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“I hope [my son] knows that I am not angry with him, but I’m infuriated with the world we’re raising him in. I’m angry at myself for limiting my son and denying him his youth because I’m petrified of what may happen to him for LWB (living while brown). I’m angry that black and brown boys are always seen as a threat, and never the joyful kids I know them to be.” – Rep. Jessie Ulibarri in Colorado Democrat won’t let his kids use Nerf guns after Zimmerman verdict [at]

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  1. He should reclassify himself from “Brown” to “White-Brown.” Then he’d go from poor persecuted victim to intimidating and licensed to kill, like “White-Hispanic” GZ.

  2. Since this is the same idiot who said ball point pens are a good means of self defense my question to him is do you let your son use pens too or are they too dangerous.

    • Elected by the victims, for the victim, of the victims.

      Anyone who would stand up and take responsibility for their own self defense is crazy and dangerous. He is more scared of a person with a CCW then a Thug with a gun.

  3. Well, I suppose that once you’ve sunk to the level of “using kids as political props,” the logical next step is “using your own kids as political props.”

  4. His son is 15 and wants to play cops and robbers with a Nerf gun? I call BS.
    The upper age limit on cops and robbers is 8.

    Several possibilities:
    1. Jessie is making up a story that appeals to the Ballpoint Pen school of Self Defense.
    2. His son is completely screwed up by having Jessie as a parent. (There is no hope for this kid.)
    3. His son couldn’t think up a better cover story for peeking through the fence at the sunbathing neighbor’s daughter. (There is hope for him after all.)

    And seriously, Jessie: you broke the no-Nerf news to him “with a dry mouth and wet eyes?” If you’re so emotionally weak that you would nearly cry over saying no to a Nerf game, you have NO business holding public office of any kind.

    • I disagree with the age limit. I played toy gun, cops and robbers well past 8. Hell, I’m 28 and still play with Nerf guns. We also had quite the cache of toy guns to play war with instead of just Nerf guns. I also shot BB gun probably around 8, and if we lived in the country probably would have done more shooting with real guns. Hunters safety I think at 12.
      I do see your point though. This guy is a poor parent and even worse public official.

    • I will have to disagree on the nerf gun age limit as well. Go back into the TTAG archive, there are plenty of us here who use them with our kids. Would not be Thanksgiving at my house without a full family force-on-force winner take all (pink camo for the nieces) game of nerf war. Its a game, let kids be kids. As long as they are not hurting anyone who cares.

      The dumb idea is just because kids use nerf guns or heaven forbid, water guns, that they will grow up to be mass shooters. There is tactics, team work and bonding in these games.

      I grew up with Bug Bunny cartoons and cartoon violence, I grew up with BB guns for show and tell, I grew up in a time when we were left at home at 12yrs old and I was spanked by parents when I did something wrong. According to all the experts I should be an uncontrollable pyshco with a learning disability and my parents should have been in jail for leaving me home alone — and I am not alone — but here we are productive members of society.

      The progressive mind set will ruin this country! We are so afraid of every little thing, we have forgotten in some areas in this country to enjoy and explore life. Imagine the greatest generation and those who went into service in WWI and WWII if they had such a wimp indoctrination as we have now. We have are removing all self independence and self reliance and it will bite us all in the rear one day.

    • College campuses have these large ongoing games “zombies vs humans” where the students go about their daily business wearing armbands denoting if they are a “zombie” or a “human”. The zombies try to tag the humans at random points during the day (between classes, lunch, library, etc) and the humans need to be able to wheel around and SHOOT THEM with nerf. Where I am the Walmarts and local convenience stores stock an atypically impressive assortment of nerf guns. Even the little corners stores stock nerf ammo sometimes.


      • We used to play something similar called “Assassination” in high school. Only rules were, no assassinating *during* class. All manner of methods were allowed: nerf guns, dart guns, water balloons, snap caps, “knives”. I think someone succeeded with a “gas attack”.

        Ahh, innocent youth. We’d be in Gitmo today for playing that.

  5. Interesting how he thinks that “black and brown boys are always seen as a threat.” Maybe its because he sees them as a threat. I am a hispanic with both parents immigrating from Cuba legally. My parents always told me “perception is caused by your projection.”

    According to some Zimmerman is a white-hispanic ;therefore, President Obama is NOT the first African-American president. He’s the first white-African-American president.

    • This man has his Liberal blinders fully in place.

