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“Now that the cameras are off, and they’re not forced to look the Newtown families in the face, now they want to make it harder, and filibuster it. We can’t have — if we have a simple up, or down vote, we can get this done.” – Dan Pfeiffer in White House Pressures G.O.P. on Gun Control [via]

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  1. A simple up and down vote will most likely result in the bills being shot down AND Democrats having yet another anti-gun vote on their record. Avoiding a vote would be in the best interest of both sides, but the White House isn’t exactly filled with bright people these days.

    • The White House and the Democratic leadership aren’t really stupid, they just don’t get it. This group is largely populated with a bunch of Holier than Thou elitists who can’t conceive how it is possible that everyone can’t simply see things their way, since their way is the only way. And the heady smell of victory while self righteously waiving the tragic bloody flag is too strong for them to ignore.

      It starts at the top; my way or the highway Obama. Even though he’s a realist, he’ll keep pushing in the hopes that something will stick; he’s not a defeatist. Maybe another tragedy will occur and he’ll have more blood to dance in to advance his failed proposals.

      Problem is, there are many voters who actually pay attention to the issues, asses the biased or bogus information being fed them by the politicians and the lapdog media, and apply their own learned reality check to see through the lies, false labels and half truths used to hoodwink the happily brainwashed followers of the liberal cause. Congress cannot ignore those voters. There are too many, and they (we) present verifiable, valid arguments against the takers.

      The Democrats still don’t understand the 2A, and the passion of those who respect and support it. It doesn’t make sense to them. It doesn’t fit their agenda and they are more than willing to expeditiously steam roller any obstacles in the way of their efforts.

      These Democrats won’t give up. If they suffer a setback or fail to achieve their goals, they’ll just wine and wring their hands, then await the right tragic moment to mount another assault on our freedoms.

  2. Pressure and ridicule all you like, the constituents have spoken. You’ll need to conjure up more ignorant voters, and fill them with purpose before midterms.

    • Most voters are ignorant.

      Universal suffrage is a failed experiment, and results in a failing state. We should make everyone have to pass the same sorts of examinations to which we subject émigrés as part of naturalization before they get to tinker with government.

      Someone who can’t define a representative republic and never heard of the treaty of Tripoli, who cannot name the three countries in north America or the three branches of government has no sodding business voting.

      Further, anyone claiming to serve a “higher authority” than the Constitution or referring to it as “just a God damned piece of paper” (W, ’03) should by no means be allowed to serve.

      Unless we do something to stem the Stupid Horde, we have had it.

      • You’re going to have to make a change to the constitution for that. No matter how ignorant, misled, or apathetic, every citizen gets a vote.

        • That’s why we need to be more selective with our citizenship. I like the Heinlein model.

        • @pwer I am a huge Heinlein fan, but the government model he favored isn’t exactly liberty minded.

        • @rambeast read the book again. There is a lot of implications about what the government is like on a social rather than military level. I like to think of it as basically the US without criminal coddling laws and with voting restricted to people who actually value the franchise and understand what it really is.

      • I’m willing to offer the following compromise: Gun rights and voting rights will be treated in the same way.

        To back that up, I offer the 2000 election as an example. If fewer than six hundred voters had made a different choice, or if as many voters had read the ballot correctly, Gore would have been president. Consider how much of a difference that would have made.

        To vote, I fill out a form and get a card. At the poll, I just have to say who I am. If that’s good enough for me to cast a ballot, why not to own and carry a gun?

        • Interesting. Nice in theory.

          The pro-gun side is terrified of being on any sort of roll, but nowhere is it written that a roll is a hindrance.

          Still, the past is prolog. Interesting.

  3. Rambeast – I am having trouble understanding your posting. Are you saying the gun control voters are ignorant or gun rights voters are ignorant? Your post can be read both ways.

    • He’s saying that the GOP will likely trounce the Dems in the midterms, unless a bunch of “ignorant” voters can be mustered to vote anti-2A.

      He’s probably right, too, although it’ll of course vary by region.

      The U.S. really needs a second party that neither believes us all to be too stupid or too evil to be trusted, does not have “the Rapture will come before the next election cycle” as their environmental policy and just does what needs doing.

    • Russ is correct. The grabbers have been letting their true colors fly. This will make the midterm elections very interesting. I guess I should have clarified my statement. Anyone who has seen my posts knows I am adamantly anti-state.

      • Russ, Rambeast, I agree to a point but I thought people had woken up in 2012. Unfortunately the Republicans for two Presidential election cycles have fielded candidates similar or the same to the Democrats.
        So far I am impressed with Ted Cruz but we’ll see if he gets his head turned the wrong direction like so many others have.

  4. And absolutely none of the anti gunners will take ownership of the fact that the “Gun Free Zone” is a failed concept.

    • This will never happen. While my tin foil undies are a bit snug these days, I get the feeling that the “gun free zones” and the “war on drugs” were created to have the effect they do. Create a little chaos, and you can put fear into parents. The emotional backlash will make them easier to work than putty.

    • Yes, they put up the signs,please please come & rob our store & when someone is hurt it’s look what your guns did. As long as they protect criminals we will have the anti gun crap, obviously. Randy

  5. No problem looking the Newton families in the face on our side, looking at the grabbers without laughing is another matter. The chief(gotta have a plan) is going to try again this week. What happened to old joe? He was good for a laugh, no more buy a shotgun & start blasting away, I’m starting to feel snubbed. Randy

  6. The New Choice is now Bullet Control, that’s the fall back meme for the Crypto Commies

    • They are trying it out this term in California with two separate taxes on bullets, one unspecified, the other five cents a round, and separate bill to require, in one form (or several) a background check to buy ammo, with reporting of purchases to the police or the DOJ.

  7. Despicable. Pfeiffer also claims the bill has 90% support from the public. What planet is this guy living on???

  8. Very true the dont have the votes for this and so Obama is shooting the Dems own foot on this.

  9. You want your up/down +/- vote, do ye? Okay…. hear me out, slime: IF YOU WILL AGREE to ONE YEAR without your bodyguards or your privileged weapons, ONE DAY FROM THAT, we will sit down and hammer out any sort of control measure you want!

    READY TO BEGIN, sheets-fer-brains?

  10. They want an up or down vote to make the pro-gun democrats identify themselves to the President. Then as leader of the Democratic Party he can work to withdraw Party support if they dare to run for Congress(or the Senate) in 2014. Thus there would be fewer pro-gun democrats in the Congress.
    This is a long-term strategy of the White House to identify and eviscerate the Democratic Party support of the only Democrats with “common sense”.

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