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“Laws that mandate a waiting period before buying a gun are well grounded in the fact that humans tend to act impulsively. These waiting periods are wise and necessary. They give people an opportunity to reflect and cool down, to use their heads first and not their handguns.” So sayeth the Senior deputy district attorney for Riverside County (CA) writing for Burke E. Strunsky fails to take into account a simple fact: when many law-abiding Americans decide to tool-up for the first time to defend themselves against a perceived threat, they don’t make that decision seven days in advance of the realization that they need a gun. How could they? Anyway, Strunsky’s all about the murderous impulse . . .

By nature, handguns play right into the unpredictable, transitory passions of human beings. Too many people are dead or in prison because a handgun was too convenient in a moment when their emotions got the best of them.

So much FUD in two relatively short sentences. Where to start? Let’s go with the phrase “unpredictable, transitory passions” . . .

Are human “passions” (i.e. emotions) unpredictable? Are we fundamentally unstable: powder kegs of repressed emotions just waiting to explode into a murderous frenzy? Are we all capable of hitting an emotional wall, saying “f this,” reaching for a gun and taking innocent life?

Obviously not. While homo sapiens have a natural fascination with violent events, our species’ success depends on our emotional stability and behavioral predictability. If all humans were hard wired for hair-trigger homicidal fury we could never cooperate enough to get anything done.

More to the point . . .

Even if you consider every one of America’s 9,146 firearms-related homicides (2009)  “crimes of passion”—a patently ridiculous idea given the prevalence of murderous gang-bangers—that’s such a small percentage of the U.S. population that it’s statistically irrelevant.

If Mr. Strunsky wants to add 17k annual firearms-related suicides to that calculation (2005), as gun control advocates are wont to do, well, that’s another entirely dubious supposition. As international suicide rates prove, access to a handgun is not a determinative factor.

Anyway, let’s call it 30k “passion-related” firearms deaths per year.

Which still leaves at least 100 million American gun owners who didn’t/don’t/won’t wig out and shoot anyone without legal cause. I call that a definitive win for the idea that the U.S. gun owners are emotionally stable enough to not shoot someone in a fit of rage, jealousy or any other “transitory passion.”

To prevent his readers from seeing his assertion in its proper context, Strunsky qualifies his assertion with “Too many people are dead or in prison because a handgun was too convenient in a moment when their emotions got the best of them.” [emphasis added]

How many is “too many”? Are we in the rhetorical  realm of “if one life is saved it’s worth it”? If so, Burke would do well to read-up on his John Lott and note that gun control laws which reduce the number of not nutso gun owners increase crime levels (e.g. Chicago). One life saved may not be worth it.

While we’re at it, I wonder if Mr. Burke would like to define “too convenient.” I don’t think he’s judging relative convenience—as in on-the-body carry versus a firearm locked-up in a safe. I reckon “too convenient” is Burke’s euphemism for any access to a gun at all, ever.

Bottom line: Burke believes that ALL of us are potentially murderous. Therefore one cannot help but conclude that the true crime writer (true story) would prefer that NONE of us to have “convenient” access to a firearm. Even if he won’t admit it to his readers or, indeed, himself.

Which brings me to my main point . . .

Gun control advocates like Burke are afraid of people. More specifically, they’re afraid of people with guns. Whether it’s projection or paranoia, they believe that if someone’s got a gun, human nature makes that person a potential murderer. Strike that. Extra-special easily murderous.

Never mind that people are potentially murderous without a gun. They could snap and take innocent life with a knife, fireplace poker, baseball bat, car, can of gas or their bare hands.

Literally, never mind. Gun control advocates want to live in complete denial. They want to restrict (i.e., ban) civilian firearms so they can forget about the possibility of a lethal attack.

Gun control advocates like Burke are blind to reality: the horror and misery gun control causes for billions of people around the world. The genocide it enables. If that kind of denial isn’t considered a mental illness, it bloody well should be.

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  1. Like I told someone who kept insisting “assault rifles” are designed for only one thing, to kill people… I’ve shot off roughly 5k rounds of 556 in the past year and I haven’t killed or wounded anyone… I must be a horrible shot! Owning a gun is no more likely to make me a murderer than owning a bottle of Scotch is likely to make me an alcoholic.

