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“The corporate news media does not want a sustained discussion of gun violence as a type of public health crisis. The corporate news media is also unwilling to discuss how domestic terrorism by right-wing white men is now the United States’ leading threat to public order. Very troublingly, the corporate news media considers it impolitic to explore how the right-wing echo chamber is radicalizing and weaponizing its followers. And there most certainly will not be a ‘national conversation’ about toxic white masculinity and mass murder in the mainstream news media.” – Chauncey DeVega in The plague of angry white men: How racism, gun culture and toxic masculinity are poisoning America [at]

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  1. Who’s up for a race war? You can put your hand down now Chauncey, we know you’re all about it. Why else would Salon hire you otherwise?

  2. I know this sounds racist, but why is it that in all white communities, violent crime is almost nonexistent?

    • It’s a question they refuse to answer.

      Along with the broader point: why do blacks and Latinos have crime rates that far, FAR outpace the size of their population in this country?

      Black people make up approximately 12.5% of the United States population; thus, it stands to reason that they would account for approximately 12.5% of the crime that’s committed. Right?

      Wrong. I don’t have time to hunt down the numbers right now, but the information is there. They commit crimes FAR far disproportionately to the size of the black population.

      This graph is old, but it’s the first one I found for a little visual aid. As of 2010, white people commit 308 felonies per 100,000 people, while Latinos committed 966/100,000 and blacks an astonishing 2207/100,000.

      Don’t throw stones in glass houses?

      • The last I checked, the ballpark figure was that blacks represent about 13% of the population, and commit just under 50% of the violent crime. And it is a subset of that group – young adult black males – who commit almost all of that violent crime.

        And the worst part of all, for racial agitators like Chauncey, is that violent crime is committed almost exclusively intra-racially – which means that the vast majority of the victims of black crime are also black. (The BLM crowd hate having that pointed out.)

        We could solve a lot of problems in our country by focusing on violent criminals committing violent crimes – but that would not further the political careers of racial agitators, gun-control statists, and their ilk.

        • I would think if you delve deeper into the facts I.e. race/crime vs socioeconomic position, and see if this is not more a cultural problem within a particular economic class. Is there more or less violent crime rate for a particular racial class within economic position, or is violent crime activitey mostly economic based? I suspect it is mostly a cultural (thus not racial) problem within particular economic class.

        • If you made the distinction that of urban versus rural, you might have a point. But there are plenty of white people who are just as impoverished as the black people who commit violent crimes, and yet the crime rate for impoverished whites isn’t anything like that of impoverished blacks.

          (And, I’m going out wildly on a limb here, but I bet the violent crime rate for rural impoverished blacks isn’t anything like that of urban impoverished blacks. I think urban-vs-rural is the key differentiation, not race or poverty level.)

      • DV, yes, strongly agree with you, but not just parenting, but rather morals and standards that can only be instilled by aren’t figures (not teachers). Further my contention is that this is a cultural problem/issue, not a racial one. If violent crime is more associated with a particular race(s) and economic position, that would be relevant.

        • If it’s a matter of culture, why don’t other races/ethnicities find the “gangsta life” as appealing?

    • It’s not racist if it’s true.

      Or maybe, it is racist because it’s true. I cannot remember.

      Like how calling a fat person “fatty” is hateful and body shaming, but calling a skinny person “fatty” is funny and ironical.

    • The argument from the apologists is that it’s not a race issue (which I agree with) and also not a cultural/parenting issue (which I strongly DISAGREE with) but that it is a socioeconomic issue.

      Argument goes – not only are blacks disadvantages economically but also they are more likely to be prosecuted for a violent crime than a white person… something I strongly disagree with.

      The problem is that middle of the road white America is buying this crap and they will sign off on their own death warrants by getting brow beaten about being racists and giving up their gun rights, to their own detriment.

      There are millions of white apologists out there who feel bad about their light skin color, feel bad about their “white privilege” and feel bad that they aren’t paying enough in taxes to make everyone “equal”… they will happily pull the voting lever for people who would love to turn our country into France or the UK.

  3. Angry white men shot fifty people in Chicago over the fourth of july weekend. Oh wait, that was someone else.

    If the author wants toxic culture, Im sure a mirror is readily available.

