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“I never comment on whether I’m carrying a handgun or not,” Governor Rick Perry told reporters. “That’s why it’s called concealed.” So what about the widely disseminated (by Perry’s own staff) story that the Gov killed a coyote with his Ruger LCP? More importantly, why hasn’t anyone told Perry to shoot with a lot less trigger finger? And that it’s not a good idea to have your finger on the trigger of a gun pointed at the police sniper assigned to keep you alive? While we’re at it, does Rick’s freakish thumb mean that he’d be the first double-jointed president (Bill Clinton’s recreational drug use aside)? Enquiring minds want to know.

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  1. People use different amount of finger for trigger pull depending on the size of their hand. Maybe for someone with sausage fingers its easy. For others with long fingers you have to use a lower joint.

  2. … why hasn’t anyone told Perry to shoot with a lot less trigger finger? And that it’s not a good idea to have your finger on the trigger …

    Single-action, hammer down … not a problem. 😀

  3. I’ve lived in Texas for about half my life. When Texans say “it’s a whole ‘nuther state,” it’s not an exaggeration. Texas is different. I’ve watched Perry as he took much the same path as Ronald Reagan did, from populist Democrat to arch Conservative. Lord knows, he’s not perfect (neither was Reagan, actually), but we could do a LOT worse in a candidate to go up against the ObamaNation. Unlike Mitt “Mr. Flip-Flop” Romney, Perry’s the real deal. And I love the idea that he doesn’t just talk the NRA talk, but actually walks the walk. I don’t kid myself – if you hold public office, you’re not going to be ideologically “pure.” But even with his faults, Perry looks to me like someone who can beat Obama, and actually stands for something. Like the Constitution. And having the GOP offer a real choice (as opposed to the “Obama Lite” that was the McCain candidacy) is going to be a refreshing change.

    • Rick Perry is a tool. I mean that in a literal and figurative sence. The guy is a poor Bush knock-off and his health care fiasco was stopped just in time before he raised the cost of school innoculations to a price that would have been unfeasable for most. I am not saying this becuase I am Democrat or a liberal, I just don’t like politicians who are so blatantly bought and paid for by drug companies like Meryk. Becuase of Perry and Homeland Secuirty Texas actualy lost land to Mexico. Perry allowed for thousadns of Teachers to loose thier jobs while he grew the Government. Perry is a terrible Governor and will make a terribile canidate.

  4. I wonder how many other presidents conceal carry? I mean I know they have uzi packing secret service agents to protect them, but I’d really like to know. Or does having access to a nuclear arsenal count lol

  5. I hold a conspiracy against Mr Perry. Every month or so he usually makes a speech at a gun store (mainly cheaper than dirt) and they give him “a present”.

    I see your little system Mr Perry 😉

  6. Maybe his lack of trigger discipline will come up in a debate and all the GOP hopefuls can try to out gun-safety each other. And presidential-hopeful caliber wars, too! It won’t happen, but it would be fun to watch them taking I’mgunnyerthanyouare shots at each other.

    • We can’t allow political candidates to carry guns. This is just common sense. It’ll be like the OK Corral. Blood will run red in the streets…or at least on debate stages. Every disagreement on policy points will end up in a gunfight. – Violence Policy Center

      • “There aint room enough in Washington fer the both of us.”

        Forget hanging chads, let ’em settle it with their Colt .45s!

  7. Dan,

    If every member of Congress carried and the VPC is correct that guns lead to violence when anyone carrying suddenly pulls out and sprays the room….

    I think as responsible citizens we should all send our elected representatives a handgun. Maybe something automatic as I am certain Federal law does not apply to members of Congress (at least it doesn’t seem to). Jesse Ventura would have a definite shot at President (pun intended).


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