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“The officer was cleaning out his trunk when he got sidetracked by some trespassers,” reports. And now the money shot”: “Once the trespassers left, the officer got in his car and accidentally left the rifle behind.” As on the road. In a bag. With ammo. Until a State Trooper happened upon it. This from the state that bans “assault rifles.”

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  1. I nvr left my rifle at the range of course I paid good money for my rifle so I tend to keep up with it. The trespasser should have made him more attentive.

    • if this guy was so worried about”trespassers” why did he not deploy the long gun right in front of his face to scare them off?

  2. This from the state that bans “assault rifles.

    The Garden State refuses to ban “stupid,” so it keeps collecting New York City’s garbage and electing it to high public office.

  3. To me it is absolutely hilarious, actually sad, that we are not permitted to do whatever we want and own whatever we want in terms of guns, YET the people we employee are allowed to. So in essence the boss is restricted in what he can do while the employee does whatever he wants.

    We let one of our liberties slip for a second and the government swallows it whole and it is never seen from again. Just sad.

  4. “I’m very upset over this,” Austino said. “Our officers receive training through the police academy and undergo repeated training with firearms.”

    What does firearms training have to do with this? How about some “Clark W. Griswold” training? When you’re packing the family truckster, don’t leave anything by the side of the road … or tie a dog to the bumper.

  5. There should just be a class where anyone can be deputized and can carry whatever the cops can once the process is complete. Think how much cheaper it would be if instead of having police officers with ridiculous pensions actual citizens could look out for the law. And don’t say “they wouldn’t have the training” because unlike cops they probably wouldn’t be covered by personal immunity like most cops and prosecutors. And it’s not like most cops know the law that well. They violate citizens rights all the time.

  6. So he gets sidetracked and forgets the most important object in his car and the one thing he needs to guard against theft. Unemployment would be a good place to start him off but it’s probably not gonna happen. If Joe Civilian left a firearm and ammo in a bag on the street and a cop found it they would charge him with failing to secure a weapon. The default position would be one of “what if a kid found it, or a criminal”.

  7. I wish we could create “gun free” states. Like NJ, NY, CA IL, and people that do not like guns can move to the “gun free” state of their choice. When all the criminals flock to these states and create utter chaos, we could have a “told you so” moment!


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