  4. The article itself was … how shall I put this? … Interesting.

    His perception that the mainstream media isn’t interested in having an honest conversation about the problems this country faces was rather striking, in no small part because it mirrors what gun rights supporters say.

    Otherwise, much of it seemed to boil down to: racism is bad, and guns help drive “toxic white masculinity.” Sigh. At least I learned a new phrase today.

      • Yep. I tied it to the same mental string as “gun violence,” “ammosexual,” “let me be clear,” and other such phrases that set off the little warning bell upstairs…

        Or is that being prejudiced?

  5. Same crap as people claiming American patriotism is the cause of the worlds problems. They’re creating an atmosphere to demonize and make white people seem dangerous. While the real danger is ignored by both society and police.

    So if I sound like a racist so be it. I’m tired of blacks and illegals trying to turn this country into Zimbabwe and Mexico.

    • I am sure there are places where you would fit in just fine. Nazi-era Germany. Some parts of Russia where organized crime rules, deaths are common, but there aren’t any Spanish or black folks.

      • Law abiding people in the black neighborhoods, in the big cities, need guns more than anyone else, to protect themselves. Yet their city governments don’t let them have those tools. Because it is the guns that are bad, not the people pulling the triggers. That seems to be the theory their politicians feed them. So the criminals get arrested and right back out on the streets while the good guys with guns are nowhere to be found. We really need more Black and Latino good guys with guns in those neighborhoods to put a stop to this violence against the good guys. No matter the color of their skin. There are good guys in those hoods. Let them have the tools they need to defend themselves and their loved ones.

        • The law abiding people you describe would have to demonstrate a DESIRE to get armed, get trained, and defend themselves.

          They are being brainwashed by their leaders, by the media… that guns are evil, and they are better off dialing 911 then trying to protect themselves.

          Fits in pretty well with a socialist system where you depend on local, state and federal government for everything, including protection!

  6. First of all, what is a Chauncey DeVega, and why do I care about his bloviating?

    The corporate news media does not want a sustained discussion of gun violence as a type of public health crisis.

    That’s because “gun violence” isn’t a public health crisis, but rather a violent criminal issue.

    The corporate news media is also unwilling to discuss how domestic terrorism by right-wing white men is now the United States’ leading threat to public order.

    I’ll see your politically biased DHS report, and raise you Ferguson and Baltimore, et al. Of course, both of those are overshadowed by the threat to public order posed by MS-13, and radical Islam. But racial agitators gonna racially agitate; so agitate on, Chauncey.

    Very troublingly, the corporate news media considers it impolitic to explore how the right-wing echo chamber is radicalizing and weaponizing its followers.

    100,000,000 law-abiding gun owners – the vast majority of whom are part of your so-called right-wing echo chamber – manage not to act out on their alleged radicalization and weaponization.

    And there most certainly will not be a ‘national conversation’ about toxic white masculinity and mass murder in the mainstream news media.

    Isn’t it just strange how almost all white mass murderers turn out to be extreme progressives? (That’s if they act on any particular ideology; most mass murderers are simply apolitical sociopaths. But, again: don’t let facts get in the way of a good rant, Chauncey.)

    • You just read more propaganda from someone that is paid by the gun grabbers to find a way to take away your rights to protect yourself. Someone who found a way to bring race into the argument and pretend that all the white guys with guns are evil. Ignore him or strike back with logic to show his arguments are false. I know very few white guys with guns that appear to be anything like his stereotype. And his stereotype sounds very much like a racist bigoted argument to me. All white guys with guns are evil. Substitute a few words in that sentence and you have a bigoted statement about almost any segment of society. So, the author is really just another bigot trying to convince others to think like him. Racial profiling of white guys with guns.

  7. You know there is a way he can deal with his feelings of frustrations about this country – emigrate! Hey, it seems to be working for Mexico. Might I suggest he consider Canada. He won’t have to learn a new language, though he will have to listen/read everything twice, once in English and again in French. Hmmm, that seems familiar….

  8. Yes, the mayor of Baltimore just threw her Chief of Police under the bus because of the fallout of increasing murder due to the rioting of angry white men.

