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Fresh off his “victory” over gun rights advocates—signing into law America’s most draconian gun control legislation—Connecticut Governor Dannell Malloy extended the olive branch to the National Rifle Association and its Vice President Wayne LaPierre. “Mr. LaPierre and I share the same goal: the safety of our children. We look forward to working with the NRA to put their Eddie the Eagle program into all of Connecticut schools. We also want to remove school gun-free zones so that parents, teachers and administrators with concealed carry permits can protect children from madmen like the Sandy Hook murderer.” JK.

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  1. This 92% statistic is so wrong it is ridiculous, I am tired of it being shouted out unchallenged constantly. Besides, we can provide plenty of information as to why we don’t want UBCs.

    • I just stumbled across a possible source of this 90% statistic. The article I read said it was 91% in favor of this garbage and the poll was conducted by I think they said abc and definitely the washington post. So obviously these are going to be bogus polls.
      *edit* its at the end of this article

    • Part of that number comes from a Quinnipiac poll from Florida. 1,000 people were phoned and 92% said “… voters support universal background checks for gun purchases…” It goes on to add “… Voters in gun-owning households support universal background checks 88 – 11 percent. ” That last part is the oft-repeated three-quarters of NRA member support….

      The poll was cited on several media outlets, shared again through even more media outlets and has been shared so many times by so many left-leaning media the number is now considered gospel.

      My favorite from the poll…. ” Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,000 registered voters with a margin of error of +/- 3.1 percentage points”

      1,000 people.

      In one state (mine).

      And that is supposed to be a representative poll of the nation’s opinion on Gun Controls?

      Here is the direct PDF for you:

  2. Background checks to get on planes?! Come on! That does not happen. Plus, stores DO background checks! The governor is talking over the interviewer for political grandstanding effect. It’s an ad nausea moment. Really.

    If I got on the air and started talking out of my behind with fictious knowledge I would end up with a dead Mic and no air time. Freedom of the press indeed.

    • Precisely. What a fool and blatant liar.

      From my understanding, the “no-fly” list is the same concept the NRA has supported for guns, a “no-buy” list…NOT background checks. A name would be run against the list but that’s it — no record of purchase.

  3. Every time I see Malloy on the tube I feel somehow diminished. And nauseous. Really. I mean, would you trust him if he was in the next stall? And if he was standing next to you in the salles de bains, you know that he’d be peeking, right? Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong.

    • First two sentences out of his mouth after being asked a simple direct question –
      1. dissemble/dodge
      2. insult the subject of the quote

      Classic Alinsky tactics, so transparent and so common to the left.

  4. Something that I would advise all forum posters to do if they haven’t already is create a YouTube account. We need to, as a group, be able to upvote videos that promote our position and downvote videos that incur our ire. Our approval and displeasure become much more open and apparent if they are displayed where everyone can see them.

  5. He’s so anti-gun that he made the host of an anti-gun media look pro-gun. The next thing for him on the list is complete ban of all firearms and anything that resembles it.

  6. Malloy reminds ME of something I hastened to flush this morning.

    The resemblance really IS astonishing!

  7. This is what happens when the interviewer knows nothing about the subject being discussed (and is loaded to the gills with her own biases) and the person being interviewed is a blatant liar.

    As a great little graphic presentation here just a few days ago noted (using pies): “92% of people want universal background checks and 95% of people don’t know what universal background checks are.” In fact, an astounding number of people with zero firearms knowledge actually believe that guns are sold everywhere without any background check at all. Those of us who’ve researched what congress has in mind when they bring up UBC’s know that the system they propose is useless without UNIVERSAL GUN REGISTRATION. THAT is the problem, and of course, this idiot governor won’t mention that.

    Add to that the fact that the interviewer didn’t know that pretty much every magazine made and sold today has no serial number. Soooo Einstein, how exactly would you propose that all of 500 million magazines out there be registered? Good grief!

    On top of his dishonesty, this governor has a face that just begs to be slapped up one side and down the other. A twit being interviewed by a crooked fool. Oh boy.

  8. CT’s bill is a bad bill from the get-go…The state will spend millions to fight the challenges to it..This bill will be overturned eventually, giving malloy what he really wants, a spot on the cabinet. He wants out of CT. With the damage he has done there is no way he will ever get re-elected

  9. I got half way through watching it and had to turn it off. It’s foolish of me to expect anything from Malloy but outright mendacity and idiocy. Connecticut used to pretty cool back when I was there, but how thing have changed. I am sad and angry for the people of that poor state.

  10. malloy can be found by lifting up a big flat rock & gazing at the most slimy ugly thing you have ever seen. Lift that up & under it is malloy. This guy is as 2 faced as the chief goosestepper, Randy

  11. hear that sucking sound? That is his national office hopes going down the drain. Sorry Homie, but flyover country don’t play that. Your career is over. Enjoy.

  12. ” …we had the wild west, where everybody carried a gun…”
    Note to Governor Malloy, “Red Dead Redemption” is not a documentary.

