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Ammoland’s Fredy Riehl had a sit down with The Donald on gun control. Click here to read the edited Q&A, in which the Republican Presidential candidate says all the right things about gun rights; from “take your expanded background checks and shove ’em” to ammo mag restrictions make about as much sense as a Brady Campaign machine gun shoot (paraphrasing) to arm our soldiers on our bases. That said, when Freddy presses Trump on the call for an “assault weapons ban” and a “slightly longer waiting period” for gun purchases in his 2000 book “The America We Deserve,” Trump lies his you-know-what off . . .

I certainly stand by my opposition to Gun Control when it comes to taking guns from law-abiding citizens. You mention that the media describes the AR-15 as an ‘assault rifle,’ which is one example of the many distortions they use to sell their agenda.  However, the AR-15 does not fall under this category. Gun-banners are unfortunately preoccupied with the AR-15, magazine capacity, grips, and other aesthetics, precisely because of its popularity.

How do I put this politely? Bullshit.

When Trump wrote “I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons,” he wasn’t writing in support of a ban on fully-automatic rifles (gun control advocates’ definition of the term “assault rifle”, already highly restricted). He was giving a thumbs-up to a ban on all “scary black rifles” (gun control advocates’ definition of the term “assault rifle”). Trump was dodging the question. At best.

As for the previously stated support of an extended waiting period before a lawful gun purchaser can take possession of their lawfully purchased firearm, Freddy didn’t press The Donald. Which is a shame. Also a shame: Trump didn’t simply say that his thinking about gun control has evolved. That line seems all the rage these days.

Anyway, the questions I would have asked: how did you manage to secure a concealed carry license in New York City when the NYPD has rejected application from thousands of law-abiding citizens? Do you support Constitutional Carry? Next time I see him . . .

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  1. he has learned to be a politician. but he won’t last long. . . . those pesky federal disclosures would expose too much personal info. He had 60 days from when he announced, but with automatic extensions, right after Thanksgiving or so, he would need to put up or shut up. Me thinks he will have something more pressing to do.

    Now can we give some love to Scott Walker?

    • If the Republican party had half a brain (and they don’t) they would make a rule that you have to file disclosure before being eligible to be in televised debate.

      Hell the Republican party lets the enemy run their debates (CNN, other MFM).

      I am a member of the stupid party…..I guess it’s better than the alternative evil+stupid party.

    • “Now can we give some love to Scott Walker?”

      I’m liking what I’m hearing from Carly Fiorina…

      • I dunno about Fiorina.

        I’ve worked in IT for 20 years. What she did when she was running HP did not impress me at all.

        But I do like that she’s worked in the private sector, and that she fights. We have too many politicians who haven’t done anything outside of politics, and far too many Republicans who roll over at the first sign of opposition.

        So she’s not my first choice, but we’ve done worse. :/

        • I worked for HP when she was at the helm. She was so far out of her depth there, every day was like watching someone drown. I wouldn’t trust her to run a donut shop, let alone a country.

    • Scott Walker is my first choice however, I would take Trump over ANY Democrat running, Jeb Bush and most other Republicans.

    • I’d still vote for him in a second. Trump is not perfect, on guns or anything else, but compared to our lovely Hillary Clinton????

      Give me Trump!!


    • Dirk Diggler wrote, “he [Donald Trump] won’t last long [ as a candidate for president]. . . . those pesky federal disclosures would expose too much personal info.”
      LOL, that’s a comment that sure hasn’t aged well!

      Trump simply treated the disclosure requirements with the same contempt he’s treated laws all his life — disclosure laws don’t apply to him! The Constitution doesn’t apply to him! Anti-nepotism laws don’t apply to him! The tradition of every President and Presidential candidate releasing their tax returns doesn’t apply to him! Laws against treason, giving “aid and comfort to the enemy” (the Russians) don’t apply to him! Laws against sexual assault don’t apply to him; he can “grab ’em by the pussy” and brag about it on tape!