    • She probably removed one of the few people in her administration who knew what he was doing…after hamstringing his police department during a crisis.

  9. The point of this article, and most others like it, is to conflate morality with racism and oppression. He points to the idea of dominion over ones household (being the “man of the house”) as being intrinsically patriarchal and mysoginistic. Indeed, just about EVERYTHING decent and good about Christian conservatives is portrayed as mere nationalistic zealotry, orchestrated from behind a sea of white hoods. It is clear that Chauncy is just another so called “pro black” who for some reason advocates against every little thing that might do some good for his people. My hope is one day he looks around and realizes that every social change he’s dreaming about has already occurred in the black community, to it’s great ruin.

  10. Having children is all the proof I need that racism is learned not inherent. Watching my kids play with other kids, untainted by society, is bittersweet. All i can do is teach them to judge by content of character, and hope other parents do too. Guys like this chucklehead are why people learn to hate.

  11. Wow, just wow. Mr. DeVega stated that corporate news media is not trying to dismantle our right to keep and bear arms — and perhaps even trying to advance our right. And yet we see “news” articles in print and video almost every day from corporate news media bashing our right to keep and bear arms. What is Mr. DeVega smoking?

    Perhaps his statement about “white masculinity” is the most outrageous. There are plenty of statements about “white masculinity” in all media … and almost all of it condemns or at least derides masculinity.

  12. While I don’t hold with most of what Chauncey says, it is true that we live in a period where we have the most access to information and opinion BUT we also have the most power to pick and choose where we get our information. People naturally like to socialize with people of the same opinions and beliefs. It’s just less work that way. If you were a tin foil hat, black helicopter nutter 40 years ago, then you were probably the only one in your town and you did not get to speak to others who felt like you frequently. Now, you can speak to hundreds of people just like you over the internet and never listen to anyone else. This is the echochamber that turns opinions into facts as more people reference each other in circles. It is easier to self-radicalize with the internet and both sides do it.

    It is neither good nor bad, just new. You may have a unique opinion that is unpopular in the entire country, but even if only .01 percent of the population feels the same way you can still find hundreds or thousands of people to support you online. It gives strength to people to stand up for themselves, good or bad. It gives gun rights and gun control advocates the ability to find support when they are surrounded but also tends to radicalize both sides because we don’t have to talk to each other any more in more traditional social circles.

    When I listen to Rush Limbaugh, I cringe at some of the things he says. I think Obama is misguided and most of his policies are not at all well thought out. But I don’t think he is a muslim, or evil, or entirely bad for america, or even a bad person. But if you only listen to Rush then only read certain blogs, then you can very easily get the idea that even one more day under Obama would destroy america entirely. There are plenty of crazies who do feed off of this angry, black & white, polarizing rhetoric and even fewer, but enough, who take violent action. So when we have people on both sides who use personal attacks and blanket statements rather than specific and reasoned arguments against policy, then you get an emotional and polarized public. It is entirely irresponsible and frankly dangerous for both sides to use such rhetoric. Especially because it makes them sound dumber than I hope they are.

    Our two party system means that each party is a very large umbrella with many different people underneath. Unfortunately, the republican party draws the worst kinds of bigots and racists due to its stance on immigration, welfare, and government spending. The GOP would do well to tone down its blanket rhetoric and stop feeding this small but active part of its constituency. The Dems don’t have as many militant environmentalists as we on the right have inbred KKK clans.

    • @Denton: Agree with most of what you said. Both parties in our system seem to have to cater to the radicals on the right or the left to make them look different than the other party. But when they do that, they tend to destroy the support in the middle that could get them elected. This happened to the Republicans,IMO, the last two presidential elections. Both of their candidates for President were more or less in the middle of the political spectrum. But both candidates chose somewhat radical running mates that lost the election for them. Somehow, they have to figure out how to get around that or their party may never get elected again. Obama chose a running mate that was not perceived as a radical Leftist and won the last two elections. So, it appears that the Dems are winning the strategy battle in that area. The Repubs better figure this out fast or we may end up with more Progressives on the Supreme Court and that could be disastrous for our Freedom.