      The mere skin colour of a young man does NOT cause people to view him as a threat; Learned behavioral response on the part of the beholder DOES. The unfortunate analogy that I use is this: A snarling German Shepherd is not to be patted on the head. A snake with a diamond patterned skin is not a good pet. A young man of colour dressed in pseudo-gang attire with saggy pants, a plaid shirt buttoned to the top, a do-rag or bandana, and maybe a coupe of prison tats is to be avoided. Let’s throw in an overweight, lumberjack-bearded wild-eyed camouflage-baseball-capped, red-plaid-hunting-shirt-wearing, OC white guy to round out the mix.

      Why? Because people learn through experience, including that of others, that snarling Shepherds can bite. Diamond-pattern snakes are poisonous. Young men dressed as gangstas can rob, maim, and kill. OFWGs with beards, ball-caps, and visible guns in public places just make the ol’ spider senses tingle.

      Now let’s change the parameters: A ‘smiling,’ tail-wagging Yellow Labrador Retriever can probably be approached safely. A pet turtle is relatively innocuous. A young man of colour wearing reasonable clothing sans prison tats is probably an OK fellow. You can draw your own parameters for the OFWG–maybe, no ball-cap when there’s no ball-game, no huntin’ clothes when it ain’t huntin’ season, and no scruffy beards. . . oh, and conceal the gun, thankyouverymuch.

      It’s not one’s skin colour that does the trick; It’s the uniform one wears. If you dress the gangsta, folks just MIGHT assume that you’re a gangsta. If you dress like a prostitute, people may leap to conclusions. If you wear a business suit-jacket, blue jeans, AND have a ponytail, you are a Public Defender.


  6. The “black and brown boys” need to get over it. Race isn’t an issue here. Rachel Jeantel made the claim on Piers Morgan that Trayvon thought Zimmerman was gay. Cell phone records showed that Trayvon was closer to his father’s house when he talked to her than he was where he was shot. Trayvon was a teenage gay basher. He circled around and jumped GZ and beat him up because he thought he was gay, and he was shot in the process. Not everything is about race.

    • Race isn’t the ‘issue’. But it sure as Hell IS the ‘tool’.

      [Evil has many tools. And a lie is the handle that fits them all.]

      • Trayvon’s dad told CNN that he was shocked by the juror who said that the jury was unanimous that race was not an issue in the case. I cannot accept that race was not an issue, because, according to his belief system, there is no other reason his son is dead.

  7. The only liability to “living while brown” is if you live with an entitlement mentality — then again that is a liability now matter how much melanin you have in your skin.

    People of all colors have to get beyond this. There is no evidence that Mr. Zimmerman was looking for someone to kill. There is no evidence that Mr. Zimmerman killed Mr. Martin because of his skin color. How can I be so certain about those statement? Because if I wanted to kill a random person, I surely wouldn’t call 911 and talk to a dispatcher beforehand. Second, I certainly wouldn’t let my “victim” jump me and beat the tar out of me before pulling a handgun and shooting.

        • We got Obama for a second term because a LOT of so-called Republicans stayed home on Election Day.

          Go fig….

          But don’t worry…..

          ….things are going to get worse……MUCH WORSE!

      • I voted third party (or rather waste my vote as others have quickly pointed out). So it seems that following the red/blue paradigm isn’t quite getting us where we need (and should) be. A lot of folks are quick to say that one side or the other destroys, but in my eyes, both have destroyed. We need different thought, as the two thoughts arguing back and forth both have serious short-comings.

        • Sooooo…..

          ….you’re to ‘blame’.

          You’re ‘welcome’….

          ….and enjoy the ‘party’. The ‘fun’ is just beginning……

  8. TO: Rep. Jessie Ulibarri (CO)
    RE: Heh

    Your son isn’t a ‘threat’.

    But YOU are.


    [Democrats HATE the Bill of Rights!]

    • Amen. It is going to really suck when his son grows up, has a wife and kids of his own and some home invaders bust threw the door with something besides nerf guns. Or if 30 years down the road the Chinese or Russians have got to the point they can try and invasion. Nerf guns don’t work well in Tianenmen Square situations.

      • TO: Blue
        RE: Yeah

        Nerf guns don’t work well in Tianenmen Square situations. — Blue

        But thermite does…..

        [NOTE: 1 part iron oxide, 3 parts aluminum powder. All finely ground. Well mixed. A strip of magnesium tape to ignite.]

        Not even a Abrams MBT can withstand such an attack. Let alone the DHS’ MRAPs.


        P.S. Burns at 4000°F. Set atop an armored vehicle it will burn through in less than a minute and once inside, incinerates everything: crew members, munitions, etc.

        There’s a video at YouTube that shows it blowing the door off a 2″ thick safe.

  9. As a white guy I was profiled all the time in my youth. Not for being white but for being a kid walking around town at night and wearing heroine chic hair and clothing.