      Tax laws didn’t apply to him!
      Laws saying you have to pay your employees and not stiff them didn’t apply to him!
      Fraud laws didn’t apply to him!
      Marriage vows didn’t apply to him! He could cheat on his third wife with 100 other women and just pay them of!

      Most infuriating to us veterans, the Vietnam War draft didn’t apply to Trump; he simply got a doctor to write him an excuse, “Please excuse little Donny from phys-ed and the Vietnam War. He has a boo-boo on his heel.”

      I realize this is an old thread, but one of today’s TTAG articles linked to it, so I couldn’t resist!

  2. If that was a direct quote from him I’ll give him credit for proper use of the terminology we want to see. He at least sounded like someone who is informed on firearms.

    • He sounded like someone who’s had great coaching to give a Pro-2A interview.
      All of the right words, none of the right actions.

    • I detest trump but at least he isn’t hildabeast and sounds right on guns…. u just don’t think his law abiding citizens means what we think it means…..

  3. Yes Mr. T…how did you get a concealed carry permit while NYC denied others the most effective tool for lawful self defense against illegal criminal aliens.

    I would love Main Media to ask that question and Dems collective mind melt asking a question supporting legal carry.

  4. Here the guy sits down to specifically talk about guns rights and you crap all over him for remarks made 15 years ago. RF where were YOU 15 years ago on gun rights? You must be a helluva friend. Not forgetting or forgiving a slight at the BBQ from decades ago. I would take The Donald as is (along with his two sons who are competitive shooters and supporters also of 2A rights) over 90% of the RINO numbnuts in the race.

    • On that note, if the vote boiled down to Hitlery or Trump, I know which one I’d be voting for.

    • He supported the AWB. He should have owned it and said his stance on the matter has since changed. No foul there.

      Instead he lied like every other politician.

      • I think his best answer would be to say that he was mis-informed what the AWB was 15 years ago and that he became more educated.

        Oh well….I’m still holding out for………. Prager 2016!

        • Dennis Prager? I’d like to see that! He’d be able to communicate his ideas effectively. But I don’t think he’s interested in becoming a politician.

    • I would wholeheartedly agree with you IF he had said, “You know what, we tried the Assault Weapon Ban, then you know what happened? It didn’t work. So to me if you try something and it didn’t work, you don’t go pushing that same thing again.”

      But instead, he said “I didn’t say that.” when it’s recorded…

    • I didn’t oppose the AWB 20 years ago. I didn’t oppose it in ’94. I was a high school senior chasing college and…other things. I didn’t oppose or support the AWB 15 years ago. I was pro-gun all my life, but haven’t been hardcore pro-gun until about 5-7 years ago.

      The NRA has made its mistakes, too. That doesn’t mean I’m going to drop my membership. Alan Gottlieb briefly supported the M-T background check gun control (reciprocity?) measure. I’m still part of the SAF.

      So by these TTAG standards that you applied to Trump, I’d be anti-gun, too. That’s idiotic. Whoever wants their pro-gun allies to be flawless is in for a lonely fight.

      • The problem isn’t so much that he supported the AWB 15 years ago. People evolve, opinions change, and so on. But he didn’t say, “My support for the AWB was a mistake. I wasn’t as informed on the issue back then as I am today.” He said, “What I meant was something totally different than the words in my book.” Which is a bullshit answer, and one that insultingly expects that we’re all too stupid to see through it.

        So why wouldn’t he just man up and admit he was wrong? Because he doesn’t really think he was wrong. He wants to pander to the more conservative voters who participate in the Republican primaries, but he’s more liberal at heart.

      • I aggree with ya there, Accur81. Pro 2A folks agree on guns….but on very little else. Whether its open/conceal carry, long weapons/handguns , ammo capacity, wheel gun/semi auto/bolt, abortion, gays, religion, economics, education, drugs,etc. That being stated getting caught in lie~ D’ oh!

    • True that, there were things I said 15 years ago on many issues that are about a 180 degree turn from what I feel today!

    • He isn’t scared of his own shadow or the PC, socialist media machine. I guess RF would rather have a Bush who is absolutely for restrictions on our 2A rights….and weak on immigration….and weak on foreign policy. Or maybe we can move past 15 year old comments.