    • Great comparison!! Oh you DO own a bottle!! Now we are in big trouble. Joe is full of “transitory passions”, drunk on Scotch (as usual), and loaded down with an “assault rifle” time to call Burke Strunsky, he has ALL the answers !!!!!! LOL

    • Clearly we need a 10 day waiting period to purchase Scotch. Humans tend to act impulsively. Waiting periods give people an opportunity to reflect and cool down, to use their heads first and not to drink and drive.

        • I think the liberals are trying to initiate a ban on shotglass size. No container over 1.5 oz. (oh wait, Bloomberg is already on that).

        • With the liberal repeated application of a good bourbon to your stomach via an anti Bloomberg approved 20 oz shot glass with a revolver shaped handle and a crosshairs reticle printed on the bottom of the glass. Repeat until unable to tell which of the identical wavering TV’s in your living room is the real one!!!

  2. Excellent article Robert. One may also look at the motivations of Mr. Strunsky. Looking for votes perhaps? Sucking up to his boss? Also, with those who seek positions of power and authority, the NEED to control others. We are all familiar with those. Stalin comes to mind. Lastly, like the millions of other “zombies” out there, will completely ignore the facts that invalidate their position.

  3. Are there any statistics out that documenting how many people copmmit a crime with a handgun within a few days of lawfully purchasing it? I’ve always thought that the number – whatever it is – would be largely offset by people who suddenly find themselves in need of purchasing a handgun to counter a known criminal threat.

    • Hear hear. That is the single best argument against “guns kill people.” Gun grabbers argue that an ill-conceived ban that saves one life is worth it. Liberalized concealed carry and gun ownership have saved way more than one life.

      • Woah there! You might just put those antis into a fit of apoplexy with such clear cut reasoning! Everyone knows you can’t use factually based evidence and logic when talking to an anti, it’s all about “feelings” and “intentions” with them.

        • Yes it is about feelings and intentions.
          As in my feelings fill me with the intention to smack them repeatedly in the head until they see things as they really are!! Unfortunately I am not immortal and therefore don’t have enuff time on Earth to accomplish that mission.
          The younger generation need to be trained to carry on our task!!

  4. The thing to remember, that we get the government we vote for; enough people believe like this insane individual to keep putting people like him into power, the inmates truly are running the insane asylum.

    Gun free zones, that is insane.

    • Agreed. However, for many, gun rights are only one issue of many. So people vote for a guy that represents 60% of their beliefs.

      The days of finding a politician who represented the wishes of his people, over his own beliefs, are long gone.

      We no longer fit the definition of a Republic, or a Democracy.

      • A republic, perhaps, but not a democracy. Republic is any territory or political entity that is not a monarchy or a dependency (colony). It can be a dictatorship, democracy or military regime.

  5. To say that this argument is insane isn’t doing the 2A cause any help. The fact is that it’s not insane because so many antis feel the same way. I got into this same conversation with my 70 yr old mother. She is pro 2A, but she’s got lots of concerns about conceal carry and the increase of availability of handguns in all types of situations. I explain to her that people that carry aren’t the criminals, to which she responds by sending me this article.

    In the example above, a licensed CHL gets caught up in road rage and fires his weapon. The circumstances in which the weapon were used were at the minimum “questionable”, at least enough for him to be arrested and charged for a crime.

    Each time you dismiss the arguments of the antis as “insane” you are hurting your own cause. It’s no different than the antis dismissing the majority of Americans that have a gun in their home and blame the NRA lobbying machine as the only reason why politicians won’t touch gun legislation.

    Don’t just dismiss the antis arguments, prove them wrong.

    • Ok, here ya go

      From the above link

      the reviewers were unable to determine the effectiveness of waiting periods laws as interventions aimed at reducing gun-related harms.

      The Bottom Line:

      In the judgment of a Community Guide expert panel, there is insufficient evidence to determine the effectiveness of waiting period laws as public health interventions aimed at preventing gun-related violence and suicide.”

      Lets also look at all the states without waiting periods vs all the states without and do the math. Acts of passion can happen at anytime — its human nature and I have yet to see any law passed that changes human nature. The Founders believed that Religion was important to teach morality and teach restraint they knew and understood the limits of laws — but we live in a world where we now believe that all religion is bad.

  6. Is there a waiting period for purchasing a car or a bottle of whiskey? Check the injury/death rate data to see how those two (alone or in combo) compare to firearms.

  7. The basic assumption underlying Mr. Strunsky’s assertion is the crime and violence are random acts based on emotion and not rational calculation. According to this proposition each of us is just an emotional trigger away from committing rape, robbing a bank or murder. If this were the case crime and violence would be uniformly distributed across the population. Since this is not the case we must conclude that Strunsky’s argument is nonsense.

