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“But after (the Trayvon Martin shooting) nine months ago, we’re told Florida’s stand-your-ground law is terribly flawed, and should be repealed or at least restricted severely. The law has been in place for seven years. Laws should not be made – or repealed – based on a single, anecdotal incident.” – CCRKBA Legislative Director Joe Waldron

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  1. Oh there goes that Joe Waldron replying to the anti-self defense crowd with common sense, again. Doesn’t he understand how much they hate that?
    Even if the Law gets changed, George Zimmerman gets tried under the terms of the original Law and will still most likely be acquitted.

  2. Stand your ground is irrelevant here. Trayvon St. Skittles jumped GZ and initiated the assault. He then prevented GZ’s retreat and continued the assault.

  3. Trayvon is the new martyr!! I am sorry he got killed but if GZ is acquitted then apparently Trayvon got what he deserved.
    No family should have to lose a child like that but if not GZ then one day it may have been a family member who had to put him down.

  4. Im sure this has been said before but I would like to have seen more recent photos of Trayvon. Of course we will only see younger, happier ones of him via the MSM. Who would kill a young, happy boy? Who would need to defend themselves against such.

  5. Anyone who thinks stand your ground laws are “shoot first” laws is ignorant. Every law in every state that I’ve read has very clear definitions and conditions, along with naming specific examples of where it is not applicable as a defense. As Bugs would say “What a bunch of Maroons!”

    • This.

      Here in Tennessee we are Castle Doctrine and that extends to any place we occupy, not just our homes. BUT of course we still better have proof that we were in fear for our life or the life of another.

  6. So what really Joe is saying, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Regardless of the outcome, how many DGU’s have taken place over that time which those people were protected by the law? Trayvon’s death was one incident in seven years, that made headlines of course, but really nothing should be changed. Leave it be.. Florida hasn’t turned into some blood bath like the Brady Bunch had hoped it would.. Oh wait did I just say that.. 😉

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