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 George Zimmerman's Kel Tec PF-9 (courtesy

Following the news that Eric Holder asking the authorities in Florida to hold onto the evidence from his trial, Guard American has started a campaign to raise enough funds to buy George Zimmerman a new concealed carry gun to replace the one being held hostage by the U.S. Justice department. The PF-9 that Zimmerman was carrying cost about $300. With the interest that this case has generated I’m getting the feeling that Zimmerman may soon be getting a Cabot Guns custom 1911 instead.

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  1. And the Ball is Rolling! I seeded fund with $20 smackers, and John S. of somewheresville matched that.

    We got $40 of warm, nose tweaking goodness going!

    Btw, the site got a bit, uh, overwhelmed when the effort was mentioned by Mark Steyn, guest hosting for Rush Limbaugh. Fed the internet gerbils extra rations, but patience appreciated!

    I will be posting results, etc., etc., etc. on the site. Come play!

      • My thinking: Not so much the gun, as the message.

        Regardless, I’m prepared to and will let all contributors know the up-to-date status and provide a completely transparent accounting. This’ll be easy because any money donated will be the ONLY money ever taken in by GuardAmerican.

        And every cent coming in between now and Aug 1, 2013 will go to Geo. Zimmerman.

        Profit margin? It is to laugh. Not in it for that. I have plans, as detailed at the link. But making money on this? No way.

      • I’m thinking maybe some of George’s relatives may be interested in some protection of their own at this point.

        Point #2, shouldn’t we let George himself decide what kind of pistol he wants? That 1911 is obviously a sweet gun, but I don’t think I’d choose it as an everyday carry pistol and I’m 6’3″ and 280 pounds. Just sayin’.

        • Agreed. But first we need to even have the possibility, right?

          I’m doing my best, putting all available resources behind it.

  2. Maybe Eric Holder can declare him an “enemy combatant” next and throw him in Gitmo, just to be sure he doesnt stalk anymore innocent black impoverished oppressed minority misunderstood children.

    • If they declare him an EC it won’t be safe to be within a block of him. No tinfoil hat needed to know what comes next; predator strike. I’d feel foolish typing that if it weren’t for the fact that this administration has already killed US citizens without due process.

  3. Feel free to send me all the lovely 1911s you want but I’m not going to carry one… or a spear.. or a club.

    • …sucker, thanks for stating your position on this. Now will you agree to always wear a t-shirt with that position prominently printed on both front and back in bold letters? Oh, and you might as well have a bullseye on that shirt front and back as well.

      • What shirt? “I don’t carry a 1911 because it’s 40oz of steel pulling my pants down and only holds 7 rounds so I carry a much lighter 9mm with 17 in the mag and 1 in the spout.”?

        Awful lot for a T-shirt.

      • I am older than dirt with parts likely to fall off on their own, last thing I’m gonna carry is a big slab of iron. I had lens implants last year, I can hit what I shoot at anyway, don’t need to scare it to death.

        • All the same, it’s pretty awesome how quick one of your “friends” turned on you, huh?

          Our side eats its young better than I anything I’ve ever seen.

        • The other side is worse. They would rather just kill you outright for disagreeing with them. Since you essentially become the Antichrist to them, or some kind of “fag hating racist child killer”. And At least we create our children the good old fashioned way. I swear to god that the only way people could be “progressive” is if they were some Frankenstein-esque creation that was either grown or slapped together, those “people’s” stupidity and hypocrisy are incredible. Ya he probably shouldn’t have jumped down his throat so quickly, but since lately having people have “attacked”(note fag killing racists above) us for being gun owners might have him a little on edge. Besides Wheelsucker seemed to shrug right off. Me I prefer my all steel 357. If you run out of rounds you can beat em with it.

  4. Has anybody asked GZ if he wants another gun? No sense jumping on a band wagon if it ain’t got wheels.

    • Even if he does not want a new gun, then the funds will be provided to him to handle what must be horrendous legal bills.

      Now to Aug 1, 2013: Every dime goes to Geo. Zimmerman.

    • At some point in the future GZ may change his mind on this subject. In the meantime this is a cheap and effective way to poke Holder and Obama in the eye with a sharp stick and not have to discuss it with the Secret Service.

    • Here JWM, a fresh stick to beat that horse with. I know it’s dead, bloated, burst and beyond putrefied, but you can sure tell that it was once a horse so carry on abusing it.

      I’ll even give you a legit counter point to go with the harping. If I had just had to kill someone to keep them from killing me and was now the subject of (how many) many death threats I’d sure want to be armed, legal risks and emotional issues be damned.
      Not everyone is devastated by having to kill someone. In fact, some people are validated by it.
      I’m one guy, GZ is another, his MMV, but it sure would be nice if you’d leave that choice to him instead of basically insisting that anytime someone actually has to use their weapon to kill in SD that they will then eschew weapons.
      Not sure what you’ve been through. . . or else who might have planted you, but generally speaking those who have killed in a DGU tool back up and go on with their lives.

  5. I sent 10 bucks through MOM yesterday with a note that it was toward a new gun. Rick Scott needs to tell Eric Holder to keep his shyster arse out of Florida’s business, but I’m not counting on it.

    • Scott entertained a bunch of rabble in Tallahassee yesterday, listened to them railing about SYG, and then told them politely to pound sand. I imagine he won’t be as polite to the federal Gestapo.