    • In Arizona we still have the “wild West” and we don’t have near the Crime & Violence of the gunfree states, Washing Dc, Chicago Ill, New York, etc.
      In Arizona we have Open Carry, & Conceled Carry, NO PREMIT required.
      I am capable of defending my self & my FREEDOM, From terony.

    • If only he was taking cues from Red Dead Redemption, what with its VERY pro-gun/self-reliance/anti-government expansion themes.

      Oh who am I kidding, he’d probably think Agent Ross was the protagonist.

    • FACT: In the “Wild West” it is known the bad guys had to choose their targets carefully if they wanted to live. Guns weren’t blazing everywhere, showdowns in the streets were very rare, and criminals loved to exaggerate their “kills” numbers for the prestige and wow factor.

      • My point exactly Will. The “wild” west wasn’t all that wild probably because most people were armed.

  13. oh no… he’s using the “chewbacca defense.” IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE!

    roll call: how many of us have purchased a gun from a store without a BG check? or from a gun show vendor without a check? how many guns have you sold to people who appear violent, disturbed, or possibly a felon? how many BG checks have you had at the airport? …. 60% of the time, this guy is right every time. I’m just going to start pulling figures out of my ass too. 113% of politicians murdered a toddler with a hammer to get in office.

    • I’ve purchased many guns from person to person over the years perfectly legally in the States I’ve lived in. In my current State, a 4473 was all you needed for a long gun, so no BC. Also several P2P at gun shows. I’ve also purchased a bunch of pistols (and autoguns before Raygun) from FFLs and jumped through all the hoops and passed all my “checks”. I’d never sell anything to anyone sketchy, let alone someone who appeared violent or disturbed.

      I’ve only flown commercial once since 911. I only fly private/charter nowadays (not as glamorous as it may sound). I had problems keeping my mouth shut before that, when I was jet trash in a previous life, doing about 10 flights and 5K miles per week. I’d be locked up in no time because I could never tolerate the nonsense that goes on now. Let alone those TSA clowns having acces to checked luggage which is the only way to carry guns on the plane. I used to never check a bag without a gun, because I knew nobody would dare touch it, or the seal. Now, it’s just a target for the filth TSA hires to steal your irons.

  14. Watching Malloy repeat the same Bloomberg/Obama “talking points” over and over irregardless of the question is quite comical. It’s comical until I realize this guy is a governor of one of our states. At which it starts to become a bit worrisome, I mean scary as hell, that a governor could be so misinformed on an issue that he is legislating.

  15. Governor, we (and the NRA) don’t want “everyone to carry a gun like in the wild west”.

    What we want is if a law abiding person wants to own and carry a firearm, they can do so unencumbered.

    I don’t care if you want to own or carry a firearm, just don’t tell me if, when, or where I can. I’m an adult in America.

  16. I guess if you spout a bunch of MUS (made up shiite) long enough it will somehow become the truth. He doesn’t say “a poll of 1000 people indicates” he says “92% of the American people want”. Lies of omission are still lies.

    I really liked the answer to the mag registration question (once the interviewer pried it out of him). So I guess if you are not the registered owner of a pre-ban mag you are in big trouble. So yet another database of dubious quality for the police to check. Anything entered from paper forms is going to be full of errors. Just more hoops to jump through for those that obey the law. I am sure all the criminals will register their pre-ban mags.

    I feel sorry for the CT gun owners, and I hope this talking monkey and every one in the state house that voted for this turd of a law gets voted out.

  17. truth be told, we all have a bias. we have an agenda as well. the sad truth is that WE do not misconstrue the facts to benefit our agenda. we acknowledge the truth regardless of which way the wind blows. WE have no monitary gain at stake like the “representatives” in congress. if only we had an unbiased reputable outlet to inform the ignorant masses…

  18. I have been offered a job in Ct. Not just any job, a life changing opportunity to do what I love and make a very comfortable living as well. The move is scheduled for this coming September. I currently enjoy the freedom of Fl. Do I sell my soul and my “arsenal” (more than two according to these idiots)? I am truly at a loss…………

    • Stay the hell out. You’ll be glad you did. In the end, money isn’t everything, or even very much at all.


    • > money isn’t everything, or even very much at all.

      Why do you hate capitalism? Please report to the nearest Ayn Rand re-education center for an attitude adjustment.

      It’s easy to say money isn’t important when you have money to not worry about money.

      • Huh? Money is NOT everything. To say that is not an indictment of capitalism. If you were trying to be sarcastic it doesn’t come across that way.

        • Grumpy, listen, you need to make the choice that is best for your family, but as someone stuck in this bastion of tyranny, with very few chances of ever leaving do to my lack of training in anything useful, I would suggest that you think long and hard about making the move here. It is not just the gun laws. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Really, there is nothing in this state that is not taxed or regulated. Local property taxes are through the roof. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is cheap because everyone feels the bite.

          The economy is also moribund. The only people who have job security are state workers, which comes at the expense of the productive class and business that are slowly being taxed out of existence and out of the state, as our our inner cities slouch toward Detroit status. I know this may sound like hyberbole, but it is really bad.

