happens at or near a school with massacres like sandy hook is going to be counter productive for the antis? Same with the tactic of trying to call everything where 4 people get shot a “mass shooting”

    Americans only care about the random massacres. When some drug dealers kill 4 other drug dealers at 2 am on a saturday behind a school, and you try to tell them that is another MASS SCHOOL SHOOTING, i do believe it undermines credibility.

    • The problem is, those who either don’t pay close attention, or who get all their news from NBC/ABC/CBS/NYT/PBS etc. will never know they are being misled. For the rest of us (unfortunately, a minority), there is no credibility to be lost.

      • anyway my guess is that if it does turn out this wasn’t just a random targeting of a school, the media coverage will evaporate instantly.

        reminds me of a few months back, CNN was blowing up with BREAKING NEW MASS SHOOTER IN TEXAS MASS SHOOTS 5 TO DEATH WITH A GUN THAT HE SHOT”.

        then when they got the details it was DV situation where some loser decided to kill his wife, kids, and himself, pretty much any mention of the story was gone from CNN. i guess they realize there’s no fear to be peddled with non-random violence.

    • The antis include in there data any shooting, justified or not, that occurs within 1000 feet of any school by any person (including LEOs) at any time for any reason. Go figure.

  15. There was a time when this would be strictly local news–and I’m not talking about “before the internet” so much as “before the news media totally went into the tank for gun control”.

  16. This time the authorities supposedly caught and arrested the shooter, so maybe we will get a better idea of what this was all about sooner.

    NAU is a gun-free zone and the event took place in a GREEK parking lot, not in a classroom or on the formal campus and at 1:30AM. This kind of smells like a personal dispute or college drug deal gone bad, rather than an UMPQUA-like shooting to make some sort of twisted social or political statement. But, of course, the Media will make it into whatever they choose because advancing the agenda is more important than reporting the facts. “..freedom of the press…” can cut many ways.

    • Mountain View Hall is a residence hall for Greek orgs, but it is still a campus-bound residence hall (as is the adjoining lot..assuming it is the one I am thinking of). Very familiar with the campus (my Alma Mater).

      That said, while I would not consider this a ‘school shooting’ (even if it is on campus), it will most certainly be played up as such.

  17. So a shooting has occurred in a campus parking lot during a fight among certain students. Next comes the knee-jerk reaction from some low-information types claiming the involved students are “innocents” and something has to change, we must progress, etc., etc., etc., all before any FACTS have emerged. Remember, this campus is a “gun-free zone” (how’s that working for ya?) like the last one was. Such zones are popular among liberals, and are proven to result in more injuries and fatalities during active shooter situations, every time. (“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein) Logic dictates waiting until something is clearly and fully understood prior to making an assessment or determining a course of action. So why not wait until the police report the facts of the case before we pass judgement and call for additional restrictions on the freedoms and rights of American citizens? Oh, that’s right… Never let a good crisis go to waste! The regime wants to advance a political agenda of controlling the citizenry and the best time to do so is during the emotional reaction period immediately following a story the state-run media spews. The reporting with come complete with ignorant commentary by left-wing talking heads, happy to carry the regime’s “water.” Meanwhile, in cities with severe gun-control restrictions as imposed by their demoncrat masters, large numbers of people were shot –some killed– last night, but these crimes do not serve the advance the left’s agenda, they don’t fit the narrative or the template so they are not reported on. “Nothing to see here, move along!” Wake up, America, we are being played again.

  18. The politician’s do not care about guns. They do not care about safety. They only care about keeping the population divided. A divided nation eliminates any chance of “We The People” for ever being that. It is sad that we cannot see the actual desires of our elitist class. It takes commonality for a change. If we are constantly reminded how we are different (ie. Race, religion, political affiliation, or any other so called demographic) then we can never unite as ” We The People”
    My thoughts and sorrow go out to my fellow AMERICANS.

  19. Bad stuff happens ==> gets media attention ==> the public gets blasted with it through the media and politics ==> people have this in their conscousness, then ==> bad stuff happens. Will the circle remain unbroken?