  5. Is it really fair to call out a politician on lying or inconsistencies? I mean, they’re politicians. Their very existence is one of deceit for personal gain.
    They’re like salesmen only slightly worse. Just flesh covered sacks of shit.

  6. You mention that the media describes the AR-15 as an ‘assault rifle,’ which is one example of the many distortions they use to sell their agenda. However, the AR-15 does not fall under this category. Gun-banners are unfortunately preoccupied with the AR-15, magazine capacity, grips, and other aesthetics, precisely because of its popularity. — Donald Trump

    I would be stunned if any other candidates were that knowledgeable and could provide such a concise and accurate response.

    • “Gun-banners are unfortunately preoccupied with the AR-15, magazine capacity, grips, and other aesthetics, precisely because of its popularity.”

      I must admit that this surprised me. With most cosmopolite politicians I expect technical proficiency on the level of the famous “shoulder thing that goes up” comment from a gun-controller politician. Trump, in many ways, is a world apart from those people. It’s worth remembering that he made his billions in the building trade—putting up really, really big buildings. If you ask “The Donald” about the complexities of pouring the foundations of big buildings, for instance, he can give you a very thorough discourse on how it’s done—and how it’s not done. Despite the gloss, he got where he is by being a hands-on guy in a business that is unkind to incompetence. You can’t, for instance, un-pour a badly laid foundation. So, of course he’ll get the technical details of an AR-15 right where lots of other people in the political class would try to fluff they way around the question. I’ve known a couple of guys who are like Trump. They’re pretty remarkable—very rich but with an intimate knowledge of what it’s like to come home sweaty and with dirt under your fingernails.

    • Perry is very knowledgable on the subject. He seems to spend a lot of his spare time hanging out at LaRue.

      Cruz filed the amicus brief on Heller and his work in the courts on gun rights is stellar.

  7. A Republican is running that committed the crime of being interesting? Quick, we need 50cc of milquetoast candidate and 20cc of José Bush (to defend the honor of LA Raza) stat! Nurse! Hurry up!

  8. I have no vested stake yet in Trump as a candidate (I still favor a Walker/Cruz ticket, for the time-being), but isn’t it also possible that Trump, in the course of 15 years, has realized that the difference between “assault weapon” and “assault rifle” is a meaningful and politically charged distinction, and/or that he has modified his views over the past decade and a half?

    Will we even see any other candidate have a sit-down conversation nearly as candid as Trump has done here? It’s pretty easy to bash someone on inconsistencies when that person actually articulates positions, and the reasons for them. Candidates who won’t articulate anything meaningful are a bit more difficult to criticize.

    • Of course. See how all of the Dems “changed ” their stance on gay marriage since 2008.

      • If a Republican changes position on a contentious political issue over the course of a decade and a half, and owns up to it they’re immediately tarred by the duplicitous mainstream press as a “flip-flopper” and pounded into the dirt.

        However when Obama & Clinton lie to the voters about their opinions on gay marriage to get elected, and subsequently reveal their true opinions, they say they say they have “evolved”, and they’re lauded by the same press for being “courageous”…. Much like the way the Beacon Street Gigolo did in 2004 regarding his votes to authorize the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan.

        The mainstream press exists for one reason- to do the bidding of the progressive left, and ensure their continuing success in advancing their radical agenda. That and ensuring that serious social issues like the Confederate Battle Flag and who won “American Idol” and ‘Survivor”, and what Bill Cosby did push issues like Illegal aliens murdering American citizens in broad daylight in public places, and the policies that allowed it to happen, and an administration that has lied and broken more laws than all Republican administrations combined, out of the line of sight of the low information voter.

    • name me one that does not lie thru there teeth… least he will get this country back on the right track…we need a tough business man

  9. Why does every photograph of Trump have to be a freeze frame of him with that goddamned, puckered-up facial expression? God, what a nightmare.