      • @Gatha58: You’re right about saddling moderate candidates with radical vp’s and the obvious swing from the far side to the middle after the primaries. I remember being very confused at the change in McCain from the Senator I thought highly of (especially as the better half of the McCain/Lieberman duo) to his presidential persona. Something other democracies have done right is granting more recognition to smaller fringe parties where the far left and far right can go and not taint the moderate parties.

        Also, you hit on something that I only recently came to realize. The elections really don’t matter so much except as the way we pick who will get to nominate our next Supreme Court Justices.

        • “Also, you hit on something that I only recently came to realize. The elections really don’t matter so much except as the way we pick who will get to nominate our next Supreme Court Justices.”

          Close, but not quite.

          If you don’t win the elections, you can’t appoint federal judges or SCOTUS justices.

          Elections mean *EVERYTHING*.

    • As general statement Denton, you were doing well, mostly, until you the last paragraph.

      It is obvious that you don’t see the Intolerant, hateful, bigoted and just plain racist aspects of the liberal/progressive left. But you are also a a product of the “echochamber” of which you speak.

      I’m Libertarian in my social perspective and conservative/constitutional in my governmental outlook. I see both parties as a danger to my belief that small government , minimal governmental regulations of business with maximum personal responsibility is
      what our country was founded upon. It is also the best model for the best environment for all people, regardless of race, creed or gender to advance in economic and societal levels.

      Now adays, of either party, the most racist and anti-freeedom party is the Democrats. They consistently vote against the carrying of self-defense firearms for all Americans, especially the blacks.

      They vote to support the racist racial quotas of “Affirmative Action” , which is based on the racist belief that minorities can’t compete on a level playing field when it comes to work, school, housing etc.

      The whole idea of “white Privilege” is the most toxic and racist of these beliefs. That because some person is not white, that they can’t advance or succeed in our culture. Which is not based on facts, just ask the Vietnamese and Chinese immigrants that consistently have higher rates of getting advanced degrees, starting businesses and having a higher level of income than the whites.

      If we had a “real” discussion on race and racism in this country, we would discuss the anti-intellecual, misogynist, homophobic and the glorifying of a criminal life style in the black “Gangsta” culture. This culture insults and vilifies fellow blacks for getting a good education by saying they are being “like whitey” , insults fellow blacks for getting a good blue collar job by saying their being an “Uncle Tom” and gives more respect for someone being a criminal, than being law abiding citizen working a minimum wage job.

      But to do so, in the minds of many on the left would be “racist”. Which is the real problem.
      Like Thomas Sowell says, Black Academic, the problem with the black culture and it’s higher level of poverty, violence, and incarceration rates is due to it’s dysfunctional cultural memes, not “white privilege”.

        • Seriously, kid, piss off already. The bar for anti-gun trolls is already as low as we can possibly set it, and you still somehow manage to ooze under it anyway.

        • Says the guy who advocates for the government sponsored murder of gun owners and their families because “Progress!” You’re a special kind of creature

        • An anti-gun liberal, very original.

          Wait, let me guess, you’re all hipster, right?

          So, like, you totally hated guns and likes skinny jeans before it was all main stream. You like other stuff now too, but we’ve probably never heard of it.

      • @ThomasR and Juliesa: You’re absolutely right that the Dems have their own special brand of racism that is possibly even more pervasive and certainly even less discussed. The Holier-than-thou, white man’s burden, type of welfare combined with assumptions of minority inadequacy are very degrading and possibly more dangerous to minorities now than many forms of overt racism as it cannot be so easily confronted. Please don’t think that I was implying that the dems were free of racism by not pointing out their faults as well. It just pains me more to see the party with which I mostly swing (the GOP) not address its own far right issues.

        By and large the US is easily 50 years ahead of europe in our ability to talk about and confront racism. But we only confronted the easy parts. The hard parts to confront are the stereotypes and assumptions held by those who see themselves as not being racist and are trying to help the needy. Many of these types of people are on the left politically and would never think of themselves as racist. They are quick to point fingers at the old type, but not yet ready to confront their own assumptions.