  20. What most of the recent mass shootings reflect, in my opinion, is America’s almost total lack of nut control. So let’s get serious about that topic and do something about it. That something might mean spending a fair amount of money (horrors!), building lots of insane asylums, and filling them with the nuts running loose on our streets (and in Congress, too).

  21. University police chief Gregory T. Fowler identified the shooter as 18-year-old Steven Jones and said he used a handgun in the shootings at about 1:20 a.m. Friday. Police were still interviewing Jones and he had not been booked into jail Friday morning.
    Not booked into jail yet? Self defense?

    • So much for self defense and being let go.

      Statement from Northern Arizona University regarding shooting on campus

      Noon update:

      Suspect Steven Jones is scheduled for an initial appearance in front of a magistrate this afternoon. He has been charged with the following felonies:
      •1 count first degree murder
      •3 counts aggravated assault

  22. Why did this make national news? I know…it is a propaganda opportunity. If this had happened a few hundred yards away, it would have been ignored by national news, but because it happened on property owned by a college, it is blasted all over the news.

  23. As an AZ resident and having heard of this with updates all morning now into afternoon long, a few things – this was a fight between two groups in wee hours that had it happened few blocks away at Circle K – media hoplophobic whores would have nothing but a drug deal gone bad fueled by alcohol and poor decisions – shooter/loser in custody – 3 wounded / 1 dead. He was tackled by sev students amid the flurry which stopped the shooting before PoPo arrived.
    Hope they throw the book at the 18year old shooter if criminally culpable (GUN FREE ZONE dontchaknow) & he can rot his dumbarse in jailcell.
    Venture any bets dumbarse anti2A obama mentions this today as he propagandizes in Oregon?

  24. From the information released so far, I refuse to think of any of the people involved as the victim. One of the individuals broke the law in the fact that he was 18 and had a handgun which gets into the federal laws concerning purchasing a handgun prior to the age of 21. Although, I may have to dig deeper on that since he may not have purchased the handgun, it may have been a gift for all I know. Other than that, I can see how this could have played out a few different ways.

    1. Guy has a fit and shoots four others.
    In this case the individual that had the weapon was the aggressor and the four individuals that were shot are the victims.
    If this is the case, then I doubt that this individual was going to hang out and peacefully surrender to the police which he did do according to at least one account I’ve read.
    “Fowler told reporters that the suspect did not leave the scene and was arrested without incident. He said the suspect was cooperating with police.”

    2. Guy manages to defend himself against four attackers.
    In this case the individual that had the weapon was the victim and the four individuals that were shot were the aggressors.
    If this is the case then the guy that is in police custody is going to have a hard row to hoe trying to convice a jury that he was defending himself since there are three individuals that are not dead and will most likely deny any wrongdoing. This gets into the whole “dead men can’t testify thing” which I would rather not get into. I will state however that if I were in a situation where I were being attacked by four people, I only hope I can do as well.

    3. Drug deal gone wild
    If reports from the washington post can be believed, the Delta Chi house has had issues in the past with members of the frat selling drugs;
    The Arizona Republic reported in 2011 that:

    Police have concluded that recent activities occurring at the Delta Chi house at 318 S. Humphrey’s St., which include aggravated assault and threats with weapons, stemmed from members of the residence selling illegal drugs, Sgt. James Jackson said.
    The report from 2011 can be found here;

    Basically, let’s sit back and wait to find out what happens or happened. Hopefully there will be more information forthcoming.

    • “If reports from the washington post can be believed, the Delta Chi house has had issues in the past with members of the frat selling drugs;”

      As of 5 PM EST, shooter Steven Jones, 18 years old was thrown out of a party at the Delta Chi house and decided to confront the frat brothers who ‘escorted’ him out..

      The shooter was apparently *not* a member of the Delta Chi fraternity.

  25. Any politician that has voted for gun control has committed treason and a breach of contract. He/she swore an oath to defend the Constitution. THAT is a verbal contract. By breaking that oath he/she is in breach of contract and can be sued in a tort action. No double standards put the DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.

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