          Now, if you will be making a ton of money and can ignore it all, that is great. CT is no place for those with no money. But if you are even somewhat conservative and/or libertarian then you will find it very difficult to meet people that think the way you do and spend much of your time keeping your mouth shut, lest you give offense. I find it rather depressing and isolating. The only good thing that came of the last four months of my life protesting, testifying, lobbying, etc., was that I, for once, got the chance to speak openly about things I normally keep quite about and mean a lot to me, but apparently not to our political class.

          Also, the truth is people in CT are really not particularly friendly. If you have kids that are school age, it will be somewhat easier, but do not expect to be quickly embraced. Also, while not conservative politically, CT folks are very conservative about everything else and tend not to be very open to new people, ideas, or much of anything. Everybody lives in their little suburban bunker and embraces a level of keeping up appearances that Hyacinth Bucket would find excessive.

          Also, the weather is brutal. We have arctic cold and massive snowstorms in the winter. You are probably used to the heat, but the temperature will start getting hot and humid all the time starting late May, early June, and will stay that way far longer than you would think. Honestly, I enjoy 3 or 4 weeks out the year (rather nice out today, in fact). Most of the time it is oppressive.

          Once again, you need to do what is right for your family, but if you could find a way to do that an not move to this progressive hellhole then do it. If not, you can’t say you weren’t warned.

  19. Aside from Malloy being a giant f***ing a**hole, how does he manage that bit about needing a background check to get on a plane? Obviously you don’t need one today, so perhaps that’s another item on his wishlist? Nice people…

  20. This guy is reason #265 that the people of Connecticut are getting exactly what they deserve.

  21. Even if the 90% is true (and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s close), and even if one _were_ in favor of universal background checks, one could still be _appalled_ by Schumer’s bill.

  22. Opinions are NOT arguments!

    Unfortunately, this is the standard debating technique for the Liberal left. ‘Consensus’ (often manufactured) is all the proof they need.

  23. Gun control advocates are assaulting our Constitution. What’s needed is Legal hardball. Example-if I threaten/scare you- you can get a restraining order against me and probably(depending on county/state)it will lead to my arrest. How about
    a restraining order against these anti American/constitutional abusers(politicians
    et al) that they scare me as infringing on my freedoms—To have these fools Arrested!. Would take a $fund as they would( !), to defend themselves using our
    tax money in a competent/incompetent court. What would be their defense?
    Trashing the Constitution and the People.
    Remember complainers the People(groupies) of CT voted him in???maybe a restraining order against CT citizens by American citizens bordering CT to
    keep them out of your/our state(s).

  24. The 90/91/92% thing referring to percentage of the Americans who want background checks claim is as fake as the 52% of Americans who want to legalize pot claim. It’s propaganda.
    In both instances, the general question is used to promote different results.

    “Do you believe there should be background checks” question is turned into

    “Do you believe there should be expanded background checks” or
    “Do you believe there should be background checks on private sales”

    they even throw in the assault weapons ban and expanded magazines into a conversation still even though that has nothing to do with those issues.

    The original question was the first one, background checks. Of course most of us would poll this, but they throw in the other two and other claims into these polls and try to pass it along as legit.

    With pot it’s the same deal(no pun intended)
    “Would you vote for SOME TYPE of legalization” Well not most but about half of us would say yes, some type. Being most are clueless about the language used in both issues many assume legal being de-criminal or medical, or very restrictive legal, not full legal to where it’s sold in every corner store.

    The media, mostly liberal, purposely misuses language for propaganda.

    In the case of pot there is nowhere near 52% that would vote for legalization. I understand many potheads(less than 10% of the pop) , those already or planning to invest in the industry and the hardcore libertarians who wish every drug to be legal in the name of freedom may vote for it(hypocritical being it’s more taxing), but this is still a great minority and even adding in the regular folks who know the war on drugs is a failure that would vote for some legalization, won’t, not most, not 52%.
    Same for gun control. They tried to trick us and the nation into believing that over 90% of us are for greatly expanded background checks, universal checks even for private sales among both strangers and family, and more restrictions on firearms in general. They are trying to force this check line down our throats and it won’t be a surprise when the feds use the model of some states and first ask, then beg, then force gun registration on us if this shit doesn’t stop here, now! None of what they say it is true! They keep feeding us that it’s just the NRA lobby that is holding this up, bullshit, it’s gun owners across the nation speaking out in the millions against new gun legislation. But you don’t see this in media, you will see short coverages of small rallies in some city where they make a redneck or gunnut comment, they will show all the crime in overkill yet never mention who is really responsible for most gun crimes because it’s racist and politically incorrect, they never talk about the daily incidents with guns that save lives, and on and on with their anti-gun rhetoric.
    They want to give us pot for our guns, I say no thank you, and f you. I’d be fricking embarrassed to be from CO or CT. What a downhill direction they want for the rest of us.
    Just so frustrated period.

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