        You and I probably agree on 99% of the issues as I see myself as a libertarian as well. I think fear is the biggest danger to personal freedoms of which there is plenty in both parties. The Dems are afraid of guns incorrectly, republicans and union-backed democrats are afraid of immigrants, and both parties seem unsurprisingly willing to trade our personal freedoms and rights for the illusion of domestic security. Is there a politician alive today who would be willing to be the leader who could have prevented another 9/11 but didn’t in the name of freedom and upholding personal liberties? Gun control is just the tip of the iceberg to the amount of damage which has been done to our freedom in the name of our Wars on Terrorism and Drugs.

        • NDAA, The Patriot Act and the War on Drugs has been primarily a war on our civil liberties. These abominations against our Constitution and our rights has been the greatest threats to us as a people, not the “Threats” they supposedly protect us against.

          And both parties have continued to vote to support and renew these violations.

    • I agree with most of your comment, but the most blatant open racism today is that coming from the Dems and the media (but I repeat myself) aimed at minority Republicans. MSM outlets have been doing racist hit pieces on Bobby Jindal and Ted Cruz, and that’s just the recent stuff.

      Also observe that the Dem presidential field is whiter than Casper the Ghost in a blizzard, while the Repub field is very ethnically diverse.

  13. “And there most certainly will not be a ‘national conversation’ about toxic white masculinity and mass murder in the mainstream news media.”

    Right. Because guns, violence, and black masculinity are never associated in rap music and hip hop culture. Nothing toxic about that at all. In fact, I’m a racist for even suggesting such a thing.

  14. Well that was a poorly thought out and poorly written article. Yes, I know it is Salon so my low expectations were justified.

    What amazes me is how common it is becoming to hear the suggested solutions to some problem is more of the problem. Mr DeVega’s solution to the problem of racism in America seem to be a bigger and more intense focus on Race. We can somehow move into a post-racial world if we just focus on race hard enough.

    Meh…. its good to occasionally see what the other side is up to, Makes me feel better to see they really are just screeching and flinging poo at anyone and everyone who disagrees with them.

  15. “domestic terrorism by right-wing white men is now the United States’ leading threat to public order”

    – Really??? In what world does this person live? It surely is not the same world that I inhabit. I mean, I know it’s Salon and all, but really???? That’s just off the hook. Who actually believes that? I’d be willing to bet it’s about 1% of the population. Yet Salon feels free to pump that garbage out there like it’s gospel. What a joke.

  16. The last I checked, the most prominent hyper-masculine American subculture that prominently features guns wasn’t very white.

  17. TTAG, referencing these over the top anti 2A propaganda articles gets old. It’s easy enough to find these stories by clicking onto mainstream news feed, Yahoo!, Google, ect, we have to have to see them here too? Last week another poster said my posts would be better if I focused more on the positive things being said here, well maybe TTAG can take the same advice and try to make this a positive environment for people trying to preserve what’s left of our 2A rights.

  18. Racist nonsense from a racist black. BTW: the main threat to the public order is the 18.15 trillion dollar and growing debt run up by both parties. Stop spending damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. “The corporate news media is also unwilling to discuss how domestic terrorism by right-wing white men is now the United States’ leading threat to public order.”

    Really? Because there are quite a few articles about Storm Roof, 17,238 at least, on Google News alone.

  20. “… toxic white masculinity…”

    More of that 3rd wave feminism crap. Propagating the idea of female dominatation, and not true equality.

    The war on men and masculinity continues.

  21. Oh, that silly Chauncey misspelled his own last name again! Look here, Chauncey, it’s spelled G-A-R-D-N-E-R. Got it?

  22. The media is essentially a mouthpiece for those who stage a public health line of attack on the right to keep and bear arms.
    We just wrote about that (again) yesterday on our blog.
    Never mind that the public health line of reasoning is as flawed as it is dangerous.

  23. Seems to me the biggest threat to black people is other angry black people. White on Black crime is minuscule compared to Black on Black or Black on White crime.

    Sorry, but the biggest racist bigots these days are black folks.

    • Why are you sorry for saying that? It’s the blaring, obvious truth…

      They’re desperate to pretend that they’re victims, they can’t let go of the excuse. They can’t face that their bad life is their own fault. They won’t accept responsibility for themselves, and they need the excuse so that the truth of being a lazy failure isn’t obvious.