    • A lot of lefty websites did the same thing to GW Bush. They want you to subconsciously think of a chimp.

    • He looks that way pretty much all the time.

      I know he’s saying things we like now (after having been a Hillary supporter), but I can’t stand the sight or sound of him for more than 10 seconds. I keep the remote control handy for that.

    • Have you never seen even one episode of Apprentice? That’s his face 90% of the time.

  10. So he lied. Everyone lies, not just politicians. Everyone also changes their tune, becomes more educated, enlightened etc.

    The Donald is a juggernaut right now, and he is running like a Republican should. His messaging is resonating across party lines.m I love that he is giving fits to the rest of the GOP field, and if Preibus was 1/2 a man instead of 3/4 whinging ninny he’d punt half the candidates from the GOP ticket because they are technically liberals.and come out fully in support of Trumps agenda.

  11. My thinking on Trump has “evolved.” I used to think he was an ignorant, pompous, supercilious ass. Now I think he’s an informed, pompous, supercilious ass.

    • I resemble that(those) remark(s). Yet I feel Donald T is an accurate representation of all politicians while pretending to be one. Truth be told, DT just appears to be a Gahan Wilson rendering gone live ;~)

    • I am with you on that Ralph. Trump certainly does not lack for ego. Seems to think he is God’s gift to America. I can’t stand to listen to him. OTOH, between Trump and Hillary I would vote for him. Hilary also seems to think of herself as smarter than everyone else. Both of them are windbags.

    • Based on my observations, Trump seems to be basically just trolling GOP and the entire American right wing. Even if he did win the primaries (unlikely), he would lose resoundly to pretty much any Dem candidate, because his person alone would be sufficient to drive a lot of people to vote who would otherwise skip, and I suspect that quite a few moderate Republicans would vote even for Hillary to not vote for Trump.

      But the real trolling is that he basically takes the favorite hot-button Republican issues, and instead of talking about them in dog whistle politics terms like other candidates, he makes a blunt formulation that everyone knows is the underlying one, but no-one is willing to admit because it would be a PR nightmare. “Most Mexican illegal immigrants are rapists” is a typical example – it’s really what a lot of anti-immigrant rhetoric is about, it’s just never said out aloud by anyone prominent enough to cite in mainstream news. But now that he’s done that, he puts all the other candidates in a conundrum: if they publicly refute him, their dog whistle won’t work anymore and they will lose the “hardcore” electorate who was thinking the things that Trump is voicing. If they agree with him, they will lose mainstream support and any chance to win in general elections. If they pretend that nothing happened and don’t comment, they’ll get grilled by the journalists until they slip up either way.

      And as a bonus, Trump surging in primary polls have also exposed what a large chunk of GOP electorate really thinks. Which, on one hand, pushes moderate Republicans away and possibly even into switching parties (or organizing something of their own), and on the other hand, mobilizes Democrat electorate further.

      Basically, no-one has done more than Trump to promote Hillary 2016 to date. And if the guy actually does what he said is a possibility, and runs as independent after losing the primaries, the picture shall be perfectly complete.

  12. I don’t believe Trump has the patience to put up with the huge rectal exam that running for Pres in this country entails, and while he isn’t a true believer in the 2nd Amendment, He is miles ahead of folks I do not want. Even if he isn’t in for the long haul and he may will exit the race in the next 6 months, while he is in, oh my God! He is damaging the very people I do not want, he helps show Jeb Bush to be the establishment, pro immigration, pro Common Core, anti 2nd Amendment guy he really is at heart. Trump also sucks Oxygen away from bottom tier establishment also rans like Graham, Pataki, and Kasich and that should clear out some of the deadwood.

  13. In your 3rd paragraph you need to chop out the first “gun control advocates’ definition of the term “assault rifle”, so that it just reads “(already highly restricted)”.

    Also: Trump is a lying douche bag, and a friend of the Clintons who is just saying pretty words. Probably a plot by the Hillary bunch to split the R vote and put her in the WH. Her ability to remain outside of a federal prison proves she’s a clever beast.