  8. Whenever I’ve thought that there was even a small chance I might need a gun to defend myself, I already had one. When I make an “impulse purchase” of a firearm, it just means that I ran across a cool gun I’d like to own when I had enough money in my pocket to buy it.

    • Amen!!! Impulse gun purchases are like when I go into my local gun shop and see that nice S&W Mod67 Stainless revolver or that really nice 1910 Mauser pocket pistol on the shelf(btw: I bought both of them) :).
      If I get mad enough at someone I usually either walk away or give them a Gibbs Slap in the back of the head if I know them. Women and children I just look at, shake my head and walk away.
      Hell if we were as bloodthirsty and violence prone as McNutcase above believes we are then the human race would consist of only 2 people, the last man to win his last gunfight and whoever he decided to keep for his mate, everyone else would be dead and gone!
      That man has apparently been living in Utopia(located just beyond Venus) for a long time as he has no real idea what the average daily life is like.

  9. Don’t most people heavily consider their own psychological makeup when they determine how humanity as a whole will act? Therefore, it only makes sense that Mr. Strunsky considers himself capable of passionate violence and unable to control his violent instincts. This may be the background check we should be performing before allowing a gun sale: whether or not a person sees humanity (which implies self) as incapable of avoiding a crime of passion.

    • Absolutely. The issue is that people like Strunsky can’t be trusted to control themselves and fail to understand that responsible people walk among them.

  10. K. so the first time buyer may be in a hurry to buy his gun to kill his straying wife. But what about those of us with a safe full of guns? Once I’ve passed my first background check and gotten my HSC what [possible function can the waiting period fullfil other than harassment?

    And what of the straying wife? If she waits thru the legal waiting period then she may well be dead. Is this the states backhanded way of condoning executions for moral crimes? Are the people supporting gun control actually supporting Sharia law? Likely not, but the results are the same.

    • Well said. If someone has 10 guns, waiting for 10 days for gun #11 isn’t going to prevent a damn thing. Likewise, if a man has 10 – 10rd mags, preventing him from buying a 15 rounder isn’t going to save any lives.

      Gun laws are stupid because they are written by attorneys without shooting experience, and supported by a biased media, and voted upon by an ignorant public.

      • Florida is one of the states wherein if you have your concealed carry weapons permit, you do not have to wait. My favorite gunshop’s salesman always harrasses me because I don’t have my card yet (must be in the mail). His favorite statement: “ya could’ve taken it with you today.” … LOL

      • This x 1000. I have a whole bunch of guns already, making me wait (or worse, making me miss out on a prime collectible because of the equally stupid 1 handgun every 30 days rules) is just an annoyance to me and my FFL, who has to do twice the work basically.

  11. How cynical and perverse of Strunsky and his like. Lacking any factual basis, his argument that all people secretly lust to kill wantonly is a despicable manipulation. It just proves that the anti-gun cause is so desperate to impose its will on everyone else that portraying people, in general, as closet Serial Killers (the ONLY beings on the Planet that truly appear to kill for the pleasure of killing) is an acceptable tactic.
    This kind of argument is so far beneath contempt that perhaps TTAG should start a new award feature, “The Josef Goebbels Depraved Liar Award”. You won’t have a problem giving out at least one of those a week. It should be made of rotting garbage.

    • IPTW. Irresponsible Propagandist of The Week. We’d have emotional spats by the Brady Bunch and maroons like this guy backlogging the calendar for months.

  12. He is yet another effeminate metro-sexual gun-grabbing pseudo-male. Dude looks like he just visited a beauty salon where he had a facial, his eye brows plucked, and more.

  13. My comments are not posting.

    I guess the software is over-reacting to what I wrote about him looking girly like many gun grabbing men.

  14. The one thing most (if not all) of these waiting period laws don’t consider is the fact that a purchaser may already own another or multiple firearms. Based on his “logic” what good does a waiting period do to someone that already owns another gun? Why waste the time and money in a time of high emotions purchasing a new gun when there’s one or more guns waiting at home?

  15. I had to wait out the waiting period to pick up firearms I had purchased when I lived in California except for the time I happened to buy a rifle during a trip to distant state the afternoon prior to flying back. No blood in the streets. No one got shot. The only one who noticed was the cabbie driving me home from the airport who asked what that long black case was as I was getting my baggage out. When I told him it contained a rifle, I thought he was going to have a heart attack. I assured him it wasn’t loaded but he barely waited to collect the fare before he took off.