    All the time cops were stopping and bothering me. Skin color is irrelevant to more obvious appearance cues, behaviors, place and time.

    Youths out at night is the biggest flag for the paranoid and the authorities. Even racist old grandpa doesnt shout “hey, darkie get off my law” he shouts “damn KIDS get off my lawn”.

    • This is something I get tired of hearing is that white folks don’t get profiled. They do every day. I guess white folks all look the same to some people.

      • Are you Chinese?

        I’m reminded of a Get Smart episode in the 60s, where the computer at CONTROL couldn’t recognized one Chinese from another.

        They all ‘looked alike’ to it.

  10. Thank you for your fear and cowardice evident. I will make sure to encourage others in the state to elect someone with the guts. Someone who will not let a single court case in another that has zero bearing on them and theirs to over react so they can get their 15 seconds of air time on something that has nothing to do with them.

  11. The irony here is that he is identifying with the black aggressor against an Hispanic victim. This shows that the perception of the encounter wasn’t about race or identity. It was about ideology. The good representative should be more concerned that revenge seeking gangbangers will attack his family. There is no rainbow just a hierarchy and legal Hispanic is one step above white.

    By the way Charles Barkley said that the jury got it right. I suspect many black public figures agree but are afraid to speak out or put their agenda over justice.

  12. Damn, what happened to CO ? This kind of drivel is to be expected from politicians in NY, NJ, MD or CA. Maybe CO needs some good guy NY’ers. Open carry, shall issue and no weapon bans (save the stupid mag limits) is like a dream come true compared to NY.

    • The California migration happened to Colorado. According to my family in both places it’s hapenning to Texas and Arizona also. 10 more years and they’ll be blue also. I’m hoping that Utah stays red. When my wife retires we’d like to move there.

  13. 3. His son couldn’t think up a better cover story for peeking through the fence at the sunbathing neighbor’s daughter. (There is hope for him after all.)

    Ha Ha 🙂

  14. The message about the Nerf guns — which fire harmless foam projectiles — was posted in response to the verdict in the Zimmerman case, which Ulibarri sees as dangerous to kids with dark skin.

    Because that’s what happened in the Zimmerman case, right? Martin was playing cops-and-robbers with a nerf gun and Zimmerman just up and shot him. Clearly, it was the mere sight of a foam dart that broke his nose and cut his skin.

  15. Maybe I’m just racist, but hearing BS like this makes me wanna biatch slap someone. It’s this kind of victim mentality that is the root of seeing racism at every turn. Didn’t get that job you wanted? Must be because of skin color. Got pulled over for speeding? Must be because of skin color. Cause it couldn’t possibly be that you weren’t qualified, or that you were *actually* breaking the law.

    How about taking some personal responsibility? If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck. If you’re a “person of color” and you stroll around with your pants hanging low, wearing a white tshirt or wife beater with your hat to the side, it’s 100% your fault if people think you’re a thug. You’re wearing the uniform stupid.

    I’m offended that I have to counsel my son to never discuss guns with anyone outside the family, for fear that some gun grabber will think he’s a threat and have him arrested, as has happened far too many times to count.

  16. More Hype from a politician. That should get him at least Bloomberg Bucks. In reality though he is perpetuating the myth that whitey is going hunting blacks freely with guns. When in actuality the reverse is true. Why isn’t the Black Panthers listed as a hate group and all put into jail? $10,000 bounty on George Zimmermans head.

  17. In a way, Jessie Ulibarri is right. No dad should let his kids play with Nerf guns until his children learn to shoot real guns really well.

  18. This has to be a joke. I mean who really says stuff like that. LWB? I LOL’D & SMH.

    Sad thing is there are so many people that are feeling his pain and can relate. Oh the future is going to be run by spineless sadists

  19. He won’t let his kids play with NERF guns because he’s scared about a Hispanic man being exonerated in a self-defense shooting in Florida? He damn well ought to be angry at himself. What a sad excuse for a man.

  20. This rep. is just plain full of crap. I’m a middle-aged Hispanic and usually mistaken for white (yes,it has actually come up in conversation before). That sure as Hell never has prevented me and mine for playing with Nerf toy guns. He comes off as a moron.
    BTW, has there been released any imagery that illustrates the positions that Zimmerman and Martin were in when the firearm was fired? Thank you.

  21. I’m brown, tall, broad-shouldered and muscular. Yet people don’t see me as a threat. I have short hair, no tats, I speak in polite, proper English and Spanish, and my clothes don’t scream “thug”. It’s not about color, it’s about culture. A white kid dresses like a skater, tats, rings, goatee, and bad attitude is seen as a threat despite of color.


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