  14. His son shoot rifle matches with the CMP and goes to Camp Perry. I am going be optimistic that he will be pro second amendment.

    • Some hunters believe all you need are two guns, a bolt action rifle and a shotgun. Is that pro-2A? His sons shoot in matches. How do you know that they don’t lock their guns up at the club and have the belief that no one needs to take such things home? And, just because his sons own firearms, why does that make HIM pro-gun?

  15. Donald Trump is a distraction. Someone for the left to rail against, while the right completely ignores him.

    I don’t give two flying fucks what Donald Trump thinks about anything, including gun control. He’s a rich New Yorker, what do you think he thinks about gun control?

    Tell Ammoland to go talk to Ben Carson, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, instead, since that’s a far more legitimate concern.

  16. My assumption is Trump is not well educated and or familiar with the terminology and dodged to avoid error. He historically has been a friend to the 2A so I see no reason to vilify him. Given other choices as of today, he would have my vote.

  17. Am I the only one that saw the john stossel report on fox pertaining to NY carry permit process?
    Un Fing believable. It’s all who you know and who you are, other than that faagetaboutit!

  18. …or, people learn and change their ways…

    I remember waayyy back in the day when I had no idea why I would want an AK.

    Now I’m not even sure how many of them I have… ..and most of them are spooky Ghost Guns!

  19. Meh…I know the donalds kids were vilified for hunting in Africa. I would vote for the donald over ANY dumbocrat. I don’t think he has a thick enough skin for the long haul but he sure makes it interesting. WE’LL see…

  20. At this point in time let’s not rip up Trump too bad for not being perfect on the 2A fifteen years ago, and being disingenuous about that position in the recent interview. He’s still a politician.

    Trump’s the only republican candidate with the ability to gather votes from stupid democrat voters. The next presidential election will have a significant amount of democrat “protest voters” sick and tired of being lied to and double-crossed by the democrats. Like West Virginians who’ve voted democrat their whole life and now have lost their coal industry jobs. Or formerly working and now unemployed Gulf Coast energy industry democrats who’ve also been screwed by democrat party energy policies. Not to mention every working democrat who got shafted by the so-called Affordable Health Care Act and now finds themselves paying more money for a lower quality of health insurance. There is a lot of dissatisfaction out there right now.

    These democrat protest voters won’t ever vote for a mainstream spineless corrupt republican, but they will vote for the “man” when it happens to be Trump. He’s definitely the only candidate not afraid to be politically incorrect …. which is refreshing to democrats, independents and republicans.

  21. I’m surprised I’m not seeing more love for Rand Paul. If we get Jeb Bush rammed down our throats there is no way the GOP wins. I’m completely shocked hes tied for 2nd with Rand Paul. I mention Jeb Bush to anyone online or in person and all I hear are “No”s. Where are all these supporters?

  22. Democrats, Republicans. Is there any real difference? The oligarchy is just a big club of rich people exerting force over you and you ain’t in it. Wake up and realize voting is for schmucks, it doesn’t make any difference at all and your vote won’t change anything. It certainly won’t change the course of spending, correct our financial problems, shrink big banking or the military industrial complex or end their thirst for profitable conflict. It certainly isn’t protecting our rights. Wake up.

    • When the topics are maintaining personal freedoms and a lower level of government regulation/intrusion into our daily lives, there are significant differences between the R’s and D’s. All you need to do is check the voting records on bad legislation to confirm this fact.

      Republicans are not angels by a long shot. They’ve been buying into the selling American industry and jobs for the last 50 years. But they are a lot less controlling than the democrats, especially when the subject is gun ownership.

  23. Trump is full of BS. He is throwing this anti illegal alien red meat around for publicity. He is on the record for supporting a Clinton style “assault weapons ban” and his weaselly attempt to exempt AR15s is pure crap when he knows thats exactly the type of firearm that is targetted. So, he would stand up for AR15s, that means he thinks AK47s should be banned? What a creep.

    Trump was a Democrat who donated hundreds of thousands to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosis re election campaigns. That should be all you need to know about the charlatan Trump.

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