  16. Here’s something the antis haven’t thought about. So there’s a 10 day waiting period so that I don’t buy a gun in a fit of anger and off somebody or myself. That cooling off period only applies to THAT GUN. If I was so emotionally skewed, why would I buy a new gun when I could use any of the ones I already own to commit this alleged mayhem?

  17. I read Huffington Post daily because I like to keep in touch with liberal rhetoric. I find it to be easily the MOST liberal “news” medium out there. I read the article that you linked to and what I found very satisfying is that in the comments, people just absolutely hammered him for this typical faulty logic article. I don’t know if this is from this blog’s readers commenting, but if it is regular HP readers, that is a very good thing.

  18. Also reminds me of a quote I just read from Bill Ruger, “if you make Bill Ruger wait 5 years to buy a gun, you will have done nothing in that time to prevent any violent crime from happening”

  19. “They give people an opportunity to reflect and cool down, to use their heads first and not their handguns.”

    But but but but…… what if you already own a half dozen or so mixed bag of boom sticks? If you want to “loose your shite” why would you buy a new gun and wait 10 days to loose it? It makes no sense. It’s like saying “heres your drivers licence, but if you get pulled over you cant drive for 3 days because we want to make sure you’re not going to plow through a school lunch line” – Uhh… unless they take the car away, you could still drive though that lunch line. This guy is a douche.

  20. It also violates the presumption of innocence that out legal system is based on. To enforce a waiting period there would have to be a burden of proof that the buyer intends to commit a crime – a trial.

  21. How many people rush out to buy their first gun in order to save their lives from an imminent threat? Answer: not nearly as many as rush out to buy their first gun in a murderous rage or suicidal depression. This is just my best guess, so please don’t bother asking for proof.

    • I know you don’t have proof, but I have some

      The L.A. Riots. MANY people rushed out to try and buy a weapon to defend themselves and realized there was a waiting period and could not.

      Google “Frankenstorm businessmen guns” As storm Sandy was ready to hit the East Coast, many small businesses afraid of the impending looting also tried to quickly get a gun and found out they could not. In many areas, the Police completely abandoned the police station creating a black hole for the criminals to come into — and they did!

      Read about what is happening in L.I. And the number of homeowners getting their generators stolen in the middle of the night or break-in within areas still without power. This even with Police and National Gaurd on patrol Many finally realized when walking into a gun store for the first time, what a joke the NY laws happen to be preventing them from protecting themselves.

      And as my post above already states, the waiting period does not do a darn thing.

      Ask pretty much any certified instructor (myself included) how many calls they get from some wife, girlfriend or other person who all of sudden has a restraining order and realizes the Police are not just a phone call away.

      If you are in truely in Suicidal depression, while a gun makes it easier, they will find another way mostly hanging themselves. And, if its bad enough and they fail, they will try multiple times until they get it right. Try some volunter time working a hotline before you spout off crap.

      But, you keep dreaming your scary dreams.

    • Fortunately, “your best guess” isn’t sufficient reason to pass laws infinging upon the rights of others. I have some “best guesses” for what’s best for everyone as well and they involve everyone sending me $5 and contraceptives in the water supply.

    • @MikeB302000 By my accounting the number of people who “rush(ed) out to buy their first gun in a murderous rage or suicidal depression” was about three last year. This is just my best guess, so please don’t bother asking for proof.

      • +1
        That argument has to take the stupid cake… People also overdose when attempting suicide… Let’s put a ten day waiting period before purchasing aspirin… You may have a legitimate headache but that isn’t a good enough reason to put that suicidal guy at risk.

    • And here is a perfect example of Joe’s statement, “Don’t most people heavily consider their own psychological makeup when they determine how humanity as a whole will act?”

    • Oh wait, here is a HARVARD study, from a somewhat ANTI GUN university helping prove that suicides are not such an IMPULSIVE thing.

      Four out of five people who commit suicide have attempted to kill themselves at least once previously.

      Joiner, Thomas. 2005. Why People Die by Suicide. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

      1. The acne medication isotretinoin (Acutane) has been linked to a possible increase risk of suicide. The FDA requires Acutane to include a label warning that the product may be linked to suicide, depression, and psychosis.b

      Evans, Glen, et. al. 2003. The Encyclopedia of Suicide. 2nd ed. New York, NY: Facts on File, Inc.