  6. Am I wrong in thinking the State of Florida has no obligation to follow a directive from a (felonious) U.S. Attorney General?

  7. He was already offered a free gun yesterday by a Volusia County gun shop through his lawyer. George’s choice of same model KelTec, or other brand/model of his choice. They asked the lawyer first to be sure it was legal for GZ to have a gun at this time.

    • Though obviously the attorney knows best, I believe there is nothing under Federal nor Fl State Law that precludes his ownership.

      As noted, even $$ not used for a gat, funds go to Geo. Zimmerman, anyway.

      It’s not the money; it’s the message. And this was mentioned on Rush Limbaugh’s show. So the message is out there in a big enough way to crash GuardAmerican’s server.

  8. I’d like to inject a note of harsh reality here:

    Don’t buy Mr. Zimmerman an expensive gun. Buy him something reliable, but inexpensive.

    Then buy him a second one, just like the first one.

    If he’s involved in another DGU, you can bet that they’re going to grab and hold his next gun. At that point, another collection should be taken up to buy him a third gun and so on.

    At the rate of the race-baiting poverty pimps are fanning the flames on this situation, I fear Mr. Zimmerman will need to be armed every waking moment for a long time into the future.

    • It is sad, and Pres. “I could’ve been Trayvon” Obama just endangered Geo. Zimmerman’s life even further, today.

      We can say something, all together. Let’s do it. And Kudos to TTAG for the helping hand, and TTAGers for stepping up.

      • Well, as Instapundit snarks: If Obama had a City, it’d look like Detroit.

        What the administration is doing — actively and intentionally — is absolutely repulsive and outrageous.

        Ditto for FL hack, Angela Corey.

        • In his mind, he did have a city

          “We refused to throw in the towel and do nothing. We refused to let Detroit go bankrupt. We bet on American workers and American ingenuity, and three years later, that bet is paying off in a big way.”

          — President Obama in his weekly address, Oct. 13, 2012.

          Hope and Change. To bad Hope is not a plan.

    • Maybe start a “Kel-Tec of the Month” club for George Zimmerman, just like a “Book of the Month” club?

    • I’m not a man of means, but if GZ ends up needing a third gun for the same reason he needs a second I’ll quit smoking to buy him a third piece. If he needs a fourth I’ll find a way and I’m sure I’m one of (thousands, 10’s of thousands?) many.

      It’s not like it would pass quietly. This is where MSM become useful idiots; they will be sure to let us know if George needs a third gun.

    • Well, not so much an act as a resounding thump. I’m loving it, and am doing everything I can to make this happen.

  9. Well to be fair he’s also going to need a new $8 holster and $2 grip sleeve, plus a couple bullets.

  10. Wonderful idea, and I’m sure Mr. Z will appreciate it. Unfortunately, he can have a whole warehouse full of guns, but unless his “permit” is restored, he won’t be able to carry any of them.

    I really feel badly for Mr. Z on a whole other note. I had to shoot a man once to save my life ( ), and it wasn’t anywhere near the ordeal Z has been through… the aggressor survived. But it made me have to go through an awful lot of soul searching and readiness training to get to the point where I knew I could defend myself again, even if it meant that the attacker might be killed. I had zero training then, and plenty now, so the chances of that are much greater than they were thirty years ago. But it’s still a serious consideration. I hope Mr. Z can get some help with this aspect of it. I’m sure he needs it.

    • Juries and prosecutors often assume that women are in grave danger from an imminent or actual physical attack from a man. Old people usually get the benefit of the doubt, too. There are always cases going the other way, but they are the exceptions that prove the rule.

    • That is a horrible thing, the taking of another life. In a way, it is similar to America being forced to nuke Japan.

      “Just look what you forced us to do to stop you.”

  11. I was, as others have done, originally going to point out that others have done/are doing this exact same thing. But what the hell. The more the merrier. They can have their rallies, we can have ours.

  12. Now there is a vacancy at the head of Homeland Security with the Witch gone I nominate George Zimmerman. Anyone want to start a White House pertition

  13. George is going to need his own armorer with all the new guns he will have. Returning his gun is hugely symbolic as it represents the final straw in this case. It vindicates his actions above anything else.

  14. How sad. Whether or not you believe George Zimmerman was legally or even morally right for shooting Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman is a great example of how not to conduct yourself when carrying concealed. Instead of buying this fool a new gun, we should be paying for him to take some basic concealed carry training.

  15. Can we get him a Beretta or something else because me no likey Kel Tecs, especially as a carry weapon. I guess it worked for Zimmerman when he needed it though. If your going to carry a cheap gun carry a Bersa.

  16. I wonder if Zimm used his gift gun to threaten his wife and father in law this week. You folks must be proud.

    • Hey, Raoul, how about you do a little reading before you open your mouth and look stupid…

      The estranged wife of George Zimmerman opted not to press charges against her husband Monday after police in Florida responded to her sobbing 911 call reporting he had punched her father and was threatening them with a gun.


      Deputy Police Chief Colin Morgan said officers did not recover a gun, and Bracknell said Shellie Zimmerman later dropped her claim that a gun was involved.

      “Domestic violence can’t be invoked because she has changed her story and says she didn’t see a firearm,” Bracknell said.

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