      Keepin’ it reaaalll! == Being a loser and blaming someone else.

  24. domestic terrorism by right-wing white men is now the United States’ leading threat to public order

    If “domestic terrorism” = voting, then yes, it’s a threat to the Imperial State and all its social parasites, leeches and racial arsonists everywhere.

  25. So apparently me sick of listening to the illegals claiming “reconquista” and flying the Mexican flag and them talking about how it is in “their” country, and sick of black people demanding reparations and wanting to kill whitey makes me a nazi to some people here.

  26. Why is TTAG click baiting Salon and its contributors? Classic Streisand Effect and not worthy of any serious attention.

    Please focus on what matters.

    • “Why is TTAG click baiting Salon and its contributors?”

      Knowing the enemy is very much important.

      Getting into their (obviously tiny) little heads helps when formulating counter-strategy.

  27. If I’m so racist, why do I want Black People to defy their masters and learn how to be free like me? These people listen to so much hate from their owners that they never bother talk to us evil, manly white men to see what we’re really all about.


  28. Get ready for more of this idiocy to start oozing out from under rocks everywhere. Infowars is all over this MTV show “White People” that an illegal alien (former or still, not clear on that) is producing and using to stir even more racial hatred.

    “New MTV Show Publicly Shames White People For ‘What They’ve Done in America’ “

    • I saw the trailer for the show. Did IW get an advanced screening of it? Because there was nothing like that at all in the trailer. Or, it could be IW is full of shit. Again. No surprise there.

  29. I went to his Facebook site and posted this. I’m waiting for his reply.

    Here we go again, blame blame blame. Look at who is shooting who. It’s time for you to focus inward and blame those pulling the triggers in Chicago and Baltimore. I’m a white gun owner, prior Army and a policemen. I didn’t do it and I’m not to blame, and neither are many other white gun owners. What do you want?

    • I went back to his Facebook post to see if he responded to my above listed question. It had been removed. And I have been blocked from posting. lol, so much for dialogue.

  30. Take that white man! Sorry for being so damn masculine…BTW I just now saw(on CBS news) the Milwaukee chief of po-leece ( a goofy white man) BLAME CC holders and legal gun sales for Milwaukees HUGE increase in MURDERS this year-NOT the black males pulling the triggers. Contrast this with Milwaukee co.’s. non-white sheriff David Clarke-boggles the mind don’t it???

  31. NRA has a good race scam going in Illinois. First use Chicago black man Otis McDonald as the face man for the Supreme Court lawsuit against Chicago’s handgun ban. Son of a sharecropper and all that.

    Next, when the U.S. Federal court in Chicago totally strikes down IL’s ban on concealed carry (except for cops) load up Rep. Brandon Phelps HB183 “good” “NRA backed” carry bill with Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties of 6 MONTHS or 1 YEAR in jail, because the Chiefs of Police wanted it. Then slip mandatory gun seizure language into Phelps SB836 “trailer” bill, so ambulance drivers and FEMA can disarm IL citizens New Orleans style during the next “emergency.”

    NRA’s rat scum Vandermyde is the best they can get. Guess Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham at NRA-ILA didn’t do a background check on Vandermyde. His boss William Dugan was convicted by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald in 2010.

  32. I sent this article to a good friend of mine, and his response deserves to be shared:

    “At first I wanted to say people like this are living in their own echo chamber, where the only ideas are their own, and those ideas are the only ones they ever listen to. I’ve now changed my thoughts on this, though. I’ve decided that they actually live in a vacuum chamber, since they’re obviously suffering from anoxia, which naturally kills off large numbers of brain cells.”

  33. There are white power men out there. The KKK still has membership. But to be fair, compared to the population, they’re a needle in a haystack.

    And to be fair, every race is going to have their problems. I wonder when DeVega is going to address black power and gang culture (gang culture, to be fair, applies to all races).

    But either way, he’s got a point, even if his rhetoric is extreme. I’ve met people like he describes. But they’re rare.

  34. This salon writer is a black slave. He would be happy if only the (white) police had guns. He is ignorant of the black Christian deacons for defense and justice. And he likes being iignoran.


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