      Dang ZITS

  22. I think a waiting period would just make me want more guns. I only own one at the moment, a Glock 23 which I bought on layaway. I currently have a PSA M4 on layaway. I use the layaway because it only cost me an extra $40 and keeps my financial priorities in check.

    Anyways, I guess my point is the more I wait the more I want. The argument that waiting periods may prevent impulse buying is IMHO flawd.

  23. Is it just me or does this dim bulb look like one of those android robots you see in sci fi movies that try to take over the world???

  24. The very simple fact is that since the criminal will ignore any gun law, the only use of the law would be to attempt stop an incredibly small number of us Gun Law abiding, from using a gun during our “going crazy” period. All studies show CCW’ers and open carriers are less likely to do that than the general public.
    The general public might psychologically feel squeezed between the Carriers and the Criminals but our job is to have the general public realize that we give them more space to safely operate because we give them “plausible armability” (just made that up). In Montana, the criminal must assume everyone is armed, in Chicago he assumes no one is.
    But now in Wisconsin we can at least give him a “maybe” and that protects the non-carriers at least a little.
    This is just so simple, isn’t it?????

  25. Burke is seriously misguided! Waiting periods are a fallacy.

    So you have to wait 3 business days to obtain that HANDGUN, while I can walk into a Walmart or my LGS to buy a SHOTGUN/RIFLE and take it home the same day (at least in my state we can). There are also many other ways to cause harm to someone else i.e. knives, axes, etc. but there is no waiting period for those.

    The main thing is that not all of us are impulsive individuals with murderous intent everytime we get upset.

  26. Who-can we-get on-the-caaase? We-need Buurke Eee Strunn-skee!
    ..Nah, I don’t think it’s going to catch on.

    • At least when we whistle it comes out of our mouths… The days of reactionary science are long gone, we don’t do things because we feel it will make things better, a waiting period is not going to prevent a crime of passion when that person can pick up a knife from the kitchen counter… If you want us to listen, prove your point scientifically… Look at areas that do have waiting periods… Do they have less crime?

  27. Let me understand this. I have to wait to buy a new handgun because I could impulsively use the NEW handgun to commit a crime. What about the 10 other handguns I already own? Apparently, these people believe I will wait to commit the crime because I’m waiting on the NEW handgun.

      • That’s exactly who it SHOULDN’T apply to (other than anyone else). Firearms newbies who find themselves in a life-threatening situation (e.g., a stalker or domestic abuse), who didn’t buy a gun before because they never thought they’d need one, can’t afford to wait. If eliminating the waiting period can save ONE LIFE . . .

      • Read point #4 and all the others. Basically what you want is for all gun owners to be so heavily taxed,licensed,scrutinized and violated that they will end up getting tired of it, refuse to register their weapons and end up in jail when the State Stasi Police come to take them away for violating various Federal Mandates, thus really overcrowding the prison system. This is what you think is good gun control laws?!

        1. Licensing of all gun owners which would include a penal background check, a mental health background check, an eye exam, a written and practical test and approval by the local authorities.

        We have a Penal background check now with the NICS. Mental health?? who’s standards?? Eye exam?? Give me a break.
        Written and practical test?? And who would make up and administer this test?? Approval by local authorities?? And who would keep them honest and unbiased??

        2. Registration of all newly bought firearms which would need to be renewed after three months and yearly thereafter by presenting the paperwork and the weapon to the police.

        Violates our constitutional rights for one. Renewal every 3 months?? At what cost to us?? Yearly?? Really, again at what cost to us?? I would like to see what happens the first time someone like me walks into a police station with an armload of weapons. That is just plain stupid.

        3. Background checks on all purchases including private ones. This can be done at the local FFL dealer for a nominal fee.

        For a nominal fee?? So how much??$50-$100? Not nominal for a poor person.

        4. Three day waiting period for all first purchases.

        Ok this I might agree with if there was some more justification to a 3 day waiting period. If I pass the other(NICS) checks and balances then there should be no waiting period.

        5. “May Issue” policy for concealed carry permits managed federally – same rules in every state.

        No not going to work. We all know how slow the Feds are about anything to do with granting any favorable right to the commoners. May issue is bull. Will end up being issued only to the wealthy or politically favored people and not to the folks who really need it. Too many dollars wasted in the overall scheme here!

        6. Assault Weapons Ban using the California model which would include restrictions on extended magazines.

        Ok first explain to me what an “Assault Weapon” really is. Assault is an action and not a thing or item. Assault is something done to cause harm or death. Weapons do not by themselves cause harm or death. The people who use them for the wrong reasons or unsafely cause the assault. You should have an “Assault Person” ban if you are wanting to ban something scary and deadly. AR’s and black rifles are not scary, the crazy unstable bastard down the street with the ice pick and butcher knife are what’s scary.

        What you are wanting is not only not even close to feasible but way too costly to both the gun owners and the Federal Government.
        Instead of curing a problem that doesn’t really exist it would cause more problems and burdens on all of the people and offices involved.

        • I wonder how MikeB… would react if all those points would also have to be followed in order for anyone to enjoy the freedoms specified under the 1st Ammendment.

          It shouldn’t be any different for any of the Ammendments, should it? After all, some of the things people say might be very (mentally) hurtfull to the person hearing them. Perhaps anyone who is about to say something, at least publicly, should have to submit to a mental health exam, pay a tax, and wait between 3 and 5 days before they can speak.

          God forbid, it better not be a verbal “assault.”

          • You also forgot that anyone who has something to say must have their speeches/ thoughts/ ideas reviewed and approved every 90 days and again every year.
            They must also purchase a permit to speak publicly license which must be renewed every 39 1/2 days to insure they are within Federal Guidelines and they are required to delete or omit from all speech publicly and privately any demeaning, hurtful or harmful words. Would be monitored and controlled by the Federal Bureau of Thought Management and Happy Faces..just as dumb and just as wasteful as what he proposed for gun owners but what is good for the goose is good for the gander!!

            • Words can kill as many people as guns!! Don’t think so?? Look back through world history and see how many people have died directly or indirectly because of someone’s word’s…
              Adolf Hitler, Mussoulini, Napolean, etc etc.
              If you want to ban deadly items start with the really big ones….cars,alcohol,crosswalks, and any number of other things on this planet that cause death and injury but are perfectly legal.
              If you want to cut down on crime then bring back the death penalty…if convicted beyond any reasonable doubt for the charge of murder, negligent homicide or any other crime causing loss of life(DWI/DUI) then you get a one time seating date with Uncle Sparky the Hot Seat. Increasing the penalty for crimes such as murder or homicide will do more to deter crime than putting more restrictions on legitimate gun owners will. Cause and Effect! If you willingly cause a death then you will, after a trial if in which you are found guilty, be caused to suffer the effects of immediate death by electric chair.
              There, we have solved the problems of gun related crimes in the world.

          • But these “freedoms” only apply to what the Anti’s and Control Freaks in the Government want them to apply to.
            As a law abiding citizen try this……..
            Freedom of speech?…..go call the POTUS a derogatory or demeaning name and see how far your constitutional rights go. Hell go tell him to take a long walk off a short pier with a bag of rocks on his back and see what that gets you in court!!
            Or… carry a pistol by the front gate of the White House and see what happens.
            Or….plead the Fifth Amendment in a court case and see where that gets you,especially a trial for a shooting(self defense or not), or a DWI case where someone was killed. Won’t go far I bet you!!!
            Any of these freedoms that are guaranteed by the Constitution are only as good as the Anti’s/Control Freaks/Scaredy Cats want them to be so They feel safe.
            The average American does not count because they believe in their rights,uncut and unaltered,as they were put forth in the Constitution, and not as the Government see’s fit based on current fears and beliefs.
            There is no clear cut answer as such, but heavier restrictions and higher fee’s and micromanaged ownership of something guaranteed by the constitution is not the answer and never will be!!
            That being said if we could ever get a full Government of politicos who truly believed in all of our freedoms as set forth in the Constitution I think, and this is just my opinion, we might actually be on the road to getting back to a stronger and much better country!!

        • You “might agree” to the three-day waiting period for first purchases. That’s more than I thought I’d get out of you.

          You distorted the “nominal fee” a bit to make it unworkable. I was thinking 5 bucks.

          • If the NICS system did not exist then yea I could agree to a 3 day wait time for first time buyers if it was feasible. Now like RF mentioned earlier if the first time buyer is being stalked or has a violent ex or something of that nature, ex that keeps violating a restraining order then No.
            As long as the local LEO’s office has the problem documented then the person should he granted a temporary license/permit/ whatever you want to call it until their background check is done so they can have the means to protect themselves right away.
            In a lot of violent stalker/domestic abuse incidents there are kids that are hurt/killed or kidnapped because the adult had no way to protect themselves and the kids because of having to wait too long for a legitimate gun purchase.

      • The anti gun extremists have nothing to offer in concessions or compromise, they only wish to take based on their unsubstantiated and illogical fears of their mythical boogeyman, the law abiding gun owner in their promotion of the pathological lie that gun control reduces violence, when it never does.

        Unless of course these anti gun extremist pathological liars are willing to wear a symbol to identify their gun free status, uh like the STAR OF DAVID. Such an appropriate mark for disarmed victims.

        Anti gun extremist are required to post this STAR OF DAVID on their front door, their lawn, their vehicle to show their masters that they are gun free. This will be reviewed 3 months after the anti gun extremists first declaration of gun free status, and yearly thereafter, requiring a license and permit fee of $100 for the submission fee and $500 per year upon acceptance into the SOD Star of David Club.

        This way the police and the criminals will know whom they must protect/attack, whats the difference,, even though by law they (the police have been ruled dozens of times not to be legally liable) to do so.

        All SOD members will be charged $2,000 a month for the increase in police protection, which by law is still not guaranteed.

        Those who choose to rely on the police, who only solve an average of 8.06% of all violent crimes committed each year, should themselves alone pay any increases in costs for the police to do so and those STARS OF DAVID on their person, clothing and home will allow the police to maximize and be efficient in their pathetic efforts. 

        Then any company, organization, govt. entity that wishes to disarm patrons etc, must then put in place protective measures to defend the innocents they disarm, making it illegal on the federal level to increase their costs to pass on to their customer or patrons, taking such costs directly from their own profits.

        A law will be made that the BATF must prosecute every felon or person rejected by the background check instead of the less than 1% (over 1 mil since 1994, and 830,000 others rejected) today or face federal funding cutbacks.

        This law will force the BATF to allow civilian access without extra licensing or control to use the NICS background check.

        Next the state govt. will be held financially and criminally responsible for failure to fund and resource the NICS mental health reporting function.

        Today the NICS database shows only 1.7 mil records of those who by due process have lost their rights. All while mental health experts identify that 50% of current 2.7 mil prisoners have severe mental health illness, and 7% of adults (21.8 mil) also have severe mental illness in the US.

        Next, all laws that don’t apply to felons, will be judged unconstitutional and removed from the roles, simplifying gun control laws. See Haynes vs. US 390, 85, 1968 for the guidelines of what 85% of the existing gun control laws do not apply to felons due to the 5th amendment right of no self incrimination.
        Next, legalize illicit drugs and destroy the cartels and gangs influence fueled by massive drug revenues. This will save $50 bil minimum in DEA budget, then taxes can be generated by using those agents to tax and control the former illicit drugs.

        This will open prison space where 30-40% are incarcerated for drug offenses to put the 99% of felons the BATF formerly refused to prosecute for attempting to buy firearms.

        Then of course, all anti gun extremists will have to admit that the govt data showing that 92% of all deaths by illegal use of a firearm are indeed committed by career criminals, gang members, and suiciders.

        That will be a good start and it is indeed common sense concessions the antis have to available to offer.

        These are indeed common sense solutions as they actually address the criminals and not the law abiding gun owners.

        Unlike the anti gun extremist freaks whose only solution is to infringe upon and blame the 80 mil plus law abiding gun owners for all the violence. All while government facts continuously show and prove that strict gun control never, ever reduces violence.

      • Oh forgot one other thing, ALL SOD members will be moved into a centralized location, so as to be better protected by the state & police.

        Its name, Sodom & Gomora!

  28. Burke E. Strunsky is airbrushed. Or maybe made of plastic.

    Take a look at that photo! I think he’s an alien android, sent by the Alpha Centauri to soften potential resistance to their imminent invasion. I hope they don’t invade while I’m waiting the mandatory five days for my new anti-android alien-fighting handgun.

  29. I will agree to a three day waiting period on firearm purchases if mikeb302000 will agree to a three day waiting period (after review of the essay and writer’s background check by a government auditor) on all written essays on any political topic published on the Internet.

    If one right is broken, then all rights are broken. Be very, very careful what you wish for mikeb302000.

  30. So you are saying a gun owner won’t commit murder with a gun he or she already owns because of the wait on a new gun?

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